5 Ideas For Minecraft 1.16: The Nether Update

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Today we take a look at 5 Ideas that make a lot of sense to add to the Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update.
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JustAPotatoTho - Måned siden
JustAPotatoTho - Måned siden
TurnDownFW - 3 måneder siden
Wow, pretty mediocre ideas!
Aarav Gaming channel
Aarav Gaming channel - 4 måneder siden
*Nether boats were going to be a thing*
Striders: Am I a joke to you?
Rich Truscott
Rich Truscott - 4 måneder siden
Saw your new video and then found these older ones, LOVE IT! I agree with all except the boat but im open to it and had many of the same ideas, but I was surprised to not see any new gold assets with gold being HUGE in the nether. I mean there are iron and gold pressure plates, but only an Iron Door. In the words of VintageBeef, "I need it to scream OPULENCE!"
Christopher Waldrep
Christopher Waldrep - 4 måneder siden
I just had an idea. This may sound controversial, but what if the fire resistance effect got changed to where lava still hurt you while under the effect but you did not burn after getting out of the lava? I believe this should be a change made because fire resistance potions are easy to make and have just one almost completely eliminates the threat of lava lakes (while still being useful as you can't catch on fire). NOW GET THIS: Netherite armor can protect you from lava damage once you are fully suited up. That means, once you are fully suited up, you can finally explore under the lava lakes. Nerfing the fire resistance potion like this will help keep lava lake as a threat while preventing fire resistance from being overpowered while also promoting exploration in the nether for ancient debris. Once you make a full suit of armor, you can explore the lava lakes and see what is underneath the surface!
Kyle Hall
Kyle Hall - 5 måneder siden
The problem with Lava logging is that it would be possible to make infinite lava sources.
Un Geek Furioso
Un Geek Furioso - 5 måneder siden
1 It's already imposible 2 then why there is still infinite water soures after 1.13?
Ahmed Salman
Ahmed Salman - 6 måneder siden
I agree with all your ideas especially blue nether bricks
Elijah Zsori
Elijah Zsori - 6 måneder siden
Netherite boat? More like strider
Father - 7 måneder siden
Cub, at the beginning of the second idea you said: "Another thing I would love to see in the **1.15** update is..."
1.16 right?
PM 715
PM 715 - 7 måneder siden
Imo they ahould also redo how biomes generate,like, why nether trees? There can be so much done besides trees that resemble the overworld, like some type of roots, or plants, using the same blocks but spycing looks
sosumee - 7 måneder siden
Maybe we can use the nether wood plus a netherite shovel
Flo One
Flo One - 7 måneder siden
The first one should be crafted with only 1 neterite and a boat
Jere Juntunen
Jere Juntunen - 7 måneder siden
i agree with everything exept replacing nether bricks in nether fortresses
David Edwards
David Edwards - 7 måneder siden
Great ideas, not too sure about the fence-gates or doors though, seems that water-logging those could break a very popular Guardian Farm design and the only air-pocket in the sunken ships.
MattMan - 7 måneder siden
What if you could upgrade crimson boats like diamond tools you could make a crimson boat and upgrade it with 1 netherite ingot
Catdev - 7 måneder siden
The problem with crimson forests is their disconnect with nether wart, so maybe a completely new tree: giant nether warts (grown from the warts) and crimson wart blocks to replace them? Both could still spawn in the crimson forest.
Barley Sixseventwo
Barley Sixseventwo - 7 måneder siden
My ideas, which are mostly more difficult than these ideas:
1) Crying Obsidian craftable and usable for farming. Simple enough: Craft obsidian and Ghast tears together to create crying obsidian. When placed no more than 4 blocks over farmland, the farmland is hydrated.
