Hermitcraft 6: We are the Champions! (Minecraft 1.14.4 Ep. 206)

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Welcome back to Minecraft with Cub from the Hermitcraft Season 6 Server! Today we clean up the Golf Course and move the Ryder Cup Trophy to a trophy case in the shopping district. Thank you for a amazing 2019 and Happy New Year!
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niahinti - 4 dager siden
This new year resolutions list didn't age well. RIP 2020 dreams and expectations.
but to be honest, things are looking up. i got a new job after losing my old one. and im studying something i like.
living with my mom again, but can spend more time with her.
Andrew - 6 måneder siden
My opinion on New Years resolutions is that I don’t need an excuse to make a resolution. If I put on 20lbs I’ll resolve then to get back to 200. For me if I held to the idea of New Years resolutions I would have an excuse to procrastinate till New Years to try and make positive changes. I try to focus on the positive so I don’t give myself an out to wallow in negativity due to procrastination.
Jaden McCoy
Jaden McCoy - 9 måneder siden
NGJ Gaming
NGJ Gaming - 9 måneder siden
I do not do new years resolutions
Toxicbot86 - 9 måneder siden
16:04 pewdiepie????
Thepic202 Gaming
Thepic202 Gaming - 9 måneder siden
my new years resolution is to get 100 subscribers
Andreas Mortensen
Andreas Mortensen - 9 måneder siden
20:39 why u see me pee
David Martin
David Martin - 9 måneder siden
That is not the Americanflag. That is the U.S. of America flag. America I do belive has actually no flag, at least not that I am aware of. If there is a flag that was conceptiolised or at least voted as being the representation of america by the states in south america and the states of U.S. of america and canada than pleas do let me know because I want to know if it exists.
Because the U.S. of america is actually only a country of america and not the actual continent itself. If we are honest here there is no centaliced government for america like europe has that could look at how diffrend political problams need to be put in place for the benefit of the hole continent wich has to go trough a votum first. If that where the case than the chances of finding better solutions with neibouring countrys so that peace is truly secured would be more likely.
MaoriMiner _NZ
MaoriMiner _NZ - 9 måneder siden
I do not make New Years resolutions because, to me, they’re self promises and I tend to not make promises I cannot keep, even to myself.
Rez kinds
Rez kinds - 9 måneder siden
This was uploaded a decade ago
David Martin
David Martin - 9 måneder siden
Underneath the Giant Trophy you could make some sort of memorial museum to comemorate the winners and maby for having a place to put something for the future competitions.
J F - 9 måneder siden
America y’all
HypedRogue - 9 måneder siden
My New Years resolution is pretty much the same as your first one- lose weight. I’m not unhealthily fat I’m technically “average” but that would mean everybody else is far below average soooo
no - 9 måneder siden
don't wait till a certain date to change or improve something in your life. if you're serious about it, you'll start doing it immediately, and that's pretty much why the whole "new years resolution" thing is pointless.
Boo Smith
Boo Smith - 9 måneder siden
You have won a unsub lmao, stop playing golf
Boo Smith
Boo Smith - 9 måneder siden
Let us suffer no more rider cups, it's wack to watch and the worst content off of the hermit craft server. I'm sorry you spent too many hours making this, don't punish your subs though man.
illest xB
illest xB - 9 måneder siden
I'm confused why it was called a Cup but there's no trophy cup here, the top is completely covered
big fat meanie
big fat meanie - 9 måneder siden
I was sick during Christmas
For me it feels like it is not even December yet
Tbhmoodx - 9 måneder siden
I had the flu all christmas
GLITCH YT - 9 måneder siden
You guys should do a huge server clean up, just of cleaning traps and making it look alittle more neat and tidy
illusivelemur 51
illusivelemur 51 - 9 måneder siden
Cooking attracts the ladies
illusivelemur 51
illusivelemur 51 - 9 måneder siden
Yes. No soda or pop.
