Hermitcraft 6: Rail Service Arrives! (Minecraft 1.14.4 Ep. 209)

Welcome back to Minecraft with Cub from the Hermitcraft Season 6 Server! Today we build a rail station at Con Corp, create a fireworks display at the gate, and improve our storage system at the factory.
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Runtime: 27:40


Hunter Holaway
Hunter Holaway - 8 måneder siden
U should make a dolphin superhighway under the bridge
Professor Jango
Professor Jango - 9 måneder siden
That's Kobe right there :(
Ruby [Doc]
Ruby [Doc] - 9 måneder siden
*_[_**_25:57_**_ RIP Kobe]_*
The_Daft_Monkey - 9 måneder siden
25:58 RIP Kobe
Bodhi Reynolds
Bodhi Reynolds - 9 måneder siden
That looks awesome!!!!!
TheGamerLad the third
TheGamerLad the third - 9 måneder siden
Cub has a great series going, and he is a TOP tier youtuber
Roberto El’Demarco
Roberto El’Demarco - 9 måneder siden
might be worth noting i saw your channel of the front page of youtube. watch a lot of minecraft, just not your channel. youtube must like you!
Nate Sargent
Nate Sargent - 9 måneder siden
Even though I am a Sahara fan, Concorp looks A lot Cooler than Sahara
Mucca *Puka*
Mucca *Puka* - 9 måneder siden
Can i get an hart?
Joseph Tiseo
Joseph Tiseo - 9 måneder siden
Nice to see Im not the only one that keeps tweaking their minecraft contraptions. Spent a couple hours redoing my potion machine so that it wouldn't eat all of the netherwart and gunpowder as well as evenly distribute the fermented spider eyes.
Once I was done I couldn't help but wonder what functionality to add to it next.
LandoHitman - 9 måneder siden
I get why Cub is winding down but, man, I'm missing his videos.
Samuel Durston
Samuel Durston - 9 måneder siden
凸 is what convex means in china
cmaon 0450
cmaon 0450 - 9 måneder siden
False's path was supposed to be a bridge
Yuvraj Darekar
Yuvraj Darekar - 9 måneder siden
You should have just put a coldrone and nothing under it would have worked the same
Reclusive Eagle
Reclusive Eagle - 9 måneder siden
Do players even use the HRN? I've never seen anyone ride the rails for more than 1 episode in their videos
Lucas Lefebvre
Lucas Lefebvre - 9 måneder siden
Maybe change the shulker box on the side of the cauldron to a shulker shell, I think that would look better
woah gamer
woah gamer - 9 måneder siden
The hermits should have a no elytra day where people can only use the pathways and the hrn
nameless - 9 måneder siden
Sahara is restocked and have new things
Lemonent Limoan
Lemonent Limoan - 9 måneder siden
#ShopAtSahara!!!! Iskall refiled and anded a suprise! :)
BrickBot 2.0
BrickBot 2.0 - 9 måneder siden
And now Cubfan can play basketball while he works!
Kieran 1234
Kieran 1234 - 9 måneder siden
Should addd a nice roof to your railway station
anthony parker
anthony parker - 9 måneder siden
Love your episodes man they’re awesome
Hyper - 9 måneder siden
Cubfan135 is the most like what's the word ohhh I know hardworking hermit he has better stuff to do I think but,no he spends his damm time on the server building stuff he fixed the guardian farm even though I think no one uses it cause we have the gold farm
Ruby JuneBug
Ruby JuneBug - 9 måneder siden
I love how your brain figures things so quickly! Utterly brilliant!!! Great vid !
Darkelixer2 - 9 måneder siden
But he does have a good sewage system
Darkelixer2 - 9 måneder siden
Eyyyuu cub has his toilet at the end of his bed
eye - 9 måneder siden
Hermitcraft recap: today's week on the Hermitcraft...
Cubfan:easy money!!
Kaibin - 9 måneder siden
Took you long enough to build a toilet in your base cub.
Someone.somewhere.far.away - 9 måneder siden
Bring more terracota on andersite walls where u dont have them
Spyros Fanartzis
Spyros Fanartzis - 9 måneder siden
Maaaaaaaaann 😂
Dalaz0511 - 9 måneder siden
5:42 dio he just throw 18 iron ingots to collect a minecart?
FIREDEMON999 - 9 måneder siden
The caption said Herbert craft
Aryak Chatterjee
Aryak Chatterjee - 9 måneder siden
Make sure to close the trapdoor lid when not using, or any mistakenly dropped item will travel to the factory.
Luke26boss - 9 måneder siden
cub, you should make your base bigger instead of just the room and in the larger area you should make some lab type of interior because of your skin.
desertrose0601 - 9 måneder siden
Oooo. Love that fireworks touch!! Very festive!
