Hermitcraft 7: 1.16 Nether Update! (Episode 36)

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Welcome back to Minecraft with Cub on the Hermitcraft Season 7 server! Today we update to Minecraft 1.16, explore the Nether, and play around with the new 1.16 mechanics.

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Runtime: 36:04


Tzippy 101
Tzippy 101 - 9 dager siden
I had thought the respawn anchor had spawned like that, cub you are so amazing to build that for everyone!
Job Joossen-Meyvis
Job Joossen-Meyvis - 2 måneder siden
Hell freezing over...Never waist your diamonds on a ho 😂🤣
Iggy - 3 måneder siden
Cub just FYI the ancient debris can show up in chunks of 4, however the pieces won’t always be touching each other like the other ore or diamonds, so when you see one dig a large bubble around it because there could be another behind la few pieces of netherrack
Jasper Green
Jasper Green - 3 måneder siden
Tango is using his ancient debris Redstone Brfff
Julius Mutya
Julius Mutya - 3 måneder siden
Try using beds to find Ancient Debris
Gamez For Dayz
Gamez For Dayz - 3 måneder siden
For anyone looking for it (like i was)
he builds the redstone respawn anchor at 25:00
MagentaPuppy - Blender Simulations
should have named the ender mite EnderMigthy
Rebel Unicorn
Rebel Unicorn - 3 måneder siden
SPECTRAL ARROWS?! Someone explain this to me.
Tanner Austin
Tanner Austin - 3 måneder siden
when cub hasn't made a survival guide after a week or so
LunarAssassin - 3 måneder siden
For your ice boat road. Honey block give you a dead stop. A 2x2 is enough. If you're interested
Miros0885 - 3 måneder siden
Anyone know if this enderman farm work in bedrock also asking for a friend literally.....
Da Bananananana
Da Bananananana - 3 måneder siden
Put a hopper under the chest and take the stuff from that
Dakota R
Dakota R - 3 måneder siden
Thank you Cub the Respawn Anchor works a charm. Great video
Nate Cator
Nate Cator - 4 måneder siden
Cub using beds to mine for ancient debris is so much faster!
NylonNeonLeon - 4 måneder siden
I lost it at 8:56 when Joe's soul left his body XD
Larry the Lemon
Larry the Lemon - 4 måneder siden
When I was really young I used to watch you and I forgot about you then I found out that my brother was subbed and i then I decided to start watching you again
Larry the Lemon
Larry the Lemon - 4 måneder siden
Prof that I washed you I remember watching an episode on a underwater farm like those fish things
Danimation studios
Danimation studios - 4 måneder siden
Lava exclamation marks 12:35
bombtrackxX626Xx - 4 måneder siden
Its easier to mine in the nether is with bed mining
You strip mine, make a branch that's like 5 blocks then place a bed in it and explode it
Like so cubfan can see this
Edit: ancient debris is blast proof so the bed won't explode it
WARNING: you might take a bit of fire damage so take a fire resistant potion
Jason - 4 måneder siden
I have had enough of this guy repeating himself ... Unsubscribed
Frankie Stroud
Frankie Stroud - 4 måneder siden
Y would u put fortune on a hoe? Like now u cant mine leaves and wtf does fortune do on a hoe
Jonas Brown
Jonas Brown - 4 måneder siden
why is joehills still in chainmail wtf
who watches joehills lmao
Abhinav Sivakumar
Abhinav Sivakumar - 4 måneder siden
For the respawn anchor you should use a bell so it's more obvious
Bubba Hennryetta
Bubba Hennryetta - 4 måneder siden
I actually have to look away from the video while your going down the.
tunnel. I get sick watching it but what I could see is very pretty and amazing
Jr Madden
Jr Madden - 4 måneder siden
You should hook up the ice boat road to peoples bases for diamonds
Justa Guy
Justa Guy - 4 måneder siden
Thinking about it I can't believe Cub made a nether respawn anchor... and didn't put down an ender chest! What are those poor people who died supposed to do?
Bilguun Oyunchimeg
Bilguun Oyunchimeg - 4 måneder siden
09:08 I'm confused for a little moment because Beef so similar with False...
Yellow hair/helmet
Even the white/red shirt
Barely noticed the beard...
Lincoln Branco Gonzales
Lincoln Branco Gonzales - 4 måneder siden
Netherite is better than them...so what’s their point? The hermitcraft economy is IN SERIOUS DANGER! An adaptation to netherite in the shopping district would render everyone else broke (who doesn’t have netherite) and it’d be way too expensive like instead of 1 stack for 1 diamond 1 netherite for 2 stacks? Consumption would explode! The very system as we know it is in danger.
Some may stick with diamond but many have already made the netherite change like Grian and Mumbo, my solution would be to offer both netherite and diamond prices comment yours!
n0madic - 4 måneder siden
30-50 feral hogs reference just came out of nowhere
Bunyan420 - 4 måneder siden
i tried that set up for the respawn anchor you did Cub the same way i checked it is not working for me don't no why
CaptAJ 94
CaptAJ 94 - 4 måneder siden
Cub I just wanted to say I finally built your wool farm on my world, but now that it is 1.16, you have to right click the redstone dust behind the dispenser and turn it into a cross for it to work. Took me forever to figure out why everything was working except the shears lol
SironNFuries - 4 måneder siden
Cub is such an amazing community builder. The ice paths and now the nether respawn.
Za Ghurdo
Za Ghurdo - 4 måneder siden
Anyone who doesn't upgrade their silk touch pickaxe first is mad.
Vendetta Gaming
Vendetta Gaming - 4 måneder siden
