Hermitcraft 6: The Drone Factory! (Minecraft 1.14.4 Ep. 214)

Welcome to Minecraft with Cub on the Hermitcraft Season 6 server! Today we construct a huge drone factory at Con Corp.
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Janoah van Keulen
Janoah van Keulen - 4 måneder siden
Camilla5156 - 8 måneder siden
He's at a brilliant angle when he says "we've got the roof on". The roof of the Tag building in the background fits perfectly on top of the factory 😂
Khaled B
Khaled B - 8 måneder siden
Hey guys! I just put together a cubfan135 fan server on discord. You can get notified of uploads and can talk about his channel in a nice place. Feel free to join if you want.


Cub, let me know if you would like to get in on this and I can give you ownership of the server. I just want a nice place everyone can talk about your channel. I tried DMing you on twitter but you can reply here if you want.
Smackzy. - 8 måneder siden
U should have drones flying away from the hanger
Minefield Mac
Minefield Mac - 8 måneder siden
i love this season cub!
but im just curious on when do you think season 7 is coming? Keep up the good work!
sanattia - 8 måneder siden
i always admire cub for making such amazing builds with blocks i would deem too ugly or not useful for building.
Bjorn Jorgensen
Bjorn Jorgensen - 8 måneder siden
Trying to build one of these in my world and can't get the redstone right.Can someone help or point me in the right direction.
Endersgaming345 - 8 måneder siden
I have 150 mods installed and my world will never look this good. Granted I play single player but still
Andrew Chapman
Andrew Chapman - 8 måneder siden
If the drone factory doesn't take off and fly away by the end of season 6, you've done us dirty Cub.
Sean Omight
Sean Omight - 8 måneder siden
Cubs prob gotten more done then any of the other hermits. lol.
Conner Markle
Conner Markle - 8 måneder siden
Cub you should make a video on step by step how to build the "INFINITY SMELTER"
Tristian Shew
Tristian Shew - 8 måneder siden
Bring back JARVIS
William Jones
William Jones - 8 måneder siden
You should put the con Corp double c on top of the drone hangar.
Vulpiinus - 8 måneder siden
I didn't know Xisuma lives in ConCorp🤔
BlueZephyr - 8 måneder siden
20:05 Proof that Cub has shed all traces of the Xisuma mindset.
Danny Guss
Danny Guss - 8 måneder siden
Buy Grian's mansion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mistletoe Kiss
Mistletoe Kiss - 8 måneder siden
The ultimate flex of all these diamonds would be to bid on Iskall and then devise a contraption to kill him with bling or something. Another awesome build Cub!
Fahmi Maulana
Fahmi Maulana - 8 måneder siden
How many times u spend in minecraft?
Dinesh Nesh
Dinesh Nesh - 8 måneder siden
Con Corp must really expand in land size. Be it artificial or natural, i want to see Con Corp be huge. Never stop building
Hydrahead Hunter
Hydrahead Hunter - 8 måneder siden
The hanger roof is con-vex. Thank you, good night.
Maizuma Games
Maizuma Games - 8 måneder siden
You're really good with those industrial style builds!
Mitchell Drake
Mitchell Drake - 8 måneder siden
I like to think Zach punched him at 15:07
Jaeger Family
Jaeger Family - 8 måneder siden
He builds a huge hanger and my world that I worked on for years yet my house is smaller
TheHallows987 1
TheHallows987 1 - 8 måneder siden
Go to hermit ville and kill iskall
HoneyGirl - 8 måneder siden
Can you make a zoo of some sort next? Having 2 or so of EVERY animal in the game?
Kyle Olson
Kyle Olson - 8 måneder siden
BID FOR ISKALL'S DEATH! Go to his store in hermitcraft.
CyberzXD - 8 måneder siden
Hey, iskall made a thingy where you can bid so you can kill him, and you get your diamonds back if you lose. You should give it a try.
Chaz Howell
Chaz Howell - 8 måneder siden
R.I.P. Iskall
Justin Smith
Justin Smith - 8 måneder siden
Search/patrol Drones, drones with lights so the hangers lit but it's also on theme.
Justin Lindner
Justin Lindner - 8 måneder siden
idea for the storage area: map table in the middle of the room
Hunter Overlord
Hunter Overlord - 8 måneder siden
I have one thing to say in your ConCorp...SANAOL
btw hi filipino who is watching cub and love his vids!!
jj axe hermitcraft recap noob1234 bg
Good job cubfan135
Christian Jackson
Christian Jackson - 8 måneder siden
How did the spy drones not get a secret factory hiding in the mountains of con Corp?
Ivan John Roque
Ivan John Roque - 8 måneder siden
Cub literally wasting diamonds hahaha
Jonny Hansen
Jonny Hansen - 8 måneder siden
You're not concerned the drone production noises will bother the dogs and cats!?
