5 DEVASTATING Minecraft Traps!

Today I show you how to build 5 Devestating Minecraft Traps. These traps will kill any player even if they are wearing full Protection IV Diamond Armor. Happy trapping!
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Runtime: 16:08


cubfan135 - 9 måneder siden
What's your favorite trap from this video and why is it the Troll Trap?
Question - 6 måneder siden
The door vaporiser because it is similar to a bucket on top of the door and it is really terrifying
100 subs with no videos challange
Is this school?
aliljimmygaming - 9 måneder siden
They dont f***ing work
Gamer 7255
Gamer 7255 - 9 måneder siden
I like the land mine
Jossen - 9 måneder siden
The minecarts dont blow up instantly, plz help
Carsten Wong
Carsten Wong - 26 dager siden
An alternate title: Cub discovers tnt minecarts
Does it work in 1.16
Storm Pch
Storm Pch - 2 måneder siden
Friend: where's all the iron we spent months gathering?
Me: it's on the other room, just open that weirdly placed wooden door to get to the room where it is.
My friend: * Does not suspect I made hundreds of TNT carts hanging above that very door *
Cranberry Paul
Cranberry Paul - 4 måneder siden
I'm not mad about that, I'm mad about this, not about me dying, I'm one person Cub, what you doing?
Sir Loves ToLearn
Sir Loves ToLearn - 4 måneder siden
did it to my sister and she saw something was wrong with it when rails started falling to the ground
But amazing traps
Warped• Sense
Warped• Sense - 5 måneder siden
Doesn't Work on 1.15
Inklow - 6 måneder siden
Me: hey cub, how much tnt will you put?
Cub: *YES*
SCY1HE - 6 måneder siden
The troll trap could be done with sand or gravel as well
Smartglass - 6 måneder siden
Do one where TNT minecarts go off when someone tries to respawn the dragon. This is possible because if you put on observer looking at one of the bedrock pieces of the exit portal, you can detect when somebody tries to respawn the dragon.
Jack Moore
Jack Moore - 7 måneder siden
This first trap doesn’t work on console 😪 it won’t let me stack tnt minecarts on an activator rail like you did to make a super explosion. I tried the exact method you used in the video
Jack Moore
Jack Moore - 7 måneder siden
Also, powered rails dont trigger TNT in this version either. Only activator rails
Sky - 7 måneder siden
sponsored by minecart with tnt
Krin Konahrik
Krin Konahrik - 7 måneder siden
Eat Your Cereal
Madz - 8 måneder siden
While these would kill most players, it would not kill players with totems. I would recommend an entity cramming + block suffocation trap as it deals massive damage even when a totem activates and the blocks pushed by the piston prevent them from messing with the minecarts. Just base it off a typical fall trap design with this at the bottom should suffice. If you want you could even have a timed tnt minecart explosion for good measure, though it would destroy items you could have collected.
ok - 7 måneder siden
they do kill players with totems because there are tons of consecutive explosions that are just fractions of a second apart
Smartglass - 8 måneder siden
Show the following one:
Put their wolves on the obsidian towers in the end so they die when the player tries to respawn the Ender Dragon.
Marcus Fox
Marcus Fox - 8 måneder siden
Landmine cub I loved this video
invalidsyntax_ - 8 måneder siden
But all the rails that fell down...
Sh0cker - 8 måneder siden
so u killed mumbo...
Mr sus 2443
Mr sus 2443 - 9 måneder siden
Do you want to explode?
TheDerpyWarrior - 9 måneder siden
To make it more devastating, put like 2,000 tnt minecarts on the track to crash the server
Marcus Fox
Marcus Fox - 9 måneder siden
Land mine
Zion Trask
Zion Trask - 9 måneder siden
I think it’s funny literally all of them used tnt minecarts
Callum Storey
Callum Storey - 9 måneder siden
When me and my friends get put together in a group project, mess around and get nothing done, and then get picked to present.
"This trap is called the door vaporiser because it vaporises the door"

Dylan Dirkes
Dylan Dirkes - 9 måneder siden
so it was you who did that end trap in hermitcraft....
Larsku - 9 måneder siden
Me:how can i troll someone?
Subscribe to this egg
Subscribe to this egg - 9 måneder siden
How's a iron door trap
first u put da iron door then a pressure plate then connect the plate to two dispensers then put lava on one dispenser and water on one so if they walk through the door they will suffocate
(Repeaters is needed)
DonnitionMC - 9 måneder siden
blast protection: *You underestimate my power*
Mr.Radon54 - 9 måneder siden
14:59 "Ohhhhhhh what the heck" - cubfan135
George Reinhardt
George Reinhardt - 9 måneder siden
trickery and deceit
George Reinhardt
George Reinhardt - 9 måneder siden
the trap at 9:12 was devastating
George Reinhardt
George Reinhardt - 9 måneder siden
Glamour זוהר
Glamour זוהר - 9 måneder siden
The kost devastating trap is my minecraft "girl"friend
XD9rottie - 9 måneder siden
RonnieGoBoom would be proud of you :) Excellent traps!
