Hermitcraft 7: Defend the Castle! (Episode 54)

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Today we play the Castle Defense Minigame we have been building for the past week alongside iJevin, VintageBeef, Hypnotizd, Joe, and XbCrafted. Then we join Xb for his Block! game in the gaming district.
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Feel free to leave any feedback on the Castle Defense game in the comments below. Cheers!
Intro- Ason ID- Tropical ID (preview)
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Runtime: 27:22


bjorn meyers
bjorn meyers - 11 dager siden
Cub:wins with 4 letters
Also cub: were three to three
me: are you dum
David Ertter
David Ertter - 22 dager siden
Cub and xbcrafted miscounted each and every turn except the first one
David Ertter
David Ertter - 22 dager siden
Both cub and xbcrafted miscounted the amount of arrow shots xbcrafted it was 18
Soron703 - Måned siden
Block game needs sticky pistons, Redstone blocks and honey blocks xD
Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan
Castle defence seemed to go really well! The insults were hilarious, and it was fun to watch the hermits competing!💙
MagentaPuppy - Blender Simulations
being the pharaoh you should live off gapples
Drummer Daan
Drummer Daan - Måned siden
When you starded Castle defense i had to het my popcorn! I really liked it
Endcrafter 6
Endcrafter 6 - Måned siden
Me: cub won on castle defense

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Jai Parab
Jai Parab - Måned siden
You should turn the roof into its own little minigame, like pvp games so people can play the button game or the pvp game in which you have to only kill players with sertain amount of respawns for each team, pls like this so cub could see this, thx
B N - Måned siden
Only hermit consistent in making Hermitcraft videos. ♥️
Tarik Younis
Tarik Younis - Måned siden
cub actually sounds a bit like dream
jordan hopkins
jordan hopkins - Måned siden
cub i absolutely love this game it looks so fun!!! the only adjustment I would make is make the buttons have a cooldown where once you press it you cant press it again for ___ amount of time. Or make only some of the targets able to be pressed by buttons
Al Klarfeld28
Al Klarfeld28 - Måned siden
What do the buttons do? Sorry I am dum
Curtis Hefner
Curtis Hefner - Måned siden
Button pressing is too easy. More counterplay possibilities are needed to slow down de-activations. Add more fireworks dispensers maybe, or put in a delay before the button is effective at deactivating each target. Alternately, if the deactivation was not a button but a recessed target block that required a bullseye from up close, that would mitigate some of the time and skill advantage - it would also allow offense to interrupt the defender's shoot.
Also, it would be cool if shooting from the roof could only be done above trapdoors or something - so that when a team loses, more members go into the pit of shame - even rooftop players.
evolvedShadowAce - Måned siden
Quick recommendation for the roof you can have them start there but if they die there then they can't get back up.
The legend 27
The legend 27 - Måned siden
I thought be the title said "defund the castle" lol
Janice de los Reyes
Janice de los Reyes - Måned siden
Yo ijevin such great shooter
Julian Hoffman-Mateya
Julian Hoffman-Mateya - Måned siden
I think Block! needs a referre to keep count 😂
Manu Elius
Manu Elius - Måned siden
Idea for the game. Everyone starts at the bottom but as you get killed you are only allowed to go to the top, so you can not reset the buttons anymore
Ethan Abbott
Ethan Abbott - Måned siden
Just started and I thought maybe make the buttons wood they may accidentally rest their own targets trying to hit the other team.
Felix Lacroix
Felix Lacroix - Måned siden
XB: Now i have a B
Ryan Farrar
Ryan Farrar - Måned siden
There has got to be a certain amount of points someone gains and loses for winning and losing at each and every mini game, depending on the difficulty of the game, the quality of the opponent and the stakes of the game. Whoever gets the most points at season's end wins... something.
TippedJoshua - Måned siden
Don't close off the roof pls
Goldfish - Måned siden
Cub always only calling the other American Hermits lol
TLdR - Måned siden
Close the roof, Cub. Having player all in the walkway will cause more death and ensure they all end up in the pit of shame.
Shan Rez
Shan Rez - Måned siden
He sounds like ross from friends
Nima Master
Nima Master - Måned siden
So how many target blocks you need at the hermitcraft server?
Hermits: YES!
Nima Master
Nima Master - Måned siden
A collab with the only hermits i don't watch!
I would like to watch them all but I'm trying to stay away from watching everyone as i don't get enough time to do so, sorry!
Creative Plunder
Creative Plunder - Måned siden
Defend the Castle! was really dope and looked fun! Beef sneaking in that first shot though lol
Adaliz M. Colon
Adaliz M. Colon - Måned siden
I was so excited to watch this. This is amazing!
