Bullseye! A Minecraft Target Game (1.16 Tutorial)

Today I show you how to build a new type of game in Minecraft. Bullseye is a simple game, first player to hit 5 bullseyes wins! The game keeps score, locks targets upon game completion, and can be rapidly reset to play again. The game can support 2-6 players and is survival friendly.
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Runtime: 22:16


Bob The fish
Bob The fish - Måned siden
He said “not a lot of red stone “ bruhhhh
90%Nerd - 2 måneder siden
Bomber Crafts
Bomber Crafts - 2 måneder siden
Thanks for the design cub! Just finished building it on my world, very easy tutorial to follow!
مجهو _ل
مجهو _ل - 2 måneder siden
من طرف حران كريتف
chakib DZ
chakib DZ - 3 måneder siden
so cool and easy
ريديكس ꪜ【Re】
ريديكس ꪜ【Re】 - 3 måneder siden
مين اجا من طرف عبادي
sawd moh
sawd moh - 3 måneder siden
I came from 3baaDi
oslz_71 -اوسلز
oslz_71 -اوسلز - 3 måneder siden
من طرف عبادي
Kareem Nassrullah
Kareem Nassrullah - 3 måneder siden
من طرف عبادي
RamziGamer_ رمزي قيمر
RamziGamer_ رمزي قيمر - 3 måneder siden
Do you set on mobile?
《hmood X99》
《hmood X99》 - 3 måneder siden
من طرف عبادي
Ahmed XZ
Ahmed XZ - 3 måneder siden
الي جاي من عبادي لايك
Torn Soul
Torn Soul - 3 måneder siden
Great instructional video! I did make a few modifications...I ran a line out to my archer's platform to turn on the game completely, but also borrowed an output from the long redstone line at the back, and ran it down through a comparator clock and from there to the tower torches that lock the hoppers turning them off for about 5 seconds. This resets the entire game without having to toggle the whole game off and back on again with the lever. So, once you get up on the platform, the game takes care of itself until you're ready to power it off.
Torn Soul
Torn Soul - 3 måneder siden
@FoodvsFood That's good to hear. I just finished adding a rail line that runs a cart in front of the targets during the game for added difficulty. I have it running off a silent etho clock that's timed to let the cart go down and back, then be destroyed by a cactus, hoppers place it back in the system, then about 8 seconds later it dispenses a new cart. If the cart gets destroyed, clock still dispenses a new one so it keeps running. When I power down the game, a sticky piston takes a block out of the line and cuts off the clock from firing the dispenser. Pretty easy build, but I love redstone.
FoodvsFood - 3 måneder siden
@Torn Soul I figured it out. The only thing I used from cub's set up was the hopper pointing into the dispenser and this let me lock the hopper on and off with an etho hopper clock
Torn Soul
Torn Soul - 3 måneder siden
Let see if I can simplify this: One lamp from the set that lights up should start a comparator clock. The output from that clock should be paired in a logic gate with one of the lamps above that will light up. That logic gate will only send a signal down to reset the game if the lamp above is not on. If the next lamp is on the logic gate won't fire and the next comparator clock above will be the star of the show. All the people competing can use the same comparator clock on each level. You don't need separate clocks for each person. Just have all your output lines connect up before it goes into the clock and the logic gate on each level. Then it doesn't matter who hits the bullseye. One of you is locking the logic gate and starting the next clock. Hope that's better.
Torn Soul
Torn Soul - 3 måneder siden
In this instruction, I failed to say, I would run a line from one of the lamps that go off when you hit the target. Run an output from one lamp in each section, not each lamp.
Torn Soul
Torn Soul - 3 måneder siden
​@FoodvsFood If you made it exactly Like Cub's, I would not build this till after the first target is hit and it's lamps are lit. I would run lines from all the lamps so the first person to hit the target activates the clock for the first time. From there on up the tower, I would take a line off each comparator output and create a logic gate with the comparator clock that's currently counting down below it. So, if the clock gets to the end of the timer and fires off but the lamp above it is off then it runs a signal down and unlocks the torches that are locking the items from falling back into the chest. That line will need to be on a clock as well to give the items all time to move back into the chest. But if the clock gets to the end and the next lamp has activated, the logic gate won't pass the signal dow to reset, it will just run the countown on the new lamp and it's check on the next. Just repeat that all the way to the top. I hope that helps and works, and that you can even understand all that...lol
Jshodgson - 3 måneder siden
I remember this video, coming back from his hermitcraft vid
KrYpToN FAZE - 4 måneder siden
Hi chamn
abundiz007 - 5 måneder siden
Is the target block a mod? Where can i find it?