Pieter - 9 måneder siden
Actually the decades ends next year
Carl Hagelberg
Carl Hagelberg - 9 måneder siden
Cole Smith
Cole Smith - 9 måneder siden
“11 minus 22 is 11”
- Cubfan135 2019
Konkak88 - 9 måneder siden
On Aug 28th 2018 "This is where we are going to be basing for the time being temporarily until we get something more permanent" Time to update the storage room base room area to match the prestige of CONCORP!
Rikazriio - 9 måneder siden
This year, my New Year's resolution is to draw at least once a week in an attempt to improve my drawing skills ☺
Ena agouri pou to eipan patata
Ena agouri pou to eipan patata - 9 måneder siden
And we'll keep on fighting till the end
n0yes - 9 måneder siden
I usually don't do New Year's resolutions. I did one tho, the most important one in my life concerning my wellbeing - I stopped smoking entering 2015. It was hard, but I succeded and I am very so happy about it. This year if I would make one (which I didn't because I don't think I would keep up my word) it would be: make a daily timetable of activities and stick to it ...
Sly Cooper
Sly Cooper - 9 måneder siden
Cub: 11 minus 21 equals eleven... sorry ten..

me: um.. negative ten

Also good luck with less online time. even tho selfish me hopes you fail as i know it would mean less videos >.>
Rogue Alchemist
Rogue Alchemist - 9 måneder siden
Hey Cub! That trophy looks awesome at its new home! I also make resolutions, although my track record of sticking to them has been questionable. This year will be different. I have a motto for 2020: Make It Happen! I, too, want to exercise, become healthier, eat & learn about new foods, and get more sleep, all while focusing on my hobbies that have gone by the wayside in recent years. Getting outside would be good too, so I will strive to do that as well. Thanks so much for sharing yours! May 2020 be an amazing year for you too! ~Sassy~
Lexiconikan - 9 måneder siden
I personally don't make New Years Resolutions. I have nothing against those who do, I'm all for making goals and resolutions to improve oneself. What I've found, however, is when people set a future date (like the start of the next year, or next month, or next week) to start making those changes, most of them spend the remaining time between the moment they decide on the goal and when they choose to start it, ignoring their goal, so when the date comes they've already conditioned themselves to ignore it, and they're almost guaranteed to give up on it. I've found the best solution is to never put off a life changing decision. If you want to change something about your physical health, or your education, or your relationships with family/friends, whatever, the best thing to do is to start immediately, not wait for some future day to start making that change. Even if it's December 31st, if your goal is to lose wait, don't say "Tomorrow I'm gonna start off the year right, getting exercise and eating well." Just get up and go for a jog, or a walk, or a marathon, wherever you're at, start today. If you say "Tomorrow I will" tomorrow's gonna come and go, and maybe you'll do it, maybe you won't, but you're still conditioning your brain to think "Today I don't have to because tomorrow I will." Start immediately, and you're telling your brain and your body "this is vital, this is a priority." Put it off, and you're telling your brain and your body "This isn't all that important, this is a low priority."

tl;dr: Don't pick a future date to start improving yourself. If it's December 31st, or January 2nd, or any other day of the year, if you decide you want to change something, start today, never ever ever put it off.
Steven Caufman
Steven Caufman - 9 måneder siden
Cake b4 bed cub
The_22nd_PIlot - 9 måneder siden
3 years ago i made my last new years resolution.
It was to never make another resolution.
So far, I have kept it.
Maizuma Games
Maizuma Games - 9 måneder siden
If you want a reason to get outside everyday get a dog! That guy will remind you it needs to go ... outside everyday :-] And cooking ? Oh it's a great thing to learn, it can be fun and you end up inevitably creating your own recipes for things that later people ask you to cook, so it's a great social skill too. We do expect the occasional vlog if you cook though, it's only fair!

I usually don't make resolutions by the end of the year but I always think about the things I've done and what I want to keep for the near future.
weaselflare - 9 måneder siden
Hey, long time fans, can anyone tell me what episode he built the log barge/boat in?