2) A new endgame boss that can only be fought in the Nether. You summon it, just like the Wither, but the way you summon it is by taking a Totem of Undying, crafting it with a Netherite ingot to create a Netherite Totem, and then you throw it into a lava lake. When the item is detected to be in the Nether, floating in Lava, and their is no solid ground within 20 blocks of itself, a new boss monster spawns in the lava lake. Some sort of Lava krackin or giant slime.
Max Toy
Max Toy - 7 måneder siden
Red nether brick fences
that is all
Arkenia - 7 måneder siden
I don't think the boat, assuming we get it, should be entirely netherite, since it's a boat and we have this wood after all, but some netherite isn't a bad idea.
Colton Cary
Colton Cary - 7 måneder siden
Honestly these are good ideas just it's that a couple need tweaked like how the warped nether brick is a little too indigo for the more cyan palette of the warped forest.
Colton Cary
Colton Cary - 7 måneder siden
I think that I would have to say no to the netherite boat but this is because it is very late game with the recipe shown and even with just one ingot it is not worth the netherite but I think that a lava swimming and visibility should be improved and b that nether brick or wood boats should be allowed as they allow an easier way to cross lava oceans mid game and aren't so overpowered as to usurp the elytra.
Babel Fish
Babel Fish - 8 måneder siden
Water login doors would give a lot of problems in early game when you are exploring an ocean temple.
GamerGuchii - 8 måneder siden
Soul fire jack o lanterns
Hannah Jacobson
Hannah Jacobson - 8 måneder siden
How would you exit the boat without burning and dying.
jklw10 - 8 måneder siden
11:00 heh... spiff reference
jklw10 - 8 måneder siden
tfw you gotta pay more than your whole set of armor just to boat around in a hot lake.
TheDark WolfBUL
TheDark WolfBUL - 8 måneder siden
mojang did not water log regular doors,so the nether wood doors.Mah!
Luzviminda Agcaoili
Luzviminda Agcaoili - 8 måneder siden
Obsidian boats could be a thing. Or you could use crimson and warped then insulate it with a little netherite scrap but you do you.
Mr. Skobbels
Mr. Skobbels - 8 måneder siden
Full netherite set should give fire resistance. One piece of netherite should also make you float in lava and maybe sink in water
The Cave Update
The Cave Update - 8 måneder siden
Still not the cave update
Vickysqueeze - 8 måneder siden
I think they should make it 4 nether wood 1 netherite cause then it's not overpriced in materials
MadMax - 8 måneder siden
Warped warts should be like a vine and grow on a fortress
Alfie - 8 måneder siden
Maybe there could be things like icebergs made out of basalt in the lava oceans
Jamie Klassen
Jamie Klassen - 8 måneder siden
There are a number of potion effects that are currently unobtainable as potions, some even unobtainable in survival at all. Namely effects from beacons like Resistance and Haste, and then Blindness, Luck, and Nausea. The new warts or other nether plants should have practical uses in the game, whether in crafting or brewing.
Netherite fragments could brew into Resistance potions. Warped wart could brew into Nausea. Soul soil or basalt could brew into blindness. Another plant or even a drop from the new nether mobs could brew into haste. And then haste could be inverted into mining fatigue.
There is so much wasted potential for the effects that are in the game but largely, if not fully unused in survival. You may wonder why the average survival player wants to brew blindness, or nausea or mining fatigue. But think about PvP game modes, or just PvP in smp. Think about traps or dungeons, whether they are natural or player-made.
I don't want a bunch more useless, decorative foliage placed in the game as filler for actual content. I want stuff that has a purpose in the game, with unique uses and incentives besides filling up a new color palette.
Connect to the Internet
Connect to the Internet - 8 måneder siden
The only thing i'll say except, *"YES",* is the that the texture you used for the blue bricks is way too dark and lapis-like in color, it should be like in the warped planks, but a bit darker.