Cheesehead - Måned siden
You should go to mayor scar and apply for trademark on the target block. This will give you exclusive rights to target block based mini-games. Unless the mayor authority does not extend past the bounds of the shopping district.
Stephen Klein
Stephen Klein - Måned siden
I feel like closing off the roof would make the game to cramped if you did it for a 3v3.
Torn Soul
Torn Soul - Måned siden
Best comeback I ever heard for a Mom joke was, "Whoa whoa whoa, let's get off Moms, okay? I just got off yours."
Rooster RR
Rooster RR - Måned siden
Will there ever be a new episode not about target
I'm Unoriginal
I'm Unoriginal - Måned siden
Ah yes targétcraft, my favorite smp series
Killing Survival
Killing Survival - Måned siden
Ronyx - Måned siden
Add preassure plate with dispencers giving bow and items to speed it up and also add slime elevator that would bring you up faster to make it more intense.. If possible add locker to 'reset buttons' on like 5 sec to balance it out.
Nooniest1 - Måned siden
You are such a team player. I love that you interact with all the hermits. Even watching your Twitch streams, you interact with your followers and take suggestions and provide a detailed explanation of what you’re doing. Very entertaining.
ED CALWAG - Måned siden
18:28 someone is doing work
Not James Bond
Not James Bond - Måned siden
Thanks for the amazing video.
Conor Cox
Conor Cox - Måned siden
Nathan Genesee
Nathan Genesee - Måned siden
Cub! In castle defense, the reset buttons are too OP! Put extending pistons/blocks on either side of the button to trap the player (1 or 2 seconds) to slow down/disincentivize button spam.
Biblo Hudson
Biblo Hudson - Måned siden
I think you should make it that you have to run to a different level to reset the buttons. That way people cant camp the buttons
Rois Panagiotou
Rois Panagiotou - Måned siden
jesus is king kanye
Kyle Allen
Kyle Allen - Måned siden
The sudden death round in BLOCK! should be having to get the letters K.O.!.
Unintended Consequences
Unintended Consequences - Måned siden
Probably the wrong video to comment on, but BLOCKED! would be more of a challenge if you didn't remove any of the obstacles before the next turn.
Kyle Allen
Kyle Allen - Måned siden
Castle defense is amazing man that's probably my favorite game on the server so far
100 lols
100 lols - Måned siden
another fun episode :3
Matthew Mackerras
Matthew Mackerras - Måned siden
Cub could buy BLOCK! for Targét - more purchased for the pyramid, more games in Targét.
Bunyan420 - Måned siden
Hey Cub i think you need to add some cover for the people at the bottom who presses the buttons to reset the targets so they don't die so much like you were you need cover for the bottom
Glen Dsouza
Glen Dsouza - Måned siden
reduce ur price in the cenbun store
Shourya Sinha
Shourya Sinha - Måned siden
How will people fall to the pit of shame if they are on the terrace?!
PearlCreativeK - Måned siden
You need castle flags
Let's Eat Bee
Let's Eat Bee - Måned siden
I vote for closing the roof 100% as losing team is pretty much safe up there after their defeat (I mean they SHOULD fall into the Pit of Shame)
Mike Nitenife
Mike Nitenife - Måned siden
I have a theory of why cub can easily do xb's while xb can easily do cub's: they are each thinking about what would be hard to themselves, not the other person
Säschchen Reichert
Säschchen Reichert - Måned siden
That game wouldve been useful during the head games. Also you can try to make pressing the buttons more difficult. Maybe a timer or a difficult place
Caleb Blackwell
Caleb Blackwell - Måned siden
Man I'm really not a big fan of the new bow changes. They basically just made long distance shots and super precise shots pure rng now
Hikaro Karrdey
Hikaro Karrdey - Måned siden
For your next castle defence game pls invite Grian, Scar, Bdubs, Mumbo and Keralis
Taolan8472 - Måned siden
The buttons need balancing. Maybe a limited number of charges, or a long reset time, because otherwise this game can go until you run out of arrows.
itsmunah - Måned siden
Jevin can seem annoyingly cocky sometimes
klippies in space
klippies in space - Måned siden
Two much game stuff pls do other stuff as well
FinalKing1 _
FinalKing1 _ - Måned siden
The only thing I would add is a rule that only one hermit is allowed on the roof per participates. So maybe if four players on a team one is on the roof and for 8 player 2 are on the roof and so on
maxxy sitlhou
maxxy sitlhou - Måned siden
Would have been cooler if u got
DwayneFerns - Måned siden
Thsi is the real cubfan......the last two videos very kinda low energy
maxxy sitlhou
maxxy sitlhou - Måned siden
There's no paid minigames this season
TayBae - Måned siden
I don't think you should close off the roof. Just my opinion though whatever you do will be great anyways
heretolevitateme - Måned siden
Maybe once hit, the lower lamps and the buttons could have a slight time delay (comparator decay clock) so that they have to cool down before the defenders can deactivate them.
