Hermitcraft 7: Decked Out Dash! (Episode 60)

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Welcome back to Minecraft with Cub on the Hermitcreaft Season 7 Server! Today we take the first run through Tangotek's Decked Out Dungeon Crawler!

Check out Tango's Decked Out Video here: noburn.info/id/video/22yQlpmjloONj6jS.html

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Intro- Ason ID- Tropical ID (preview)
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Runtime: 24:11


Reyn - 2 dager siden
Imagine a warden in there instead of the ravager.
Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan
That was a solid first run through of decked out, even though it was slightly bugged! I can’t wait to see everyone else play as well!
Jan Kinne
Jan Kinne - 6 dager siden
Cub are you putting any of your games in the gaming district?
ShootBigBucks Gaming
ShootBigBucks Gaming - 8 dager siden
Someone forgot to take their cards
Squarecraft Productions
Squarecraft Productions - 23 dager siden
Someone needs to make this an actual video game or a plug-in that you can download on spigot or bucket
Jason Carter
Jason Carter - 24 dager siden
Okay so who's up for making an actual decked out game
TheDuckSCP - 26 dager siden
Eric Andre.
I agree.
Rhys Lee
Rhys Lee - 26 dager siden
6:46 hay tango
Kid PlayZ
Kid PlayZ - 26 dager siden
It must've been hard just to get the RESOURCES for this like dang.... Props to tango !!
Максим Кузьмин
Максим Кузьмин - 26 dager siden
regardless of clank you were pretty good. Probably better then other hc
Extreme Gorilla
Extreme Gorilla - 27 dager siden
A carpet on top of a fence/wall will act as a slab on the top.
Vinícius Dias
Vinícius Dias - 27 dager siden
Watching decked out videos makes my mind blow of ideas. I mean, it makes me want to mimic that in a server (not as a copy of course, as an inspiration) but I only have the redstone skill lol. It would take an army of players to mimic something that cool. Tango is a genius seriously
Vinícius Dias
Vinícius Dias - 27 dager siden
This decked out thing is so awesome to the server lol. I found this video looking for decked out videos and somehow I got “trapped” by your content haha, I got interested on what you had to show and didn’t skip it to the decked out part of the video
ANtonio Yturralde
ANtonio Yturralde - 27 dager siden
Cub is simp to mayor
McQue Cejka
McQue Cejka - 27 dager siden
Anyone else not really like the road?
chr1s_rulezzz - 27 dager siden
At 15:22 there is a chest under the red gold ore (don’t know what it’s called)
YUEN HEI HAYDEN KEI - 28 dager siden
are you are china people
Fuget - 28 dager siden
13:06 you gotta risk it for the biscuit.
Jordan Madden
Jordan Madden - 28 dager siden
He forgot his key lol
DiamondOcto396 - 29 dager siden
Is the free key button going to be the new button? People just wait and wait until it lights up...
S Meyer
S Meyer - 29 dager siden
It’s been a week I have bad news grian ain’t gonna be paying that pass
Rachel Zackary
Rachel Zackary - 29 dager siden
Cub's reactions and interactions with his first runs with Decked Out was pure delight! I love watching him play it. Hope we get to see every run.
Blueseid - Måned siden
Hey cub! i did some thinking and i thought that if you were to make a deck with beast sence 3, treasure hunter 3, stealth 3, and 2 soul finder 3 cards, you could go straight for the soul flames when you dont have a compass, and if you got all 22 you would get 3 teir three cards whick could be sonld to other hermits.
Blueseid - Måned siden
ignore my typos pls
TankBoi - Måned siden
is hermitcraft a server or just a minecraft youtuber hang out world?
James W
James W - Måned siden
Add some lighting to the road!
NASCAR 9012 - Måned siden
I wish I can join the hermitcraft
Useless Weeb
Useless Weeb - Måned siden
He wore his armor lol
The Pokemaster
The Pokemaster - Måned siden
Omg in grian we got a preview remember grian fans omg
twilight guy
twilight guy - Måned siden
I think tango needs to add some jonnys to make it more difficult
Pablo Becerra Wrege
Pablo Becerra Wrege - Måned siden
I spent half of the video begging that you ate something!
Anchy The Cat
Anchy The Cat - Måned siden
Its so satisfying to watch Hermits play Decked Out after so much hard work Tango put in!
1k sub before 2020 ends
1k sub before 2020 ends - Måned siden
Some of these shop I have never seen
Mayebenot - Måned siden
I keep rewatching decked out plays, I can't even play and I'm so addicted! I hope there will be lots more videos from hermits soon.
The Beast
The Beast - Måned siden
James Reed
James Reed - Måned siden