Loser 34
Loser 34 - 3 måneder siden
It was only available In the betas, but not it is in the full game
Nolan Evans
Nolan Evans - 5 måneder siden
Was trying to make a contraption of this nature with a moving target block... it’s been difficult
Medsas - 5 måneder siden
the bows shouldnt have infinity to force the players to request arrows otherwise once they get the right angle its too easy to hit several bullseyes in a row, you need a way to break their aim between shots
Christian Lund
Christian Lund - 5 måneder siden
15:48 Suddenly I understand comparators. Thanks Cub.
Andrelopithecus - 5 måneder siden
This is the coolest thing ever cub. I cannot wait to make one of these on my server.
Audrey Hogan
Audrey Hogan - 5 måneder siden
Cub:not that much redstone
Me sees a mess of redstone wires
T K Fresh
T K Fresh - 5 måneder siden
How about building a bullseye game in the shopping district in hermitcraft and make it so the players have to pay for like 3 rounds or something like that
Danielle Bell
Danielle Bell - 5 måneder siden
Uh, oh. BDUBS STOLE MY IDEA!!!!! Hopefully you`re reading this, and one, put the game when 1.16 comes and two, MARKETING WAR!!!!! NEXT CIVIL WAR!!!!!!
Danielle Bell
Danielle Bell - 5 måneder siden
cub, maybe you should make a sandstone shop in the cowmooshal district. A pyramid structure in the mycelium island would really stand out. Another idea is that you could put the bullseye game that you showed in an upcoming new district.
Just a Millenay
Just a Millenay - 5 måneder siden
Made something similar the moment I saw the target block was added, Now I know that it can be improved upon :D So thanks Cub :D for teaching me more redstone :D
MegaMementoMori - 5 måneder siden
I have an unconventional idea for the pyramid - on some level, just make a glass floor and make the bottom part into a giant area for villagers, with miniature cities, houses, forests, deserts, rivers (you already have a desert temple, just expand from there). This way you could walk above it feeling like Osiris or some other Egyptian God, just observing mortals from above and flying down through a "divine intervention hole" from the "sky" if you fancy interacting with them.
Edit: and then above the viewing platform you could make a base inspired by the Egyptian afterlife, for example place a contraption that weights the visitors' heart against a feather - of they pass they could go further and if they fail, they fall into a pit where monsters tear them apart - it would be a bit similar to Doc's goat judgement but inspired by actual Egyptian beliefs.
Frost MC
Frost MC - 5 måneder siden
This deserves more hype
Sturmfalke ][
Sturmfalke ][ - 5 måneder siden
Best Comment in this video! This definetely deserves way more likes!
Christopher Gasser
Christopher Gasser - 5 måneder siden
Fun video Cub, will try building it in my kids bedrock world and hope that it works there. Crazy bedrock red stone... *Shakes first*
As a side note, it looks like your comparator cakes and levers could be shared between stations 1&2 and 3&4 rather than 1, 2&3 and 4. Minor optimization, but I'll just assume you just wanted more cake.
Burst Gaming
Burst Gaming - 5 måneder siden
[If the andesite was diorite]
Iskall: *delete that footage*
DualNexus - 5 måneder siden
Think you made a new nether game for ppl to do while waiting for the button on hermitcraft
Yep Fred
Yep Fred - 5 måneder siden
Does this have any other use aside from fun? probably not but I'm building it anyways cuz its cub
Il Giallo
Il Giallo - 5 måneder siden
Mhh.. but once u get the aim right you should only spam right click , cub you should make those target moving
Theowitha_t - 5 måneder siden
You *have* to build this on hermitcraft once 1.16 comes out
Carl Williams
Carl Williams - 5 måneder siden
It would look cool if you had a second piston elevate the block in front of the extended piston so it’s not so weird staring at the extended piston head.