Bianca Valentine
Bianca Valentine - 9 måneder siden
I don’t make resolutions I do a vision board on things I want to accomplish or try for the new year. This is the first year my vision board is for both me and my fiancé. Our vision is to both start our YouTube channels and get 1k by the end of 2020. Both different kinds of channels though and many other things are on our board :)
no - 9 måneder siden
trying to get to a certain sub count by a certain time is not a good way to start a youtube channel. you should be focussing on creating good content, rather than numbers.
OnYx Aqua
OnYx Aqua - 9 måneder siden
My new years resolution is to gain weight and body fat i'mma skinny boy I weigh 98 pounds and can kinda see my bones
Edit:I'm 14 so that you don't think I'm like 20 or older and weigh 98Ibs
OnYx Aqua
OnYx Aqua - 9 måneder siden
Me:so into the video
Cub:team one player one...hole
My Brain:what are you doing to me
Jeremy Moore
Jeremy Moore - 9 måneder siden
This is so 2019
caleb archer
caleb archer - 9 måneder siden
13:15 there was a skeleton horse
Zain Raffschill
Zain Raffschill - 9 måneder siden
my resolution is to live until the next year. that doesn’t sound like a lot, but this past year was my first semester of university and it’s been really rough for me. I missed a lot of classes, wasn’t eating or sleeping enough, wasn’t really taking care of myself. I’ve had problems with suicidal ideations in the past and so this year I’m just going to make it to the next one, no matter how hard it is for me.
Jared Garrett-SocialAnxiety
Jared Garrett-SocialAnxiety - 9 måneder siden
I've always thought that if you really want to do something, you'll do it. If you don't want to you wont. So I try to not make promises or "resolutions" so to speak, I just let things flow and if I stick with something then I know that it's actually something I wanted. Not saying it's a perfect system, my life is pretty fucked so it's probably a bad system lol
Luke Constantineau
Luke Constantineau - 9 måneder siden
ConCorp v. Architechs
Petedogg - 9 måneder siden
Bird God
Bird God - 9 måneder siden
I got the flu right before christmas as well cub glad you’re also feeling better! :)
DASPRiD - 9 måneder siden
My new year's resolution is the same as last year: 5120x1600 ;)
Inator-inator - 9 måneder siden
This is the first year I haven’t made a resolution because I know it won’t happen because I always forget
Kaathlyn Connor
Kaathlyn Connor - 9 måneder siden
Darren Boodaghian
Darren Boodaghian - 9 måneder siden
Jason Xu
Jason Xu - 9 måneder siden
Jerod - 9 måneder siden
What’s the difference between the clubs? Different enchants on the tridents?
Ranger - 9 måneder siden
I don't make new years resolutions, or any "special occasion" resolutions. Setting myself goals I "have to" achieve in like a certain time, or trying to immidiately do something differently puts so much pressure on me I end up doing worse than before. I much prefer working towards something, trying to do something every day to accomplish it instead. Whenever I feel like taking something up I just try to do it and it usually works out so much better.
PBJcyclops - 9 måneder siden
Love your vids!

Btw I am on the way to 1 k would appreciate if you subbed and shared it! 👋😄
no - 9 måneder siden
go away. posting comments like this will not get you subs, it'll just make people dislike you.
Joshua Rugani
Joshua Rugani - 9 måneder siden
G Farver
G Farver - 9 måneder siden
I usually don’t make New years resolutions, but two years ago I became a vegetarian New Year’s Day, and I still am. This year I aim to produce music again.
Cool man craft Vlog
Cool man craft Vlog - 9 måneder siden
Man I was sick for about three weeks from Close of the end of November until 28 December I have a bad cough and I felt like I had no energy.
Rox Kitten
Rox Kitten - 9 måneder siden
Nope, no New Year's resolutions for me. I find if I want to achieve something, it should have nothing to do with an anyway-arbitrary number. It doesn't work that way for me. If I set my mind to something, it will work any day of the year, and if I don't, it's not the year's fault ;-)
boone evans
boone evans - 9 måneder siden
My near resolution is to lose weight as well. Currently January second and I am watching your vid from treadmill before work!