You could do the fence post and carpet for a transition on the road.
The Beast
The Beast - Måned siden
IcarusLime - Måned siden
Cub is corruption personified. Not only is he dripping with conflicts of interest, working for Scar administration WHILE controlling the media with Hermiton Herald, but he is also setting himself up to personally profit off of Civil Asset Forfeiture, aka Theft-By-Cop, with his auction house bidding. Cub must resign immediately, or The Mycelium Resistance must stage a full blown Revolution against the Scar Administration.
Jazzy - Måned siden
How did you not notice that mycelium bridge
Toby Collins
Toby Collins - Måned siden
What is that item in his Ender Chest? Looks like some crazy form of cobble (bottom right row)
hudson campbell
hudson campbell - Måned siden
There was free cards he could've taken when he checked the dispensers before going into the dungeon 😂
Cameron Ross
Cameron Ross - Måned siden
I could see decked out being on hypixel or something. So cool
Jebbo B.
Jebbo B. - Måned siden
I’m pretty sure grian payed but put the payment on the throne but I’m not sure
Dangerouspanda HC
Dangerouspanda HC - Måned siden
!!! Description says HermitCreaft instead of HermitCraft.. !!!
Hunter Bresler
Hunter Bresler - Måned siden
He doesn’t even know that the shucker he got was nuts
Sagie Solomon
Sagie Solomon - Måned siden
Getting a unique artifact is actually realy lucky
Jasmine J
Jasmine J - Måned siden
The past few days I have watched hermits I don't normally watch because they're playing Decked Out. I'm leaving likes on all of them and these guys are great
Bárbara P.S.
Bárbara P.S. - Måned siden
Piano DNA - James
Piano DNA - James - Måned siden
Cub: doesn't see Grian Mycelium Resistance
Me: Go Mycelium! Go Grian! GO MYCELIUM RESISTANCE!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!
Adrak Hiano
Adrak Hiano - Måned siden
We need glass slabs and stairs!!
maecus06 - Måned siden
i finally found you after 4 years, i use to watch your videos. The nostalgia feels good :)
Lutz Markus
Lutz Markus - Måned siden
naked and afraid
Josh Gake
Josh Gake - Måned siden
am i the only one who was stunned when i sow the decked out lobby . my jows droped.
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar - Måned siden
Cub sounds like he has a cold... Get well soon !
itsnonotime5838 - Måned siden
If you use a fence with a green or lime carpet on top it acts like a stair so if you just give it a try maybe you like it :)
TheRegret - Måned siden
tbh watching cub have a lot of fun with decked out is great, but judging from grian's video of trying to build something secret under his barge and running into decked out, tango is in need of some enforcement. first off, i know decked out started before the gaming district was even a thought, but tango definitely could've moved the project to the gaming district island he just didn't want to because he had already dug out the entirety of underneath the shopping district. getting to my point, in the future cub as enforcer is going to have to shake down tango for taking up the underground from other hermits to build his decked out game, and it is a little sad to see him take joy with something that is kinda breaking the original rule of the shopping district, before scar was even mayor, which is: 100x100 is 1 diamond block, UNLIMITED Y VALUE.
social politics aside tango did a great job with decked out and i can't wait to see more hermits try the game.
Space Enthusiast
Space Enthusiast - Måned siden
Yes!! I watched my notifications all Saturday and never saw a video about decked out!! Thank you!!
Trippy James Reynolds
Trippy James Reynolds - Måned siden
Tango did an amazing job on that game.
Ethan Liao
Ethan Liao - Måned siden
Lol cub has a piece of cobble in his e-chest
Алексей - Måned siden
I think clank was off... It should play music
That girl from hell that kidnaps bad people.
22:15 Did cub just unintentionally hit us with a big wad of realism?
Cuz' Ouch...
Aaron Coakley
Aaron Coakley - Måned siden
Hoping for a clip of the duel with iJevin (while you and Tango were livestreaming) over camping the button on the next video :D
Sanic Sped
Sanic Sped - Måned siden
Hey this guy sounds like Louis at the start of the vid
Charlie Fusong Chen
Charlie Fusong Chen - Måned siden
Cub: about to open the shulker box of loot. Forgets his stuff. Me: open it already!!
Thomas Durrant
Thomas Durrant - Måned siden
I am from a certain other hermit's channel. I cannot mention any names it could cause disastrous events, but nonetheless, I politely request that you join us.

