Hermitcraft 6: The Details! (Minecraft 1.14.4 Ep. 217)

Welcome back to Minecraft with Cub from the Hermitcraft Season 6 server! Today we add details galore to Con Corp and the surrounding areas.
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Runtime: 29:10


KhillikiaLea W
KhillikiaLea W - 8 måneder siden
Totally brilliant loved this. Thank you for an amazing wonderful entertaining season hugs. Great work. Thankyou.
blaziken386 - 8 måneder siden
I had no idea you could do that with enchanted arrows! Provided the mechanics are similar enough on Bedrock edition, I might very well do something similar when the nether stuff comes out, it'd be perfect for my planned spooky ghost builds. =^^=
Haerodiel - 8 måneder siden
Awww, that ending with the close up of all the map portions made me emotional for the end of s6. :') This season has really has so much behind it.
Hyper Gummy
Hyper Gummy - 8 måneder siden
Mathew Kande Season 7!!!!!
mr_e12345 - 8 måneder siden
I would not be surprised if Season 7's twist was a Nether start and unlocking the overworld via piglin trading or, perhaps less fun, fortress raiding.
Michael Scheck
Michael Scheck - 8 måneder siden
Do you use a texture pack at all?
Luke -
Luke - - 8 måneder siden
When does season 7 start Please don't say when this one ends because I will fiscally facepalm.
MITS - Movietoons
MITS - Movietoons - 8 måneder siden
Few Suggestions;
Make an Industrial Dock area next to the Smelter (where you put the secret entrence this episode) maybe add Boat Dispencers there and Cargo Ships drones flying with materials.
Expand the Canal going into Concorp Lake to make it more structured, think adding retaining walls would go a long way to make it fit with the lovly seagate you added.

other then that think Concorp has everything it needs! looks really great!
Vin_shoken - 8 måneder siden
That particle trick is so cool! It adds little easter eggs of life to the area
Jack Kirkland
Jack Kirkland - 8 måneder siden
I have absolutely loved season 6, it’s been my favourite hermit craft season to date, however I can see that for many hermits it is beginning to come to an end. From the beginning, what I loved about the “island” idea is that you guys were able to split it up into areas of different themes so easily (I.e fantasy, medieval, modern, futuristic) and I loved that at the end of the season, you would be able to ditch the elytras and just walk around freely on paths, or use the rail network and everywhere you go there would be details or buildings that really made you believe you were in that specific area, a lot like how Disney is with their own theme parks. You’re base is incredibly detailed and I would love it if the whole island were to be like that, although I fear that because elytras are so widely used, the details and themeing around paths and in certain areas in general has been forgotten. Therefore, I was thinking that you guys should end season 6 with a month of mass island detailing! Every hermit would take an area for a week (swapping their area every week for 4 weeks) and go around adding details that they think would fit the theme (I.e lampposts, plants, sculptures, small buildings, pathing). I think it would be fantastic to end the season with an island that you were able to just walk around and be completely surrounded with details and objects that made you really believe you were in a separate area, whilst also having the ability to easily move from one area to another and see everyone’s amazing bases and buildings. Let me know what you think about this idea. Thanks for the fantastic videos this hermitcraft season.
Alter maxibro
Alter maxibro - 8 måneder siden
Lil peu
Cameron Blue
Cameron Blue - 8 måneder siden
Everyone else: xiron needs carrots and water!
Dylan Rich
Dylan Rich - 8 måneder siden
Oh hey, you made a Joe Hills entrance! Now he won't have to sneak past Wololo to get to the kelp farm!
Mutt Productions
Mutt Productions - 8 måneder siden
When you realize that ConCorp and Sahara are on opposite sides of the Main Hermit Island
Sollyloquy - 8 måneder siden
I love the little details and excess of the concorp area! Everything is so beautiful. I think a really cool idea for a build would be a convexical wizard tower or something like that in the fantasy district
Da1ienx - 8 måneder siden
cubfan: season is about to end, lets see if we can make the server lag with some pointless entities *vex magic in bubble columns
Jacobi Alfredo
Jacobi Alfredo - 8 måneder siden
The end bridge do snap.
Owen Lenhoff
Owen Lenhoff - 8 måneder siden
You should build a ConCorp submarine
Jessica Bickley
Jessica Bickley - 8 måneder siden
Should build a lighthouse upon the hill next to the gate of the waterway!
