Hermitcraft 6: The Beacon Lighthouse! (Minecraft 1.14.4 Ep. 210)

Welcome back to Minecraft with Cub from the Hermitcraft Season 6 Server! Today Cub creates a Beacon Changer Lighthouse Outpost at Con Corp and connects it to the Tree Farm.
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Runtime: 25:53


Andrew - 6 måneder siden
Very cool bridge!
Gabriel Taylor
Gabriel Taylor - 9 måneder siden
Something you're overlooking cub. Whoever is seeing that beacon is passing con Corp. Danger levels are always maximum at con corp, aren't they?
Jack Snellings
Jack Snellings - 9 måneder siden
you could put trip wires in the sea to controle the lght house
Kungfuzing 101
Kungfuzing 101 - 9 måneder siden
10:49 Even the lighthouses at Concorp are fed gourmet Concorp cake. lol
Justin Balkun
Justin Balkun - 9 måneder siden
you should build a shipping yard/dock for transporting Con Corp lumber on that lower spot. it would go well with the new light house and tie it together with the tree farm.
Quack Masterrr
Quack Masterrr - 9 måneder siden
you can place doors to a wall and then open it so its closed, then zombies cant break them down
Konsti Le Temi
Konsti Le Temi - 9 måneder siden
I think lighthouse needs a friend like peaceful illiger.
theplacer - 9 måneder siden
Thank you for visiting my housing :)
the name of it was "[!] Parkour = CO"
Gavin's Awesome Games
Gavin's Awesome Games - 9 måneder siden
Hello! I am Propernoob56! You visited my housing yesterday and i just wanna say, you made my day! Keep on inspiring!
Grant - 9 måneder siden
i think you should round off the corners of the light house
Marcus Fox
Marcus Fox - 9 måneder siden
You have one of the best base in this season cub
The Comment
The Comment - 9 måneder siden
When your building large buildings you should really speed up your vids.
UberMegaMusket - 9 måneder siden
You should terraform the peninsula slightly - or get scar to do it, just for aesthetic effect
Laureen - 9 måneder siden
Can you build a ship since there's a lighthouse now
Don't Get Mad Get Wise
Don't Get Mad Get Wise - 9 måneder siden
The end of season 6 hangs ominously over our heads. Let's make it happen.
Suckerz10 -
Suckerz10 - - 9 måneder siden
I would love to have a new season T_T wanna see more new things
Ryushin Akira
Ryushin Akira - 9 måneder siden
You can build a nice beautiful and quiet fishing cabin to relax and fish all fashion!
Sir Tain Lee
Sir Tain Lee - 9 måneder siden
Cub, make a horizontal ring of glowstone blocks that fills the interior of the room enclosed in glass. Make four or five of those rings one on top of the other, floor to ceiling. Then make it look like a beam sweeping across the sea using the redstone that you used for XP Me.
Nathan Tyler-Scott
Nathan Tyler-Scott - 9 måneder siden
Cub it would be cool if there was a river under the bridge
Chemiical Alert
Chemiical Alert - 9 måneder siden
Build some boats out in the ocean and in the other free space put a dock for the boats and storage crates on the dock then extend the path to the dock just like you did for the light house
JRMorgen Productions
JRMorgen Productions - 9 måneder siden
@cubfan135 What is the music that you used for the tower build? It’s great!
Demon Artist
Demon Artist - 9 måneder siden
Hey! Thanks for Visiting the Lab! We thank you very much for visiting. ~ PuzzleMap123
Nick Caserta
Nick Caserta - 9 måneder siden
after 1.15, the fireworks shoot in the direction of the dispenser, so the dispensers on the lighthouse are gonna shoot fireworks out
Fizzle - 9 måneder siden
I think that song you used during the time lapse would be good to use during a game like ravager run, but more so if you were to do a world tour (your stuff or some of everyone's) at the end of the season. that could make a good montage song.
Lion Bear
Lion Bear - 9 måneder siden
And they have a mini game every time you buy something
Lion Bear
Lion Bear - 9 måneder siden
Check out Sahara they restocked
Mikel Pipaón Alcíbar
Mikel Pipaón Alcíbar - 9 måneder siden
I absolutely love this, every time y see a new episode my heart feels it heheheh 🙃
HistoryMC - 9 måneder siden
Build a large tanker ship behind your base turning away from the lighthouse
gr stavros
gr stavros - 9 måneder siden
hey pro love
maxxy sitlhou
maxxy sitlhou - 9 måneder siden
Can u put the song name in the description
Kasé mit É
Kasé mit É - 9 måneder siden
1:54 aehm the spamboo
Ethan Njezic
Ethan Njezic - 9 måneder siden
Hey cub you should make that land an island and clear out a river through that pathway.
