Hermitcraft 7: Decked Out Double! (Episode 64)

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Today on Hermitcraft we celebrate a stack of episodes with some exciting MCC news, then play L13 with Hypno, Tango, and Beef and meet False for some Decked Out action.

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Intro- Ason ID- Tropical ID (preview)
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Runtime: 27:15


Jada Ricard
Jada Ricard - Dag siden
Destroy the tree- hold down the left button
What does this mean?
TisforTruth - 14 dager siden
The line “burnt and elongated” made me smile every time I think about it! Such a classic line delivered dead pan. Had to come back and comment on it.
subsonicdeathmonkey - 15 dager siden
Paper studios
Paper studios - 16 dager siden
The puffers are dying because the glass are pains
Basic Mango
Basic Mango - 19 dager siden
Hi im starting a new world a realm of course fullfilled with random guest that have inspiring builds dm me on discord if your interested Sauce-God-Eli#7067
Respect For Gamers
Respect For Gamers - 20 dager siden
Sorry but I did not expect you to win I was thinking like techno or phillza I have no idea if dream played but yeah
Robert Jordan
Robert Jordan - 22 dager siden
a stack of episodes
D Buck
D Buck - 22 dager siden
Wasn't Renthedog also part of the winning Minecraft championships?
Moe Half
Moe Half - 20 dager siden
That was for the round before the one with cub and Joel (:
Occactor Richie
Occactor Richie - 22 dager siden
Ravangers to the right of us, zombies to the left, stuck in the desert with Cub!
Occactor Richie
Occactor Richie - 22 dager siden
Why does it say destroy the tree, hold down the left button? Seams noobish
Lucid Marz
Lucid Marz - 22 dager siden
Kinda messed up you just stole a lot of peoples stuff and selling it should have just told people to clean up
mmaismma - 23 dager siden
17:07 Why is there a "Destroy the tree" card?
ShootBigBucks Gaming
ShootBigBucks Gaming - 12 dager siden
Same reason there was the mob noises thing in another episode
david and martine albon
david and martine albon - 23 dager siden
I don't think I will ever get bored of watching people play decked out
Evan Schubert
Evan Schubert - 23 dager siden
Btw Cub, in Decked Out the lights turn on in front of the players’ board so you can see who has bid on the auction. I’m pretty sure you are the only one with the light on, so you didn’t have to bid as much as you did.
Kevin young
Kevin young - 24 dager siden
why are there ender pearls above some of the shops
George Hawthorne
George Hawthorne - 24 dager siden
Destroy the tree
Hold down Left Button
totower - 24 dager siden
Nothing makes me wanna throw up quite like sliding on honey
Kris Lewis
Kris Lewis - 24 dager siden
I was so convinced you'd made a stellar deal with False until you pulled the unique end set. Still not a bad trade, but now you might have to head back for that rare.
11thRiddler - 24 dager siden
Why is there a "destroy the tree" in the right corner of the video?
GhostTown Dolls
GhostTown Dolls - 24 dager siden
For the trapdoors in decked out. You gotta stand on the hinges when they open, and walk across when closed. Go one trapdoor at a time, stand on hinge, wait for open and close, then go another trap door and repeat.
tntLP - 24 dager siden
This is the first time I ever subscribed to someone because he said I should xD
Ilias Konsolakis
Ilias Konsolakis - 24 dager siden
Hypno had the same problem with pufferfish.
Red - 24 dager siden
No one:
Me: a stack of episodes
FBI - 24 dager siden
Cub it hurts to see no road through targét, pleas make one
RaphAttack 1
RaphAttack 1 - 24 dager siden
Destroy the tree
Hold down *Left Button*
Prowler Cam
Prowler Cam - 24 dager siden
I swear just before you went into Decked Out I heard some clank being generated.
Prowler Cam
Prowler Cam - 24 dager siden
If the puffer fish are glitching into the blocks then it's something new in the game. Think back on all the booby traps that were made by putting puffer fish in a one block area. I think Xbcrafted is having the same problem. Also, Tango and Impulse are using them to trigger the beacons on their section of the shopping district road. Also being used in Decked Out.
Jina Lee
Jina Lee - 24 dager siden
the first stack of season 7
Caleb Maldonado
Caleb Maldonado - 25 dager siden
Join the mycelium resistance
Ashwin Kale
Ashwin Kale - 25 dager siden
Those are not the original bamboo as mumbo convert those in his bamboo suit
hellomynameisjoe - 25 dager siden
Maybe put magma blocks at the bottom of the dunk tank tank.
Can I get 15 Subs Before 2021
Am I the only one who read this as double episode?
Matthew Conway
Matthew Conway - 25 dager siden
Hey cub thanks for the great content
Viva la resitance
Pinkydragon - 25 dager siden
The pufferfish may be escaping from the tank every time you enter the world. It isn't from poisoning themselves.