Murdo 42
Murdo 42 - 9 måneder siden
Season seven idea. No elytra
Murdo 42
Murdo 42 - 9 måneder siden
You always inspire me
Jordan Bruce
Jordan Bruce - 9 måneder siden
Hey cub! You should make a hitchhiker minecart. It would be a chest minecart or hopper you choose. And it would have a book inside saying I'm a hitch hiker minecart please send me on my way and release him on the HRN and see where he goes
Samuel Durston
Samuel Durston - 9 måneder siden
it would be really cool if a shulker box is made in the factory there's like a firework show all over concorp for about 3 seconds or so, and not only by the factory
Lord_Beethoven - 9 måneder siden
Cub you should add detector rails on either end of the station to close the acacia fence gates when a mine cart comes in.
Carolyn Barber
Carolyn Barber - 9 måneder siden
I can handle the adds I can handle the Buffer but when the adds buffer I start to suffer
Finnegan Reynolds
Finnegan Reynolds - 9 måneder siden
It looks like a toilet!
Jamsterman25 - 9 måneder siden
You should use a shulker head instead of a shulker box so you don’t waste the resource
Max The Explosion
Max The Explosion - 9 måneder siden
Goodbye forever minecart
Rain - 9 måneder siden
Cub I really respect that you added the gates to the rail station. It brought my heart much satisfaction; the little things in life.
Fleky - 9 måneder siden
What about some build in industrial distrikt. To connect it with concorp :-)
SlayerFly /-\
SlayerFly /-\ - 9 måneder siden
can you decorate under the bridge with coral
_Hipix_ Hipix
_Hipix_ Hipix - 9 måneder siden
I love how Cubfan turns the most ugly blocks into magnificiant builds !
Cameron Stricker
Cameron Stricker - 9 måneder siden
Could you hook up the tripwire to reset wallolol so those who visit concorp can see his wizardry in action?
James Robertson
James Robertson - 9 måneder siden
Who thinks that cub should collect the xp from the super smelter.
Like so he can see
James Robertson
James Robertson - 9 måneder siden
cubfan135 WOW!!! Thank you so much for seeing this. It’s so cool cause I’ve never had a youtuber who is so big actually like a comment. 😊
cubfan135 - 9 måneder siden
It would be interesting to see how much there is in each furnace.
Random guy on the internet
Random guy on the internet - 9 måneder siden
Shop at sahara
nikol 3000
nikol 3000 - 9 måneder siden
Does anybody know which HRN S
station/s is missing right now?
Mark Rogers
Mark Rogers - 9 måneder siden
Why bother with rails? Everyone flies everywhere with elyta!
ChimpManZ1264 - 9 måneder siden
What is the name of the outro? I can only find the first one on reddit.
Nev Eleven
Nev Eleven - 9 måneder siden
that station is very bland. u should make it as grand as the architech station.
Quequeg1 - 9 måneder siden
love the safety rail
YMandarin - 9 måneder siden
When was it introduced, that you can power rails to rotate them?
I somehow missed that
Amanda E.
Amanda E. - 9 måneder siden
I love that Cub's inventory looks like mine.
Tyler - 9 måneder siden
Con Corp *is* the industrial district.
Gamer pro5197
Gamer pro5197 - 9 måneder siden
Who uses the rail lines
Your wasting your time cubfan
Shaed cloak
Shaed cloak - 9 måneder siden
Cub why on earth do you still have a dirt ceiling??
cubfan135 - 9 måneder siden
I am one with nature.
yung jose
yung jose - 9 måneder siden
Cub! I suggest putting short noteblock music along the fireworks in the entrance, I think that'll be nice!
Zomboss1500 Studios
Zomboss1500 Studios - 9 måneder siden
Cub, why did you come up with this idea now, and not, you know, at the beginning or middle of the season?
cubfan135 - 9 måneder siden
False building the bridge inspired me to finish up the pathway, which lead to the idea of connecting the bridge to the rail.
Anne-Marie Skjerve
Anne-Marie Skjerve - 9 måneder siden
You shod do it so when somebody goes inside ConCorp the beacons flashes on and of tree times or something, but it might be to laggy for the server, cause that is Mumbos job.
fashnek - 9 måneder siden
Finally someone who knows how to use scaffolding right!
Cruaver VoidDrake
Cruaver VoidDrake - 9 måneder siden
Cub, you really should've just gone to a station and copied over one of the sections. That would be consistent for the whole not to mention doesn't pre-define which way you're traveling on which rail.
breakdancingbusgo - 9 måneder siden
The leve of efficiency in your base is awesome. Great vid Cub!
Luca Takagi
Luca Takagi - 9 måneder siden
you should add a way for boats ( relatively large ones ) to enter concorp through the main entrance
That Cheez
That Cheez - 9 måneder siden
You could put more of those cauldrons around ConCorp, pretend that they're recycling bins. If all if the stuff in the cauldrons was sorted, you could put it away in their respected shulker boxes and, well, hoard everything visitors throw away. ;)
maxxy sitlhou
maxxy sitlhou - 9 måneder siden
Who even use the rails
Walker Hughes
Walker Hughes - 9 måneder siden
After all that work on the room that work what if you took a ride through all of hermitcraft on the HRN
ShovelMarshy - 9 måneder siden
Fill the cauldron with liquid vex magic (light blue water), as long as it doesn't make the items float
ShovelMarshy - 9 måneder siden
@Catasstrophy oh, ok
HeruKane - 9 måneder siden
Great episode. Good stuff. The train station at the front is awesome. The fireworks upon entering is very cool. The cauldron storage unit in the back room is fun.