This is my first time hearing joe so energetic normally joe is just chilling in his videos
Yann Kugler
Yann Kugler - 4 måneder siden
I can already see Tango running a iron farm with hoglins
Ori. MS
Ori. MS - 4 måneder siden
Cub should really use a bell instead of the annoying note block in the respawn anchor.
Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan
The nether bingo was really fun to watch!! Cub xB and joe have such an amazing vibe together! They make a great team!💙
Shane McCarthy
Shane McCarthy - 4 måneder siden
use high explosives
Rafael Rivera
Rafael Rivera - 4 måneder siden
Is it just me or does joe suck?
The Old Goat
The Old Goat - 4 måneder siden
Throw a hopper underneath the chest and draw it out. Piglins won’t attack if you don’t open the chest right?
Orson Dekell
Orson Dekell - 4 måneder siden
Anyone else here from @joehillstsd
oh - 4 måneder siden
First ever ancient debris on hermitcraft server! What about welsknight?
Shmud - 4 måneder siden
21:30 «wadu hek» is that you wadu?
Cole - 4 måneder siden
Bro why is your FOV so low?
mikeus69 - 4 måneder siden
Not going to vote then?
Unkown user
Unkown user - 4 måneder siden
Who knew gold armor has a use
Sigridur Jonatansdottir
Sigridur Jonatansdottir - 4 måneder siden
Cub you are a very good builder you dó very good details😀
Krzysztof Michalak
Krzysztof Michalak - 4 måneder siden
Who did you vote for?
Soccer C
Soccer C - 4 måneder siden
Hermitcraft is the one thing that keeps me happy during quarantine
Ben Schmiz
Ben Schmiz - 4 måneder siden
Never waste your diamonds on a hoe...
Pickwell Music
Pickwell Music - 4 måneder siden
howdy cub, joehills raid here
Monica Hwang
Monica Hwang - 4 måneder siden
Joe raid! Thank you for saving the point of view of the collab.
Nikodem Jelonek
Nikodem Jelonek - 4 måneder siden
howdy yall, joehills raid here! glad u made it possible for us to watch that experience even tho joes footage corrupted
Ayaan Mugloo
Ayaan Mugloo - 4 måneder siden
Howdy y'all. JoeHills raid here.
Dragonild - 4 måneder siden
Howdy y’all, Joe Hills raid here!
Turtle Aldo
Turtle Aldo - 4 måneder siden
Rob_ MiniDepp1122
Rob_ MiniDepp1122 - 4 måneder siden
Howdy Y’all JoeHills RAID here
x Hades Stamps Too
x Hades Stamps Too - 4 måneder siden
Howdy, y'all! Joe Hills raid here, raiding, as we always do, in Nashville, Tennessee! Thank you for saving this POV!
There Might Be Ghosts
There Might Be Ghosts - 4 måneder siden
who is gonna tell joe to stop raiding videos
Animaysons 728
Animaysons 728 - 4 måneder siden
Not me
Foxy Dolphin
Foxy Dolphin - 4 måneder siden
Not me
AvatarJackson - 4 måneder siden
Joe Raid!
Glenn Trechel
Glenn Trechel - 4 måneder siden
Howdy y'all, Joe Hills raid here.
Michael Moore
Michael Moore - 4 måneder siden
Ancient Debris can spawn in groups of 2 or 3 but those are super rare.
S. ROJAS GRANILLO - 4 måneder siden
Charmin' Starmin on Mobile, Roxas JM on PS4 and myself also on PS4 started a new world yesterday we have been waiting on this update and are super excited.
Serious Spider
Serious Spider - 4 måneder siden
Grian is officially in the matrix, he slept in the nether..
Vandahl Fox
Vandahl Fox - 4 måneder siden
When raiding bastions, take a hopper with you. Place it under the chest and it will suck everything out without you aggroing the piglins.
william trimarco
william trimarco - 4 måneder siden
When you go to the nether use boots because there have the same armour bars as a helmet and have more duration
TisforTruth - 4 måneder siden
That was very thoughtful of you to not only spend time to build a community respawn point but also to fix the Enderman farm. You didn’t break it, but since you were there in peaceful through no fault of your own, you took ownership and spent a long time getting that little beastie into that cart. Really enjoyed your episode.
RowBearToe - 4 måneder siden
® is "registered" not "restricted"
Twitchi - 4 måneder siden
17:39 Cubs unconscious screams at us about this just being a vanity piece
Twitchi - 4 måneder siden
Xisuma : "I would like the gold if its cool with you..."
Cub: "I kind of want to steal the gold.."
Sean Biller
Sean Biller - 4 måneder siden
just build a box around the chest or hold and you can take it and they won’t see you and attack you
Sean Biller
Sean Biller - 4 måneder siden
Noah Rutchik but then they’ll see you open the chest next to it and attack you
Noah Rutchik
Noah Rutchik - 4 måneder siden
i would put a hopper and next to it put a chest
Younes Layachi
Younes Layachi - 4 måneder siden
Sad netherite can no longer repair tools and gear
Younes Layachi
Younes Layachi - 4 måneder siden
Netherite scrap looking awfully similar to dried kelp lol
Soviet scientist
Soviet scientist - 4 måneder siden
William Butcher
William Butcher - 4 måneder siden
Hey Cub, the ice boat road is great! What would really top it off though is a bit of transition between both biomes, like both of them merging slightly
Caesar - 4 måneder siden
Useless having it right next to your portal, should just have your bed in the overworld next to your portal
124 Tutt
124 Tutt - 4 måneder siden
Cub you seem to really love and care about the community on the server! That’s really awesome of you.
Splegoon 4
Splegoon 4 - 4 måneder siden
Try using a hopper to get the loot from the chests
Conor McHugh
Conor McHugh - 4 måneder siden
Hey Cub love the bingo idea just wondering are you going to vote
Rajeshwari Sharma
Rajeshwari Sharma - 4 måneder siden
Can you give hermitcraft 6 concorp and shops in one map download
Fall0ut_tr!x _gaming
Fall0ut_tr!x _gaming - 4 måneder siden

