Hermitcraft 7: Auctioning All Items! (Episode 61)

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Welcome back to Minecraft with Cub on the Hermitcraft Season 7 Server! Today we stop by Decked Out, build a new pathway for the road competition, and create a new section of the town hall for auctioning items seized in the shopping district.

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Runtime: 21:39


Renzo Candaza
Renzo Candaza - 9 timer siden
Cubfan is literally the meme "It ain't much but it honest work"
Jason Cao
Jason Cao - 23 dager siden
Every time the ravager growls you say settle down gah settle down but why
chad barker Jr
chad barker Jr - 24 dager siden
You should present a bill to mayor scar for any supplies you provided and the time spent setting up the silent auction area. After all that's what that pile of diamonds was meant for
Arctic Wolf
Arctic Wolf - 24 dager siden
They should do storage wars
Paul Kuch
Paul Kuch - 25 dager siden
Welcome to Decked Out Anonymous
Hello, my name is Cubfan and I'm a Decked Out Addict
Jessica Akers
Jessica Akers - 26 dager siden
I really like the road design much better now. My only complaint would be the stripped oak. I think using the gray concrete, that Xisuma is using, as a replacement would look nicer and help with the transition between both of your road designs.
Dessie Atkinson
Dessie Atkinson - 26 dager siden
Scar: Inforce the law
Cub: So go on a stealing spree
Evan Rodriguez
Evan Rodriguez - 27 dager siden
I feel like this was the nicest way of Cub saying "Hey Hermits, love y'all but clean up your s***"
Evan Rodriguez
Evan Rodriguez - 27 dager siden
I know discord commonly has some issues with this but Joe sounded really low for me
red fire
red fire - 28 dager siden
For me it wasn't the glass and concrete that was the problem it was all that dirt on the side
Emil Winkelmann
Emil Winkelmann - 28 dager siden
This new road is god awfull, prefer the old one
EonWhite - 29 dager siden
A silent auction that can end in a wrestling match is hilarious. 😂
Shreyans Jain
Shreyans Jain - 29 dager siden
You are not allowed to see the contents in an auction
EamEjae Guzman
EamEjae Guzman - 29 dager siden
I only here for deck out content
Senketsu Fi
Senketsu Fi - 29 dager siden
Cub is monitizing stealing?
Thecowman Thecowman
Thecowman Thecowman - 29 dager siden
I think do some spooky woods around it almost like the decked out woods
Thecowman Thecowman
Thecowman Thecowman - 29 dager siden
Wait sorry only just read the comment underneath same idea 😂😅
Nanzilla - 29 dager siden
Why do I have a feeling all those chests are Scars lol
Jack Walter
Jack Walter - 29 dager siden
It’s ok man. I still love your road
Bassel Bousaleh
Bassel Bousaleh - Måned siden
If any hermit watches this video they'll already know where those 11 diamonds at
David C Wallace
David C Wallace - Måned siden
I liked the green/grass path better but this new one is cool for the speed boost
Dakota Jones
Dakota Jones - Måned siden
Cub: “alright we’re gonna meet up with joe at the decked out *mini game* ”
Me: “how dare you call decked out mini”
Dakota Jones
Dakota Jones - Måned siden
What about the people who dont have the speed boots... 😅
Tabitha Ellis
Tabitha Ellis - Måned siden
There's really no need to charge for road access. The hermits paid for their plot of land and elected Scar to use those diamonds to buy resources for the road (as well as other improvements, like grass, trees, etc.)
blue J; green T
blue J; green T - Måned siden
8:30 oh man wait until grian finds out about this place
edit: nevermind, the mycelium has been replaced with a well-furnished room
Storyteller Forever
Storyteller Forever - Måned siden
Love the new techy road! Feels more Cub... :3
fierceANM - Måned siden
I know most of you are children but you’ve got to understand that this is a GAME. Everyone is role playing. They will not be mad at each other for this. They talk outside of these videos too and everyone knows what goes on in any sort of collaborative project. It’s not “stealing”. Hermits will help each other with blocks if need be
Jacob - Måned siden
you could do the lost and found auction like a storage unit auction. Basically hermits get to see the amount of stuff but don't actually get to look through it.
Sophy - Måned siden
No way I loved the road!
Guillermo Escobar
Guillermo Escobar - Måned siden
This is wacky because you give away hermits stuff that they worked for like false she thought it was gone but others may think some one stole it
Drummer Daan
Drummer Daan - Måned siden
This road looks amazing man!!!
Taylor Buckley
Taylor Buckley - Måned siden
People can kiss your ass on the road situation! It looks awesome and idc what anyone says man!
Chocknut - Måned siden
Selling things of other hermits to them selves and taking diamonds from this for yourself, beeing rude when somewone come to u for example:
*short version*
False: hello
Cubfan: hello take a sit.
False: sits on minecart
*Cubfan press the button to damage minecart and frew away the person who sit on it*
*repeats a few time*
Power made you not good person.