That said, I was grinning in glee when you said you were going to modify the back storage area. I was hoping you would create a home and stuff there. But you didn't. hehe. What you did was cool, but it was no home.

That said, honestly, good stuff, love what you are, will, and have done this season.
Arabesque - 9 måneder siden
You are really an inspiring person, thank you cup for all your videos.
David Allen
David Allen - 9 måneder siden
So, do you actually want the rail station to stop and hold the rider/cart until they push a button? I feel like that would make afk travelling on the line cumbersome. What if you used a detector rail or tripwire or something to detect when a cart enters the station, which then starts a brief timer, during which, if a player wants to get out, they can, and the minecart stays or gets collected, but if they are afk or want to keep going, the timer runs out and sends them on their way automatically?
TheCoolPotato29 - 9 måneder siden
8:27 cub is so good he can carry around 5 of air
Rebecca Kelly
Rebecca Kelly - 9 måneder siden
It's literally a toilet
Josh Mccarty
Josh Mccarty - 9 måneder siden
I have yet to see one Hermit use the hrn in a video.
SironNFuries - 9 måneder siden
There needs to be a dock for visitors arriving by ship.
WyomingPTT - 9 måneder siden
Have someone come up with a "Concorp" jingle (or just a regular "Welcome" jingle. Something quick and easy like 4-6 notes and have it play alongside the fireworks!
Stelios Robinson
Stelios Robinson - 9 måneder siden
20:08 it was at this moment Elybeatmaker found a new video idea
Daniel Fuentes
Daniel Fuentes - 9 måneder siden
Make a back Con Corp wall
Daniel Fuentes
Daniel Fuentes - 9 måneder siden
Back wall
Emil Palmqvist
Emil Palmqvist - 9 måneder siden
At the place where u have read cheep you should put honney carpet and glass pain instead of fence it ll look way more nice
NPC Nugget
NPC Nugget - 9 måneder siden
With the addition of the Trap Door it looked like a toilet bowl now... 😅😅😅
Merpalist - 9 måneder siden
@Cubfan is such a pro in Minecraft. Just watch the beginning.
844Steam Fan
844Steam Fan - 9 måneder siden
JBunny-30 Harris
JBunny-30 Harris - 9 måneder siden
Cubfan is the handy-man on the server.
The CC train station is a good idea, you could put a big C C on the brick wall...with Diamonds, set it in by 1 with glass over the top
Robert McCartney
Robert McCartney - 9 måneder siden
That station totally deserves a roof! Think of all the poor people waiting for their train in the rain. 🌧🌧🌧 But a great little build anyway!
LifeOfAriel 14
LifeOfAriel 14 - 9 måneder siden
My goal is 100 subs!
Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash - 9 måneder siden
The station needs a roof. It doesn't look right without something to shield you from the weather, as much as it doesn't matter.
Sean Omight
Sean Omight - 9 måneder siden
You could move the sign above the cauldron over one and put the one on the cauldron above it. Also i was gonna suggest like maybe instead of endrods lights have another lamp tower one in the middle and place a sea lantern under the base block of it.
Samuel Li
Samuel Li - 9 måneder siden
The cauldron now looks like a toilet
Jennifer Andrews
Jennifer Andrews - 9 måneder siden
Cub.... Add some sea pickles to the bottom of the bridge and some tropical fish and a few turtles. It would look great, give it some life.
ThePrisonBottle - 9 måneder siden
the station is on y level 69
Allie Burton
Allie Burton - 9 måneder siden
Cub is the best all around Hermit on the server, hands down. He can build. He can red stone. He’s got it all! 💙💙
Isaiah White
Isaiah White - 9 måneder siden
Cubs so rich he tosses iron out like trash
Mark O'Keefe
Mark O'Keefe - 9 måneder siden
Goofy Nose
Goofy Nose - 9 måneder siden
How does the sheep change colour?
Goofy Nose
Goofy Nose - 9 måneder siden
@Matt B Jeb_ is the rainbow sheep. The evoker turns blue sheep to red.
OrdinalBroadcast - 9 måneder siden
@Heidi Corbeil It's a reference to the Real Time Strategy game Age of Empires, which was set in the ancient world. The priest unit could convert enemy units by chanting at them, and upon success, says the wololo sound and the unit changes control and color to your side. Since the Evoker is a hostile priest, any of your blue sheep get converted to red sheep.
Matt B
Matt B - 9 måneder siden
You just have to name it jeb_
Goofy Nose
Goofy Nose - 9 måneder siden
@Heidi Corbeil Thanks!
Heidi Corbeil
Heidi Corbeil - 9 måneder siden
It's an easter egg in the game. It's a reference to something, but I don't remember what.
Beepbeep Lettuce
Beepbeep Lettuce - 9 måneder siden
Hey Cub, you should add some more detail to the sides of False's bridge. The polished andesite looks a bit blank and boring to me
Kard Nails
Kard Nails - 9 måneder siden
Throws away 20 iron to have space for the minecart that costs 3.