Hermitcraft 6: Now and Forever (SEASON FINALE Part 2)

Today is the Final Episode of Hermitcraft Season 6. We visit our Mega Games at the Golf Course and Ravager's Run, then finish the tour at the shopping district and Guardian farm. I hope you enjoyed this season!
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World Download available now at: hermitcraft.com/
To download go to Maps (left side of screen), then Vanilla S6.
Want to see how this was all created? Find all my Hermitcraft 6 videos here: noburn.info/put/PLoH7Sjb8-XEh-mU5C_MrCB6aiekTnYXrG
Hermitcraft Website: www.hermitcraft.com/
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Runtime: 38:36


cubfan135 - 8 måneder siden
The world download is now available at hermitcraft.com. To download you can go to 'Maps' then click on 'Vanilla S6'. Have fun!
Taran Baze
Taran Baze - 2 måneder siden
Thank you Cub for a great season!
Julian HADDAD - 4 måneder siden
problem is i'm on pocket edition
Harry Bishop
Harry Bishop - 5 måneder siden
I took ur stuff btw
TorteShui - 7 måneder siden
Thank you for all the explanations and stuff you left :-)
J T - 8 måneder siden
I said it once and I'll say it again, you had the best villager trading system in the season. You had a city when other people had prisons.
maj21093 - 17 dager siden
I downloaded the world and set it up on a server for my kids to play on. What an amazing amount of progress made by everyone Can't wait to DL Season 7. Thanks Cub!
TankBoi - 5 måneder siden
lol! I just got a new windows10 computer!
karx001 - 5 måneder siden
S6 was pretty amazing!
Rage Gamer
Rage Gamer - 6 måneder siden
*Corona Virus*
MMG Wolfpool
MMG Wolfpool - 6 måneder siden
i cried @ the end
Daynielle Mckay
Daynielle Mckay - 6 måneder siden
I always wanted to build a supermarket and I finally got the confidents to do it
Supernagato - 6 måneder siden
I really enjoyed your perspective. Nice gameplay! GG :)
DudePlays - 6 måneder siden
Awesome season! Loved every episode! Epic before and after photos at the end! Well done Cub!
heatshield - 7 måneder siden
Imagine someone telling you the first day you ever played Minecraft that one day you would be eating a golden carrot talking about restocking fireworks while flying over your golf course towards the book with the driving range competition rules and golf club storage.
Pikabuki - 7 måneder siden
Your spawn prep is so appreciated. Thank you for all of your work! I can't wait to spend more time wandering around your amazing projects.
Maizuma Games
Maizuma Games - 7 måneder siden
What an amazing season!
JJ's Drawing farm
JJ's Drawing farm - 7 måneder siden
I had a dream. My dream was.... golf
Shaher - 8 måneder siden
XP ME is so satisfying 😍
Teresa Laing
Teresa Laing - 8 måneder siden
OMG!!! I totally forgot about the golf course!!! I absolutely can't wait to play golf on the incredible course you created! That was a true labor of love...it really shows. Thanks for all the fun this season...see you in season 7!!! 🏆🏆🏆🏆
Synther - 8 måneder siden
It always gets better
kentufts - 8 måneder siden
Cub made sooooooo many amazing and huge things this season, I was trying to think which one was the most insane, and I think it might just be the 'net' at the golf course, because that's a crazy number of harder then most things to have to gather.Amazing work mate, always enjoy your Video's
Samuel Zuleger
Samuel Zuleger - 8 måneder siden
Just got the world download up and running.
Thanks for leaving your gear, and directions, at spawn.
Grian left some gear, but it costs 3 stacks of diamonds! ("Did you die?" box)
Unbelievable that those jerks at Sahara are charging people with literally nothing 3 stacks of diamonds for basics!
I used to support Sahara, but now I am ConCorp all the way.
Can't wait to see you all in Season 7!
Rupert Jamal
Rupert Jamal - 8 måneder siden
Check this guy out he’s attempting to say hermit craft 70,000 times! https://youtu.be/vwhoXtLkfXU
Ari Knifeman
Ari Knifeman - 8 måneder siden
Shot a 58 on my first round in 10 minutes 59 seconds. Super easy.
