Hermitcraft 6: The Comeback Begins! (Ryder Cup 2019)

Today we see the first ever Minecraft Trident Golf Ryder Cup from the beautiful Con Corp Country Club. This Ryder Cup took place during a livestream over 2 days in July but is being broadcast for the first time here on NOburn. Every hole you see here was custom made by me in survival Minecraft over the course of several months. This is one of the most unique things we have ever done on the Hermitcraft server and I am very proud to share it with you all.

The format of the Ryder Cup is as follows:
Front Nine: Best Ball
Back Nine: Alternate Shot

Team USA: Cubfan135, GoodTimeWithScar, JoeHills
Team Europe: Falsesymmetry, Xisuma

All Hermits were invited to this event. Those that didn't show up missed out on an amazing event.

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Runtime: 29:45


Syksy - 9 måneder siden
26:10 "I'm in a hole, Cub"
For some reason that was the most hilarious thing to me just now. I really need sleep
Letus the Dragon
Letus the Dragon - 9 måneder siden
Cub: _Takes a shot_
Also Cub: _perpetually reenacts that one song from the band Dead Or Alive, but uses the Flo Rida version instead_
airmitchbaby - 9 måneder siden
I need to announce that Xisuma saying "Howdy y'all" caused me some physical pain lol
Edit: Here's the time: 8:58
airmitchbaby - 9 måneder siden
kate hutton Yeah lol bless his heart; he tried
scalpho - 9 måneder siden
he's so damn british that it hurts
Marshall Mountjoy
Marshall Mountjoy - 9 måneder siden
Forgot is demise over
Christine Watson
Christine Watson - 9 måneder siden
I remember seeing the replays on Xisuma's channel when this first happened. This has been a lot of fun to watch again! Hope you're feeling better, Cub, I've had a nasty bug myself for over a week now.
Wite Rabid
Wite Rabid - 9 måneder siden
It's a Helicubter, everyone! 😂
DardS8Br - 9 måneder siden
No one even mentions demise anymore
Syksy - 9 måneder siden
This was recorded in July
bbotelhoHI - 9 måneder siden
When did play switch from best ball to alternates?
Hunter Stevens
Hunter Stevens - 9 måneder siden
bbotelhoHI at hole 10
JOEGE - 9 måneder siden
cubfan! try mumbo's saturator! to bring ur color back!or skin color back
Conner - 9 måneder siden
For Scar having a disability hes a really cheerful and funny guy. I love Scar 😂!
Canton Gregory
Canton Gregory - 9 måneder siden
Oh wow. I was hit with some serious nostalgia when I saw Conwy Castle in your server list
Debra Yoder
Debra Yoder - 9 måneder siden
I think we should give cub a round of applause for uploading when no one else is
Syksy - 9 måneder siden
TFC and Mumbo have both uploaded since then. Also it's the holidays. It was the same thing last year: barely anybody was uploading normal episodes this time last year because people were busy spending their holidays. NOburnrs need breaks too.
Tyler Bowers
Tyler Bowers - 9 måneder siden
No one has uploaded since demise ended. I’m hoping they don’t stop. I want season 7 already
Tyler Bowers
Tyler Bowers - 9 måneder siden
Debra Yoder I’ve been wondering what happened
Jonas Lande
Jonas Lande - 9 måneder siden
cub why are you cheating?? when u land on a hard shot u put water at the level u stand and not 1 under as u should!!!
Yirggzmb - 9 måneder siden
Err, he built the course...I think he's the final arbiter of what is and isn't allowed. Anyway, the times when they put the water at the level they land is usually when they land on the edge of a cliff. It's easier and less destructive to build a quick ice barrier around where you land, than it is to dig down far enough to contain the water.
Ruby Fulton
Ruby Fulton - 9 måneder siden
Wow Cub I cant believe the size of the golf course. Things like this really make me love watching hermitcraft!
Edit: And all in survival too! The dedication and commitment!
Aletha Prime
Aletha Prime - 9 måneder siden
Ton of fun to watch! Again, your course is ridiculous! Can't wait to eventually download the map and play it myself.
That Cheez
That Cheez - 9 måneder siden
I liked when you started singing as you were still in riptide mode.
Aiden Rich
Aiden Rich - 9 måneder siden
How about doing a Ryder Cup every season?
Th(e_e)pic - 9 måneder siden
Joe singing "we didn't start the fire" to the tune of 3 minecraft cds playing over each other is quite possibly the greatest thing I've ever heard
dylan clark
dylan clark - 9 måneder siden
Hey cub I know this kind of personal question do you live in the United States
Tommy Trommald
Tommy Trommald - 9 måneder siden
dylan clark yes he does
Riguez - 9 måneder siden
Cub counts a chorus fruit play as a shot :ç lol.
Yirggzmb - 9 måneder siden
There definitely needs to be another golf cup sometime soon
Charlie Bwr
Charlie Bwr - 9 måneder siden
Its honestly so pretty. You can tell a lot of it is custom terraformed, it looks amazing cub. Nice job. Very well detailed.
Ginger Shark
Ginger Shark - 9 måneder siden
I love how x and false discuss ever shit for about 10 minutes and the Americans just go bop and done! 😂
Nightgage BP
Nightgage BP - 9 måneder siden
Hole 11 X didnt eat chorus fruit
hi guys, im herenow
hi guys, im herenow - 9 måneder siden
O my gosh. Hi there cub. Nice messa
Pie Cat
Pie Cat - 9 måneder siden
I have absolutely no idea what’s going on
A random guy
A random guy - 9 måneder siden
this is getting long... when can we expect regular episodes of Hermitcraft ?
Daniel Plow
Daniel Plow - 9 måneder siden
This was recorded in July and he’s just uploading it now. It’s Christmas and New Years so obviously he’s just taking a break for a little.
Syksy - 9 måneder siden
He's been sick and it's the holiday season.
Skoozi - 9 måneder siden
Everyone else is enjoying it so maybe just be patient
Yirggzmb - 9 måneder siden
When they're recorded and ready
LandoHitman - 9 måneder siden
Get well soon, Cub
Sim - 9 måneder siden
Is this pre recorded?
Yirggzmb - 9 måneder siden
This is a stream that happened during the summer which he is finally getting uploaded
Finifugal - 9 måneder siden
This is a reposting of videos Cubfan made earlier this year.
Esmond Yap
Esmond Yap - 9 måneder siden
Elybeatmaker please make a remix out of xisuma's singing
Captain and Princess the cats
Captain and Princess the cats - 9 måneder siden
Cub really doesn’t get enough credit for making this amazing mini game
Greg Riehl
Greg Riehl - 9 måneder siden
Cub's the ultimate grinder. Him and Scar both. I remember in Season 4 when cub made the obsidian biome. That was unreal where he had a huge biome of lava and obsidian. IIRC he had to fight the ender dragon numerous times to rebuild the pillars just to mine them all down again for the obsidian.
Wyndrider73 - 9 måneder siden
@Richard McAdam My sentiments exactly
Richard McAdam
Richard McAdam - 9 måneder siden
i don't know if it can even be called a mini game when it so massive...
Thrashing Rhino
Thrashing Rhino - 9 måneder siden
Thrashing Rhino
Thrashing Rhino - 9 måneder siden
I think your E key might have had something to do with that. Its seems to be giving out again.
Fire_Mutt - 9 måneder siden
Always impressed by this golf course. Thanks for sharing this tournament!
Лъчезар Чавдаров
Лъчезар Чавдаров - 9 måneder siden
On the 12th hole team Europe didn't took a shot
MA6MA CUBE - 9 måneder siden
hsiF A
hsiF A - 9 måneder siden
There is so much unmined mesa here.
Nikole Smith
Nikole Smith - 9 måneder siden
Eep! Don't touch the protected con Corp golf estates. It's beautiful whereas the og mesa looks like 💩. * Pointed out to me that it will have been strip mined for 1.5 years straight by now!
Jasvir Mehta
Jasvir Mehta - 9 måneder siden
The hermits: *there is so much unmined mesa here* Cub: *i'm in danger*
Djuee Fjurb
Djuee Fjurb - 9 måneder siden
I'ma cubfan135's 50kth's fan
Emperorcleon - 9 måneder siden
This is why I love hermitcraft
Turn Judoboys
Turn Judoboys - 9 måneder siden
I'm 900 viewer
Kristijan Simic
Kristijan Simic - 9 måneder siden
Hay good day 👍
Turn Judoboys
Turn Judoboys - 9 måneder siden
Cub I was your 100 like person I liked the 100 one if u get what I mean
Jonathan Setzer
Jonathan Setzer - 9 måneder siden
792 views and 87 likes.

