Hermitcraft 6: A Giant TNT Santa Hat Explodes (Minecraft 1.14.4 Ep. 207)

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No really, it does. Welcome back to Minecraft with Cub from the Hermitcraft Season 6 server! Today Cub names some cats and villagers, restores his skin, and unexpectedly sees the Santa Hat that was gifted for Secret Santa blow up catastrophically. Enjoy!

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Trevtor97 - 5 måneder siden
How2EatWell - 8 måneder siden
Chocolate jelly!? 🤮

Anyone else?
Troy Cooley
Troy Cooley - 9 måneder siden
Lol he spelled "shepard" wrong it's actually "shepherd"
Minceraft Gamer
Minceraft Gamer - 9 måneder siden
Smelly Shepard is actually accurate, sheep's lanolin stinks, and rubs off if they're wet. So after a rainy night we don't smell to great.
Birdman - 9 måneder siden
Greyskinz.... Sounds like we talking about dark elves from elder scrolls 😂😂
T3rr0 Talabode
T3rr0 Talabode - 9 måneder siden
11:41 So the man with the most hermit deaths in demise gets exploded.
Karma = Creepers, apparently.
MJ - 9 måneder siden
Andrew Swart
Andrew Swart - 9 måneder siden
I believe you missed an opportunity for iLmango Jelly :/
Bibha Kumari
Bibha Kumari - 9 måneder siden
Missed opportunity to name an armorer will smith
devon everything
devon everything - 9 måneder siden
Mumbo killed a pillager leader next to his M.I.N.E flew over to his base and started a raid in it
Theorix - 9 måneder siden
I think that box is Tangos
Matthijs Meijers
Matthijs Meijers - 9 måneder siden
I’m still missing mason bourne between the villagers
socron gaelith
socron gaelith - 9 måneder siden
9:55 dont underestimate cindy's pole dancing dreams...
John Michael Ibrahim Tatco
John Michael Ibrahim Tatco - 9 måneder siden
Sahara is better
ZactheDragon - 9 måneder siden
My ears perked up a lot when you said "Zach"... I finally made it to the Hermitcraft server! Even if you failed to spell my name wrong... "ZactheDragon", you can rename him later Cub, I'll forgive you :P
Lisa Williams
Lisa Williams - 9 måneder siden
You should make a cat house for all the Jellies.
Rick Keller
Rick Keller - 9 måneder siden
Don't be that guy, Cub. People are carrying their good stuff again. Disarm your traps.
Pepper The Water Rescue Pup
Pepper The Water Rescue Pup - 9 måneder siden
Cub. Not sure if anyone said it yet, but it was called Sad Coral
WAKITA463 - 9 måneder siden
Cub...... you forgot sand plum jelly
Glyan14 - 9 måneder siden
Hey Cub I came to the series late, what episode did you build the granite square buildings? They're really awesome and I wanted to see them closer so I can learn how to use those blocks better.
Nebagram - 9 måneder siden
17:39 'someone must have flown by with a bad omen effect'

No prizes for guessing who.
Tristian Shew
Tristian Shew - 9 måneder siden
Dale Sims
Dale Sims - 9 måneder siden
Why do you call the cats jellies?
Aron Steenbergen
Aron Steenbergen - 9 måneder siden
My name is Aron so there is a armorer named after me😉
nathan rutherford
nathan rutherford - 9 måneder siden
Now all you need to do is create a hall of jellies
James Moton
James Moton - 9 måneder siden
I have a naming idea: Rename one or more random "Mr", "Mrs", and/or "Ms" to "Señor", "Señora", and/or "Señorita".
Arzila - 9 måneder siden
6:10 my name is Aron not Aaron
Manilla Tasty
Manilla Tasty - 9 måneder siden
Why not call the chocolate jelly Nutella?
Pulse Fel
Pulse Fel - 9 måneder siden
now if only impulse had left the creeper there on purpose...
magicmasterp - 9 måneder siden
I'm pretty sure the Santa hat didn't level everything because the slime blocks held the TNT in place.
Northern Ninety7
Northern Ninety7 - 9 måneder siden
One of the stones isnt turned. Youre doing vexnos a great disservice.
Wizzy rl13
Wizzy rl13 - 9 måneder siden
The slime blocks were to keep the tnt from falling
electricmojo - 9 måneder siden
i like the way you keep balance between an inncoent kids game and an unvorgiving grownups game
Belanna T
Belanna T - 9 måneder siden
Your laugh is priceless Cub! Hilarious.
Tom Burrows
Tom Burrows - 9 måneder siden
You missed fixing the roof inside the dead coral shop
Dareo Koski
Dareo Koski - 9 måneder siden
you sould have named the last one jelly fish since how much fish u used XD
Lawrence Atakpa-Solomon-Solomon
Lawrence Atakpa-Solomon-Solomon - 9 måneder siden
Can you give the Coordinates of all the traps to Iskall85 after all he is the winner of demise
crazy_con1 - 9 måneder siden
"OH, NONONONONONO, OH GOD!!!" lmao never heard cub scream for his life.
Oran 551
Oran 551 - 9 måneder siden
I think the shulker box belongs to stressmonster.
Ronald From YT01
Ronald From YT01 - 9 måneder siden
No one Cub explode a giant TnT hat