Lil Peach
Lil Peach - 27 dager siden
My guy this is a role play
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor - Måned siden
If you wanted to do a blind bid system where no one knows who's bid, you can use a dropper system to randomize numbered paper. Each participant would use their number instead of name and you could post the winning numbers instead of names. Hermits would have to present their numbered paper to collect the goods.
Matthew K.
Matthew K. - Måned siden
not gonna lie cub the new road doesn’t look much better
Big Bad Buddha
Big Bad Buddha - Måned siden
love your work, only sugestion is on the blind voteing, it is not really blind voteing if each person can see what the others have bid for what is in the boxes, it needs to have it so they have to put there best offer in but they cant see what has already been placed, keep up the good work, love from australia
Sir Tain Lee
Sir Tain Lee - Måned siden
Excellent work on the new roads, Cub!
Tom Gillespie
Tom Gillespie - Måned siden
Sorry I’m really confused can someone explain why cub is stealing hermits items instead of returning them bit wrong
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson - Måned siden
i actually liked the road. i dont like the grey road
spidermandy310 - Måned siden
I've been trying really hard to try to like watching his videos, but Cub has gotten mean lately. I don't think i can handle it anymore. 😔
Lil Peach
Lil Peach - 27 dager siden
It's not mean you know he is just doing it for fun and I am sure all hermits are ok with it
Holden Noble
Holden Noble - Måned siden
Put repeaters right next to sensors so there isn’t the delay
2011Account22 - Måned siden
Hey, Cub. Yeah... The road design, I have to admit, was a rare miss.
If it's any consolation, I didn't like X's grey road equally as much as your green road.
Anyway, I love the updated road design. It's much more Cub :-)
AlucardNoir - Måned siden
Should we tell him he doesn't need that many lights if he's in a mooshroom biome?
Ben's blox world
Ben's blox world - Måned siden
Cub didn’t remove the micelium he must arrest himself
KhillikiaLea W
KhillikiaLea W - Måned siden
Most of all the stuff you have there belongs too scar. Please be four you do this I’m sure you have already speck with scar.
elizabeth ramirez
elizabeth ramirez - Måned siden
I think you should build a redstone wall separating the bid area and the town hall main road. I also think you should replace the gray concrete with polished blackstone, oh and for the new road you should make the lamps look like street lights.
Haru - Måned siden
Sarah Landis
Sarah Landis - Måned siden
Greta Gru
Greta Gru - Måned siden
Oh, I hope there's a tie. What a fun idea. I'd love to see the HWF arena get revisited.
Teddy - Måned siden
Anyone else who liked the old road?
John Willis
John Willis - Måned siden
xB and Bduds are gonna be sad, maybe! I think they liked that road, unless the road had already been changed by the time they saw in in Bdubs video!
Markus L.
Markus L. - Måned siden
Each chandelier has 2 beacons. That's some reaaal expensive chandelier
Pikabuki - Måned siden
That under room would make a fantastic meeting space when the auction is done. Much fancier for stream day meetups than the Town Hall doorway.
Jaxon Adrain
Jaxon Adrain - Måned siden
Cub, r u with the resistance??
Edward Huf
Edward Huf - Måned siden
Whaat?!? I liked the old road!
Harley Russell
Harley Russell - Måned siden
How can you have a tie? You see the previous bid, and you must bid higher.
Julie Pawloski
Julie Pawloski - Måned siden
cub the one form iskalls omega shop was the place were he puts his profets for his shop
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget - Måned siden
Whoat? I actually liked the green road stuff. Bunch of rood people these people are.
ninjakirby777 - Måned siden
Seems like a dick move to take everyone items from where they have them placed for usage and then SELL them. maybe you should give it back to them for free or not move it from where they have them for usage. I know some hermits complained about being unable to find their chests.
Lil Peach
Lil Peach - 27 dager siden
He is just doing it for fun and also according to what ik he asked everyone's permission
Penguin Gaming
Penguin Gaming - Måned siden
I actually liked the green road
zecks kexs
zecks kexs - Måned siden
why are you taking stuff outside shops that are under construction?
Brucester - Måned siden
Can we see a big arc on hermitcraft with the mayor and his henchmen ruling over hermitcraft with too much power and the other hermits have to stop them?
Betty Blue
Betty Blue - Måned siden
Hey Cubby
I loved the previous road design and you've somehow managed to improve it. You're the best❤️
jacob sweeney
jacob sweeney - Måned siden
do not abus your pawer in the shoping dis
Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph - Måned siden
I liked the old roads... but I also like the new style!
I suppose squeaky wheel gets the grease with folks dissenting on the design. I’m just happy to enjoy it!
Archer The creeper killer
Archer The creeper killer - Måned siden
stringcheese 100
stringcheese 100 - Måned siden
For the technical score you could have beds pop up on the paths when it becomes nighttime
Mikayla Jennel
Mikayla Jennel - Måned siden
Cub, sending much love and happiness your way. Don't let negative comments find their way into your heart. This game is about you enjoying it, not about pleasing every random person with an opinion. Your enjoyment is the most important thing, not ours!