Captain Dantee'th
Captain Dantee'th - 9 måneder siden
oH wOw ThiS rYdEr Cup tOoK a DeCade tO fiNisH
Letus the Dragon
Letus the Dragon - 9 måneder siden
Somehow I imagined your golf course as a game of Iskall's Run...and how many diamonds Keralis would lose.
ConTent _
ConTent _ - 9 måneder siden
NYR: Get pecks, get girls.
ConTent _
ConTent _ - 9 måneder siden
It is
MaoriMiner _NZ
MaoriMiner _NZ - 9 måneder siden
ConTent _ not exactly how it works but whatever
dbomb543210 - 9 måneder siden
Sorry,I'm a decade late.
Lörð lærrÿ pöttër
Lörð lærrÿ pöttër - 9 måneder siden
Cub it's not the end of the decade. Sorry to ruin it for ya
Madeleine Ruusu
Madeleine Ruusu - 9 måneder siden
My new years resolution is to get into a good school, and to make new friends when I move.
Haden Turnbull73
Haden Turnbull73 - 9 måneder siden
Yes I make New years resolutions mine is to join a gym and lose weight to join the U.S. Military as an Engineer
Brady Hagen
Brady Hagen - 9 måneder siden
My dog fell asleep for the last time on Christmas 😭😭😭😭
Chaser Hi5
Chaser Hi5 - 9 måneder siden
I did in the past years I have tried but this year I really don't have a good year at all I promised a lot of stuff to my deceased people so all the promises I promised them that's going to be my resolution
Mr. Shōta Aizawa
Mr. Shōta Aizawa - 9 måneder siden
Cub, if you made the stars buttons, there would be 45 buttons. Closer to 50 than 11 is, so I really suggest that.
I also doubled-checked my math and I think I’m right man!
Please use this suggestion....?
And MaBYe a specific button would set off fireworks or something on the top of the trophy case idk...
Please use this suggestion it took me a super long time to type this up on mobile dude!
Thanks, if you use this suggestion I’ll really appreciate a piece of me on the HC server since I couldn’t be on Grian’s tree livestream.
If you do use this don’t forget to give me credit MaBYe??... :/ 🤗 🤔 🤷🏽‍♀️ 🙃 😁 ✌️ 👍
You don’t have to if you like what you did already, this is just a minor- major suggestion Cub
I really hope you see this!
Sincerely, xXWolfz4LifeXx.
Mr. Shōta Aizawa
Mr. Shōta Aizawa - 9 måneder siden
Cub: “11 minus 21 is eleven”
Me: “he really knows his math XP”
Endercreeper _25
Endercreeper _25 - 9 måneder siden
My new years resolution is to eat more types of food.
justin lounsbury
justin lounsbury - 9 måneder siden
duuuuuuude ... quartz block decorative heads for stars on the flag
Colin Krefting
Colin Krefting - 9 måneder siden
Cub, Have you considered making a Skyscraper apartment store to save space and to let major franchises like Sahara and IDEA expand . One of the benefits first is we could expand districts with major potential like the medieval district and prevent expansion into the Civil war area.
Cas - 9 måneder siden
50 stars, you need 50 amor stands, 50 quartz blocks, and a lot of patience.
Cas - 9 måneder siden
Cant you shrink the items on the stands as well?
Mr. Shōta Aizawa
Mr. Shōta Aizawa - 9 måneder siden
Not the decade, the world started on year 1
Collectoristic Gamer2012
Collectoristic Gamer2012 - 9 måneder siden
Cub fan I am making a hermitcraft server and would be joyed for you to join
Ruby Fulton
Ruby Fulton - 9 måneder siden
Can't wait for more videos in 2020! Happy New Year Cub!
PaperTiger - 9 måneder siden
My new year’s resolution is really just to keep myself healthy and well during college. It’s a big change to adjust to, and 2019 was one hell of a year with me not only starting my first semester, but moving to a new state as well. Now I wanna take it easy.
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith - 9 måneder siden
'Good Eats' videos and 'America's Test Kitchen' videos to help ya learn to cook.
Fizzle - 9 måneder siden
man there's not a doubt in my mind that if you put the same amount of work into your resolutions as you do Minecraft, you'll have no problem with them. cub the composter...making shit happen. good luck man.