Fiona Platz Skrubbeltrang 5
Fiona Platz Skrubbeltrang 5 - 25 dager siden
When I saw the outro I got really confused because I thought you were Blue Bats. Then I realized there's just was another that you won! Great Job
Cjha Edaten
Cjha Edaten - 25 dager siden
I love how iskall trying to get the original 12 bamboo that he got from mumbo😂😆
TheTrickyNix - 25 dager siden
Mumbo has them in his base
TheTrickyNix - 25 dager siden
Those are not the original 12 bamboo?
Kai Music
Kai Music - 25 dager siden
Tango: literally no one has bid on this
Cub: oh man I need to make sure I beat everyone else
Darkest Argentum
Darkest Argentum - 25 dager siden
for those who haven't seen MCChampionchip before it's a bunch of minigame events that ends with a game called "Dodge bolt" it's like dodgeball but with 2 arrows instead of 2 balls false and Cub SMOKED the other team (which included 2 2 times MMC champs )
daniel ben shoham
daniel ben shoham - 25 dager siden
Try to replace the glass with a block of glass
Notbatman374 - 25 dager siden
You could rig up dispensers to spit out pufferfish when someone gets dunked, similar to docs pool prank earlier this season. Then you dont have to name them or anything, just replace the pufferfish
noam macgregor
noam macgregor - 25 dager siden
please take inspiration from this > thttps://youtu.be/4U5wcvn3IPA
Funtime Horror Craft
Funtime Horror Craft - 25 dager siden
The pufferfish aren't suffocating in the blocks, they are killing each other. On top of poisoning, they deal damage as well. So when a person walks by or gets close they puff up and hit each other.
John Willis
John Willis - 25 dager siden
Magma Blocks in the bottom of the tanks!!! Maybe!
00 00
00 00 - 25 dager siden
Most valuable thing in the server the 12 bamboo
Stephen Harvey
Stephen Harvey - 25 dager siden
I'm confused, you say original 12 bamboo, but the original 12 were sewn into a green suit because iskall could not get his suit back from stress monster...?
Christopher Sanders
Christopher Sanders - 25 dager siden
A weird clip from todays Cub Stream!
IndyG0 - 25 dager siden
Instead of pufferfish, you can break bedrock and drop the looser into the void
Kevin Robertson
Kevin Robertson - 25 dager siden
@cubfan puffer fish poison themselves just as much as the player
Joe The Juggalo
Joe The Juggalo - 25 dager siden
Nice L13 and dungeon run cub.
Benjamin Li
Benjamin Li - 25 dager siden
You should get iron golems and name them police or something like that
Kalpana Chadha
Kalpana Chadha - 25 dager siden
use magma blocks at the bottom
Milan Brinkman
Milan Brinkman - 25 dager siden
Did u name the pufferfush iis it possible they just despawn
Lo0 - 25 dager siden
Cub landscape pyramid
Cody J
Cody J - 26 dager siden
There have been a stack of episodes this season!
VitaminWhy - 26 dager siden
About the pufferfish... I was watching methodz's tutorial for a pufferfish player detector, and he and Doc were talking about how there's a bug in 1.14+ that pufferfish get loaded in the wrong block when chunks reload, so they suffocate and die. I'm guessing that's what's happening to dunk tank :/
RavenclawNatsfan - 26 dager siden
You should make a battleship game in targèt
chris050987 - 26 dager siden
Do cactus? Or berry bushes? Not as instantly fatal, but still killy!
MrCraftingTable - 26 dager siden
he ran over here
Wiggleton_the_Wize Wizard of wiggles
One stack of episodes on Hermitcraft nice!
the king
the king - 26 dager siden
Hi 👋
DarkSkull 1-13
DarkSkull 1-13 - 26 dager siden
I think the netherite ingot should be considered a candy bar in your Cinnabon shop, it's filled with yummy golden nougat :D
Alex Lesch
Alex Lesch - 26 dager siden
Jonny595 - 26 dager siden
When pufferfish are in their smaller state their hitbox is smaller, when they expand it gets larger. So, if the pufferfish expand while on the edge of the tank their hitbox is now inside of the blocks on the edge and the pufferfish is able to just clip out and die.
AmantSecret PourToi
AmantSecret PourToi - 26 dager siden
put magma blocks at bottom of water tanks
Scott Macaulay
Scott Macaulay - 26 dager siden
Destroy the tree, fulfill the prophecy
Rubik's Master
Rubik's Master - 26 dager siden
Am I the only one who realizes Cub just made the worst trade in ever. Two Soul Seeker 1 books equals one Soul Seeker 2 book. He wasted his resistance book.
Rubik's Master
Rubik's Master - 22 dager siden
@Nochsta I didn't realise that until I watched stresses video today.
Nochsta - 22 dager siden
Only the first 5 cards are used as the deck.