Acer Maximinus
Acer Maximinus - 8 måneder siden
Hey Cub!
Another great episode. CC looks awesome.
Maybe put a shipwreck or two on the shore and a ship or two on the ocean, near the lighthouse where the new bench is.
Perhaps wooden shipwrecks and more modern ships on the ocean, pleasure yachts or even a cargo ship.
Something to extend CC’s influence over the high seas :)
Tidbit - 8 måneder siden
For the final episode, all the Hermits should do a collaborative video with RenDog to finish his fireworks factory and they should set off some spectacular fireworks!
DiPaola Studios
DiPaola Studios - 8 måneder siden
Con Corp looks like New York
Vayn Liett
Vayn Liett - 8 måneder siden
I can’t be the only one who likes the textures of diorite, granite, and andesite... ( when it’s polished )
MIKERUPTION - 8 måneder siden
It would have been cool to cover some of the vex magic emanations with a vex magic block. Also, a few vex magic block outcroppings dotted here and there would help to tie it all together.
twizack22 - 8 måneder siden
This is the first season I've ever watched of Hermitcraft and it was until Sahara was being built. I didn't know much about ConCorp, but the name sounded like a corrupt business.

The irony is Saraha seemed more corrupt with its large building that charges a membership for things that are rarely in stock. If you don't have the premium package it takes forever for items to be sent after being ordered.

Meanwhile, ConCorp is beautiful and has the most humane usage of villagers I have ever seen.
James Boyce
James Boyce - 8 måneder siden
The arrows in the water made the water look like it was boiling...an interesting effect.
Mikel Pipaón Alcíbar
Mikel Pipaón Alcíbar - 8 måneder siden
I’m currently sick in my bed all day, and the best thing about it, is that I can enjoy your videos all day. You really are my favorite youtuber. ☺️❤️
Aldo Zulfikar
Aldo Zulfikar - 8 måneder siden
Omg i thought concorp hq is the biggest base on hermitcraft 6, but then i just realise that grian base was so massive that it beat any hermit bases
Ray Tan
Ray Tan - 8 måneder siden
You could make a vex magic cavern below concorp
Mark Hall
Mark Hall - 8 måneder siden
The place is so empty. Maybe add some more villagers just to liven up the place.
Florent Delord
Florent Delord - 8 måneder siden
24:44 Have you seen they still a water entrance without gate on the other side of the mountain ?
TheCraich - 8 måneder siden
What about the deck chairs? Perhaps you should rearrange them.
trolled - 8 måneder siden
If done right, the little things can add so much more to a build
Emma Valentine
Emma Valentine - 8 måneder siden
For your horse's water bowl you should place 4 trap doors around a block, put water on the block, and then flap all of the trap doors up. Just some tips.
ExToS Shady
ExToS Shady - 8 måneder siden
Finish the damn map
iSkeptical - 8 måneder siden
I have a feeling they are waiting for 1.16 to release for season 7. I'm still unsure if they updated to 1.15. I think there would be more interesting things/ideas to do if they jump from 1.14 to 1.16. Could be wrong though :D
DazB7No1Fan - 8 måneder siden
Put diamond blocks in the water in the fountain
john picave
john picave - 8 måneder siden
Amazing potion arrow trick cub, i know so many people me included who will use that in there build. Its always hard to get a sort of movment in minecraft builds
my_usual_ antics
my_usual_ antics - 8 måneder siden
Why did impulse name disappear from the map after you updated and you should add something to some of the roofs of your buildings too make your base look even cooler on map
Dj Semos
Dj Semos - 8 måneder siden
Maybe an idea to complete concorp. A big cargo ship in the back ? Unloaded by smaller ships that can go trhu the gate ?
Storm Boy
Storm Boy - 8 måneder siden
that arrow trick is sick
variant - 8 måneder siden
Thanks for the maps! I really need to start writing down all these spots to visit in CC when the worldmap comes out. I love the Vex magic emanating from the ground. It’s super cool that you’re able to do that. .
I hope maybe next season (or maybe before this season ends!) you do some podcast type episodes like Mumbo & Iskall do with their end busting or how Joe & Cleo did recently.