Grant Glendenning
Grant Glendenning - 5 måneder siden
For the archer game you should charge 2 diamonds per competitor and the winner gets 6 diamonds and you get 2
Robotcopiron99 9
Robotcopiron99 9 - 5 måneder siden
Build The Great Sphinx for your great pyramid
Pesky Bird
Pesky Bird - 5 måneder siden
Looks fun, I’ve been told I have great aim. -The Wither
Simon T
Simon T - 5 måneder siden
No idea how you cope with the "flying" momentum in Java. It's a soild reason to play Bedrock as you can move around in creative so much easier!
John Mcghee
John Mcghee - 5 måneder siden
Is this going to be in hermit craft when the update comes out ?
Matthew Whitaker
Matthew Whitaker - 5 måneder siden
I was thinking, someone could stay still after a bullseye and just keep getting them, so a cool addition would be to have the players stand stand on honey blocks and get moved back a few blocks every time they get a bullseye. I'm not very good at redstone so I'm not totally sure how you would do it, but maybe horizontal flying machines with stations they stop at, and then it gets sent back when the game is done.
Sai Charan
Sai Charan - 5 måneder siden
oh now I know what hes putting in that giant pyramid, a giant bullseye powered mini golf course, perfect!
Naim Kabal
Naim Kabal - 5 måneder siden
Does cub make redstone video's? Didn't know that :D
Sturmfalke ][
Sturmfalke ][ - 5 måneder siden
You should check out his video of a very cool kelp farm design, it haves a 100% efficient smelting system included. I tried to do the same, but it was struggeling how I could manage to put exactly 20 kelp into a furnace at once.
Appius - 5 måneder siden
Cub I think you’ve had to much of that cake are you sure you haven’t turned into Mumbo???
ike - 5 måneder siden
Nice cub
Cosmic fox
Cosmic fox - 5 måneder siden
Cub cab you please start reviewing the snapshots again. You are the best among all others IMO doing them. Thanks
Leon Kernan
Leon Kernan - 5 måneder siden
Yeah, I can see the lever in the middle will lead to some arrows to the players backside.
CosmicPig - 5 måneder siden
Does this work for bedrock edition?
CosmicPig - 5 måneder siden
@Stephen Fisher Thanks
Stephen Fisher
Stephen Fisher - 5 måneder siden
Just built it does work on Bedrock Only thing that might be an issue is arrow physics when the game is over but that can be reset using the lever
MJ DENTON - 5 måneder siden
Please build some version of this for the Hermits to play.
In fact, you could fill the pyramid with various mini-games and turn the whole thing into something like the Luxor in Vegas!
Hermits could buy game tokens with diamonds, receive tickets for winning, and turn those in for cheesy prizes.
Not only would you be the richest Hermit by tapping into Keralis's addiction, you could also build that mini-golf course you want!
JKG Minecraft
JKG Minecraft - 5 måneder siden
The target block sound like grass
LandoHitman - 5 måneder siden
Cub's tutorials are always top-notch
Nicholas Nakic
Nicholas Nakic - 5 måneder siden
YO SKILL! Five bullseyes in a row!🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯
_StryZze - 5 måneder siden
What Recorder Do You Use??....Please,?
oogajiggawooga - 5 måneder siden
You need a variation on this build that lights up lamps to show how close you got to a bullseye, and when it hits the bullseye (and lights up all the main lamps) a second score light comes on that counts towards the 5 total. This way you can have the ooh's and aah's that come with seeing a near bullseye or simply terrible shot
Rudi Frank
Rudi Frank - 5 måneder siden
As a marksmanship instructor, I must insist that you don't put the on/off switch next to the target.
Daniel - 5 måneder siden
As someone who has trained on an archery range, you just have to wait for the instructor to call off the shooting (happens usually when everyone has run out of arrows, then everyone can collect their arrows) :-)
Tom Fairbank
Tom Fairbank - 5 måneder siden
build this on hermitcraft when 1.16 comes
au zeze
au zeze - 5 måneder siden
is it possible if you hit the bullseye the target move upward by a piston, when its reach the top, you win.
