Hermitcraft 7: Cinnabun Pong! (Episode 55)

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Welcome back to Minecraft with Cub on the Hermitcraft 7 Server! Today we create a huge game in Targét, Cinnabun Pong!

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Target Block Flying Machine developed by EagleEye621 here: noburn.info/id/video/2GS8aaV2ZXGJmpg.html

Intro- Ason ID- Tropical ID (preview)
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Racoon Power
Racoon Power - 9 dager siden
Cub: "I hope that makes sense"
Me: "I lost you at Bdubs went to sleep"
Avyukt Gupta
Avyukt Gupta - Måned siden
The room you made could be used to make some sort of room dedicated to a past pharaoh
Wangui Gikemi
Wangui Gikemi - Måned siden
This are how many people want cub to play roblox
Wangui Gikemi
Wangui Gikemi - Måned siden
This are how many people who want cub to cub to play fornite
Luke Tucker
Luke Tucker - Måned siden
Once upon a time, you were very sick and the doctor came in and said, "we have a match. you have the same disease that a lot of other people do. you're gonna die."
so you grab him by the collar and tell him, "you can't just come in here and tell me that I'm gonna die." he says, "there is a cure but we don't
have it here."
"who has it?"
"the hospital about 20 miles away, but it's very expensive and you can't afford it."
Then one of your friends and his son walk in and asks the doctor what's wrong with you.
He then tells you, "I can go and get the medicine but I don't have the money."
his son says, "Dad, I got the money to save him."

on the way to the hospital, their car hits a tree and the son is killed. your friend continues to the hospital crying, he gets the medicine and saves your life.

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If you want to be saved, know that you’ve done many things that are wrong and ask Jesus to save you. that's it.