*J o i n t h e r e s i s t a n c e.*
Chanina Kosovske
Chanina Kosovske - Måned siden
I've seen hermits play decked out, and Cubfan, you should go for lots of loot finder. It will give you lots of coins and allow you to buy dungeon keys from the shop when you don't have a compass and go for a run just to get coins, maybe even get all your coins back from the dungeon key cost, as well as getting a card after the run. This basically allows you to buy dungeon keys as if they are cheap cards, you can also find common/uncommon artifacts in the barrels with loot finder!
DerpE - Måned siden
join the mycelium resistance and overthrow the greedy mayor!
Montgomery Montgomery
Montgomery Montgomery - Måned siden
“The pink road” is green, blue, and grey. Does anyone else find this funny?
Hrz Srz
Hrz Srz - Måned siden
I do lol
Piano Man
Piano Man - Måned siden
Hey cub grian removed the rose bushes
Owen Jones
Owen Jones - Måned siden
bRuH beast sense is useless
Barrett Rhodes
Barrett Rhodes - Måned siden
Witch set unique!
Elahadhra - Måned siden
How does the clank detection work
Tobi Kuik
Tobi Kuik - Måned siden
pufferfish and pressureplates, when nearby the pufferfish grows up and pressure plate detects
Tylerjb101 - Måned siden
Enforcement idea: fill store with obsidian blocks
Hrz Srz
Hrz Srz - Måned siden
Grian will sell the obsidian then lol
Hoppie03 - Måned siden
so excited for tango's vid
Bosmeneer - Måned siden
Blue flames
Matthew Stamboulian
Matthew Stamboulian - Måned siden
GRIAN IS GETTING MARRIED go watch his new video
Tobi Kuik
Tobi Kuik - Måned siden
I know
Katja Nissen
Katja Nissen - Måned siden
Maybe you don’t have note block sound on for the clank?
Vahur Paist
Vahur Paist - Måned siden
for the road, you should put vines in places hermits would have to jump, you know, as slabs or staris or whatever.
Gideon Max Merling
Gideon Max Merling - Måned siden
In French, "Targèt" would be pronounced as tarje, not tarjei (which is how you pronounce it)
Davlamin Urthadar
Davlamin Urthadar - Måned siden
It's a pity you can't layer concrete power like you can with snow layers... guess the no chance the creators would be interested in that sort if change though...
Valentin Michelet
Valentin Michelet - Måned siden
cub, if you want Hermits to follow the rule, start with actually explaining what the diamonds are for. Some Hermits (Grian, Impulse and Tango for instance) don't know that and think it's only for Scar's personal use.
Taylor Buckley
Taylor Buckley - Måned siden
Cub you the man!
Charles Mikkael Ortanez
Charles Mikkael Ortanez - Måned siden
I pissed My Self when He saw The Ravager
Piano DNA - James
Piano DNA - James - Måned siden
Someone should start making a bank, that you could trade all valuables or rare stuff to ores.
So, u can trade like Drago Heads for 10 diamonds considering they are a bit rare. You can trade wither skulls for 15 diamonds. Or you could do netherite into diamonds or into gold. You could trade armour for diamonds and netherite. Someone should also make a shop that charges some netherite. So a netherite ingot for 40 diamonds, considering one ancient debris equals to 9 diamonds and the gold and coal needed to craft and smelt it.
In my opinion this would be a great job. And the one person who either was voted for, applied for the job, or was picked by the mayor (Scar) can get 5 diamonds for every Minecraft day and night(20 mins). So he gets the money from scars throne actually. There people can also save their money their making banks underground like Gringotts (Harry Potter reference).
It would be so cool if my idea was implemented into the game.
RandomGamer - Måned siden
Iove how Cub is so relatable in the way he plays compared to other hermits
James Reynolds
James Reynolds - Måned siden
The item frames are for your artifacts only not the barrels! The barrels are for bidding in the auction!
Aligalad - Måned siden
Great job Cub. I look forward to many more Decked Out Runs.
Kaylee Magoffin
Kaylee Magoffin - Måned siden
I am a bit confused as to why you chose glass roads. The point was to be creative with the road build, not necessarily copy Xisuma's but with a different color. When it comes to being judged, you guys will have like the same road but different colors. I would definitely rethink a road design to compete with Xisuma
Pacific killers
Pacific killers - Måned siden
Oh man I want to play decked out of will be so fun
Wished I could play it
Crixus Cooper
Crixus Cooper - Måned siden
Not to be negative but I think you can do a better job with pathing besides dirt sides and green glass
Baked_Brotatoes - Måned siden
So glad you were the first one to play decked out! Also that you are helping scar while he’s away. Cub you’re the best hermit with the biggest heart :)
kkonsti - Måned siden
Decked out could be like a standalone videogame, wow
kalyani tripathy
kalyani tripathy - Måned siden
I don't like the road you made.
JoAnn Hempen
JoAnn Hempen - Måned siden
That was awesome. I’ve been watching Tango build this amazing game. The man has talent!
Priscilla Glick
Priscilla Glick - Måned siden
Thank you so much for doing your Decked Out run on your video. It is an amazing dungeon and you did a great job of letting us see it. I love your roads. They match Xisuma's and the depth the glass provides is really cool looking.
Billy T.u.o
Billy T.u.o - Måned siden
Just a thought. But maybe dark prismarine for the steps? Its green..
clickthecreeper - Måned siden
you can use carpets instead of half slabs to auto step up on the roads
Blade Griffin
Blade Griffin - Måned siden
Cubfan take a look at Grian's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCiGh1yBt_k
Aurum - Måned siden
the only thing i can think of for the path slopes to prevent the need to jump is fences/walls with green carpet on top?
thejonguy - Måned siden
I can imagine grian selling decked out coins.
FrostBeast5 - Måned siden
I think he found the loot that was in tango’s video 🤣
Jimmy Victus
Jimmy Victus - Måned siden
Cub i feel like your part of the road could benefit from some more greenery like trees, mushrooms or flowers, maybe even some giant flowers and mushrooms to make it feel a bit more fanastyish and original