The Jovian
The Jovian - 8 måneder siden
We just need a nether fortress overhaul tbh
NebulonBFrigateFTW - 8 måneder siden
I disagree on the boats. Nobody is going to get Netherite just for a boat when Elytras exist, and lava lakes are really only serious threats when building high up in the Nether. It would also be a huge problem to get out of a boat after a trip. If Minecraft isn't going to make lava more dangerous (like destroying adjacent non-lavaproof blocks outright, which would be amazing and make lava less of a go-to for mob farming), it should just let the fireproof wood make lavaproof boats, or let us use minecarts and get lavaproof boats from some new crafting recipe like combining them with fireproof wood boats.
cammiecookies - 8 måneder siden
why did you spend a third of the video talking about one entry in the list
cammiecookies - 8 måneder siden
we need tameable nether dogs called hellhounds!!
Adam Smith
Adam Smith - 8 måneder siden
You mention that netherrite boats are balanced because they're far endgame and you'd have the elytra as an alternative. If the netherrite boat becomes a very late game item, and by that point you have the elytra, then what's the point of the boat? I wouldn't say it's balanced if by the time you're able to obtain it, it's kind of pointless. I mean, then again you can get netherite before you get the elytra, but the elytra seems substantially easier to get versus digging around in the Nether until you find 20 pieces of ancient debris just to make a boat.
Ultrabi - 8 måneder siden
About the netherite boat, I don't know about you, but for me ancient debris is a pain to acquire in large quantities, and I would definitely not use it for something so trivial as a boat, considering I already have an elytra. For balancing, I assume instead of using a wooden shovel, the crimson/warped boats should use a netherite shovel, taking down from 6 netherite (24 ancient debris) to 1 netherite (4 ancient debris) to craft one boat, being much more cost-effective. Not only that, when the boat is destroyed, all planks should be lost in the lava, while the shovel is kept so you can make another boat.
Nice video by the way, loved the idea of lava logging and blue netherbricks!
Lazar Mendel
Lazar Mendel - 8 måneder siden
I think the nether it’s boat is too expensive, maybe make the recipe out of basalt and have an ingot in the middle
AstroWyrm - 8 måneder siden
I think the boat should be made of 3 nether wood and 2 netherite ingots, because i dont think nether boats are so op that they should be made of just netherite. It costs less netherite to craft a full set of netherite armor than a nether boat made of just netherite
Razorsaber - 8 måneder siden
I’d make the boats out of crimson/warped planks then make them need to be upgraded with one netherite ingot
Bread From the Dimension of Frosted Plants
It's pretty creative
Joshua Gama
Joshua Gama - 8 måneder siden
The boat one is a good point
GreenNinjaIH YT
GreenNinjaIH YT - 8 måneder siden
A few more ideas for the blue nether bricks and nether wart:
Warped nether wart:
Can be found in soulsand valley
Can be crafted into blocks
Can be crafted into warped nether brick blocks
Can get red nether bricks and blue nether bricks by smelting nyllium (you get uncolored nether brick by smelting netherack, so why not do that with the new ones too except with the nyllium?)
Can make all nether brick kinds into stairs, slabs, walls and fences.
Sonata - 8 måneder siden
not netherite boat, but crimson/warped plank boat, makes more sense
Johannes - 8 måneder siden
God this was unbearable to watch.
Isaacreeper - 8 måneder siden
Cubfan: The Lava Oceans need life!
Me: Lava Dolphins
Ryn - 8 måneder siden
Gold Ore should be in the Nether, Doors should remain optional to Water Lock since most players use that when making Underwater homes and there should be a Potion (Made from the Blue Netherwart) that lets you See Clearly in Lava
Blood Dragon
Blood Dragon - 8 måneder siden
Say warped wart 10 times fast
Simcha Lebof
Simcha Lebof - 8 måneder siden
The boat should follow the pattern of Netherite armour and Netherite tools. I.e. some Netherite and some of the new Nether wood as Netherite is too rare to make a boat totally out of Netherite.
As it is, players are going to have to destroy whole chunks of the Nether in order to find any Netherite unless they're really lucky or take it out of creative.