Alfian Dwi Chandra
Alfian Dwi Chandra - Måned siden
I hate the new road cub the old one was better
GL Boone
GL Boone - Måned siden
Ur the best cub
Ben Walker
Ben Walker - Måned siden
honestly, my only problem with Cub and Xisuma concerning the pink road, is that they arent making one road. It was supposed to be one continuous road marked out by the Pink wool by Scar, and then Xisuma was all like, "this is a cool idea.... but I'm not going to push for the whole thing to be like this" and Cub has just been like "okay." and made a different road instead of recognising that they probably should have stuck together completely, not kinda vaguely.
Kai Knoch
Kai Knoch - Måned siden
Put pillars with arches attached in the silent auction room. It would make the room feel more together.
Sabrina Cooper
Sabrina Cooper - Måned siden
Storage Wars 2.0
Vincit_ MC
Vincit_ MC - Måned siden
I dont think selling someone's stuffs to other hermits.
Rather you can charge 10 diamonds per shulker box.
Plz i feel bad for the hermit's stuffs which they grinded hard for.🙁
Younes Layachi
Younes Layachi - Måned siden
Finally ! A soul speed path !
Can't have enough of those :D
PS green glass path looked good too, this one is more functional.
Younes Layachi
Younes Layachi - Måned siden
What an episode
SNM FSquirrel87
SNM FSquirrel87 - Måned siden
I think it should be a mystery on whats inside the shulkers! With bigger groups, people would want to pay more to get a better chance at getting something good
Kanishq Panwar
Kanishq Panwar - Måned siden
Bad again
Don Brak
Don Brak - Måned siden
I hope a few ties in the auction xd
ETHowie - Måned siden
To keep it similar to xisuma’s road maybe you could replace black stone slabs with brown glass
ETHowie - Måned siden
It would be really cool if the road you made went through xisumas moon part as well
Jennifer Bonete
Jennifer Bonete - Måned siden
Grian started the myceluim resistance
Offical PointedIce
Offical PointedIce - Måned siden
How Is Cub Not the Most Subscripted Hermit he uploads every like 2 days
Donald Deng
Donald Deng - Måned siden
The only thing I don't like about the new road is the curvey part in between Guardian Goodies and Lamps+. I think that part would look way better if it was straight and the part beside Guardian Goodies connected straight to the intersection
Joey Pettis
Joey Pettis - Måned siden
You should have the hermits rename their stack of diamonds as bids and have them go in to a chest underground. That way none of the other hermits can see the bids. They cab easily come back and change their bid by adding more, losers get their exact diamonds back. It just makes it all the more of a secret bid. Credit to Tango on his idea for his auctions.
Albert Joseph
Albert Joseph - Måned siden
What really cub is :
A programed sentient :)
Michael Gamel
Michael Gamel - Måned siden
Omg dude you can't just take others stuff you jerk they need that your stealling!
Lil Peach
Lil Peach - 27 dager siden
According to what ik he asked everyone's permission and also he is just doing it for fun
Joshua Blitzer
Joshua Blitzer - Måned siden
People haven't been on or been in the merchant district so they don't know their stuff is missing
Thomas Heuermann
Thomas Heuermann - Måned siden
Seeing the old road in bdubs video is sad. It went with Xisuma ‘s road so well. The pink road doesn’t look like they belong together now.
Clash Playa
Clash Playa - Måned siden
Your path didn’t look as good as Xisuma’s because of the brown dirt and the different colors of green between the grass/concrete
EnchantedPencil Comics
EnchantedPencil Comics - Måned siden
Beautiful auction house, love how this season's server has such a robust governmental body xD xD xD
ArchNiki - Måned siden
Cub is into mycylium
Will Puerto
Will Puerto - Måned siden
I feel like the road needs some fences or other things in the area like xiuma did
Crixus Cooper
Crixus Cooper - Måned siden
Your new path looks so much nicer than before especially with the soul sand and lamps will give you a good chance to win
Daniel Holden
Daniel Holden - Måned siden
Oh my god you're stealing from the hermits and selling it back to them for money you really are a criminal mastermind
The Original Barron
The Original Barron - Måned siden
Rip cub's road lol
Teaparty Strategist
Teaparty Strategist - Måned siden
Have you guys decided a diamonds => netherite conversion rate? e.g someone bids 1 netherite ingot in the auction, which would be the same as bidding x amounts of diamond.
Eternity Flowers
Eternity Flowers - Måned siden
Keep up the good work cub, you enforcer! In the end it’s a game they play for fun and for life. Don’t take the people in the comments to heart they take this game WAY to serious and need to lighten up.
Blake McCurdy
Blake McCurdy - Måned siden
I love the silent auction you set up! The room will be a great "general purpose" room as well.
Kevin Tao
Kevin Tao - Måned siden
wait for grian
drevnykot - Måned siden
technically speaking it's conflict of interest and as long as it's not 'forbidden' it's deffinitly shady
it all depends of how well you inform people about auction