I know you collab with Scar plenty but I feel like you hold back sometimes when he’s not able to play as much. You’re one of if not the best hermit on HC and I wish more people recognized it!!
Samuel Durston
Samuel Durston - 8 måneder siden
Before the world goes on a download, add carpets or something on ConCorp roofs so golems can't spawn there. That would be cool.
Farren Lee Jun Xi
Farren Lee Jun Xi - 8 måneder siden
Please add the slime block fountain arrow trick near the fountain area of con corp
cole clark
cole clark - 8 måneder siden
cub you are the best
Sparhawk Draconis
Sparhawk Draconis - 8 måneder siden
You should put up a map of the golf course in the visitor center or Concorp, maybe like as an adverrt.
Disruptive_Innovator - 8 måneder siden
The end is coming, isn't it?
Julie La
Julie La - 8 måneder siden
Awesome Episode Cub! I really like how you add more builds to finish up all the little details and update all the maps, to also appreciate what everyone else did, towards the end of this season.
Linda Juffermans
Linda Juffermans - 8 måneder siden
I love the arrow particle effects coming from underground! 💜
Cameron Stricker
Cameron Stricker - 8 måneder siden
“We’re gonna close this off so no one can just sneak into the kelp room”
*5 min later*
“Yeah so I’m gonna make a secret entrance to the kelp room”
Cooper Cowles
Cooper Cowles - 8 måneder siden
Hey Cub! You should make a scavenger hunt around ConCorp for once the server goes up for download;D That would be a cool challenge for us viewers👌🏻🙌🏼
Justin Cedeno
Justin Cedeno - 8 måneder siden
sad this seasons ending
Alex Architect
Alex Architect - 8 måneder siden
I would like to see you build a large dam/gateway structure on the river leading out of Concorp, right beside the drone factory. You could say that the dam is producing energy to power the factory. You could also have a large spelled out concorp sign on the dam as well.
Chaye Woodford
Chaye Woodford - 8 måneder siden
Now all we need is a map of the new hermitville side in the beach front property lol
Ryan Ake
Ryan Ake - 8 måneder siden
Gosh cub, you are too wholesome!
Nick P
Nick P - 8 måneder siden
Con Corp needs a navy
Evan Guthrie
Evan Guthrie - 8 måneder siden
Are you waiting until 1.16 to end season 6?
Rikitikitavi9162 - 8 måneder siden
TFC's base isn't marked on the map.
Nick P
Nick P - 8 måneder siden
Make a villager cemetery
Luna Larson
Luna Larson - 8 måneder siden
Oh no the season is ending :(
james haugen
james haugen - 8 måneder siden
I think a nice patch of pumpkins out beside the spruce trees would look fantastic
AV V - 8 måneder siden
Vex magic....brilliant use of spectral arrows!
Memaru - 8 måneder siden
ugh its so bitter sweet, on one hand I can't wait for the world download so I can explore this world but on the other hand that means S6 will truly be over :(
Jack Glaser
Jack Glaser - 8 måneder siden
Since season 6 is coming to an end, you should build a concorp clubhouse and fill it with all the unique items you got through season 6
Lily Willette
Lily Willette - 8 måneder siden
I think they need to add some sort of monument to ConCorp.
Conner - 8 måneder siden
Season six was really good im excited to see what new things and ideas they come up with for season 7
Sn00dles - 8 måneder siden
Cubfan: sees a hill with nothing on it

cubfan: what can we do with this
Nathan Stewart
Nathan Stewart - 8 måneder siden
Is it just me, or did cub kinda not really try on that horse stable... kinda disappointed in that tbh
A Google User
A Google User - 8 måneder siden
Mumbo's base is not marked on the zoomed out map !!!
Sn00dles - 8 måneder siden
This is amazing, I usually get bored of a world once I get to the guardian temple stage. But Cubfan's base is so advanced that he has to go outside of his massive wall to find anywhere that could be improved
Jammie Flood
Jammie Flood - 8 måneder siden
Ay cub you should build a seaport on the ocean and build a docked cargo ship
Daniel - 8 måneder siden
This Feel The end of Hermicraft 6
Arjuna Wibisono
Arjuna Wibisono - 8 måneder siden
Yeah, put the cauldron there cub, xeron need a friend though... And a tamer, or trainer should i say, it's a good idea for him
Justin Lindner
Justin Lindner - 8 måneder siden
idea because i don‘t want this season to be over (😂😭):
hotel in the mountains overseeing the whole of concorp.
sort of like disneyland or something
Ram Kumar Ayam
Ram Kumar Ayam - 8 måneder siden
Four sapplings in a square spawns a big tree
Ram Kumar Ayam
Ram Kumar Ayam - 8 måneder siden
Only works with dark,jungle and spruse
The Guy from Saturn
The Guy from Saturn - 8 måneder siden
You could put water between spruce trap doors...
