Hermitcraft 7: 1.16 Preparations! (Episode 35)

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Welcome back to Minecraft with Cub from the Hermitcraft Season 7 Server. Today we work a bit on the pyramid, create a new Hermiton Herald, and prepare for 1.16 by taking down the Gold Farm.

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3:24 what's the name of the music plz reply
Will - 3 måneder siden
@cubfan135 any chance of you publishing your music playlists?
RobbinVe - 3 måneder siden
Furnace smels 8 items for each item (except lava and coal blocks). He burns kelp blocks does this mean it costs him more than he profits?
Sloopy - 3 måneder siden
5:43 that sounds pretty cool
Evan Lacagnina
Evan Lacagnina - 3 måneder siden
5:42 I love that noise
lausin. - 3 måneder siden
Cub: *Saves his dog from the nether.*
Myat Nyein Kha
Myat Nyein Kha - 3 måneder siden
Vote mambo jumbo
diggoran - 3 måneder siden
For the beacon switches, you should just put a piston facing down directly under the daylight sensor. When it's powered, the piston is a transparent block, and unpowered, it becomes solid.
Cole Harness
Cole Harness - 3 måneder siden
Why did you not use xibalba
Bogdan Thicc Eyebrows
Bogdan Thicc Eyebrows - 4 måneder siden
Pyramid looks like shit omg
Respect For Gamers
Respect For Gamers - 4 måneder siden
You should have each beacon a different effect
Veggie Boy
Veggie Boy - 4 måneder siden
Hey cub just want to say that impulse has a huge amount of kelp and I’m sure he would be happy to give you some
Kate Eshelman
Kate Eshelman - 4 måneder siden
but his pyrimid is great
Kate Eshelman
Kate Eshelman - 4 måneder siden
i built a pyramid egzactly like his but smaller
Viktor Vermeule
Viktor Vermeule - 4 måneder siden
The villager just judged Mumbos supportpole
Rashida Bohra
Rashida Bohra - 4 måneder siden
Cub you can write in egyptian calligraphy on the wall so it looks more egyptian
Rafael Barkhordarian
Rafael Barkhordarian - 4 måneder siden
Mumbo for mayor mumbo for mayor vote for mumbo he will be the best hermit craft mayor
SG Cleveland
SG Cleveland - 4 måneder siden
Vote for scar Concorp revival
Paxton Neal
Paxton Neal - 4 måneder siden
does anyone know the outro song?
Dodgybugger - 4 måneder siden
Make them beacons gold
Ruben Helder
Ruben Helder - 4 måneder siden
Just me or is cub a little obsessed by kelp
BerryBear Cub
BerryBear Cub - 4 måneder siden
For rooms and vertically, you could go to beefs newest shop and get a wallpaper.
Varix - 4 måneder siden
Cub should to a stream where he just harvests kelp from the ocean. So satisfying
Varix - 4 måneder siden
Does anyone know the title of that timelapse music at 2:45?
Klemo - 4 måneder siden
but why you dont onley reset the bottom part of the nether :0
LandoHitman - 4 måneder siden
Cub's edits are hilarious
Angi Long
Angi Long - 4 måneder siden
Hey Cub! Long time fan here, though I kind of come and go as my interest in Minecraft waxes and wanes through the years. Love your channel and you're always one of the first Hermits I watch.
I just want to make a suggestion/request. Would you be willing to try changing your regular greeting from "Ladies and Gentlemen" to something less gendered -- or at least, something inclusive of non-binary people like myself? (And intersex people, and others.) It's not a huge deal to me personally, but I know it's a big trigger for some people. One YouTuber I watch calls his viewers "Wonderful People". That would work. Or you could just say "Ladies, Gentlemen, and Others". Or you could come up with something all your own.
It's a small thing, to change a word or two, but it would go a long way to show your awareness and support.
Sheldon John Jose
Sheldon John Jose - 4 måneder siden
You should've made another newspaper for Scar. I mean you really made his support low. Some already said the "Diamond Popsicle" actually tastes good. As a real journalist myself, I know that you should do something about a big, sort of false controversy that you made.
ESK 56
ESK 56 - 4 måneder siden
It was so cute to see Cub talking to his Minecraft dog a few days after he had to put down his dog irl
Kaneko Point
Kaneko Point - 4 måneder siden
make a instant item transporter please
build a water elevator for items that leads from the obsidian platform in the end to the overworld portal and have hoppers at the original spawn to collect
Northern Ninety7
Northern Ninety7 - 4 måneder siden
I cant imagine how long it takes to make the news papers
Somnium Votum
Somnium Votum - 4 måneder siden
Imagine the smell in that kelp room.....