Rubik's Master
Rubik's Master - 25 dager siden
@Nochsta They have thirty slots and the books can stack
Nochsta - 25 dager siden
Lvl 2 has the same effect as two 1s, but it’s better as it only takes up one slot in the deck.
MatiSL - 26 dager siden
I think it would be really cool if you made a fall to the void for people who lose in dunk tank instead of adding lava!
WinterDragon 147
WinterDragon 147 - 26 dager siden
Those arent the original 12 bamboo', nobody knows what happened to the suit
Edit: iskall bid 12 bamboo on something, so i was wrong don't judge me
Springswipe wheeljumper
Springswipe wheeljumper - 26 dager siden
MLM: Mycelium lives matter!!!!
5 Diamond-Kobe Ross Sarmiento
Suggestion:put dispensers below the water in dunk tank that has arrows (might be a waste of arrows) so it can kill the players
Darky - 26 dager siden
I love how Beef is just overbidding Etho with 1 diamond everytime
Aligalad - 26 dager siden
Love hermits playing mini games together but there is a TV series in Decked Out. It is SO good. So hoping that Tango doesn’t cut it short and turns it into a COLLECT ‘EM ALL so first player to get all 12 sets wins. That will drag it out and we will see some very cool runs as hermits max out their cards and get to know the dungeon.
Facu - 26 dager siden
Hey! I have an idea for Dunk Tank, maybe you should use entirely glass to surround the pufferfish
Aligalad - 26 dager siden
So you can see players in lava how about floating lava at top and bottom layer so they cannot avoid it but you can see them suffer ☺️
Team seru
Team seru - 26 dager siden
Destroy the tree lol
Jerry Stone
Jerry Stone - 26 dager siden
Grian should get the big pile so he can restock his store
HARDCORE 11 - 26 dager siden
Please stop with target and start building in other parts of your base,cuz its kinda getting boring..Other than that i love your vids and like all of them
croissis - 26 dager siden
lol impulse not bein awfully sus with that bid xD *wink wink*
Thejaffathief 12
Thejaffathief 12 - 26 dager siden
i really wish more of the hermits would explore the dungeon more , its DEFO worth it , just look at ethos latest runs , he got tons of loot and found a few secret hidden things like behind the waterfall etc.
laartje24 - 26 dager siden
1:46 One way to prevent it is to put the puffer fish in minecards but in this setting that wouldn't look that nice.
Joshua Heagle
Joshua Heagle - 26 dager siden
The deal with False is like those stories where the trade is their first born son, sounds appropriate for a Pharaoh to make such a deal.
Shrill Gamer
Shrill Gamer - 26 dager siden
When you don't able to complete dungeon run there is books to in the dispenser
Matthew Olive
Matthew Olive - 26 dager siden
You know who does understand pufferfish? Tango. He used them in decked out in an even smaller tank than the dunk tank.
poppyagnew - 26 dager siden
Love the #DeckedOut and other mini game footage!
Caleb Weldon
Caleb Weldon - 26 dager siden
Cub should get a potion it healing dispenser to throw on the fish periodically
Diya Londhe
Diya Londhe - 26 dager siden
Pufferfish sometimes glitch into blocks and suffocate and die and sometimes when the player falls into the tank the pufferfish poisons other pufferfishs too which cause them to die
Chand Jain
Chand Jain - 26 dager siden
Hey did anyone notice he did not get any resistance effect while he was doing his runs even though he had resistance card
Gruhith Yerramalli
Gruhith Yerramalli - 26 dager siden
Hey Cub, keep up the good work I love your videos.
Tom - 26 dager siden
Give Scar's stuff back
Арсений Иванов
Арсений Иванов - 26 dager siden
just use only glass for fishes
eitan sonnenblick
eitan sonnenblick - 26 dager siden
you can try replacing the cyan terracotta with glass in the dunk tank so they don't suffocate.
Chanina Kosovske
Chanina Kosovske - 26 dager siden
Cub you forgot to get a card from the1st run... :(
Enzo Tavares
Enzo Tavares - 26 dager siden
Somitmie 64
Somitmie 64 - 26 dager siden
A stack of dinners , yeah !
I mean episodes
TheTrickyNix - 26 dager siden
You know that you can climb honey?
xgozulx - 26 dager siden
12:00 poor scar his house was on fire (well not his exactly) when you retrieved those (though knowing him even if it wasn't he would still leave them there so i guess it's kinda fair xD)
Bryan Mark Blancas Caparas
Bryan Mark Blancas Caparas - 26 dager siden
I hope tango can put and invisible armor stand with a name that said "Don't forget to set your spawn!" Cause a lot of hermits tend to forget cause i just came from xisuma's vid and he forgets to set his spawn! Just a tip and i hope someone can help this comment to tell tango
Matthew Cruikshank
Matthew Cruikshank - 26 dager siden
could you make it so that the water pushes the pufferfish towards the center of the hole. the player would land just about directly on top then.