Hermitcraft 7: Diamond Hallway! (Episode 67)

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Welcome to Minecraft with Cub on the Hermitcraft Season 7 Server! Today we write a new Hermiton Herald, create the pyramid's Diamond Hallway complete with Ancient Debris Walls, a Chorus Fruit Farm, and door. Then meet with the mayor to discuss the throne going missing.

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Door design by Bonn2: www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/dj0flq/remember_when_6x6_piston_doors_were_complicated/

Intro- Ason ID- Tropical ID (preview)
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Runtime: 27:46


Bella Dea
Bella Dea - 20 timer siden
Making a huge wall out of ancient debris is the biggest flex ever
been672 - 5 dager siden
What if, instead of a door, you build out a sphynx on a pedestal. The hall could even extend into the base of it
chad barker Jr
chad barker Jr - 6 dager siden
Never understood why cub doesn't have over a million subs.
Jamall Marshall
Jamall Marshall - 7 dager siden
I love these vibe sessions
dailygame - 8 dager siden
And everyone thinks keralis is rich 😂
Senketsu Fi
Senketsu Fi - 8 dager siden
CCF_100 - 8 dager siden
Overthrow Scar
Alex Bales
Alex Bales - 8 dager siden
Does anyone know the name of the time-lapse music? I really enjoyed it. Also, Cubfan135 is awesome when it comes to insane resource flexin'.
JUP studios
JUP studios - 8 dager siden
Hey cub mumbo is not the líder of the rescistance and not even a member
Bernd Arndt
Bernd Arndt - 9 dager siden
Bdubs won't like to hear that!
Elu Gizar
Elu Gizar - 9 dager siden
Ur crazy man
Ethan Abbott
Ethan Abbott - 9 dager siden
There is a copy of Scars key in the original KGOOMR in Larry the snail.
Volpe Cremisi
Volpe Cremisi - 9 dager siden
I feel bad for scar
Marcus Ruiz
Marcus Ruiz - 9 dager siden
Nice hallway, Cub!
Mist Of Shades
Mist Of Shades - 9 dager siden
Cub, you are productivity beast! Love your vids
Jacob Tomcko
Jacob Tomcko - 9 dager siden
People keep saying that etho has the weirdest base but I swear some of the block choices I’ve seen in a WHILE
ReaderWithACat -
ReaderWithACat - - 10 dager siden
I can't wait for the 1.17 update. I will NEVER go underground anymore, but Axolotls. I need them. And then put one in a big aquarium and give it a lot of snacks.. so I can call it a snacksalotl
The Reluctant Chef
The Reluctant Chef - 10 dager siden
Rub it in, Cub...
David MacCann
David MacCann - 10 dager siden
you are a mad man O.o
imamandaa - 10 dager siden
All the different blocks and colors Cub is using really reminds me of Etho's base
Adam Sherrill
Adam Sherrill - 10 dager siden
26:55 everyone is friend
Ryan Gately
Ryan Gately - 10 dager siden
What if you shaped the new piston door on the back of the pyramid like the new Warden mob? The block shapes covering up the redstone kind of reminded me of that enemy
Eroth Gaming
Eroth Gaming - 10 dager siden
it's cool that the vid is high resolution, but it starts to load again after 2seconds
Charlie Zebedee
Charlie Zebedee - 10 dager siden
isn’t in the resistents HERMIT CHALLENGES
HappyHippoEaters - 10 dager siden
Would you say it's a great *Front door*
A duck with a YouTube channel
“You’re working for passion! “
I guess you could say... *it’s a matter of principle.*
A duck with a YouTube channel
Yes. Mumbo is the leader of the resistance. Yessiree. No one else.
Andrew Chapman
Andrew Chapman - 10 dager siden
Cub's Debris Wall or Keralis' LLAMB profits?
ThatOneGodzillaFan - 10 dager siden
Here’s an idea: build some Anubis guards on the sides of the piston door. Fits with that theme and they look cool
Sophie The Cat
Sophie The Cat - 10 dager siden
SKULK SENSOR, not Shulk Sensor
CJH - 10 dager siden
You should ‘ terraform’ the cinibun wall so it looks like a proper mountain side
Thomas Becker
Thomas Becker - 11 dager siden
I think Cub should retaliate by booby-trapping the stores of every Mycellium Resistance member.
Arsalan Zahid
Arsalan Zahid - 11 dager siden
Scar has gone corrupt for losing the diamond throne
Blas_de_lezo - 11 dager siden
dude im i working for free here? no, passion! (sighs heavily).....
LIZZIEMAC2010 - 11 dager siden
How is it a snake door? What he said it would be with the stair blocks didn’t happen
pancak E
pancak E - 11 dager siden
hermitcraft season 8: base completely made of netherite blocks and is 2x as big as the pyramid
Shan Rez
Shan Rez - 11 dager siden
Cub has tge richest house on hermitcraft
Shan Rez
Shan Rez - 11 dager siden
I cant stop thinking his voice sounds like ross from friends
iceologer kake bole
iceologer kake bole - 11 dager siden
Blas_de_lezo - 11 dager siden
i want cubs 1.17 take, he always has some interesting ideas
Atharv Kute
Atharv Kute - 11 dager siden
TheBruningee - 11 dager siden