Watch Youtube
Watch Youtube - 4 måneder siden
Mumbo deserves to be mayor bc he’s the only one doing anything and the others are only copying and greifing stuff Mumbo and Grian is doing not trying to be mean and rude to the others just thinks Mumbo and Grian is doing the most and putting the most effort into the election
Steven Weyhrich
Steven Weyhrich - 4 måneder siden
What you have built here is mind blowing and so beautiful. I bow down to your skillz!
CactusBomber05 - 4 måneder siden
For the beacons, place a piston directly under the daylight sensor then depending on the toggle of it, the piston will not be a solid block (turning on the beacon) because it is extended, or a solid block (turning off the beacon) because it is retracted.
Greg Hildebrand
Greg Hildebrand - 4 måneder siden
We need to talk about the legality of the proximity of campaign solicitations to the polling place.
mr_gropy - 4 måneder siden
you can place beacon in the storge with the slab way on the middle of the Pyramid
Murdo 42
Murdo 42 - 4 måneder siden
Set up the conduit in an underwater pyramid.
Leonardo I. Couto
Leonardo I. Couto - 4 måneder siden
9:42 there's.. two, actually.
Incomplete River
Incomplete River - 4 måneder siden
Cub: gets 5 double chests of dried kelp.
Me with my 14 Double decker kelp farms and 3 double chests of kelp blocks: “Pathetic”
James Boyce
James Boyce - 4 måneder siden
he had 8 daylight sensors.....
Cameron Yeet
Cameron Yeet - 4 måneder siden
Make another Kelp farm
Chimp Guns
Chimp Guns - 4 måneder siden
Mumbo for Mayor
Michael McCauley
Michael McCauley - 4 måneder siden
You didn't need to make a redstone line down to the beacon to remove an iron block. It would be cheaper and easier to just push a full block with a piston to block the beam.
Not a huge deal, but it would also make it pretty simple to move the beacons much lower if you want the beacon effects further underground.
Skarman 1
Skarman 1 - 4 måneder siden
“Oh no my smelter was too fast!” That’s an amazing problem to have lol
Liv Gordin
Liv Gordin - 4 måneder siden
wow those kelp blocks are actually a really cool wall pattern
nikhil m
nikhil m - 4 måneder siden
Cub: Let’s see if there are some daylight sensors. Look like there are not
Me: There are 8 in the shulker box that you were looking inside...
Blue - 4 måneder siden
Vote scar!
Spencer Wilson
Spencer Wilson - 4 måneder siden
I love the timelaps music!
Caylum Butler
Caylum Butler - 4 måneder siden
Scar may have more iconic timelapse music but Cub's is by far my favourite out of any of the Hermits
• Shark_Bait •
• Shark_Bait • - 4 måneder siden
Hieroglyphics would be cool in the base
OTC GAMER - 4 måneder siden
Mumbo for mayor
Im Craqt
Im Craqt - 4 måneder siden
You should make the beacon beams purple to match the carpets and stuff.
Notta Docta
Notta Docta - 4 måneder siden
Everyone else: Time lapse.
Cub: The cracks and pops of kelp collection.
Evan Taylor
Evan Taylor - 4 måneder siden
Simeon Bell
Simeon Bell - 4 måneder siden
My ocd has an issue with cub placing the beacons at y=80 or so... why?!
Simeon Bell
Simeon Bell - 4 måneder siden
cub: building an auto sorter that you can litterally throw everything at
Also cub: sorting leftovers from crafting manually because why not (13:20)
SwapFell Papayrus
SwapFell Papayrus - 4 måneder siden
just 0.5 day left
Jens Grambo
Jens Grambo - 4 måneder siden
Cub should make it so he can turn the Beacons on and off with one button.
