Hermitcraft 7: Auctioneer! (Episode 65)

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Today on Hermitcraft we trade some artifacts in Decked Out, begin construction on a new hallway in the pyramid, and finalize the results of the Hermitcraft Auction.

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Intro- Ason ID- Tropical ID (preview)
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Runtime: 28:42


cubfan135 - 20 dager siden
Want to let you all know I will be streaming Minecraft Live this Saturday (Oct. 3rd) with one of the Minecraft devs! You can join me in this livestream starting at 11:30 am EST on Saturday at Twitch.tv/cubfan135.
Varenya Mishra
Varenya Mishra - 14 dager siden
RedKnightC - 14 dager siden
If a hermit does not purchase a road access pass, tear down their shop and move it to the end
Varenya Mishra
Varenya Mishra - 18 dager siden
Cub, I have a feeling that there is a heist going on
Mr Helo
Mr Helo - 19 dager siden
You should change dunks name to Duncan or dunkan O nevermind I see what you did thete
Heisenberg Collins
Heisenberg Collins - 19 dager siden
@Acey Kay ikrnoburn.info/id/video/vKfGYslklW9_qoo.html
Tzippy 101
Tzippy 101 - 4 dager siden
I love how the second cub says dunk tank is open in Targèt the villager goes uh huh huh like French kind of like how targèt sounds French.
Jesse Walls
Jesse Walls - 5 dager siden
wow bug at 20:20 really does fit in with 2020... also HOW?
The World
The World - 5 dager siden
Dunker: *_Geeeeeetttt Dunked On!_*
Alan Lawton
Alan Lawton - 9 dager siden
idea for the next town hall fundraiser event: Hermit Swap-meet! 1 Diamond block to enter, bring whatever you want to trade, trades only, no outright selling (i.e. rockets for diamonds).
benyamin mahdavi
benyamin mahdavi - 11 dager siden
that was such a Beta move as an enforcer
subsonicdeathmonkey - 11 dager siden
I feel like Scar lost a lot of items in that auction. Well done Cub for another amazing episode!
ItsLochJess - 13 dager siden
Wait wait, the box Cub said had "some diamond shovel action" had over 2 stacks of netherite ingots in it didn't it???!!!! (Timestamp 22.09)
Dale Valenta
Dale Valenta - 15 dager siden
I searched DaleMCRB and this came up as ‘Related’... how?
GanonGhidorah - 15 dager siden
Well I just hope that all of those winners enjoy the _stolen goods_ they just paid for.
apricotex - 16 dager siden
the hermits that didnt pay should lowkey feel bad..
Tynado - 16 dager siden
How to know Cub was a salesman before youtube
MC Bedrock
MC Bedrock - 16 dager siden
Grain will not ever pay.
He has send the message.
Jr Madden
Jr Madden - 17 dager siden
You should do a regular auction next go around
robert stimpfyle
robert stimpfyle - 17 dager siden
mark wiens
SamBskate - 17 dager siden
@GoodTimesWithScar your administration is getting out of control!!...shady government extortion and coercion of its citizens? I smell corruption
The Red Assassin
The Red Assassin - 17 dager siden
u should change out the brick stairs for the diamond hallway
chazz30000 - 17 dager siden
Aren't you admitting defeat by paying the road accesses yourself?
Wesley Wamsley
Wesley Wamsley - 17 dager siden
Thought the afk throne gave dibs to key
The Mammoth
The Mammoth - 17 dager siden
23:30 I think that was iskalls profits from the omega store
Prowler Cam
Prowler Cam - 17 dager siden
You're working on some stuff and things? Where have I heard that before?
BrownR87 - 17 dager siden
"One small armor stand scene"
But 12 of those vouchers. 12 small scenes adds up to probably a whole base!
shelalien - 16 dager siden
you should watch zombiecleo latest video. the box is not a lost box. it hold head game participating prizes. i hope keralis will send all vouchers out to the real owner. he loss 64 diamonds for one shulker box. lol 😆
BrownR87 - 17 dager siden
You could throw a few hopper minecarts under dunk and dunker in case hermits forget their stuff on them, it would make it possible to recover items.
IaIaCthulhuFtagn - 17 dager siden
Can you legally still call it a dunk tank if there is no water in it?
Joey - 17 dager siden
He is the dunker
Hi - 17 dager siden
Vathilia Mage
Vathilia Mage - 17 dager siden
i love that idea of any lost and found stuff around the server will be auctioned off. it helps cleans up the server from chest monsters lolz
Sam Ki Baat
Sam Ki Baat - 18 dager siden
Can anyone tell me what is THE 12 Bamboo and THE stick??????