Guinea Pig Guy
Guinea Pig Guy - 9 måneder siden
Make it so the lanterns rotate around like an actual spotlight with the lighting timing
yavinstudios - 9 måneder siden
You could do like a drifting ship near the shore like it suddenly saw the beacon, it would be quite nice
Markisparki - 9 måneder siden
Cub, the redstone lamps should be higher up! A passing ship/boat wouldn't be able to see them as of now ;)
Dominic Plays135
Dominic Plays135 - 9 måneder siden
When will Hermitcraft update to 1.15.2
sad gordon noises
sad gordon noises - 9 måneder siden
@Reddit Snoo #3583 it has been out for like a month they r going to update anytime now
Reddit Snoo #3583
Reddit Snoo #3583 - 9 måneder siden
When it comes out
Ray Tan
Ray Tan - 9 måneder siden
Wish there could be a reflective block of some kind that could focus light sources
That's Weird
That's Weird - 9 måneder siden
Make a seaport there, that will be nice
Harry O'Shaughnessy
Harry O'Shaughnessy - 9 måneder siden
what could've been pretty cool would be to get an end crystal like the one you have in the satellite to shine onto the ocean
Firefoxplays - 9 måneder siden
Make a base instead of the hole under the wood farm!
Joel Stock
Joel Stock - 9 måneder siden
Very cool! I like the idea a lot :)
Lakster37 - 9 måneder siden
I really like the concept of the changing lights, but from a practical point of view, you have it change to orange RIGHT when the sky is ALSO orange. Them sailors gonna crash at twilight and dusk...
stompbot272 - 9 måneder siden
Keep up the good work! Thanks for not quitting hermitcraft like all the other quitters
Matthew Shields
Matthew Shields - 9 måneder siden
Season Seven needs to start.
L3GITME - 9 måneder siden
@25:30 the sun is setting on season 6
Chinmay Rao
Chinmay Rao - 9 måneder siden
Cub is one of the few people who mixes cake and redstone
Luka Wallace
Luka Wallace - 9 måneder siden
Bring back the let’s play hermitcraft getting repetitive as hell.
David Provencher
David Provencher - 9 måneder siden
Trust Cub to find a way to include cake in a redstone project.
Sylvan Gibbs
Sylvan Gibbs - 9 måneder siden
Make a dock nearby with wariousships maybe some unloading stuff.Also maybe have a giant ship wreck
CyberJJC - 9 måneder siden
I love your taste in music when you do timelapses. I am a bit of a EDM head.
Dr. Stone
Dr. Stone - 9 måneder siden
Con Corp needs a dock for ships to land and a ship to go to new places.
Shawn Bilderback
Shawn Bilderback - 9 måneder siden
Like the light house....but needs a top...and surround by glass Paines
Kiwii - 9 måneder siden
Good decision to make it a bridge to preserve the little valley. It looks a lot more interesting like this as well than it would if it were a plain wall.
Even Goodwill
Even Goodwill - 9 måneder siden
My favourite place for season 6 is definitely con Corp
BlueZephyr - 9 måneder siden
Stranger: boats past Con Corp
Con Corp: 'Watch out there's a peninsula here. Don't crash.'
Stranger: flies over Con Corp
Con Corp: shoots explosive fireworks at them
elhamster310 - 9 måneder siden
Its a Outpost... But with Lamas
Ryan - 9 måneder siden
Should hire ZombieCleo to make a cool armor stand troll scene under that bridge, cub.
Anthony Pantano
Anthony Pantano - 9 måneder siden
put a glass dome at the top of the lighthouse
Oliver Hufford
Oliver Hufford - 9 måneder siden
No matter how long I watch hermitcraft, I will never cease to be jealous of the hermits' building skills
Miles Yelton
Miles Yelton - 9 måneder siden
Other hermits: don’t post
Cub: stonks
PF4928 The Great
PF4928 The Great - 9 måneder siden
You should have a pacified pillager(one with a broken crossbow so they won’t attack you) be renamed lighthouse keeper and placed inside the lighthouse
JD 146
JD 146 - 9 måneder siden
At the end of season six I kind of want to see every con corp beacon activated
Gaming and Music
Gaming and Music - 9 måneder siden
He laughs at groan for losing a crafting table
O my what will happen when he watches grian’s latest video
TLdR - 9 måneder siden
Make sure to revisit your watch towers once you guys update to 1.15 because the fireworks will launch horizontally. I'm all consumed by all the snapshots reviews I've been watching the past couple of months.
dylan clark
dylan clark - 9 måneder siden
What about docks
Lord_Beethoven - 9 måneder siden
Did anyone else see the random llama at 6:38?
Efretpkk - 9 måneder siden
Very nice build!
Mangle Lover pirate fox
Mangle Lover pirate fox - 9 måneder siden
Make the light house a robots arm and add the rest of the robot on its side
Lukas Sanders
Lukas Sanders - 9 måneder siden
I love your videos Cub! Also, "I am always watching" (Cubfan135).
Lukas Sanders
Lukas Sanders - 9 måneder siden
@CowboyinBham Weird! I replied on Iskall's video and it popped up on here!