Zak Hedderig
Zak Hedderig - 9 måneder siden
@Cubfan, Best of luck on your resolutions, I suggest looking up Alton Brown's "Good Eats" series/ cook books I think his teaching style my suit you
Zero Two
Zero Two - 9 måneder siden
It’s actually not the last day of the decade because the end of the decade is after the ten years and this is a the end of the nine years no next year will be end of the decade.
Zero Two
Zero Two - 9 måneder siden
Madeleine Ruusu agreed
Madeleine Ruusu
Madeleine Ruusu - 9 måneder siden
@Zero Two ah alright. let's agree to disagree :)
Zero Two
Zero Two - 9 måneder siden
Madeleine Ruusu u don’t see your point
Madeleine Ruusu
Madeleine Ruusu - 9 måneder siden
Most people count the decade from 0-9 (2010-2019), so 2020 would be the start of a decade. Although some people count a decade from 2011-2020.
gonner221 - 9 måneder siden
Relay golf sounds pretty cool.
Wesley sam advance
Wesley sam advance - 9 måneder siden
Dang he finished demise last year. Didn't know
Trueflight Silverwing
Trueflight Silverwing - 9 måneder siden
I think I would have made the top out of glass as well. Just to make it look more like a real case.

No new years resolutions here.
Outlaw Billy
Outlaw Billy - 9 måneder siden
Grain done this first
Willrc57 - 9 måneder siden
akiraokami - 9 måneder siden
Nice trophy case~ Also, if you want to improve it, you could potentially use the hidden armor stands to make the stars, I at least believe you could get the correct amount of stars doing that.
Tube Destroyer
Tube Destroyer - 9 måneder siden
Rendog:imma demise every hermit
Cub:are u sure about that
I got most of the kills
CandyCane Nomad
CandyCane Nomad - 9 måneder siden
No: don’t make resolutions- try to work on my ‘issues’ as I become aware of them
ItsEnderkiller2 - 9 måneder siden
Losing weight is a great new year's resolution and can definitely be done! Good luck with accomplishing your goal!
Michael Weselcouch
Michael Weselcouch - 9 måneder siden
No New Years resolution for me this year. Good luck with yours. Get yourself a slow cooker to help with your weight goal.
Timmzy27 - 9 måneder siden
My resolution is to Learn to drive, was gonna do it last year but thought better to do it after Christmas.
I have the funds, finally and nothing but time to do it, I'm making it happen
Jaq - 9 måneder siden
i like new years resolutions, so i usually make them! this years new years resolution is to love myself more. i tend to joke about myself and dislike myself, but i’m gonna try my best to stop making mean jokes about and to appreciate myself more
Tyrone vlogs 1
Tyrone vlogs 1 - 9 måneder siden
Try to get the map on the marketplace when the season is over so more people can get it
Sir Tain Lee
Sir Tain Lee - 9 måneder siden
Better yet, since there are no rules, let all 4 players of each group play their set of holes simultaneously. Then it will finish quickly.
Nikole Smith
Nikole Smith - 9 måneder siden
New year's resolution: Reflect on my life so far, as hindsight is 2020. Change the things I hate so far and like you, exercise and leave the house. I was watching that part of the video going "shhhhhh cub, I'm feeling called out!" Let's do it together dude, I bet I'm not alone here.
ryuk - 9 måneder siden
does decade mean 10 years? idont get it 🤨
ryuk - 9 måneder siden
Madeleine Ruusu thanks :)
Madeleine Ruusu
Madeleine Ruusu - 9 måneder siden
Yep! The decades go like this: 2000-2009, 2010-2019, and now 2020-2029 :D
Alex stewie
Alex stewie - 9 måneder siden
My new years resolutions are to get more healthy buy eating better and exercising more. And also to save more money for my family vacation buy not buying stuff I dont need
William cornwall
William cornwall - 9 måneder siden
My new years resolution is no chocolate
hobrin - 9 måneder siden
I don't really have a new years promise. Thought I would share it so that it doesn't all show the "yes"