Leon Kernan
Leon Kernan - 4 måneder siden
A sign explaining the refill mech might be a good idea. I can see a bunch of hermits arriving in the nether trying to figure out what that noise is.
The Hooded Hog
The Hooded Hog - 4 måneder siden
Dude why are hoglins so fucking passive. On bedrock they literally will chase you and unless you throw the gold right at them they still won’t go after gold.
Toast The Toaster
Toast The Toaster - 4 måneder siden
i love that only keralis brave enough to raid the bastian alone and kill every living thing in there
Tarini prasad
Tarini prasad - 4 måneder siden
Lol the episode number is 36 and so is the length of this episode 😅😋
GAMING WITH ELECTRO - 4 måneder siden
me after seing he put fortune the hoe

probably he made the life worst enchanting decision
Neel Garred
Neel Garred - 4 måneder siden
21:50 " he may harm me but thats fine."

~deep meaning
Hikaro Karrdey
Hikaro Karrdey - 4 måneder siden
The very first peice of ancient debris on hermitcraft
Meanwhile grian: I’m gonna go and show Mumbo my netherite armour.
max s
max s - 4 måneder siden
Someone needs to name their hoe "Thundercats HOOOOO"
Bubbolo CH
Bubbolo CH - 4 måneder siden
So lame
Zachary Hayden
Zachary Hayden - 4 måneder siden
So, Cub fixed the ender farm and created the spawn anchor for the nether. is it too late for Cub for mayor? XD great job cub for putting the work in for the other hermits while they have fun.
logical delusion
logical delusion - 4 måneder siden
episode 36, 36 minutes, yeaheahh
carpe dm
carpe dm - 4 måneder siden
I think you should make a slab instead of a stair in front of the anchoer so that the indicator can be visible
Lucas - 4 måneder siden
Use hoppers to get loot from chests
Sarah Kottek
Sarah Kottek - 4 måneder siden
finally, minecraft acknowledged the true value of a hoe.
when you said max level hoe, I felt that.
christine masakadza
christine masakadza - 4 måneder siden
Petition to have a "Nether Mayor "
Noble Gecko
Noble Gecko - 4 måneder siden
To have the piglins not be aggroed you should use gold boots with soul speed because you're already in the nether
Frizzy Bitsh
Frizzy Bitsh - 4 måneder siden
Ight whos gonna make a respawn anchor type beat?
Michael Montalvo
Michael Montalvo - 4 måneder siden
10 blocks
Musadique Zunzunia
Musadique Zunzunia - 4 måneder siden
Goold rush
Memephis - 4 måneder siden
You should make your nether base an inverted pyramid coming out of a ceiling