Yoink - 8 måneder siden
The download link isn't working cub :(
Yoink - 8 måneder siden
it says "Failed - No File"
Jurassic Ammon
Jurassic Ammon - 8 måneder siden
Isn,t it crazy that season 7 starts in a week that's so much faster then I had to wait for season two to start AND YES i,'ve been watching since season 1 with xisuma
Jurassic Ammon
Jurassic Ammon - 8 måneder siden
Cub your the nicest YOUTUBER,HERMIT & MINECRAFTER i,'ve ever known
bhaskarachar shirva
bhaskarachar shirva - 8 måneder siden
Cub Please make
Hermitcraft Season 7
a modded Enigmatic 2
MIKERUPTION - 8 måneder siden
Congratulations on an incredible season, Cub! I love watching the "mad scientist" experiment with minecraft mechanics and also with video editing. Keep up the good work of making interesting videos for your fans!
Endervill - 8 måneder siden
Did anyone notice the grian head on the tree?
Jeff brown
Jeff brown - 8 måneder siden
Cub have you ever thought of building a labyrinth as a minigame. Door says randomly opening and closing through a maze of rooms. Maybe a Minotaur (Ravenger) in there?
sonia ruxton
sonia ruxton - 8 måneder siden
Am in mourning, I miss ConCorp already, am having withdrawal symptoms 😳😳😳😳😳😳
christina kay
christina kay - 8 måneder siden
Thanks for an amazing season cub =)
Black Cat
Black Cat - 8 måneder siden
Cub is challenging me? I WILL WIN!!!
AutomatorMC - 8 måneder siden
Wow! You are a master Minecrafter for sure.
Greg Stringer-Bates
Greg Stringer-Bates - 8 måneder siden
Thanks for an amazing season Cub. I’m definitely a “Cubfan”......
Thankyou very much, I’m here every Thursday, try the cod.
Foxing out Minecraft
Foxing out Minecraft - 8 måneder siden
Cub will the Guardian farm work in bedrock or no?
gabriel s
gabriel s - 8 måneder siden
Season 6 download not working
Groovy _D
Groovy _D - 8 måneder siden
As usual.. amazing. Thank you Cub!
joegote - 8 måneder siden
Can't believe the scale of projects you seem to so casually take on and just crush.
Meghan Carbone
Meghan Carbone - 8 måneder siden
The bed bandit was Iskall !!!
D Z - 8 måneder siden
Cub uses flint for a filler.
Doc uses anvils for a filler
Cub after watching Docs vid be like...
Am I a joke to you?
noibn - 8 måneder siden
Congrats on another amazing season. As usual, you went above and beyond with all your projects. Looking forward to checking out everything in the world download, and also playing golf!
WonderfulFilms - 8 måneder siden
When you started, I thought you were saying “Have you ever had a dream, that you um you had, you could you um, you want you could you want to do so much you could do anything?”
Awesomemattmatt181 - 8 måneder siden
hey Cub i Cant click On the World Download For Season 6 Map it Gives me the 404 not Found Error Can you Help me In Anyway With this Problem?
Nessie W
Nessie W - 8 måneder siden
Well done Cub, and Con Corp base looks beautiful at night.
gsylass - 8 måneder siden
Best season so far, can't wait to see what you dream up next season!
Tom Keyes
Tom Keyes - 8 måneder siden
I am going to play the crap out of the golf course. Really excited about this!
Kre8 or
Kre8 or - 8 måneder siden
hey cub, I was thinking, what if next season, you made a con-corp mega shop, like a massive tower of shops selling anything and everything, like sahara but without the glitchy-expensive to create redstone stuff. You know, maybe you could make something like concorp, but instead of just a factory base, its also shops and maybe even rides and stuff. Con-land!
Nathanael Fontenele
Nathanael Fontenele - 8 måneder siden
Awesome season Cub! Can't wait to see your next projects on the new season. Also, I can't believe you logged off almost hitting 110 levels. Lol
Nicholas Newby
Nicholas Newby - 8 måneder siden
Hi just curious does anyone know what game mode the season 6 map will be in
Aleksandar Sirozenko
Aleksandar Sirozenko - 8 måneder siden
will thereb e world dowland soon
lowendfreq - 8 måneder siden
Cub, thank you very much. Your work rate on S6 was machine like and just brilliant.
Looking forward to Season 7
G4M3_0V3R - 8 måneder siden
Such a great season, so excited to see what you do with season 7! Thanks for all the content, you are awesome sir!