_Drownz_ - 9 måneder siden
The Troll Trap is not the best cause they will see rails fall and... Oh no what could that be? Looks up tnt! And sprints away from trap. I would improve it by removing the rails after you place the tnt mine carts. ;)
Fozzie - 9 måneder siden
This is how many times cub said devastating
Edward Tomkins
Edward Tomkins - 9 måneder siden
is the end trap how Mumbo almost died
100 subs with no videos challange
Cub fan reminds me of Fred from Scooby doo
Oof - 9 måneder siden
PacerX - 9 måneder siden
This doesn’t work anymore right?
Johnathan Cooper
Johnathan Cooper - 9 måneder siden
Does the landmine work on bedrock ps4?
Avocados_of_law - 9 måneder siden
That end portal trap failed to kill mumbo but the end city trap worked
Jossen - 9 måneder siden
The tnt minecarts does not seen to blow up instantly when i made this, someone plz help
tuckaluck1 - 6 måneder siden
I don't think it works in bedrock if you play that
Momo !
Momo ! - 9 måneder siden
When you discover cubfan Dosen't show his true potencial during demise :/
Freek Doodeman
Freek Doodeman - 9 måneder siden
me: *looks at the title*
also me: *remembers how he demised*
me again: *_hmmmmmmmm_*
Ultraseb - 9 måneder siden
ah yes. the terrorists manifesto
Peter Smythe
Peter Smythe - 9 måneder siden
Some other traps..
End portal trap without entering the end:
TNT variant: Throw TNT or TNT carts into the portal. Assuming it is not loaded, as would be the case if nobody is on the main end island, they will not detonate or experience any time. They will immediately activate when someone enters the portal.
Mob variant: locate one of the end portals that other players do not use. Excavate the area above it and create a mob grinder-like tower. Ensure all mobs flow into the end portal with minimal damage. Multiple creepers will immediately begin detonating when someone enters the portal and they will very likely die immediately. If not, they'll be very low on health no matter how good their armor is and skeletons, zombies, or similar should finish them. This trap is annoying to fight against because it can be active with an AFK player sitting unresponsive at a mob tower in the overworld, so it can be reset without entering the end.
Downward single use player cannon in the end: create a bridge between the end platform and the main end Island and build a staiway embedded in the endstone. Upon activating a tripwire, at the roof, an observer back one block in the roof triggers a detonation above the player. The floor is secretly a hollow hole to the void. The goal is that the player is launched far enough into the void that totem of undying, Elytra, etc cannot save them.
phuong dau
phuong dau - 9 måneder siden
Ok the next one has tnt minec... IS ALL OF THEM TNT MINECART
Xx_Error Sans_xX
Xx_Error Sans_xX - 9 måneder siden
How mambo died
iLLaGe ViDioT
iLLaGe ViDioT - 9 måneder siden
I'm honestly surprised I didn't see anyone changing nether portal locations. Easy enough to fix, and pretty much all of you just run straight out of your portals.
loler4332 - 9 måneder siden
Cubs putting his Demise skills to good use
Kent Zacatelco
Kent Zacatelco - 9 måneder siden
"No one is going to look up"
I am if i saw rails falling from the sky lmao
Daniil R
Daniil R - 9 måneder siden
Trap 4 is how mumbo died 😂
_Woozapapa _
_Woozapapa _ - 9 måneder siden
Cubfan is the master of traps.
opowl owl
opowl owl - 9 måneder siden
"cubfan135 blew up"
Captain-General Kitten
Captain-General Kitten - 9 måneder siden
With the troll trap the first hint to your unstoppable demise is the rails landing before the minecarts
Mikael Sojka
Mikael Sojka - 9 måneder siden
The scaffolding trap tho, as soon as they see the rail they'll either run or be suspicious. And when they see the falling carts they'd run
Petr Stuchlý
Petr Stuchlý - 9 måneder siden
This video completely blew me away. 🤣
Teony97 - 9 måneder siden
2:57 it looks like the trap you set for False a while ago
Hudge Martin
Hudge Martin - 9 måneder siden
another good title
"how I demised the hermits, 5 different devastating traps"
Rakha Putra
Rakha Putra - 9 måneder siden
Did cub made this cuz if demise?
qdqdqipbpbp - 9 måneder siden
How fitting...
knightwatch `
knightwatch ` - 9 måneder siden
can you do more videos like that but with anther type of traps?
