Hermitcraft 6: Jellieland (Minecraft 1.14.4 Ep.211)

Today on Hermitcraft Cub creates a giant Con Corp sign, and creates homes for both his dogs and all the Jellie cats at Con Corp.
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Runtime: 26:57


Capitan Deadpool
Capitan Deadpool - 8 måneder siden
Says theulir is 9 dogs then it is clearly more than that
Pulse Fel
Pulse Fel - 8 måneder siden
you built a cat area...and didnt invite scar to build it?
Pat Callahan
Pat Callahan - 8 måneder siden
Habenero Jellie? I'll pass.
Marcus Fox
Marcus Fox - 8 måneder siden
Baxter is my dogs name cub
Gr8rspy 31255
Gr8rspy 31255 - 8 måneder siden
Cub u forgot cloudberry jelly it’s a thing
Lego Art boy
Lego Art boy - 8 måneder siden
8:04 omg my dog had gave birth to puppies a year ago and the first born was later named Apollo!!! Take care of this one cub 👍
Flotsam - 8 måneder siden
I'm always surprised when people say they've never had a cat. I've never not had a cat. I wouldn't know what to do without one!
Onyx Flame
Onyx Flame - 8 måneder siden
Cub: I've never had a cat, I don't know what to call cat things.
Also Cub: builds a place all cats everywhere would love to live in.
TheSuddenFox - 8 måneder siden
Make one of the dogs have a green collar and give him a green top house, but make it the NICEST thing completely made out of dirt possible. Maybe 3 lights, but only torches
Em ma
Em ma - 9 måneder siden
My neighbours actually have a dog named Cooper😂
Cooper Thompson
Cooper Thompson - 9 måneder siden
My name is Cooper and one of my good friends name is Beau
John Mcilwee
John Mcilwee - 9 måneder siden
Concorp we don't take chances and newer no you with Concorp
J L - 9 måneder siden
Awh this episode was so wholesome!
Ice 487
Ice 487 - 9 måneder siden
I think the Villager was just saying farewell to that Jellie. Then it faced you, saying: "Cub, please take good care of Jellie for me."
Safina Bijli
Safina Bijli - 9 måneder siden
Please play run mini game
Safina Bijli
Safina Bijli - 9 måneder siden
There is a new mini game called run made by iscall
jrrscttktts - 9 måneder siden
“Cathouse”? Things almost took a dark turn there for Concorp!
Ethan Abbott
Ethan Abbott - 9 måneder siden
A personal submarine dock with a secret tunnel to the ocean is a must for any evil mastermind...... I mean legitimate businessman.
Sturmfalke ][
Sturmfalke ][ - 9 måneder siden
Pretty realistic for an
☆☆☆☆☆ cat area!
leo rojas
leo rojas - 9 måneder siden
Elevate pathway!!! But no common one, a one that come out from the water with piston well I think could be awesome
MelodicMiner5 - 9 måneder siden
I think you should put some chests in the cat play area cause they like to sit on those :) and some beds too
bluEast 1103
bluEast 1103 - 9 måneder siden
Is con corp comunium
Lady Ivy Vine XIII
Lady Ivy Vine XIII - 9 måneder siden
Cat tower with a scratching post is the term you're looking for I think.
CallixAndrei _0315
CallixAndrei _0315 - 9 måneder siden
name your dog/cat erea pet land
Chandler Duggan
Chandler Duggan - 9 måneder siden
Minecraft needs to add a feature for tamed animals to roam around, but not follow you. seems long overdue in this complex game.
malcolm jones
malcolm jones - 9 måneder siden
Imagine being concorp, ugh right ?!
This post was made by Sahara Gang
Lord Leviathan
Lord Leviathan - 9 måneder siden
Fantom 84
Fantom 84 - 9 måneder siden
Man with that many cats you will never hear a boom from a creeper ever again!
Rogue Gamer16
Rogue Gamer16 - 9 måneder siden
The Dog Suburbs and Jellie Land (You’ve Forgotten Cherry Pepper Jellie)
Corey Lyman
Corey Lyman - 9 måneder siden
Scratching post :)
Zero One
Zero One - 9 måneder siden
I can't wait for season 7...it will be 1.15 and nether update...but it will be sad too because season 6 almost end up... :(
Michael Bondad
Michael Bondad - 9 måneder siden
literally nobody:
lead: am i a joke to you?
