Hermitcraft 7: Crystal Connection (Episode 26)

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Welcome back to Minecraft with Cub on the Hermitcraft Server! Today we explore the interior of the crystals, create a new edition of the Hermiton Herald, and add a few details to our pyramid.

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Runtime: 27:34


cubfan135 - 5 måneder siden
Invanity X
Invanity X - 4 måneder siden
Aj - 4 måneder siden
Hey I think you should get a resource or data pack that turns a certain mob head into an anubis head since you are a pharoah
Dominic Plays135
Dominic Plays135 - 4 måneder siden
cubfan135 whats that
tirivikrambr - 4 måneder siden
For the people who are confused Wels got injured and took a break.
AIDAN MURRAY - 4 måneder siden
#bringbackconcorp and hire grian to this time
Pranav Iyer
Pranav Iyer - 5 dager siden
Cubfan has 69 levels!
Owen Kobel
Owen Kobel - 12 dager siden
Anyone else get the lord of the rings reference with his axe?
Sebastian Christensen
Sebastian Christensen - Måned siden
imagen if they had sent him to season 8
Ron Cuevas
Ron Cuevas - Måned siden
Thanks for pressure plate asmr
Sylvia Galvan
Sylvia Galvan - 2 måneder siden
* casually sacrifices stairs *
Vir Silvam Survival
Vir Silvam Survival - 2 måneder siden
You should have left the Magic Crystals in season 6!
PGATPlays Minecraft
PGATPlays Minecraft - 2 måneder siden
me when the video starts: *nice*
Romay Nichols
Romay Nichols - 2 måneder siden
you brought welsknight back!!
legoninja 987
legoninja 987 - 3 måneder siden
An ad came up when u were walking on the honeycomb blocks

The ad was for Honey
John Willis
John Willis - 3 måneder siden
It's kind of strange seeing Cub without LOADS UPON LOADS of diamonds!!!
greener_canuck - 3 måneder siden
So, I'm still catching up .. but I'm going call it .. the crystals will eventually send Cub back to his single player world :)
mohd yusni mohd ariffin
mohd yusni mohd ariffin - 3 måneder siden
Welcome back to con Corp cub
Helen Fletcher-Hill
Helen Fletcher-Hill - 4 måneder siden
forgive me, I’m new here but I just wanted to stop by and say; I really love how Cub supports all the other hermits! He’s made heaps of effort to visit all of the shops and enter all of the events and really big up the other hermits! Love the content! What a brilliant creator and all-around nice guy 😊
Matt Lewandowski
Matt Lewandowski - 4 måneder siden
good edit between the crystals and the beacon cluster, but CHEESY way to bring Wels back to hermitcraft.
Daz the Great
Daz the Great - 4 måneder siden
Pharaoh's Curse
Dray-anthro-Wamon GamerFurryGirl69
Little bit of a practical joker yes look at his experience bar level 69 hahaha
J Lupovitch
J Lupovitch - 4 måneder siden
bro next can u bring back python?
Joey Pettis
Joey Pettis - 4 måneder siden
Can I suggest putting a beacon on the tip of the great pyramid?
Mumen Rider
Mumen Rider - 4 måneder siden
I just realized that cubs lvl is 69