Sir Tain Lee
Sir Tain Lee - 8 måneder siden
Cub, you need constant movement, and lots of it to confuse visitors like a real factory. Perhaps a set/reset button on each machine to allow you to start everything when you expect a guest. Also, tie some leads to moving animals out of sight that control and moves visible things.
Aaron Spencer
Aaron Spencer - 8 måneder siden
A tall stick of bamboo breaking might be the most satisfying sound in Minecraft.
Olivier Maillet
Olivier Maillet - 8 måneder siden
Everytime you walk into that hangar, you get a Windows notification xD
FirstKiller36 - 8 måneder siden
Cubfan casually putting 234 diamonds worth of diamond blocks behind bars.
Me getting excited finding 2 diamonds
Stalker Bleach
Stalker Bleach - 8 måneder siden
The same thing always happens where Cub builds the coolest stuff at the end of the season.
Taolan8472 - 8 måneder siden
Hey Cubfan, have you thought about adding a functional smokestack to your super smelter?
A campfire on top with a hay bale under it, with dispensers for flint and steel and a water bucket, hooked up to a redstone circuit to only have the campfire burning, and thus producing smoke, while the smelter is running.
2022_Connor Bozak
2022_Connor Bozak - 8 måneder siden
You take this a little too seriously... but it’s worth it because it’s still amazing
Sooty - 8 måneder siden
You know you've made it when you're not only using diamond blocks in a build, but when you're using diamond blocks and covering them up with iron bars and carpet.
PlayJAK - 8 måneder siden
Putting Diamonds in your build as a flex summons an angry Herobrine, but don't worry, I'm sure Mojang will remove him again when 1.16 drops.
Nessie W
Nessie W - 8 måneder siden
Brilliant factory, Cub
Marek Markowski
Marek Markowski - 8 måneder siden
You basicly inslaved diamond blocks (sorry for ortography)
Gamemode_ Cat
Gamemode_ Cat - 8 måneder siden
Are you trying to get Grian to kill you?
TLdR - 8 måneder siden
Next espisode make a diamond tree!

Seriously, I do enjoy your building palette (which is basically Minecraft's blocks in its fullness) and you have my full permission (? to use diamonds as a building block. In case you were worried about that.
Lord of mangoes
Lord of mangoes - 8 måneder siden
You should have put torch back so that it is hidden from the view. Currently it's a bit bizzare that such an high tech drone has a visible torch on it..
Ray Tan
Ray Tan - 8 måneder siden
When the server updates to 1.15 you can make a big drone with honey and slime
Sqrt -1
Sqrt -1 - 8 måneder siden
Alternate title: Cub flexes for half an hour straight.
小丑Joker - 8 måneder siden
How did Cub produce the drones before the factory was constructed?
the great zach
the great zach - 8 måneder siden
I love how he is building with diamond blocks😂😂
V8 - 8 måneder siden
Great job Cub
I N C E P T I O N - 8 måneder siden
Cubfan is the best hermit my reasons why:--
1-he is good in both Redstone and building.
2:-he brings a new fun to the server
3:--he is ready to take part in any hermitcraft events almost anytime
4-he is not scared to do something new with his channel
5-he is something alright in playing the evil game
6:--he does not waste the time of his viewers
7:- he invests a lot of time to make a single video
8- his video frequency is the highest
Feel free to add new stuff
Jesse Terlouw
Jesse Terlouw - 8 måneder siden
I don't believe in a best hermit
CallixAndrei _0315
CallixAndrei _0315 - 8 måneder siden
Um cub i cant hear your voice i did everything i connect my ipad on a speaker and a headphones i still cant hear anything
Bueno48 -games
Bueno48 -games - 8 måneder siden
Hermitcraft more like richcraft
Patrick Tyler
Patrick Tyler - 8 måneder siden
Cub, you should build 55 Cancri e in the end dimension! (55 Cancri e being a planet thought to be made mostly of diamond!)
LandoHitman - 8 måneder siden
That drone hangar is such an incredible build! I love it!
LightningAussie - 8 måneder siden
Awesome...what about a helipad on the roof?
Factor - 8 måneder siden
Dashanta Stevenson
Dashanta Stevenson - 8 måneder siden
Cub I think u should put the diamond blocks inside somewhere and sea lantars up there instead so u can also get rid of those lantars
Grace Eva
Grace Eva - 8 måneder siden
*end of the season*
Cub: diamonds everywhere
That_British_Dude - 8 måneder siden
Concorp looks amazing, I wish I had followed it's growth from the start of the season.
Enderkill777 - 8 måneder siden
Hey Cub you should make a drone hangar where they are charged and stored while not in use. Love your videos!
Phillip Gonzales
Phillip Gonzales - 8 måneder siden
Love your videos :D
Kaicheng - 8 måneder siden
27:11 Docm77 PTSD intensively
ZapDragon - 8 måneder siden
*sad Beacon noises*
Judy Seils
Judy Seils - 8 måneder siden
Great details!