Backkpack - 9 måneder siden
Everyone talks about Scar's timelapse music, but no one is talking about Cub's why is this?
Travis Horne
Travis Horne - 9 måneder siden
Cat tree
Lukas Vanparijs
Lukas Vanparijs - 9 måneder siden
You could build a dam at the lake area :D
Dr Dredd Man of Mystery
Dr Dredd Man of Mystery - 9 måneder siden
You've heard of leads, right? lol
Peter Arnberg
Peter Arnberg - 9 måneder siden
Erm.. ahem.... Litter boxes?
Fyrestar - 9 måneder siden
Cubfan: today we are working on stuff and things.
Me: another remix?
Lugnutz 101
Lugnutz 101 - 9 måneder siden
5:30 the sign ...thought you may of made the world famous logo colored billboard the blue makes the white pop ....
Lugnutz 101
Lugnutz 101 - 9 måneder siden
LoL dog houses reminded me of the 3 little pigs
sheri guy
sheri guy - 9 måneder siden
Scar's cats are going to be so jelly. Lol
TyranT76 - 9 måneder siden
Love the Concorp area. Best overall global theme and build this season. I‘d love it if you would consider adding a port / dock for the shipping freight boats that delivers the merchandise.
jon johansen
jon johansen - 9 måneder siden
If you gathered some patriots an aviary would fit nicely in there.
egonzalez912971 - 9 måneder siden
They are scratching posts
Circadianarchist - 9 måneder siden
everyone secretly wants to be a cat
Jay Sciarabba
Jay Sciarabba - 9 måneder siden
You should make some docs on the back side of concorp
Stealthy Pigeon
Stealthy Pigeon - 9 måneder siden
Where are the horses? And maybe a bird area? That’d be call
H Cavalier
H Cavalier - 9 måneder siden
Now that you have all those Jellies, tame one orange cat and name it Marmalade! Also, you need a sand box in the cat area. It looks great! Can't wait to see Scar's reaction.
omega teletubbie
omega teletubbie - 9 måneder siden
Hey cub, do you remember the realm you went title “Kilmer epic SMP”? We were ill prepared for your visit and have spruced up spawn! We also have a small request of you that can be found at -151, 76, 99. We thank you so much for your visit to our humble realm and hope you can return to our server one last time. Sorry that the only person on was AFK at the time, lol. -Yours truly, MaxwellKnight, the owner of the server.
Conner - 9 måneder siden
The sign looks so cool
ItsEnderkiller2 - 9 måneder siden
Hey guys welcome back to catcraft!

This shouldve been the intro
Vicky Davide
Vicky Davide - 9 måneder siden
Its confirmed cub is a cat
SapphireSketches - 9 måneder siden
Cub, are you sick? If you are I hope you get better soon!
Tom Pedrick
Tom Pedrick - 9 måneder siden
It’s called a scratching post
Marcus Fox
Marcus Fox - 9 måneder siden
Cub your base is the best
Snikrep1 - 9 måneder siden
The sign has an Art Deco look and vibe to it. Very classy, very ConCorp
Paul Straughn
Paul Straughn - 9 måneder siden
Cub: Cathouse.... wait... not a cathouse....uhh Cat.... building? Place? Home? Area... definitely Cat area.
Shawn Milam
Shawn Milam - 9 måneder siden
Hey Cub...maybe make some birdhouses in the trees and get some birds.
RP Áudio & Visual
RP Áudio & Visual - 9 måneder siden
You should have place some beds for the cats
Jeremy Hidalgo
Jeremy Hidalgo - 9 måneder siden
My apellido is baxteeeeer I fill like I AM in hertmitcraft
Zcizo - 9 måneder siden
Totally unrelated to the video but I forgot what the sign you took in the darkcraft realm said lmao
Jatin D.
Jatin D. - 9 måneder siden
Make a dog play house cause those tiny houses would get boring for em lol
MegaDragonBowser - 9 måneder siden
Scratching posts
Poisonarrow 06
Poisonarrow 06 - 9 måneder siden
Cub, what if you made in the area next to the beacons, a small airport for concorp or something? To get all the freights loaded to the shops!