The other option is for Mojang to increase the percentage of Netherite to be found just a little.
TheGameCreator13 - 8 måneder siden
A really cool idea I heard on the Feedback page was Nether Boats made with just Nether Planks but you take fire damage while in it requiring Fire Resistance. Still cheap but requires potions to be usable so doesn't hurt the early nethers difficulty too much since you need a fortress for potion making
(Just search "Minecraft Feedback Nether wood boats! | Lava Boat" on Google to find the thread) That's actually a vary balanced idea!
Guillermo Recueero Hinojosa
Guillermo Recueero Hinojosa - 8 måneder siden
i would rather for the lava boats to be cheaper
Imagine_Big - 8 måneder siden
For the fortresses you could've replaced the fences by the wood ones
Awesome The great amazing
Awesome The great amazing - 8 måneder siden
Make crumpled nether fortresses when at least part of it is in the soul sand valley
Jaymes of Demacia
Jaymes of Demacia - 8 måneder siden
We need blue light from soul fire. Tired of warm, yellow light. It's time for more options
No Bones Jones
No Bones Jones - 8 måneder siden
I love the ideas, I’m just concerned if they dont have enough snapshots
The Rainbow Cat Nebula
The Rainbow Cat Nebula - 8 måneder siden
make wort s and weeping vines composeuble
iApple OS
iApple OS - 8 måneder siden
Basalt should get added to the over world in the new updated mountains biome, possibly near lava and at the bottom of caves.
Ordana's Inferno
Ordana's Inferno - 8 måneder siden
I think Soul Sandstone should be a thing! We need more brown building blocks
Black Figure
Black Figure - 8 måneder siden
Netherite is very difficult to obtain. Let's use it to make a boat! A boat that we can't easily get back even tho it doesn't burn... Would you ever make a boat out of diamonds? No... Also, lava lakes aren't a threat... Lava spills while mining is a threat. But lakes are just in the way. The water logging is a glitch... So it's not even an idea. The rest of these ideas are uninspired.
Argonwolfproject - 8 måneder siden
They need to separate nether wart and crimson wart blocks. It doesn't make sense. Nether wart blocks should still be there, but crimson mushrooms should have a different block for its cap.
The Path That Rocks
The Path That Rocks - 8 måneder siden
Developer: “what a beautiful day. I can’t wait to get to work, I love my job and life is so good for me.”
Cub: posts 5 ideas for the new update.
Developer: “sweet mother of god....I better get some coffee. It’s going to be a long night to get those red nether bricks to spawn in a nether fortress in a specific biome. I’m gonna have to re-do the entire code to get that to work! I swear if the boss really makes me make that damn lava kraken, I’ll never see my family again.”
Idea 1 - 0:34 - Netherite boats
Idea 2 - 6:23 - water/Lava Logging
Idea 3 - 8:25 - Warped warts (Blue Nether wart)
Idea 4 - 9:54 - Warped Nether Bricks (Blue nether bricks)
Idea 5 - 11:05 - Colored Nether Bricks in Nether Fortresses
Zulthorne - 8 måneder siden
I feel like every reason you gave as to why netherite boats should be a thing contradicted each other. If end game players already have fire resistance and elytra, what would the appeal be to players to go further endgame and literally grind out hours worth of netherite just to make a boat with all of those cons you listed. It should be warped wood as that should be the “new” player approach to crossing those lava lakes as opposed to making bridges. Having all of those cons with using a boat early on would give more incentive to find end game materials. Also your initial reason as to why the boat should be netherite doesn’t make sense either. Both warped wood and netherite can maintain a presence in lava, the only difference is netherite item drops can float in lava whereas any other drop can’t. Maybe there could be 2 new boats, and the netherite boat could come with a spot for a removable shulked box that would allow you to access inventory on the lava lakes and possibly go faster than regular boats. This would also give an incentive to use these types in the over world as well.
pepsi Atlas
pepsi Atlas - 8 måneder siden
eh. i kinda like that the fortresses are all the same. makes them look like they predates the warped forests, like some subtle lore stuff, yknow.