Miriam Glad
Miriam Glad - 4 måneder siden
When you fly over your pyramide, i think it will be awesome if you had shadow of yourself with darker stairs.
The T Wizard
The T Wizard - 4 måneder siden
Imagine if Etho put glass in the magic crystals box XD
Skeleton on crystals
Skeleton on crystals - 4 måneder siden
The crystals have the power of editing in them
Skeleton on crystals
Skeleton on crystals - 4 måneder siden
When there is so much meth that just being near it makes you high
Flurkeydurkey - 4 måneder siden
Only in hermitcraft do you throw a shulker box into the void.
Flurkeydurkey - 4 måneder siden
Smooth edits!
Joaquin Juarez
Joaquin Juarez - 4 måneder siden
What a creative way to introduce a new hermit into season 7 🤣💪🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶
Christian Pihl Hansen
Christian Pihl Hansen - 4 måneder siden
"1 daylight detector for 16 diamonds" damn, that's expensive
VallGameStudio - 4 måneder siden
transition was so fricking smooooth!!
Veum Timmy
Veum Timmy - 4 måneder siden
great vid
Reigne Stephen Regalado
Reigne Stephen Regalado - 4 måneder siden
In 16:04 you can clearly hear Cub saying " One daylight detector for sixteen diamonds. "
Nik_ VR
Nik_ VR - 4 måneder siden
69 levels XD
Dylan Canlas
Dylan Canlas - 4 måneder siden
What are those arrows in your hotbar on 2:07 on the 9th slot
auztex 120
auztex 120 - 4 måneder siden
14:55 that dog has a leash
Mr. bla
Mr. bla - 4 måneder siden
69 xp loll
Crazy -Gamerz
Crazy -Gamerz - 4 måneder siden
Smh why didn't you burry them im season 6
JareMicah Schmidt
JareMicah Schmidt - 4 måneder siden
Star fissures are not your trash can. There's no telling where those crystals ended up.
Enoch Kim
Enoch Kim - 4 måneder siden
i realised your at 730k subs! almost? sorta
DogeHau - 4 måneder siden
Like how joe did not himself bought newspaper ad plase he just said. He just used Iskalls payment.
moistmanm9 - 4 måneder siden
Carl Williams
Carl Williams - 4 måneder siden
Wells cashing in on HC S VII success!
Jurre persijn
Jurre persijn - 4 måneder siden
i just wanted to see how big the crystals would get :(
Scudge - 4 måneder siden
Imagine how much time scar spent building those crystals
Ricky Mateo
Ricky Mateo - 4 måneder siden
There was a mistake, Joehills didn't pay for the ad in the herald, those diamonds were from isakall. Iskall was the one supposed to get the entire herald on this volume.
Inferno - 4 måneder siden
you should use a cat head for bastet
Seth - 4 måneder siden
Cub, I just wanted to say this was a brilliant way to bring Wels back. Major props, bud.
Ruben de Vries
Ruben de Vries - 4 måneder siden
That edit tho!
Aidan Reid
Aidan Reid - 4 måneder siden
I think you should use iron instead of gold as I think it looks more like iron on the great pyramid
pip playz games
pip playz games - 4 måneder siden
Funny thing cat where treated like gods by the pirimides
William Chiricota
William Chiricota - 4 måneder siden
That editing was insane! I watched Welsknight video and didn't expect AT ALL what was going to happen. Great job! :D
TakoKing2121 - 4 måneder siden
idea: you should make an “I VOTED!” mapart that dispenses after the hermit has voted
NickBlazer - 4 måneder siden
15:56 "1 daylight detector for 16 diamonds". Ah yes the perfect pricing.
aaron kenley
aaron kenley - 4 måneder siden
Gold nipple.
AJ Pinley
AJ Pinley - 4 måneder siden
I personally think it would be really cool if he added a sphinx
Some Person You Have no Association With :p
What if you didn't lose your crystals?
EpicGamer - 4 måneder siden
2:29 gotta lover the transitions
Jorith Zwaan
Jorith Zwaan - 4 måneder siden
maybe some enchantments on the gold armor would look good too!
Blayne Beaty
Blayne Beaty - 4 måneder siden
Can u change the color of the floor of storage room
J C - 4 måneder siden
You should get your own Egyptian cat
Da Bananananana
Da Bananananana - 4 måneder siden
Could you decorate with the big black god cat person statue things? Idk what they're called. There's one in Night at the Museum.
Mr madman
Mr madman - 4 måneder siden
hey cub you should build a smaller pyramid in a test world but make it gold, I think it would look great. Try it and see if you like it, It might be a little too much for you but just see if you like it.
Loganxtryma Gaming
Loganxtryma Gaming - 4 måneder siden
Gonna start watching cub just cause his base reminds me of one I took months to make and the world got corrupted
loler4332 - 4 måneder siden
Cub you should put a beacon at the top of the pyramid
Tim B
Tim B - 4 måneder siden
Do a beacon on top with a Goa'uld mothership landing on top
-KITTEN BOY- - 4 måneder siden
XTheSc4recr0wX - 4 måneder siden
Cub for pharao
Kiro Jii
Kiro Jii - 4 måneder siden
put the crystal crisis on the news
Robberyy - 4 måneder siden
I joined in season 7 sorry but who is wels?
DeepPastry - 4 måneder siden
Besides adding a few more layers of gold to the top of the pyramid, maybe make the layers solid and top it with a beason. Yes, a gold powered beacon right on the top would be cool.
Autumn Pritchard
Autumn Pritchard - 4 måneder siden
You could always replant the crystals elsewhere like seedsin the server and no one will ever know where they came from when giant towers start emerging
Karma TuT
Karma TuT - 4 måneder siden
Imagine if he would plant them in Scar's base
Dusky frog
Dusky frog - 4 måneder siden
what eps did he bury the crystals
Luis Nunez
Luis Nunez - 4 måneder siden
Great vid Cub as always. At fisrt I didn't understand the greatness of the Herald but now I know.
Also Vote Joe for Dogcatcher
lukas manos
lukas manos - 4 måneder siden
Cub you should replace the mob heads on the armor stands with all the different cat heads since cat's were a thing back in ancient Egyptian times. :D
Jac Cas
Jac Cas - 4 måneder siden
this was a really cute way to bring back wels :)
Karma TuT
Karma TuT - 4 måneder siden
Woo Wels is back!
identity theft
identity theft - 4 måneder siden
You should add more textures blocks to the floor and walls of the pyramid
OK Schlatter
OK Schlatter - 4 måneder siden
I think you should turn the gold cap into a beacon
SZislecker - 4 måneder siden
please stop acting
Karma TuT
Karma TuT - 4 måneder siden
Eric Marshall
Eric Marshall - 4 måneder siden
Cub why didn't you leave the crystals in the season 6 world so that they couldn't do anything in season 7
Karma TuT
Karma TuT - 4 måneder siden
You know plot
Zakar - 4 måneder siden
If Cub makes a Gold shop, he should call it «The Golden Dune».
Kiss Péter Marcell
Kiss Péter Marcell - 4 måneder siden
You should build a giant scorpion out of gold on the top of the pyramid, like in mummy2
matias cerioni
matias cerioni - 4 måneder siden
just throwing out an idea, you could do the same you did with the stands in a much bigger scale, making a frame one block deeper in the wall and making custom armor stands with the help of cleo and maybe a pixel art in the background of the wall. I think it could tell a story similar to the big geroglifics walls in movies like prince of egypt (for saying an example..) btw loving all the potential and feeling your base is giving
max de Souza-Brazil
max de Souza-Brazil - 4 måneder siden
Do a blaze mob head with gold amour
Collon Jameson
Collon Jameson - 4 måneder siden
Am I the only one who wants cub to make make the whole pyramid gold?
No-One Important
No-One Important - 4 måneder siden
Butter tip pyramid
Kevin - 4 måneder siden
Looks like you're gonna need a page two for the HH.
Crazebanana YT
Crazebanana YT - 4 måneder siden
It will take more time but you should put yellow parrot heads on the heads so it resembles pharaohs
Over Xeno
Over Xeno - 4 måneder siden
yes cub, one daylight detector for 16 diamonds
Bryan Aguilar
Bryan Aguilar - 4 måneder siden
Did cub end his let's play series on his solo world?
ToffeeRecord - 4 måneder siden
Throwing the crystals into the void