Burly D
Burly D - 18 dager siden
Hermits should tip a diamond block for each run. 💎
noibn - 18 dager siden
'tis a shame you took down the eyes of Ender. I thought they looked so cool. Maybe you can build one or two somewhere else, to preserve their memory in the final map download...
Aligalad - 18 dager siden
Wow you did the dirty on Xisuma. Stole his key then made him pay for it? Not very cool.
lamontshandy - 18 dager siden
Did impulse just low key call you dishonest and then makes you steal the button...
lamontshandy - 18 dager siden
Blast shop was double charged
K C - 18 dager siden
Wait how is the coral not dying? I don’t really understand “waterlogged wood”
Sparky Sparky Boom Man
Sparky Sparky Boom Man - 18 dager siden
Classic Keralis going in with a bid of 69 diamonds 💎
blurry face
blurry face - 18 dager siden
Why are some of the Hermits refusing to pay? Its going to be used for the prize pool which the winner of road competition will get! I thought the Hermits were mature and understanding of these things but ig some hermits aren't?
Electric Dingus
Electric Dingus - 18 dager siden
Key = 3 Diamond blocks or 1 Netherite Ingot
TheAverageChelios - 18 dager siden
Lol, so professionally over here being an auctioneer..
jamcdonald120 - 18 dager siden
wait! you forgot your decked out run!
Gaston - 18 dager siden
Cub is my favorite hermit. Any reason? No.
Sera DT
Sera DT - 18 dager siden
Can't wait to see your reaction about the new update in a new video!
K0bK1t - 18 dager siden
There are 4 lights!
geekdeserpentard .D
geekdeserpentard .D - 18 dager siden
I think the price of a key should only be 8diamond blocks in special occasions.
Marjolein Boulogne
Marjolein Boulogne - 18 dager siden
Love your creativity as enforcer and hope you'll come up with lot's more of that 😄
Layla Lukaj '21
Layla Lukaj '21 - 18 dager siden
is... that piece of stone... the entrance to the HQ?
Miś Koala
Miś Koala - 18 dager siden
20:20 what the hell has happened here xd
Danny514 - 18 dager siden
Etho already paid a Diamond Block for Scars pass, you should put the cobblestone back
Tom C.
Tom C. - 18 dager siden
Ah, the Diamond Throne.
So beautiful.
It'd be a shame if something happened to it.
Black Cat
Black Cat - 18 dager siden
12 bamboos: 200 diamonds -- Nah! THE stick? Yea bruh! -_-... XD
Luke Larson
Luke Larson - 19 dager siden
I think you need to start a militia to fight the resistance
Sam Keats
Sam Keats - 19 dager siden
Return the extra diamond block to xisuma bc there is no way a key is worth 8 blocks
TheUnrealMira - 19 dager siden
I think scar should be getting payed for being mayor. . . . . . .like make a law about it or something
Shivam khanna
Shivam khanna - 19 dager siden
Lol,Dunk and Dunker.
Twitchi - 19 dager siden
Tushar Vishwakarma
Tushar Vishwakarma - 19 dager siden
Keralis paid 69 diamonds ...
very NICE.
Julia Bacik
Julia Bacik - 19 dager siden
13:07 Wait, what colour are pineapples outside Europe???
Faith Sprinkle
Faith Sprinkle - 19 dager siden
Vibe time 🎊🎉
Joshua Andrews
Joshua Andrews - 19 dager siden
Hypno stole your beast
Ben Richardson-amos
Ben Richardson-amos - 19 dager siden
14:52 idk if you've already sorted this out, but bamboo needs skylight to grow, which is why when you first built that path they were not growing at the end closest to the xibalba. found this out when my bamboo farm stopped working when i put a roof over it
Andy - 19 dager siden
Finally finishes the auction of junk lying around the Shopping District and then leaves the auction room and jumps across a pile of more junk shulkers just sitting there and says nothing. Epic
Khylo Miel Aguilus
Khylo Miel Aguilus - 19 dager siden
Cub please don't listen to etho plsss
Jecky Fellow
Jecky Fellow - 19 dager siden
Aww Cubfan paid for those who didn't pay... I imagine they would get TNT'd if the two parties didn't know each other
Kdog Dabomb
Kdog Dabomb - 19 dager siden
You should let iskall have the 12 bamboo. He did bid 201 diamonds. I think it would only be fair. Great episode.
JOHN BAKER - 19 dager siden
6 billon blocked
TurkeyGoblin - 19 dager siden
Poor Scar. He's too gentle of a soul to have just gone and taken his stuff back. 80% of that auction stuff is his when he was ill during the fires. But I know he's a happy person and doesn't care. But I still feel bad for him for losing all that stuff lol.