Jam _
Jam _ - 8 måneder siden
What if the red and blue nether bricks were used as detailing for the fortress pillars
AJ213 - 8 måneder siden
Why do end game players need lava boats when thinking about the elytra?
AJ213 - 8 måneder siden
Just make it wood so its useful early mid game
Chandler Smith
Chandler Smith - 8 måneder siden
So warped and crimson boats wouldn't work in lava but in water, then you plate them with less netherite than the full netherite boat.
Levi __D
Levi __D - 8 måneder siden
Something I was thinking is you would have to make a special crafting table to make a boat out of like the crimson and warped wood
COCONUT GUN - 8 måneder siden
In regards to boats, how about a best of both worlds?
Because remember: You need to use a Wooden Shovel in the usual boat recipe
It stands to reason that if you're going to make a Crimson/Warped Boat for the purpose of lava travel, you need oars that are immune to lava as well, and thus you'd need a Netherite Shovel
Sure, it's only 20% of your proposed cost, but you still have to find 4 Ancient Debris, and also use up 4 Gold and 1 Diamond
Ashley - 8 måneder siden
maybe instead of a netherite boat it could be a crimson/warped wood boat combined with a netherite ingot. I feel like 5 netherite is too much to really be worth it.
Fat Autistic Kid
Fat Autistic Kid - 8 måneder siden
How about you can craft crimson/warped boats, but they're temporary. You need to craft a new one every minute or whatever time you want. That way, it still makes sense that there's boat variants to these, but in order to balance them, they slowly burn out.
Bendy The Dancing Demon
Bendy The Dancing Demon - 8 måneder siden
Like, sorry for that ı watched a little bit too XD but ıt ıs still expensive
Not like mid games could easily get those rare netherites then craft a boat with it, therefore ıt ıs still end game
And ıt ıs overpowered than anyhting else ın the game
Like ıf were not going to use ıt, ıf that ıs unefficient because there are so much threats with the netherite boats, then why just use ıt ınstead of making fire resistance potion and then get ın the lava lake without riding or sitting in anything? ıt seems more clever to do that other than making a half-netherite block.
Also the recipe could be just one boat/ warped or crimson boat maybe with a netherite next to ıt
It would be much much more easier other than making this expensive thing
m3b0 - 8 måneder siden
I need them to add blue lava
Bendy The Dancing Demon
Bendy The Dancing Demon - 8 måneder siden
Come on man, you are just making a boat, that ıs currently rarer than diamond
Like, ıt should not need to be that rare in the overworld there are oceans as well, Are they a threat? Of course they are!
It ıs a fucking boat
At least dont flex boats guys. How are you supposed to make a boat with absolute metal? That boat ıs more expensive then like, anything in the game! the only thing ıts not more expensive than would be netherite block and... thats just ıt
ıts a boat and ıt ıs more op than any other boat
gaboversta 2.
gaboversta 2. - 8 måneder siden
I'd like the doors staying as they are, they are good for farming clay in early to mid game
psinjo - 8 måneder siden
5 netherrite ingots for a boat?? surely you jest sir...
maybe one ingot ... at that?
the new wood is already fireproof... why add magic, ultra rare metal too? pretty sure the reason it's boyant in lava is just because it's so stupidly rare they don't want people complaining if they fall in lava, or rather as a reward for upgrading so you don't lose your tools as easily.
A lava boat isn't overpowered when you can fly, and it's not 'too easy' that it removes lava lakes... because there's still the threat of falling into lava if something bites you or potentially hits you into it
Jennifer Andrews
Jennifer Andrews - 8 måneder siden
I would not want them to water log the doors. Due to, many people I know including myself, we use the doors to regain bubbles under water when adventuring and know when can't make it to the surface on time without dying.