Gauri Anand
Gauri Anand - 8 måneder siden
This is an AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Always Hydrated
Always Hydrated - 8 måneder siden
The factory is great! You should maybe add a deploying drone or a recently deployed drone outside the bay. Also you could put a big C C on top for absolutely no reason.
Malevolent - 8 måneder siden
stop using so much saturation on ur videos pls. Ik u might think its nice, however its just so dark man.
Afif Brian
Afif Brian - 8 måneder siden
Lol, you're the only one complaining about it
Comrade Elmo
Comrade Elmo - 8 måneder siden
If this video gets 10,000+ likes then you need to make any VERY large object in only diamond blocks.
bbotelhoHI - 8 måneder siden
Welcome back to hermitcraaAaAAFT!
YT:Justin games
YT:Justin games - 8 måneder siden
Kelifonium _
Kelifonium _ - 8 måneder siden
Is ConCorp prepare for another war?
Dhruv Grandhe
Dhruv Grandhe - 8 måneder siden
There are more diamond blocks for decoration on the server than actually with the hermits
ShadeBoi67 - 8 måneder siden
Cub get a garage from ren! We want to see you race!
Seth Mitchell
Seth Mitchell - 8 måneder siden
Cub! It's time! Bring back Jarvis!
PurpleMango - 8 måneder siden
Pretty Boring make something that is actually useful, Please!!
Catherina Rozario
Catherina Rozario - 8 måneder siden
I got caught watching this at school.. now I'm suspended great :(
Catherina Rozario
Catherina Rozario - 8 måneder siden
hehe peepee ♡
Joshua Wu
Joshua Wu - 8 måneder siden
bruh, I thought Iskall won
Master G94
Master G94 - 8 måneder siden
Hey Cub! love your videos! but i just wanted to point out a minor annoyance i spotted that no one seems to be commenting on... On the map, you're missing one corner of the Drone Factory
Butter - 8 måneder siden
Can't wait to see what cub does in season 7
High Priest Wololo
High Priest Wololo - 8 måneder siden
Cub: We used birch in the drones during the Civil War.
Hermitcraft Civil War Memories: Heeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!
Toastwithhands But no legs
Toastwithhands But no legs - 8 måneder siden
Philippines Ball sait what? There’s only one
Kale bop
Kale bop - 8 måneder siden
U da fake won duh real won has mor subscibbers
Red Starlord
Red Starlord - 8 måneder siden
I've never commented on one of your videos before but I wanted to say that I love all your content and love the way you explain things to us as you do it. Keep up the great work. Your videos bring smiles to my kids and I.
TurtleYoda - 8 måneder siden
Personally, I think the amount of andesite walls on the side of the building is just a little bit excessive and noisy, and could be toned down a bit.
Shrimpo Gaming
Shrimpo Gaming - 8 måneder siden
HI! Its Shrimpo and um Thanks for bidding on my sword that i held on auction in Hypixel SkyBlock. If you want some stuff like good stuff i can donate. Reply to this so i can get in contact with you if you want! :D
DuelScreen - 8 måneder siden
8:50 Can you see the pattern the Vex Magic is making? Since the spacing is odd how about the top row creates the circles from one side and the bottom row from the other. Basically offset the "circles" so the design fits in better.
Also, I am *loving* these final build projects.
Owen Lockhart
Owen Lockhart - 8 måneder siden
Scar uses upside down stairs to make elevators and I think that would look cool instead of the end rods 😄
the factor looks amazing!!!!!!!!
ARA fpv
ARA fpv - 8 måneder siden
Iskall has a concrete shop which is NOT affiliated with Sahara which could save you some time. Prices are pretty cheap!
Caleb Maxwell
Caleb Maxwell - 8 måneder siden
Cave sounds at 22:16?
Zoltriak - 8 måneder siden
Concorp last year: Making vex magic and partnering with shops
Concorp this year: DRONES!!!!
Zoltriak - 8 måneder siden
Cub: It needs a security system
Also Cub: breaks right through the fence to see the lantern
CapDog47 - 8 måneder siden
Waffles Pls upload Tell me when you do
Hippo Gaming
Hippo Gaming - 8 måneder siden
#bring back Vex Craft
wix46 - 8 måneder siden
TheHipAntiHipster - 8 måneder siden
Cub, the mixture of innovation and imagination makes you second to none in terms of MC players. If I woke up as Steve tomorrow, I'd hope that it was in a world you built!
Matteo Piano
Matteo Piano - 8 måneder siden
You should put a giant CC on the side.
Cooper Cowles
Cooper Cowles - 8 måneder siden
Cub: (Turns off the diamond beacon)
Beacon: Sad beacon noises*
ItsMariana - 8 måneder siden