Timothy Calvert
Timothy Calvert - 5 måneder siden
Perhaps you can add a minecart track on each play column that varies the distance that the player is shooting from, to increase the difficulty! I only say this because once you hit the bullseye once at full power of the bow, you can hit it everytime by simple not moving your mouse
BradRx05 - 5 måneder siden
I love watching Cub perform redstone ❤️
Jonathan Betz
Jonathan Betz - 5 måneder siden
If the contestants would have to sit in moving minecarts, it would ad different level of difficulty.
Now thinking about that, a targetblock in a minecart would be fun addition to the game.
Sturmfalke ][
Sturmfalke ][ - 5 måneder siden
The last idea is actually very good! This would be a interesting additional functionality for the target block.
Natalie Hubbard
Natalie Hubbard - 5 måneder siden
Great design, I really like the game. Here is a variation idea. have the player shoot from different positions, kind of like horse. Also can a moving target range be made with the target being pushed over the three different types of ice, like a shooting gallery.
Hemuro4ever - 5 måneder siden
You can do horizontal wireless redstone with the target block and a dispenser with arrows!!! That would be a fitting activation method for the game. Have the toggle on/off target block trigger a flip flop that holds the value and bam, horizontal wireless redstone on/off switch.
Brice Schiele
Brice Schiele - 5 måneder siden
Hmmmmm... I sense a season 7 version of run... DO IT CUB FAN! MAKE ARCHERY IN THE COWMERCIAL DISTRICT
Javier Salcedo
Javier Salcedo - 5 måneder siden
You can adapt the difficulty by using a smaller piece of cake? That's dope
at - 5 måneder siden
Is there a block I can substitute for the target block building on xbox one
Yuta Mizuko
Yuta Mizuko - 5 måneder siden
Is this for your pyramid?
TLdR - 5 måneder siden
When you see a Cubfan's contraption you just know there are gonna be fireworks involved.
Johnboy GR
Johnboy GR - 5 måneder siden
Such a great game! Well done cub.
Hamstah - 5 måneder siden
One suggestion I'd make to improve this game is to have a dispenser a few blocks behind the player that the player needs to turn around and run to to grab one arrow at a time. This prevents players from locking in to a particular pose and then just firing off 5 arrows that will all hit the bullseye one after another.
Pedro4816 - 5 måneder siden
Артем Налькин
Артем Налькин - 5 måneder siden
This reminded me of FVDisco's games
Sad that he quit youtube...
DuelScreen - 5 måneder siden
That's not five bull's-eyes. That's five hits.
Twisted Tim
Twisted Tim - 5 måneder siden
You still need to hit close to the bulls eye. How much cake is eaten will determine how close.
Elaine Gabriella
Elaine Gabriella - 5 måneder siden
Road to 700K subs Cub!
yokelabductee - 5 måneder siden
you should build this in the great pyramid in preparation for 1.16 then get the target blocks straight away, in fact the great pyramid could be an entire amusement park
Traficante De Pildoras Rojas
Traficante De Pildoras Rojas - 5 måneder siden
This needs some kind of movement mechanism, maybe players on moving minecarts, (obviously bigger shooting range would be built) because once you hit the bullseye, all you have to do is keep your aim locked on the same spot and shoot 4 more times.
Bryce Franson
Bryce Franson - 5 måneder siden
I love this game, but sometimes its logic is just silly.... Imagine your electricity goes out and you go to the breaker box only to find that some one has eaten a peice of the cake that's keeping the whole system running accurately.
TheMisterGege1 - 5 måneder siden
Would be cool if the bell would ring everytime anyone hits the bullseye. I think this would give a nice feeling of achievement and would also let everyone know someone scored. This would increase pressure and would give a nice indication to everyone who’s too focused shooting to observe the other lights. For the winner it could ring multiple times.
cubfan135 - 5 måneder siden
I made several versions of this game, one of them has this functionality.
yung jose
yung jose - 5 måneder siden
grondhero - 5 måneder siden
I think the lights lighting up will do the same thing. They'll be far enough away that they can see the increase in light level. The only improvement I'd add would be the bell to ring a few times before stopping.