Hey Exp
_robin_ - 9 måneder siden
wow, mumbo 'lost' his old redstone box, he made a new one, and cub had it all along
Zach - 9 måneder siden
Kamikazie the Creeper
Arjun Nirgudkar
Arjun Nirgudkar - 9 måneder siden
Sahara is better
WypmanGames - 9 måneder siden
mumbo: builds a saturator
hermits: nope (rendog does demise challenge and cubfan just uses a reality stone)
_robin_ - 9 måneder siden
I hate that they're doing rp, its so stupid, like, this is not the series for that. im sooo fucking glad demise is over, I kinda hated it
Dream Walker
Dream Walker - 9 måneder siden
You could have named one of those villagers "alligator amourer"
Rizqi Kqkq
Rizqi Kqkq - 9 måneder siden
We have new Nonono candidate
PxMANxTV - 9 måneder siden
11:39 XD dat lag doe
flupsdarups - 9 måneder siden
vex nose:exists

mumbo:cries in redstone
Iron Bars Jack
Iron Bars Jack - 9 måneder siden
Go in the saturator you coward
Dj Kōhai
Dj Kōhai - 9 måneder siden
6:25 you can feel the Hamilton fans getting bamboozled
Jaime Hodges
Jaime Hodges - 9 måneder siden
Mumbo: builds saturator
Iskal (Who is not dead): jumps in
Ren : gets iskal to kill him so he is alive
Cub: uses a copyrighted gem
Me: is any dead hermit going to use the saturator
Ray Tan
Ray Tan - 9 måneder siden
So many people are doing clean up videos
Maniacus Games
Maniacus Games - 9 måneder siden
as a nod to Wonka co.. You should name a jelly Snozberry..;)
DarkM R.C
DarkM R.C - 9 måneder siden
there is no thumbnail
Rain - 9 måneder siden
Is that why the slime blocks were there? to keep the tnt in place if it did get exploded? The rouge tnt seems to be from the tip of the hat.
Also you taking mumbo's redstone box ended up making him more organized so he'll probably thank you for taking it lol.
EddyMXVD - 9 måneder siden
Cub: Uses Reality Stone to change skin back
The Saturator: *AM I A JOKE TO YOU?*
EddyMXVD - 9 måneder siden
@• r/woosh
 - 9 måneder siden
Shut up
Laura - 9 måneder siden
Becky and Becky Two - brings back memories. Awesome video!
9duckman - 9 måneder siden
i think "Armorer And A Leg" would be a good name
MadManiacGamer - 9 måneder siden
Cub: Were just gonna take the tnt hat down.
Creeper: I’m gonna give you to the count of 10 to get out. 1...2...10!
Star Bloom
Star Bloom - 9 måneder siden
Nice editing! c:
Spill the Tea sis
Spill the Tea sis - 9 måneder siden
I think we know how that happened ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jack Glaser
Jack Glaser - 9 måneder siden
Bernard Geisel
Bernard Geisel - 9 måneder siden
Why doesnt the convex have any passive pillagers in the village? Trap them until they blow up the durability on their crossbows and *boom* friendly illagers!
Tzarina8472 - 9 måneder siden
Lucky you didn't use Mumbo's saturation gizmo; you look perfect. Everyone else using it is turning up as an army of psychedelic clowns. I kinda hope it (doesn't) turn into a legal battle that engulfs the whole server... you guys wouldn't want another one... would you?
Logan Kovats
Logan Kovats - 9 måneder siden
Jura Reaper
Jura Reaper - 9 måneder siden
there is a saturator that mumbo made but oh well
Tom Harbrecht
Tom Harbrecht - 9 måneder siden
Cub: I won't blow it up.
Me(and other fans): But I wanted to see it go kaboom! :(
Mr.Creeper: Leave it to me guys