Nazim Wahid
Nazim Wahid - 8 måneder siden
1 Blocks = 1 Meter, 6186 Blocks = 6.186KM convert it to yards you”ll get 6764 yards
Rays Works
Rays Works - 8 måneder siden
Well said intro! Great season
Stephen Marsh
Stephen Marsh - 8 måneder siden
unbelievable, definitely "pretty cool". crazy builds man, thanks for all the great content
Throlash - 8 måneder siden
If we throw farther than 300, can we join you in S7? Hahahaha

Honestly though, this was an absolutely amazing 2 years of watching you all be amazing content creators. You are inspiring in your creativity, grind, and storytelling. I CANNOT wait to see what you have in store for S7. From the bottom of my heart, please keep being you!
Christopher Steven Morin
Christopher Steven Morin - 8 måneder siden
As a golfer I have to tell you how incredibly impressed I am with CCCC! I hope those less familiar with the game will learn to appreciate how realistic this course is. As for me... I will certainly download the world for the course alone. The rest of this amazing world will just be a bonus. I’ll end by saying that your work this season has made you my favorite Hermit... and that’s saying something. Can’t wait for the download to dust off my sticks and try to throw a 58 on the board! Thank you Cub for all your work this season and the many, many hours of entertainment and education! See you next season!!
Brendom Geraldo
Brendom Geraldo - 8 måneder siden
Podia ter legenda em portugues pra eu entender ow vc fala cubfan ;-;
blackknightreturns1 - 8 måneder siden
Gj cub ::)
Lars Lessel
Lars Lessel - 8 måneder siden
Thank you for all you have done in this world for us to enjoy! Very sad to see you take of the gear and leave it but I cant wait to download the world and put on the awesome armour worn by the Legendary Cubfan135 🙂
Jen - jen
Jen - jen - 8 måneder siden
cant wait to see your builds, but have you decommissioned your traps yet?
imran jamal
imran jamal - 8 måneder siden
Bye see you next season
Sandra - 8 måneder siden
Great job this season, Cub! The golf course is amazing, looking forward to trying it!
Alli C
Alli C - 8 måneder siden
You guys are absolutely brilliant and I couldn't be more grateful with your help learning how to craft some mines. Your creativity and builds really inspire us to keep playing and make our own things. Con Corp all the way!
Jake From State Farm
Jake From State Farm - 8 måneder siden
Hey Cub, are you going to be a apart of Season 7? Really hoping to see you in it.
Sharo Maneru
Sharo Maneru - 8 måneder siden
SeasonSixfinity was such a wild ride. Thank you for all of the inspiration and innovation that you brought to this season. Loved the entire ConCorp storyline, from ConVex moving over from Season Five, to the egging on of the Civil War, "retirement", and the wonderful builds of both the ConCorp complex and the Country Club and Golf Course. I've never had an interest in golf until watching you build and play that course, and I'm looking forward to giving it a go myself.
I have no idea how you'll top this next season, but count me in for the ride!
Claire Dawson
Claire Dawson - 8 måneder siden
That last shot of CC in the evening it absolutly amazing thanks for a great season Cub cant wait to see what you do in season 7
StormShadow - 8 måneder siden
I legit applauded at the end. MVP.
Yoyene - 8 måneder siden
What an awesome hard working highly entrrtaining hermit you srr cub. Thank you!
RowBearToe - 8 måneder siden
I was starting to wonder if Season 6 was EVER going to end ... LOL
See you in 7
bo Cramer
bo Cramer - 8 måneder siden
cub i downloaded season 5 map today and was greeted with your whole kit and a book with everything i wanted to see. when you said to pick your favorite hermit and see if you could beat them in golf, i thought of you. keep up the great work and you’re a blessing for leaving your kit at spawn and creating such amazing things
Messy Nessie
Messy Nessie - 8 måneder siden
My friends and I are excited to try out your golf course. The mechanics are perfect. Thank you so much for all you do...you really put your heart into your builds!
Judy Seils
Judy Seils - 8 måneder siden
Awesome season. So many impressive builds. Looking forward to season 7
めいAnimu - 8 måneder siden
can't wait for season 7!
BallerJack05 - 8 måneder siden
Cub the bed bandit was iskall 😂😂 He said it in his newest video
bwjc - 8 måneder siden
When I first saw your golf course I was literally speechless. The implementation is so perfect, the mechanic so true to real golf, yet still minecraft. Truly more than anything else this entire season, I have been itching to play at the concorp country club. As an occasional casual golfer, it really truly is jaw dropping how true to life the concorp country club is, and hearing you describe how you've been wanting to do this for a long time makes it even more special.