CowboyinBham - 9 måneder siden
This is not Iskall. This is Cub
wix46 - 9 måneder siden
vuatson - 9 måneder siden
I think ConCorp has got to be the best base of the season. It's enormous, full of diverse builds held together by a common architectural theme. Every structure is gorgeous and most important of all, every structure has a purpose. Everything has a reason to be there! The synergy of form and function makes this the most real-feeling base on the whole server imo. I need to go back and watch this series from the beginning of the season so I can see it all take shape.
DJPez913 - 9 måneder siden
Now that there is a lighthouse, there should be a con corp aircraft carrier out in the ocean!
Graven - 9 måneder siden
You could mak a vex stateu on the other piece of land 🤗
_robin_ - 9 måneder siden
cub is the most underrated hermit, the only two hermits I actually enjoy watching and look forward to every few days (maybe more) are cub and mumbo
NyteByte - 9 måneder siden
Cub fan, you should put water under the bridge, but keep some land
Captain Rex
Captain Rex - 9 måneder siden
I’m putting out here, concorp has the best time lapse music
AJ Attkinson
AJ Attkinson - 9 måneder siden
That's very true
Captain Rex
Captain Rex - 9 måneder siden
Scar is part of concorp, so collectively Cub and scar have the best music!
AJ Attkinson
AJ Attkinson - 9 måneder siden
I don't know scars is still pretty good😀
180withscope - 9 måneder siden
you should make the creeper farm into a ship
180withscope - 9 måneder siden
@The Lasagna and would look hella good
The Lasagna
The Lasagna - 9 måneder siden
That would be one huge ship
heretolevitateme - 9 måneder siden
This is a man who just never runs out of awesome ideas. Each video Cub does is impressive, but the damn consistency is superhuman. And as impressed as I may be, I just gotta say, don't burn out, dude! Take a break and keep yourself healthy whenever you need to.
Allie Burton
Allie Burton - 9 måneder siden
I’ve decided to turn in my notice at work and come work for Cub and Scar at ConCorp! I don’t get to fly around all day at my job. I don’t get unlimited cake. I don’t get to have Cub and Scar as bosses. I feel like I’ve made poor career choices my entire adult life!
Barry Snelling
Barry Snelling - 9 måneder siden
Would your light house not break when someone sleeps though the night
LightningAussie - 9 måneder siden
I feel the end is neigh......
Bonny - 9 måneder siden
Actually Cub was being romantic building a beacon tower that represents the colors of the sunset with some beautiful fireworks to have a romantic date with his precious one 😌😊
Kappen - 9 måneder siden
Could you please place some cabins on the ConCorp mountains?
JS12 - 9 måneder siden
Cub you should connect the firework dispensers to the beacon so they shoot out a firework at night
cyclopsboi - 9 måneder siden
cub doing some quality cake-stone
JS12 - 9 måneder siden
Cub "now we're gonna be working on the backside"
Everyone else: DUDE KEEP IT PG!!!
CamL 5
CamL 5 - 9 måneder siden
Actually don't keep it PG. Coppa will get yah
TBNRseppe - 9 måneder siden
cub forgot a stair on the tower at the side of the sea
Gooser Blooper
Gooser Blooper - 9 måneder siden
Cub, maybe on the last piece of land, put a Vex welcoming to ConCorp.
Rene Jensen
Rene Jensen - 9 måneder siden
it would be cool if the lighthouse had a active end crystal just like the sattelite. it looks kinda like a beam of light
Samuel coffey
Samuel coffey - 9 måneder siden
cub u should put a ship yard or dock in the water beside your lighthouse
robyn a bank
robyn a bank - 9 måneder siden
Can the llama be the lighthouse master if he's still there?!
High Priest Wololo
High Priest Wololo - 9 måneder siden
If it looks amazing and functions as what it is supposed to be you know it’s a Cubfan Creation™!
Treespirit - 9 måneder siden
that beacon change is a pretty coolw concept.
Welmorfian VM
Welmorfian VM - 9 måneder siden
Insted of Music its much better to have some post commentary
tubeler - 9 måneder siden
Lighthouse, an outpost but with llamas!
bilke ;D
bilke ;D - 9 måneder siden
Why dont you make a shop list in board room. And you can make a con corp gross profit chart
Martin Hendry
Martin Hendry - 9 måneder siden
Not expecting accuracy from Minecraft, but it might interest you to know that all lighthouses will have a specific pattern of flashing lights. Solid lights are associated with aircraft (think about runways and the red lights on radio towers) whereas at sea because of the lack of reference points a solid light could be anything from a lighthouse to a car or even just the light in the front room of someone's home so they will have a specific flashing pattern that is marked on a nautical chart so that by matching the pattern that you see with the pattern marked on the map you can know exactly which lighthouse you're looking at. 'Twould be easy enough to do with redstone, but the colour changing beacon is cool anyway
Nota M
Nota M - 9 måneder siden
We need beacons to be able to change its direction of light and glass stairs could change the path
Global warming is hot
Global warming is hot - 9 måneder siden
I don't think you actually need sky access to the daylight sensor
Pew Fan
Pew Fan - 9 måneder siden
In my opinion those lights on the top dont match the building so you might want to remove them