MJ ROBBO - 19 dager siden
Ethi won with a stick but iskall offered 200 dimonds
Al Klarfeld28
Al Klarfeld28 - 19 dager siden
if the hermits had a myceliem war what would the teams be? cub, X, scar Bdubs Vs grian, iskall, mumbo, impulse. etho?? who else?
Jeni McClellan
Jeni McClellan - 19 dager siden
I know who started the mycelium reinforcement. The leader is Grian. Check out his latest videos. I know Etho is on board and others.
aserta - 19 dager siden
Lies, everyone knows Mumbo Jumbo is the leader. It's written in stone, right beneath Grian's shop.
Aldo Zulfikar
Aldo Zulfikar - 19 dager siden
What's "THE Stick!?"

Btw congrats to cub for winning the MCC, where is your crown cub???
Devon Lusk
Devon Lusk - 19 dager siden
When you see cubs pyramid and then you see this one -----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4U5wcvn3IPA
T Striker
T Striker - 19 dager siden
After you clean out the auction, you should set up the room as a community center. ya know, have tables for a flea market, potentially a food stall, a yoga room, etc etc all the good stuff!
Aidanbot Games
Aidanbot Games - 19 dager siden
The diamonds are gone
Nomnom Boi
Nomnom Boi - 19 dager siden
Love the pureimid it is the biggest one I’ve ever seen
troy hrabec
troy hrabec - 19 dager siden
the stick is more the 201 diamonds ? how is a stick worth ?
Lukas Ruocco
Lukas Ruocco - 19 dager siden
not i big fan of the brick how about the crimson stem insted
Joe The Juggalo
Joe The Juggalo - 19 dager siden
I need some glow sticks for that enforcer jam out.
CorporalCuddles - 19 dager siden
#14 should go to Xisuma, since they didn't outbid him.
Nick Keller
Nick Keller - 19 dager siden
Hey Cub, I think you should add sweet berries in all of the shops that didn't pay road passes. Love your videos!
ps: this was not my idea I just really think you should do it.
Watson Harrell
Watson Harrell - 19 dager siden
Jesus loves you brochachos
Jacob Grim
Jacob Grim - 19 dager siden
You either get dunked by dunk, dunked by dunker, OR GET DUNKED ON BY SANS
Derpy Pedro
Derpy Pedro - 19 dager siden
Loot and burn down the shops that won’t pay. Send a message to the rest
ColdSphinX - 19 dager siden
if those 12 bamboo are the one from decked out, it's just props....Mambo has the original 12 bamboo
Potato Man
Potato Man - 19 dager siden
I've never seen someone so happy 7:34
Dewansh Kejriwal
Dewansh Kejriwal - 19 dager siden
Lol u sell him his item
the key was already his
Liddlegee - 19 dager siden
Cub got off really easy in that trade
Paul Lessard
Paul Lessard - 19 dager siden
I don't understand why these hermits aren't paying for their freakin' road passes... Like just pay the damn block and get it over with...
tom cat
tom cat - 19 dager siden
cub make an obelisk
Z Waug
Z Waug - 19 dager siden
It would be awesome if you collected ravagers for Tango’s game! He’s running low. 😊
Kayo Law
Kayo Law - 19 dager siden
Its not one armour stand scene, its 12 thats why lol
Jackson Westbrook
Jackson Westbrook - 19 dager siden
you scammed the hell out of him
Mad die Gabb itas
Mad die Gabb itas - 19 dager siden
What if you live streamed a vibe time??
Hahaha jk jk
Unless... 👉👈
Michal Rodina
Michal Rodina - 19 dager siden
All those paid-by-xisuma shops deserve nice sponsor statues!
RAJESH GOVADA - 19 dager siden
What's "THE STICK"?
RAJESH GOVADA - 19 dager siden
How did he make those cactus pillars?
RAJESH GOVADA - 19 dager siden
I thought they should be dunked and killed with entity cramming
J Marv
J Marv - 19 dager siden
You all should build a trading platform down there where they won't get sucked up in the ground.
ViperLee 44
ViperLee 44 - 19 dager siden
Easy way I would've solved this. I would've just taken a block from the thrown that they already payed for the land..... Simple as that.
Amir Rafiq
Amir Rafiq - 19 dager siden
Day 1 of asking Cub to run a giant hide n seek in the completed pyramid!
Joe 5
Joe 5 - 20 dager siden
There will now be a stick valued over 200 diamonds
devzer0 - 20 dager siden
I think whoever entered the bid first between X and hypno should win: entering the same bid as is already in the book is an invalid bid