MysticBlooms - 5 måneder siden
i dare you to join this discord server
or dont
Brady Gillam
Brady Gillam - 5 måneder siden
Hi cub hope your having a great day
Randinator Games
Randinator Games - 5 måneder siden
Time to make a cake factory
PISTOL NATHAN - 5 måneder siden
i was the 10000 view no way
Reece R Packman
Reece R Packman - 5 måneder siden
great content keep up the good work btw i was like number 1 thousand
Craig Tomkins
Craig Tomkins - 5 måneder siden
I like Cooke's
not me
not me - 5 måneder siden
I think one player should have at least 2 target blocks assigned and then he has to alter, hitting the first once, then second once and go back to the first and do this a few times. When you have only one you can hit it 5 times just by aiming once and then just shooting 5 times in the same position, if you have to change between two or more and adjust your aim it would be way harder and more fun, maybe even make the targets move, i think that would be possible.
like you vids
like you vids - 5 måneder siden
Riguez - 5 måneder siden
Like number 666 :b
San Autin
San Autin - 5 måneder siden
Awesome tutorial! Thanks, Cub. :)
Graysen Crane
Graysen Crane - 5 måneder siden
I have no clue if this is possible or how you could do it but you should do a single player mode where you like pay a diomand block and then if you hit the bullseye you can double your money but the farther away from the bullseye you hit they less diomands you get back, I think that would be cool for the hermit craft server - also loved the vid!
Louis Reich
Louis Reich - 5 måneder siden
You should build the contraption on hermitcraft before the update, so when 1.16 comes out you can just add the target blocks in
Milan Geerts
Milan Geerts - 5 måneder siden
There is no minigame area yet I think
Divyam Plays
Divyam Plays - 5 måneder siden
Cubfan135 You should make the top of your Great Pyramid out of gold blocks .It’ll mark the middle and look grand.
Ortherner - 5 måneder siden
Bullseye? More like Bull’s Eye!
Zack Griffith
Zack Griffith - 5 måneder siden
Please tell me this is gonna be the first thing you build on hermitcraft when yall update!! That would be soo awesome and i bet the other hermits would love it too!
Harper Sallee
Harper Sallee - 5 måneder siden
cubfan can you please make Bullseye into a shop on hermitcraft
Lucas Woods
Lucas Woods - 5 måneder siden
Cub fan, I don’t want to watch ur shit tutorials, I would much rather watch ur hermitcraft vids. With kind regards and remember to stay safe.
CJ MONTEIRO - 5 måneder siden
Me at 2:31 Lol that's so simple to build
Me at 2:40 WHAT
CJ MONTEIRO - 5 måneder siden
Yes actually it's simple. Thanks for the easy tutorial
cubfan135 - 5 måneder siden
What I mean is, considering it is a fully functioning game, it is really simple and resource light.
Dylan McFiggins
Dylan McFiggins - 5 måneder siden
this was the perfect time to make this video. me and my friends on my realm were going to make a mini-game area. I know what I'm making in 1.16. thanks cub :-)
lando creations
lando creations - 5 måneder siden
Dragons Queen
Dragons Queen - 5 måneder siden
Great video
Federico Gallea
Federico Gallea - 5 måneder siden
I see how you're getting prepared for 1.16! You must build this on the hermitcraft server when 1.16 will come out dude! Good job!
Federico Gallea
Federico Gallea - 3 måneder siden
@ahmed4363 yeah I knew he was going to do that
ahmed4363 - 3 måneder siden
@Federico Gallea I love how he actually did iy
Federico Gallea
Federico Gallea - 5 måneder siden
@Untitled 1 yes but the base idea is great, very nice and simple multiplayer minigame
birds_eye__view - 5 måneder siden
Cub: “not that complicated”
Me with my pressure plate as advanced redstone: oh no
Dari - 5 måneder siden
Yogit Shankar
Yogit Shankar - 5 måneder siden
I remember when Mumbo build a Archery Range.
Then there was Cub's Concorp Archery thing with dragon heads and rockets.
Now that we have target block things will get like 💯 times better
ElliexLAx - 5 måneder siden
Cub is super awesome and he inspired me to do more with redstone in my survival series that I have been posting a lot lately. Thanks for the inspiration cub! You rock!
MikeyMax295 - 5 måneder siden
"Catty corn"???
MikeyMax295 - 5 måneder siden
Silly me (pun intended)
Pesky Bird
Pesky Bird - 5 måneder siden
MikeyMax295 Catty cornered lol, basically means in a diagonal direction from what you’re referring to