This is the story that changed my life. I hope it changes yours.
Silas Brusseau
Silas Brusseau - Måned siden
Hey Cub, maybe do something with shooting rockets out of crossbows
Bethany Dengler-Germain
Bethany Dengler-Germain - Måned siden
love you
Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan
All of Cub's minigames are so creative and fun! It's really entertaining to see him building them!
LDA - Måned siden
i like how cub startedd doing more timelapses
EagleEye621 - Måned siden
Thanks for featuring my build :)
Mikate Imperador
Mikate Imperador - Måned siden
7:57 U shoud remove observers so only when u hit the target the flying machine walk just one step xD it will make it a bit more fun and intense. So u need to constantly hit the target
Felicity Lemon
Felicity Lemon - Måned siden
you should go to the upside down, latest video is Grian ep 38
*please give me a minecrafty name*
He's not invited
Ellis Fretwell
Ellis Fretwell - Måned siden
Just a idea but if you fire a firework every so often at the tarģet target block thing that could look quite cool
Mali A
Mali A - Måned siden
Cub is so rich he uses acient debris for decoration
Bueno48 -games
Bueno48 -games - Måned siden
Cubfan is joseph joestar
That kid
That kid - Måned siden
i kinda want to see you make that auto bridge in beta 1.8.1
Mangle Lover pirate fox
Mangle Lover pirate fox - Måned siden
Someone make a yeah counter
Light1090 - Måned siden
Just a suggestion, I would make the area on top see-through if you want to use it to watch the game. Only reason being because you can't tell what is going on underneath you.
Micah Todd
Micah Todd - Måned siden
The Pyramid is very respectable... you are truly an inspired crafter
Make love, not War
Make love, not War - Måned siden
You should use Soulfire Lanterns so it matches the blue theme
MR.D3STROYER - Måned siden
I’m still waiting for cub to put a minigolf course in the center of the pyramid
Lucien Star
Lucien Star - Måned siden
Why not do a shooting range with pop up targets as well?
Senketsu Fi
Senketsu Fi - Måned siden
It would be so cool if he hid the machine of the game by making the angels from off the lid of the ark of the covenent from indiana jones with the statues facing inwards and the wing arms hiding the arch of the redstone, and it was all made of solid gold...
Joe The Juggalo
Joe The Juggalo - Måned siden
Cub i was thinking *CinnaPong* for a shorter name of the game. That name has a nice ring to it. Plus the snowballs is like the frosting on the cinnamon bun
Sparhawk Draconis
Sparhawk Draconis - Måned siden
So many ideas, gotta put them all in one post. Pong game rule variants: 1-Precision mode, each player only allowed 1 stack (16) of snow balls, 2- 2-on-2 team mode, 3- 2 on 2 precision team mode, 4- As many players as you can get precision team mode WITH SHOVELS!
Julia McSugar
Julia McSugar - Måned siden
i think you should have made a ice castle
Sabrina Cooper
Sabrina Cooper - Måned siden
kevin mauro
kevin mauro - Måned siden
u missed your shot. you shoulda named it "cinnapong"
geekdeserpentard .D
geekdeserpentard .D - Måned siden
He should make a game where you ARE the arrow using an elytra and a string and an observer!
The Reluctant Chef
The Reluctant Chef - Måned siden
Cina-Pong? (did someone already say Cina-Pong? Way too many comments to find it)
Evan Fellows
Evan Fellows - Måned siden
you could call it cinnapong
scott uriamir
scott uriamir - Måned siden
lol, I am from Israel and I saw that swirle unicode, and it's the symbol for Israely Shekels
Vihar Jain
Vihar Jain - Måned siden
Please brother ard #theneocubest to hermicraft.. because he deserves it...🙏🙏🙏🙏i love you both and i watch your all videos...thx
Alessia Barbu
Alessia Barbu - Måned siden
omg i stan u bcs ur so hardworking
ur a king✨✨
Dalton Bedore
Dalton Bedore - Måned siden
the whole game is like an air hockey table👍
Chris Norris
Chris Norris - Måned siden
Game Idea: Make a game of chance with chicken eggs.
Maxxxi_9 - Måned siden
No fucking way bdubs sleeping has been a jab at scar this entire time, how am I just noticing this
Sir Tain Lee
Sir Tain Lee - Måned siden
Cub, let players stand where they want, but each player is given a shovel and pick, to dig under the opposing player. A player has to choose between throwing snowballs at the target and digging under his opponent. Deep holes will soon be everywhere and you can imagine the rest.
TheImperialspinosaurus - Måned siden
If anything targét needs it's paths to the games.
Jonistan - Måned siden
Cub is the only person who actually knows how to craft fireworks
Ragemaster05 _Gaming
Ragemaster05 _Gaming - Måned siden
Cinna pong
Dominic Menter
Dominic Menter - Måned siden
Not gonna lie, the minigames kinda suck
Jonah Mesple
Jonah Mesple - Måned siden
I'm a little late, but wouldn't it be cool if instead of just trying to fit the word cinnabun on the sign, he made 2 giant cinnabuns on either side of the word pong?
Maryam Mahdavi
Maryam Mahdavi - Måned siden
Why Cinnabun Pong
Josh Yanney
Josh Yanney - Måned siden
Idea for cub. Make one of those rides where u sit in a train and have to shoot the targets whilst the train is moving. U could use minecarts
Rainbowshark007 - Måned siden
Name ur new game cinna pong
MacLaren Stevenson
MacLaren Stevenson - Måned siden
you should make the pong sign out of glass so spectators can watch the cinnabon under them
logan goldbrerg
logan goldbrerg - Måned siden
I must say cub is definitely the best hermit he is amazing at redstone building and his farms always r very productive and he is never afraid to grind
MagentaPuppy - Blender Simulations
being the pharaoh you should live off gapples
TheMumbio - Måned siden
"This is the most unfortunate situation I've found myself in all season.."
May I remind you off the nether portal lava accident...
"Now I know what you're thinking....." "Hit the snowman with a potion of fire resistance"
You... what? No, I wasn't thinking that! I didn't even know that O_o
*please give me a minecrafty name*