MicrowaveMan - 4 måneder siden
Me: "It's too bad Cub only makes 10 minute videos"
Anna Nilsson
Anna Nilsson - 4 måneder siden
Lava bukett,s Burns 100 block,s
Cameron Stricker
Cameron Stricker - 4 måneder siden
You and Cleo should sell past copies of the herald at a diamond each, I’m sure other hermits would want to collect them all or at least some limited edition issues. Just an idea to keep yours and cleos hard work profitable
Jesse Mitchell
Jesse Mitchell - 4 måneder siden
You inspired me to build with kelp too! Not as dramatic as yours but still a fun block
Panagiotis Toumpis
Panagiotis Toumpis - 4 måneder siden
Hermitcraft 8 should be an amplified world! 😀
MysticalMoon - 4 måneder siden
I’ve cried myself to sleep every night since i heard you lost Radg I couldn’t imagine what if must feel like for you 😭
MrSmitty231 - 4 måneder siden
What about keralis kelp farm? Make a deal with him possibly
Byreare Johnson
Byreare Johnson - 4 måneder siden
22:43 thats why they need Joe as dog catcher
Justin Lindner
Justin Lindner - 4 måneder siden
just change the blast furnaces to regular furnices in the “kelp smeltery“
Henry Faulkner
Henry Faulkner - 4 måneder siden
1000th comment
Messed up Bro
Messed up Bro - 4 måneder siden
Hi😛 1000th comment
milo isgood
milo isgood - 4 måneder siden
who else here is going for scar??
Edward Kenway
Edward Kenway - 4 måneder siden
It would be awesome to cub build a bedroom chamber fit for a Pharoah .
Swag-Brawlstars - 4 måneder siden
did anyone else hear the cave noise? 14:14 like if you did
Evan Noyes
Evan Noyes - 4 måneder siden
Imagine not just pillaging someone’s kelp farm
Evan Noyes
Evan Noyes - 4 måneder siden
Or making a quick one. A flying machine kelp farm is super easy!
Officer A
Officer A - 4 måneder siden
(Static)Mr. cube fan how about you interview me officer A. Meet me at the Townhall behind the time in Throne I sent you a comment telling you them there officer A over and out (static)
Arkiplex 24
Arkiplex 24 - 4 måneder siden
What’s your season 7 outro
sweetness gaming
sweetness gaming - 4 måneder siden
Just dupe
QuacklQuacks - 4 måneder siden
Did you not think to make another 2+ farms of the kelp?
Pickles The Ott
Pickles The Ott - 4 måneder siden
You didn't miss the detectors, Cub. You just didn't want to use last week's model!
Jesse Lund
Jesse Lund - 4 måneder siden
Mumbo for Mayor
Avocabro - 4 måneder siden
was this Cubs first time laps ?
Archer - 4 måneder siden
18:48 missed opportunity to say "the beacons are lit!"
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 4 måneder siden
not sure why mumbo has so much less support I think his campaign is so much more fun 😂
Ezekiel Jalan
Ezekiel Jalan - 4 måneder siden
Is it just me or is the sound of him picking up all that kelp just oddly satisfying
Cortex Robert
Cortex Robert - 4 måneder siden
The dried kelp block texture matches the walkway, nice
Justa Guy
Justa Guy - 4 måneder siden
Cub you should look outside the pyramid to see how the beacon beams look. Perhaps build up some kind of decorations where they pass through. Some dragons vomiting beams to the sky or something.
Rafi Amar
Rafi Amar - 4 måneder siden
Tear down that Farm!!
Ryan Woodsmall
Ryan Woodsmall - 4 måneder siden
You should make the beacons purple
Nicolas CURUTCHET - 4 måneder siden
You should make a hermiton herald about GG hacking Grumbot
Haiden meisner
Haiden meisner - 4 måneder siden
Itz_Ryan - 4 måneder siden
the gold farm looks like a honey comb in the time lapse
Jaaantje _
Jaaantje _ - 4 måneder siden
Hey cub you can also just make the upper piston push a full block in the beacon stream. Its a bit easyer lol.
Joseph Mellor
Joseph Mellor - 4 måneder siden
Ant Thomas
Ant Thomas - 4 måneder siden
That sounded so satisfying when you picked up all of that kelp
Star Medigun
Star Medigun - 4 måneder siden
Nice pickaxe name
I am confused
London Beachy
London Beachy - 4 måneder siden
Cub, and easier way to turn it on and off would be to put a piston directly below the daylight sensor, and when the piston gets extended it turns into a transparent block, allowing the beam to travel through
JamezPlayzGamez - 4 måneder siden
Scratzy - 4 måneder siden
You should put the beacons down in the ground so that you get the effects when on a lower level of your base :)
just a pooh bear with internet Access
I'm sorry for your dog, I agree with another commenter saying you should make a dog sphinx memorial. I only wish you had the opportunity to spend more time with him
aw11 - 4 måneder siden
loving the timelapse music!
Daniel Webber
Daniel Webber - 4 måneder siden
You know the song by chance?