ICB - 8 måneder siden
im not crying your crying
José Chonay
José Chonay - 8 måneder siden
I love you Cub you are so creative, dedicated and passionate.
Japhet Cayag
Japhet Cayag - 8 måneder siden
I cant wait to explore concorp
Steven Beichner
Steven Beichner - 8 måneder siden
Thank you cub for everything you do and for a great season. Can’t wait to see just how much bigger concorp can get in season 7
greg jorda
greg jorda - 8 måneder siden
pretty sure u already made the tutorial for the guardian farm
Beast - 8 måneder siden
I'd love to see a completely under ground base, kinda like the automatic farm hole but bigger and covered up. Like an underground city
James Klass
James Klass - 8 måneder siden
you are a beast cub!
Captain Dantee'th
Captain Dantee'th - 8 måneder siden
..that outro hits
DemolitionDevon - 8 måneder siden
The sheer magnitude of your builds this season is incredible. The before and after shots were jarring simply because of how much things changed! Amazing season, Cub! Can't wait to see what you guys do in s7!
greg jorda
greg jorda - 8 måneder siden
cant wait for the dl....im gonna golf till my mouse dies
greg jorda
greg jorda - 8 måneder siden
@David Roddini lol
David Roddini
David Roddini - 8 måneder siden
@greg jorda supposed to throw the ender pearl not the mouse
vuatson - 8 måneder siden
sad to say goodbye to whatcha become my favorite base of the season, but I can’t say how excited I am for what comes next!!!
Luuk Prieckaerts
Luuk Prieckaerts - 8 måneder siden
Thanks cub, i discoverd minecraft only last year and hermitcraft a bit later and than i found you, you have been one of the most impressive hermits for me, if you have a plan you just stick to it, and even if that build is enormous and cost alot of work and material you just grind it. The result is amazing, everything of those huge projects is magnificent
LightningAussie - 8 måneder siden
2D shop my favourite, did you do a tutorial for the redstone / Cubfan ?
Sevenfifteen Music
Sevenfifteen Music - 8 måneder siden
Even if you stop playing Minecraft at one point in time, the golf course will forever be your legacy! It convinced me that it would become a standard on mp servers around the world, and I'm still surprised it isn't. Be assured, I will enjoy competing against your records!
TheSourPunch - 8 måneder siden
Thank you for an amazing season Cub! Your hard work shows, and I appreciate it.
breakdancingbusgo - 8 måneder siden
It's only fitting that you're the only one who made a real 2 parter for the finale, seeing as there was just so much stuff you made! Been a wonderful season. I really appreciate the fact that you've left convenient ways to guide everyone who downloads the s6 world, which I'm super stoked to do as well, so thanks for that attention to detail!
David Morris
David Morris - 8 måneder siden
You made SOO MUCH, it blows my mind!!!
The demise bunker is one of my faves because it condenses a lot of your great story and redstone ideas in a relatively small space.
Dwight K. Schrute III
Dwight K. Schrute III - 8 måneder siden
Cub- We have a horse stable
Everybody else, cub that’s no stable that would be considered a pit
Austin Patrick
Austin Patrick - 8 måneder siden
Hats off to you Cub. Personally I think of you as 'The Finisher' on this server. You complete every project and without cutting corners. And despite the massive amount of work you put into your projects you still managed to collaborate a lot with others and bring great value to the community of the server. Thanks for all you did for this series in season 6 and I can't wait to see what you have for us in season 7!
44amanda - 8 måneder siden
The ending was slightly emotional but can't wait to see what you have for us in season 7!! Season 6 was EPIC and I'm so glad I discovered your videos this season.
Jonathan Sauceda
Jonathan Sauceda - 8 måneder siden
I can see it now
Level 40 netherite beacon
Carol Anderson
Carol Anderson - 8 måneder siden
Jonathan Sauceda he won’t do it unless it can give different effects than the other beacons or wants to flex😎
MrMachX - 8 måneder siden
Now we wait..
Aude - 8 måneder siden
Took mumbo grian and iskal 2 hours lol
thomas reddick
thomas reddick - 8 måneder siden
Thanks cub it’s been a great ride, thanks for driving....l 😉
scott mcdermitt
scott mcdermitt - 8 måneder siden
Cub, Thank you so much for the golf course and driving range. Tremendous of you to share. Also love the Ravager game... wicked cool!
Gromlek - 8 måneder siden
Normally I'm about the redstone, but I have to say, this is an amazing and impressive feat. Great job cubfan135.