YouTube’s not broke again.
10,000 Subscribers with no videos challenge
Can we all thank cubfan for making these awesome levels.
Captain and Princess the cats
Captain and Princess the cats - 9 måneder siden
10,000 Subscribers with no videos challenge he really doesn’t get enough credit
Direwolf Gaming
Direwolf Gaming - 9 måneder siden
550th viewer
Generic Username
Generic Username - 9 måneder siden
Kristijan Simic
Kristijan Simic - 9 måneder siden
No comentaras end eur,thru NO NO NO NO!!😡😡😡😡😡😵
Kristijan Simic
Kristijan Simic - 9 måneder siden
#50000 likes live 😁🤔🥰🥰🥰
FrozenFireNinja - 9 måneder siden
'Things You (Possibly) Didn't Know About Minecraft (Part 7)' when?
Rachel&John Hyatt
Rachel&John Hyatt - 9 måneder siden
Pilot Jack
Pilot Jack - 9 måneder siden
MA6MA CUBE - 9 måneder siden
8 views 13 likes........YouTube’s broken again boys
Henry Gleason
Henry Gleason - 9 måneder siden
Go US!
pp-chan - 9 måneder siden
Oh, you're finally awake
ThisisChris999 - 9 måneder siden
Watching all these rider cup episodes makes me want to play real life golf
Evie - 9 måneder siden
Sunbug Gaming lol
Sunbug - 9 måneder siden
This is the ninth time I've seen your comment on nine different videos
An Account
An Account - 9 måneder siden
Don’t. Real life golf is a lot worse.
GoldenCredit - 9 måneder siden
BoeingPlayz - 9 måneder siden
Close to first
Li8ning - 9 måneder siden
No views?
OwO - 9 måneder siden
Ngl, making a huge comeback in golf is such a epic gamer move. You basically just showing your minecraft skills
Dhdbdbdhdj - 9 måneder siden
My minecraft skills are as high as my will to live, non existent, well done cub
Dhdbdbdhdj - 9 måneder siden
What a coincidence, fancy seeing you here
Marijn Kloos
Marijn Kloos - 9 måneder siden
actuallyaj - 9 måneder siden
Marijn Kloos
Marijn Kloos - 9 måneder siden
gg you got it