Ben Carter
Ben Carter - 9 måneder siden
Their called scratching posts
Astromus - 9 måneder siden
The more bugged cats are, the more realistic they seem...
Nytalite - 9 måneder siden
They’re called cat trees.
Lily Willette
Lily Willette - 9 måneder siden
16:20 It's called a scratching post... you were close
Lily Willette
Lily Willette - 9 måneder siden
You could use flower pots as food/water bowls for the cats or dogs
Miningmama - 9 måneder siden
Dog kennels and Cattery..looking sweet...always need to protect the animals..
Jack Bremen
Jack Bremen - 9 måneder siden
Build a togglable hydro electric dam for the river with different water levels
RSF - 9 måneder siden
make a tunel going from the jungle wood cat area to the birch wood area so they can get from one to the other
Nicholas Sadowski
Nicholas Sadowski - 9 måneder siden
you should do an episode where you so an in depth tour and description of con corp.
How2EatWell - 9 måneder siden
Yes it is called a stretching pole
SpunkieMunkieLLC - 9 måneder siden
Scratching post. You should put chests in the jellie area, cats love chests!
Marius Bujor
Marius Bujor - 9 måneder siden
Make some foxes houses pls
Benidict Nelbert
Benidict Nelbert - 9 måneder siden
Peach and Blueberry are proper Cats ... Stubborn 😹
Charged Mutant
Charged Mutant - 9 måneder siden
I’m on team Sahara
Mega King935
Mega King935 - 9 måneder siden
They are called scratching posts I think
Don't Get Mad Get Wise
Don't Get Mad Get Wise - 9 måneder siden
Building dog houses? Really? Demise of Season 6 is imminent!
NoC41 - 9 måneder siden
A cat scratcher with a bed on top is called a Cat Tree
Leon Kernan
Leon Kernan - 9 måneder siden
I love that sound when the diamond beacon gets turned on.
小丑Joker - 9 måneder siden
Welcome to Jellieland. Have a purrfect day.
Maybe add a dam at the narrowest part of river/lake?
Jonas Šutinys
Jonas Šutinys - 9 måneder siden
Have you ever considered making a concorp rocket launcher to make concorp rule the moon as well?
Oscar Does Things
Oscar Does Things - 9 måneder siden
Use leads!!!!!!!!
TheChaosShaman - 9 måneder siden
Better name:
Henrik Mortensen
Henrik Mortensen - 9 måneder siden
is season 7 on its way i think i can feel we r getting close to the end of season 6 ;) am i the only one who feel that ?
Coleman Trebor
Coleman Trebor - 9 måneder siden
Working in stuff and things...
Slipgater anyone?
doge fish
doge fish - 9 måneder siden
I am a comment
doge fish
doge fish - 9 måneder siden
So true
Imagineee - 9 måneder siden
The whole place is like con corp wonderland
Darth647 - 9 måneder siden
Build a bridge over the river with turrets to prevent ships from entering the lake
Mrs Green
Mrs Green - 9 måneder siden
Cub, are you a dog man or a cat man ?!
KingLycaon00 - 9 måneder siden
I think it's interesting that, in the process of trying to make a "Modern" sign, you made it look more "Retro" to me.
Blas_de_lezo - 9 måneder siden
Cubfan , you seriously need to hire zombiecleo for your business hall, get some armor stand magic!
Alfred Wardrum
Alfred Wardrum - 9 måneder siden
Is it Concorp or con corp??
Benjamin Harman
Benjamin Harman - 9 måneder siden
all dogs go to Con Corp
Minka Lawson
Minka Lawson - 9 måneder siden
love the names! I have a dog called Takoda and a horse called Apollo
Daniel - 9 måneder siden
16:25 Cats call them claw maintenance stations, humans call them couch savers
cyclopsboi - 9 måneder siden
cub literally spending an episode herding cats
SevDoesStuff - 9 måneder siden
in the beginning he has exactly 0 xp and i’m worried for what happened
Arjuna Wibisono
Arjuna Wibisono - 9 måneder siden
Next pet should be panda