Thx Mr. Creeper! :)
Tzarina8472 - 9 måneder siden
I was hoping you'd name one of those armorers Tony Stark.
Matthew Townsend
Matthew Townsend - 9 måneder siden
Ceiling in shop had some blocks missing too still.
Beepbeep Lettuce
Beepbeep Lettuce - 9 måneder siden
Please disarm the traps before the season is over
NoC41 - 9 måneder siden
Seems like the slime blocks contained the majority of the explosion to the mountaintop. Only the tnt not attached to a slime flew or fell off
Nikole Smith
Nikole Smith - 9 måneder siden
Cub had mumbo-jumbo's redstone box!? ( 16:46) Its been driving him crazy! Lol!
Tialah Harris
Tialah Harris - 9 måneder siden
Now he has 17 Jellies. Can’t you find your cats Cub?
Terra - 9 måneder siden
Jelly army
Jonas Maier
Jonas Maier - 9 måneder siden
8:00 was another Jelly to the left
Paras Rithesh
Paras Rithesh - 9 måneder siden
that sarcastic canadian
that sarcastic canadian - 9 måneder siden
Chocolatte Jellie?
CateliXs - 9 måneder siden
Start of 2020 begin with a big bang
Druman19 - 9 måneder siden
Cub I think the slime blocks were used to help form the santa hat without changing the shape of the mountain.
Nick Evangelista
Nick Evangelista - 9 måneder siden
I think the slime blocks were under the TNT to mitigate the damage from explosions. The TNT sticks to the slime blocks instead of launching out? (I think?)
Can anyone comment below to confirm?
Dialga376 - 9 måneder siden
Mumbo's saturation machine: am i a joke to you?
Sean Kuhn
Sean Kuhn - 9 måneder siden
That's definitely mumbos box, but he built a new one a few weeks ago
Panos Economides
Panos Economides - 9 måneder siden
Misspelled shepherd
Jonathan Rae Estrada
Jonathan Rae Estrada - 9 måneder siden
Woah cub could wish he would win the demise game but he did not do it.
Vardis Lendoth
Vardis Lendoth - 9 måneder siden
Grianch: "One down...five to go."
Hunter Bachelder
Hunter Bachelder - 9 måneder siden
Don’t round the mountain off, fill the center with lava.
John Beaton
John Beaton - 9 måneder siden
Mumbo: loses red stone box

Mumbo: makes another one

Cubfan: gives to mumbo

Mumbo: angry spoon noises
Phillip Grube
Phillip Grube - 9 måneder siden
11:01 dude, that hat is a massive gift. think of all the TNT based things you could build with all thaf
Paden Eury
Paden Eury - 9 måneder siden
Adrian shepherd
Brian Jhake Linatoc
Brian Jhake Linatoc - 9 måneder siden
His looking for that box so he made another and named it unlosable box
Woodcraft23 l idk you know
Woodcraft23 l idk you know - 9 måneder siden
Cub: *use reality stone to get satured *
Mumbo saturation machine: i am a joke to you...
Rashed125 - 9 måneder siden
I’m assuming the slime blocks prevented the TNT from flying everywhere? Is that a thing?
Doomawso Gaming
Doomawso Gaming - 9 måneder siden
Cub you should have made the mountain a volcano
Logan Soto
Logan Soto - 9 måneder siden
There was a hole in the side of the tree farm
Sachin Verma
Sachin Verma - 9 måneder siden
Cub : We have reality stone
Thanos : Hey that's mine
laartje24 - 9 måneder siden
Do we know who made the trap that took the lives of Tango and Impulse?
IsuruKusumal - 9 måneder siden
Smith is a better last name than Armourer
ACMB - 9 måneder siden
You forgot mint jelly
Eric Hsu
Eric Hsu - 9 måneder siden
Mumbo: Where'd my Redstone box gone...
Also Mumbo: ok fine I'll make another one that I'll never lose
Cubfan (You): Oops...
Nikolaj Lund-Volkmann
Nikolaj Lund-Volkmann - 9 måneder siden
Replay mod?