Lol as blazes are damaged by snowballs fire resisted golem can be useful but they don't have much health and can be easily taken down by the mobs in the fortress
Oliver Zhang
Oliver Zhang - Måned siden
Intro was amazing Lol
Merlottt - Måned siden
Why is the video only on 480?
MUG Inc - Måned siden
Krux - Måned siden
I "basically" enjoyed the episode ;]
Lyricslance - Måned siden
Lyricslance - Måned siden
Lyricslance - Måned siden
Lyricslance - Måned siden
Lyricslance - Måned siden
Lyricslance - Måned siden
The constitution Is meaningless
Hey man. What’s the ledger looking like after the new pong game? Diamond blocks all that concrete. Expensive.
Beaststorm The Awesome
Beaststorm The Awesome - Måned siden
Cub needs one mil subs 232k to go
CinnaPup - Måned siden
I want to see cubs reaction to the chat when Grian and Bdubs pranked scar
MechaDogzilla154 - Måned siden
Really liked the voice over timelapse just wanted to let u all know
Tundra14 - Måned siden
you should use blue lanterns at the top
808antihero - Måned siden
This game is one of my favriotes in all hermitcraft
Julian Ortiz
Julian Ortiz - Måned siden
Cub, you should change the torches and lanterns for soul torches and lanterns, it would fit even better with the icy theme
akrinah - Måned siden
More hidden rooms and secrets :)
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown - Måned siden
I come here to deepen my Minecraft humility. Cub, you friggin rock.
Megha bhat
Megha bhat - Måned siden
You have made many target minigames make any thing else
Skidoo - Måned siden
Spend more time on your episodes so we aren’t just watching you make a game it’s kinda boring
Skidoo - Måned siden
Like many things you could have just editor out
Blake Thurman
Blake Thurman - Måned siden
Still more sandstone!
E - Måned siden
Cub should hire little ethos little music box to make a soundtrack for this mini game
Juul Moose
Juul Moose - Måned siden
You shouldn't give them the snowballs in the beginning, its much more intense if they have to collect them during the game.
Owen Reed
Owen Reed - Måned siden
definitely make the secret room into a mini golf!
Austin - Måned siden
Damn only 1080p I see
Ferris the Red
Ferris the Red - Måned siden
This gave me an idea, which has led to the creation of a sort of air hockey game. Field of ice, walls of slime blocks on pistons, and lines of tripwire around the perimitre - now I have armour stands bouncing back and forth across the testing arena, ad infinitum, and it's fantastic.
Ferris the Red
Ferris the Red - Måned siden
The gameplay portion funtioning hinges on the ability to hit armour stands while they're moving, but Impulse already confirmed that works via Disarmoured, so I just went for it. I love all the minigames popping up this season! Targét and the Nether Lands keep giving me new ideas.
sargam dey
sargam dey - Måned siden
Cubfan make a parkoar map with target blocks and lava
Likr so he can see
Twenty-Two Tylers
Twenty-Two Tylers - Måned siden
Use soul lanterns around the pong game to make them match the icy theme
xFizer - Måned siden
Fun Fact: 23:59 The symbol on the compass for the Cinnabun Pong game, is the currency of Israel called "Shekel".
ArchetypeGotoh - Måned siden
1:15 what a legend :)
PyroKrypt - Måned siden
Before i say what ima say, im cool with cub and what hes doin ya know, its hermitcraft its for fun who cares, but if i were playing, personally since im an orderly boi, i would put all the games in the game area, because it feels weird for me to have them in my base. Thats just me tho. Also cub, its cool if u keep it up but i gotta say there has been a lot of targét lately
jonah strahlberg
jonah strahlberg - Måned siden
For the buttons on each side as cinnobuns
JimJam 121
JimJam 121 - Måned siden
why is the walls of your base made of dry kelp blocks??
Jamy Ryals
Jamy Ryals - Måned siden
Cub is epic man...
TheBetter1 - Måned siden
raise the last notes of the serve chime by one
Atomic BbRr
Atomic BbRr - Måned siden
is it me or the video is just 1080p
everything cool
everything cool - Måned siden
Hey cubfan
Umm the quality is only 1080p and that isn't very convenient for me
Since I have a bad internet connection I can't watch this video
Radu Pop
Radu Pop - Måned siden
How do you get all the dyes
Thomas Horsman
Thomas Horsman - Måned siden
Is the flying machine in the middle?
Nicholas Turner
Nicholas Turner - Måned siden
Xisuma did his stand off tournament, right? At the end of the season, you could do a massive Targét tournament with all the games and every hermit.
Shal The Pal
Shal The Pal - Måned siden
Hey cub! I have an idea for a Target minigame!
I call it: Hungry
The idea is you have to shoot a 3o to 40 block target block, and when you do that, you have a tempurary acces to a husk that will feed on you. The goal is to eat as many Cookies as possible!
I just thought of it, but you can get very creative with this!
Will Slyfield
Will Slyfield - Måned siden
It would be a better game if you get rid of the barrels of free snowballs, so they have to decide between getting more snowballs and being able to start sooner, or team play could have one 'shooter' and one 'gatherer' maybe?
Vlase SFA
Vlase SFA - Måned siden
you should give each player like 3 stacks of snow balls to prevent spam throwing them in front of the target. And after they all are out of snow balls, the fly machine will go in the direction where the last person hit it.
Larcek Giglamesh
Larcek Giglamesh - Måned siden
so the game could be expanded to allow team mates on the top of the sign throwing some nausea potions agains the other side. :D
Heiz Peter
Heiz Peter - Måned siden
My notification didn’t worked!! Noo i’m late!!
Rea - Måned siden
where can i find the outro song?
Crivicus - Måned siden
I think you need to sell some extortionately priced food for everyone that forgets to bring their own to targét just to stay in theme with most game halls, arcades and arenas!
Dimpayツ - Måned siden
B11, Padagas, Reigner Aaron A.
Its so rare for cub to make a timelapse.