Looks like you did the same to Grian when he have the Luck and Health Boost crystals
AIDAN MURRAY - 4 måneder siden
Bring back con Corp #greengang
Arte - 4 måneder siden
In the depth of the void there's monster growing.
Cub's crystals has joined the ones Grian has once thrown.
Marcus Thorén
Marcus Thorén - 4 måneder siden
*reads 16 for 1 diamond*
*cubfan says the complete opposite*
*my mind explodes because it can't handle the reverseness*
Ibuildstuff832 - 4 måneder siden
7:55 right when you entered the portal, I get a advertation! :-D
# coffee
# coffee - 4 måneder siden
Hey, Cubfan! This was an amazingly creative way to bring Wels into Season 7!
potato4dawin - 4 måneder siden
cub: adds more layers to the gold tip of the pyramid
also cub: "I might add a few more layers"
By the end of the season the whole pyramid might be gold, lol
Zion Peters
Zion Peters - 4 måneder siden
Cub u should make ur whole pyramid out of gold it would look awesome 😁
Xtreme1218 - 4 måneder siden
put enderdragon heads on the armorstand to make them look like Anubis
Alfranciz Dela Cruz
Alfranciz Dela Cruz - 4 måneder siden
Instead of using mob heads for the armorstands, i think cub's head is better.
Xtreme1218 - 4 måneder siden
it would be epic if those magic crystals come back in the next season
Mathew Richards
Mathew Richards - 4 måneder siden
bring back concorp