George Russell Music
George Russell Music - 8 måneder siden
you should only need 1 Netherite ingot and a boat to craft the Netherite boat
Adam Hubbard
Adam Hubbard - 8 måneder siden
I would agree on the boat but maybe make it partially made off obsidian
Magic Pickle123
Magic Pickle123 - 8 måneder siden
If the boat isn’t good in the endgame, then why would you make it an endgame item!?
person person
person person - 8 måneder siden
Nether ore is too expensive, diamond, obsidian, or even iron would work. I’m sorry but I don’t want to spend 20 minutes getting the materials to craft a single boat. I do agree though, the nether woods would be too cheap
Eldritch Hollow
Eldritch Hollow - 8 måneder siden
I think the fortresses need an update, since they're boring to go through
matt - 8 måneder siden
the netherite boat should be more like 3 netherite scraps and 2 crimson/warped wood
Cry Dunkey
Cry Dunkey - 8 måneder siden
1 soul sand torch
2 diamonds
4 netherite ingots
=1 soulfire sword.
Kerdex - 8 måneder siden
The problem with making lava boats a netherite/endgame thing is that by the time you have enough to spare to build a boat out of, you probably already have elytra & potions. I don't think being able to traverse lava lakes early game is OP at all, you're still out in the open until you find land.
NicitheProLP - 8 måneder siden
you sound lick a fat guy 🤓
galactorsus. inc
galactorsus. inc - 8 måneder siden
I should make the blue netherbricks lighter they almost look black
EtchyaSketch - 8 måneder siden
I want a boat update that keeps the standard 2 seater boat, and adds a recipe that requires a furnace, a furnace boat if you will, its only 1 seat, REQUIRES fuel to move (no rowing).
alex 981
alex 981 - 8 måneder siden
They should add the ability to make different sizes of boats. Like if you want more than two people on one boat.
Anarchy - 8 måneder siden
They really need to work on nether fortesses, the design of rooms we currently have are fine, but a redesign would be cool
big man
big man - 8 måneder siden
Cub: ..like other potions branch off with nether wart, OR
Matt Hatter
Matt Hatter - 8 måneder siden
That boat recipe is WAY too expensive. A full set of netherite armor is cheaper to replace than making a single boat with that recipe
Cheese - 8 måneder siden
To me, the your netherite boats made of 5 netherite ingots is quite redundant as, like you said, you can just use your elytras and endgame stuff to get back your items. And in endgame, you'd probably have fire resistance potions readily available or have fire protection. But I'm not saying their useless, as trying to explore the nether in midgame is hard and not having fire protection is a no-go for exploring the nether. But having them almost immediately available as soon as you enter the nether is a bit too easy so I have a compromise, having 4 warped/crimson planks on the side and 1 netherite ingots in the middle. It would make the boat actually useful other than for aesthetics. Sorry for writing an essay and no hate but I have seen too many peeps making lava resistant boats too expensive or cheap. Sorry... •w•
Cheese - 8 måneder siden
Wow! Much •w•
Marionette Loves Gaming
Marionette Loves Gaming - 8 måneder siden
i disagree with your point on boats, because it still keeps the lava oceans as a threat if you aren't immediately at the shore if one or if you aren't intending to fall in, so it doesn't eliminate the threat, just makes traversal less tedious, therefore warped and crimson boats are still valid. also, if you still want netherite boats, then nether wood boats could have durability, so they could eventually start to 'leak' lava, but can be reinforced with netherite to either lengthen or infinitely extend the durability
Flick Penrose
Flick Penrose - 8 måneder siden
You should add one netherite ingot to an existing boat to complete the pattern of netherite recipes, not five ingots.
B1209Y - 8 måneder siden
I found the netherite boat on minecraft feedback, go vote if you want it in the game! https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360056749891--20W06A-Craft-Netherite-Boats-to-traverse-lava