Baked_Brotatoes - Måned siden
It was awesome! Adding more fireworks to hurt button pressers I think will help discourage button pressing only meta
Cynthia Dilbert
Cynthia Dilbert - Måned siden
For Block - shoot thru a banner. #trickshot
Ved gaikwad
Ved gaikwad - Måned siden
Ijevin When he is on opposing team :
My thoughts dwell on your mother
Elijah Nielsen
Elijah Nielsen - Måned siden
Actually for C Xb got 6 not 5, so Cub should of won that one.
Vincent Huele
Vincent Huele - Måned siden
Cub, your username is cubfan 135. Who is cub? And why are you is fan 135?
Steven Pinner
Steven Pinner - Måned siden
This is honestly a great game.
Sudhansubala Sahoo
Sudhansubala Sahoo - Måned siden
I would like dream to come and play this 1 v 5
J oe
J oe - Måned siden
I think you should close off the top of the castle. Everyone on that first level will have a lot more action and firework carnage... Or maybe carnagé?
deca - Måned siden
Cub you can fix the discord volume problem by using a compressor in post!!!
Tynado - Måned siden
18:24 No one gonna say anything about that person building in the background?
WACKY UNICORN11 - Måned siden
I like how the hermits are so funny in collab videos. They just go with the flow 😂

“wuddu say bout ma mama“
Skep Ical
Skep Ical - Måned siden
WTH that "!" shot in 2 tries shookt me HAHA
Freyja Pedersen
Freyja Pedersen - Måned siden
How does this keep happening to me!? I read this at the same time he did the shot!!
Frederick Thorne
Frederick Thorne - Måned siden
what a great game!!
Leo Drysfale
Leo Drysfale - Måned siden
Very addictive. I felt invested in the game despite only being a viewer.
Well done.
Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus - Måned siden
Love the vids cub it’s nice to watch at the end of a long day your nice and chill
Alex stewie
Alex stewie - Måned siden
I hope they had that 1v1 and. I want to watch more
Cherryflavoredgrape - Måned siden
I definitely think that the buttons should have some sort of timer (although I know that might make redstone a bit harder to fit) or just make them harder to press.
Emi.le - Måned siden
Fun episode!
Ian Bell
Ian Bell - Måned siden
Worth the wait. Seriously though, I was so excited to see you got to play the game so soon.
Pie Guy
Pie Guy - Måned siden
People on the roof can’t fall into the pit of shame
Justa Guy
Justa Guy - Måned siden
The only issue with the roof I think is if you lose you don't have to take the walk of shame...
Justa Guy
Justa Guy - Måned siden
Talk about the Bow Rush! Every one seems to want to make Bow related games now ;)
Tom Nani
Tom Nani - Måned siden
anyone else think he can actually edit his videos so we’re not watching nonsense for 90% of the video. like for example, i don’t wanna watch him type out a sign and tedious tasks like that
Will Brown
Will Brown - Måned siden
You should have to stand on a pressure plate for a certain time for the lamps to go out rather than just buttons.
Tori T
Tori T - Måned siden
That was so much fun to watch! Can't wait to see more Hermits play!
Amsyar Danialz
Amsyar Danialz - Måned siden
Defend Attack Archeryc
Rex Rampage 117
Rex Rampage 117 - Måned siden
What if u build a scarab from Halo
Reese Lemaster
Reese Lemaster - Måned siden
Who else had flashbacks to Ren's demise when Cub hit the ground too hard?
BrownR87 - Måned siden
What would the hermits have even done in season 7 if the target block didn't exist??
Meg - Måned siden
Jevin always makes the most immature remarks.
Pikabuki - Måned siden
I like the open roof. Makes for some interesting strategies, with pros and cons.
Bob of the Kerbals
Bob of the Kerbals - Måned siden
Hermits should make more episodes of them just playing mini games with each other
Max Buechi
Max Buechi - Måned siden
i agree
Subscribe me for no reason
game parasaurus
game parasaurus - Måned siden
Matthew Joash
Matthew Joash - Måned siden
You should add a system where there is a certain spot you have to stand on the roof to get a good shot, snd then a target that the other team can hit that will launch anyone standing in that spot out into the middle of the field