ChaoticOreo - 8 måneder siden
so much work done! much respect, so much time and effort!
Alicia K
Alicia K - 8 måneder siden
I really really appreciate the attention to detail and keeping going until everything is complete. These videos make my day :)
MattyPixel - 8 måneder siden
maybe use three spruce trapdoors to hold the water source in at ground level, would look like a half barrel 😁 love you vids Cub!
Tristian Shew
Tristian Shew - 8 måneder siden
Cub? Can you please bring back JARVIS
Erick Toledo
Erick Toledo - 8 måneder siden
rumor has it that vex magic can be found under the house grian put up for sale.....
Dr. Stone
Dr. Stone - 8 måneder siden
Maybe in the ocean area of Con Corp you could make an oil rig and some battle ships.
Mónica Santos
Mónica Santos - 8 måneder siden
Concorp will without a doubt be the most presentable and polished area on the Hermitcraft 6 world download. Nice work! 😍
noibn - 8 måneder siden
Great job, as always. I love these final touches being added and cleanup. The updated maps are awesome, too. I know it would be a lot of work, but it would be cool to also have a similar map room somewhere in the 1.14 lands as well.
greg jorda
greg jorda - 8 måneder siden
I guess the golem decided not to jump....hes still up there
gferrol118 - 8 måneder siden
I think it would look better if instead of putting the water in the floor at the horse stable, instead you make like a little troff with trapdoors
MindlessTurtle - 8 måneder siden
America! F-Yeah!
Clarky - 8 måneder siden
I really dont feel its cool to slap a massive american flag on the hermitcraft server, joke or no. The beauty is the multiculturalness of the environment, a big american flag is basically a typically american f u. The rest of the world is pretty fed up of you lot planting your dicks around the world and indeed space, I thought better of you. Forget your ryder cup skit/episode, you are permanently sticking a yank flag on the whole server like that and personally, I dont think that is cool to the rest of the community. Of course if you just want more american subs, then you're a sellout. How american ugh.
DarkSim64 - 8 måneder siden
Cub, Grian and False were the MVP this season
Seth Mitchell
Seth Mitchell - 8 måneder siden
Would you say it's too late for Jarvis to make an appearance?
wix46 - 8 måneder siden
moukidelmar - 8 måneder siden
It definitely seems like Cub is running out of ideas of stuff to do this season. I really enjoyed season 6 but I think it's time to put the pheonix to bed so it can be reborn as season 7.
Xander Miller
Xander Miller - 8 måneder siden
I just realized that on the map at the beginning it looked like USA
lordelliott42 - 8 måneder siden
1:50 I think that sheep was looking at you.
Adriel Sabile
Adriel Sabile - 8 måneder siden
Grians base looks like a peace sign. ☮️
Je55terK1ng - 8 måneder siden
You should make the quick drop close the trap door after you drop through
2011Account22 - 8 måneder siden
Love your patriotism, Cub.
God bless the USA.
Joe Langner
Joe Langner - 8 måneder siden
Cub you’re one of the few hermits I’m still watching hermitcraft Season 6.
Ꮯʀᴀsʜᴇʀ - 8 måneder siden
Cub, change the furnaces at the kelp farm to smoker. I suggest this not because of the rate since its already smelting really fast but because its look cool and fancy just like the ConCorp itself.
2011Account22 - 8 måneder siden
It's all about the details.
When Cub owns a property, he really invests in it.
Well done, Sir.
Out of curiosity, are you considering going to Season 7 anytime soon?
2011Account22 - 8 måneder siden
@haashir kabeer Copy
haashir kabeer
haashir kabeer - 8 måneder siden
X, the admin of the server, said it will be when 1.16 officially comes out. In about 7 or 8 months probably