Tyler Chiu
Tyler Chiu - 9 måneder siden
i actually would be suspicious of the second trap, because the misplaced door would be annoying me
Laura Baumgartner
Laura Baumgartner - 9 måneder siden
Grian did a very good job building that trap that blew up Docm in Hermitcraft 's Demise game, you should be proud of him, lol!!
Root42 - 9 måneder siden
How many TNT minecarts do you want?
Cubfan: yes
jingyu byun
jingyu byun - 9 måneder siden
top ten scariest booby traps of the Vietnam war.
Vortiger the Black Prior
Vortiger the Black Prior - 9 måneder siden
What happened to the old outro? Just wondering.
Lord Giblets
Lord Giblets - 9 måneder siden
2:51 Hoisted by his own petard...
Noodle's Gamebox
Noodle's Gamebox - 9 måneder siden
Unless of course, you log out...
Blazing Ashez
Blazing Ashez - 9 måneder siden
Am I the only one who noticed that ever trap had TNT mincarts? Cub: other hermits if want to kill the hole hermitcraft server like I did use these ;)
YouTube Demonetized
YouTube Demonetized - 9 måneder siden
1945: colorized in Japan 14:55
HippoMan53 - 9 måneder siden
Now we know how Mumbo Jumbo truly died.
Mac Guy3135
Mac Guy3135 - 9 måneder siden
The amount of players I’ve caught out just placing a couple of tnt minecarts on a scaffolding pillar is quite amusing.
Jessica Lewellyn
Jessica Lewellyn - 9 måneder siden
Can you survive with blast protection 4?
skuggeli - 9 måneder siden
This feels like the hood old ”things you might not know about Minecraft” love it
Aquanote - 9 måneder siden
Hey cub, @ 13:30. Mobs cant spawn on scaffolding. Really great video, I cant wait to make the troll trap
Megan Thai
Megan Thai - 9 måneder siden
Does not work on Bedrock Edition because minecarts with tnt don't explode when they hit something.
ok - 9 måneder siden
Wouldn't 3 rails be enough instead of 5?
Wesley sam advance
Wesley sam advance - 9 måneder siden
The troll trap has one confusing thing... They see the rails and get confused and then look up
Willyice - 9 måneder siden
Impecable acting on the scaffolding minecart one
SergioFLS - 9 måneder siden
am i the only one who hates tnt minecart traps?
Dino - 9 måneder siden
Just wondering, how does the troll trap work as there seems to be nothing powering the TNT, unless the fact that it's falling causes the explosion.
Yirggzmb - 9 måneder siden
TNT minecarts explode instantly when they "collide".
LifeOfAriel 14
LifeOfAriel 14 - 9 måneder siden
Hehehe i have plans now on minecraft
My goal is to reach 100 subscribers by March
Philyshark7 - 9 måneder siden
Trap number 4 demised Mumbo!
GA M - 9 måneder siden
I think I know who was the trap mastermind in demise now 😂😂
Rays Works
Rays Works - 9 måneder siden
Just love these traps! Traps don't get enough love in Minecraft nowadays
Creative Username
Creative Username - 9 måneder siden
Of course you would know Cub...
Jen - jen
Jen - jen - 9 måneder siden
grian is probably taking notes of this....
The Unknown
The Unknown - 9 måneder siden
11:12 that's how mubo died
Jonaphan Mareno
Jonaphan Mareno - 9 måneder siden
Do they work in mcpe?
Benedict Lim
Benedict Lim - 9 måneder siden
Your experience of tnt minecarts from demise is... scary
hackermub - 9 måneder siden
2:50 6:46 9:19 11:11 15:01
I dont know why I feel it so satisfying
Scott - 9 måneder siden
#4 RIP Mumbo
Shi Musume
Shi Musume - 9 måneder siden
Sooo, he did trap the sky. Haha
John Rhett Laureles
John Rhett Laureles - 9 måneder siden
Yes Yes if theres a trap using tnt minecrart its related to Cubfan.
Fizzle - 9 måneder siden
if I could be millions of subscribers for ya, I totally would, cub. alas, I'm just a lowly fizzle. you need many and I am but one.
Emery Girling
Emery Girling - 9 måneder siden
My brother likes to destroy scaffolding. Heh. Heh. Heh. 😏. Thanks Cub
Emery Girling
Emery Girling - 9 måneder siden
“Alexa, play Here Comes The Boom”
Jimmy Russels
Jimmy Russels - 9 måneder siden
you're making the traps top big and expensive, the redstone ore one is a perfect example
all you need is the observer, point that at a piece of redstone dust between 2 powered rails with the TNT minecart payload on them with blocks on the opposite sides to make sure the carts collide in the middle
cheaper, simpler, more compact, faster
the door trap was genius though, I'll give you that
Tracy Codd
Tracy Codd - 9 måneder siden
This is how many times cub said tnt