hahaha i cant wait for the time Scar asks Cub to move to the basement when he keeps asking for his payments, ... (office Space)
Raymond H. Blair III
Raymond H. Blair III - 11 dager siden
Put the doors on a timer. So you can just press one button walking in or out. 😀
Xx_Insidious Frame Breaker_xX
My bet is on the cows with forklifts
Abhijeet Shrivastava
Abhijeet Shrivastava - 11 dager siden
Whats special in THE STICK🔥
Commander Wulf
Commander Wulf - 11 dager siden
Ooh Cub sitting back and watching the second war.
CHV Redstone
CHV Redstone - 11 dager siden
I never noticed Scar's sword is called Wheelchair Armrest lmfao
Freddo InSpaace
Freddo InSpaace - 11 dager siden
I didn’t know the snowball trick!
Simpson - 11 dager siden
why don't you pull the end stone down instead of up, so the drops land in the water? then you could use running water to make the collection easier.
Janine Farias
Janine Farias - 11 dager siden
We need you to fight against the Resistance! 🥺
Tanya Kersey
Tanya Kersey - 11 dager siden
WHAT!?!?!?!? THAT IS SO EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!
Pelpe - 11 dager siden
I don’t mean it bad but you have such an awful kind of taste. Your road is light blue, dark blue, gold, brick, green bushes and in the middle the warped wood with yellow corals? It doesn’t fit at all. Not even a single bit. 😅
Coool turtle
Coool turtle - 11 dager siden
https://youtu.be/4U5wcvn3IPA 😉
Arturo Fuentes
Arturo Fuentes - 11 dager siden
Can you eat a Golden Apple before playing Decked out???
Tate Newnham
Tate Newnham - 11 dager siden
Viva la mycelium resistiance
Obaloluwa Omotoso
Obaloluwa Omotoso - 11 dager siden
make a sphinx at the back for villager trade ing
scribbler 13
scribbler 13 - 11 dager siden
I love how scar explains cub isn’t getting payed any time soon
OGsteel268 - 11 dager siden
Me:am finnaly not scared of caves with my new netherite armour in 1.16
1.17:am about to end the man's career
Father and Son Games
Father and Son Games - 11 dager siden
This is about the work ethic I expected from a former founder of CON Corp
Darian Bell
Darian Bell - 11 dager siden
why is there only 720p and 1080p?
Fabian van der Knaap
Fabian van der Knaap - 11 dager siden
3:30 I think Cub's initiated a war on this server. You could make a movie outta this!
Hermitcraft 7: The Flex Wars
Edmund Resor
Edmund Resor - 11 dager siden
#blame grian
idontfeelsogood mrstark
idontfeelsogood mrstark - 11 dager siden
3:40 that's the biggest flex I've ever seen lmao
Gamer AZ
Gamer AZ - 11 dager siden
Biggest flex ever( the walls)
Table 2.0
Table 2.0 - 11 dager siden
You’re so corrupt I love it XD
Richie Guere
Richie Guere - 11 dager siden
how is it raining in Cub's desert?
Sara Shuleska
Sara Shuleska - 11 dager siden
scars minecraft character acting skills are just amazing... 26:29
Troy Da Grass
Troy Da Grass - 11 dager siden
I did some math and saw that Cub got exactly 420 diamonds from the auction...
ty.kilgore34 lel
ty.kilgore34 lel - 11 dager siden
3:37 weird flex but ok
nickodevoe1 - 11 dager siden
Hey cub, love your videos. Long time watcher, first time commenter. you should make a huge master bedroom for the Pharaoh at the top of the pyramid :-)
Hyrule from Discord
Hyrule from Discord - 11 dager siden
Finally someone who thinks the same about vertical halfslabs as i do
小丑Joker - 11 dager siden
Scar just mentioned Mumbo stole the throne, then Cub referred the thief "they".
The one and only C O B
The one and only C O B - 11 dager siden
Why do I always learn a new, useful and rarely known mechanic when I watch Cub's vids
Brynn Daigle
Brynn Daigle - 11 dager siden
Does no one realize that JUST ONE WALL would account to the total of over 14000 diamonds! Literally almost a stack of netherite blocks!
And yet he uses it as decoration. Keralis who?
Dhruv Chandi
Dhruv Chandi - 11 dager siden
Cub, don’t know how possible this is but on the outside of the new pyramid door if you could somehow have a sphinx on each side that would be so sick
TheCode327 - 11 dager siden
I think that glow squids are the answer to that lighting issue you brought up a year or so ago. Them dropping an item feels much more natural and balanced then glowstone, and I feel with your influence you could make this a feature better than I can.
Patrick Johnson
Patrick Johnson - 11 dager siden
We Geminitay on hermitcraft season 8
Alvikus - 11 dager siden
Mumbai and Iskall: I feel like I’m one of the richest Hermits. I can buy anything I want/I have over 1200 diamonds saved...
Cub fan: Makes walls out of Ancient Debris just because. (Literally the biggest flex move on the server imo)
Lim Jing Kai
Lim Jing Kai - 11 dager siden
Normal people : Use ancient debris to make netherite and upgrade tool
Tango : Use ancient debris as redstone in fungus farm
And then there's Cub : Ya I think it looks great with the water
Addsion Dunn
Addsion Dunn - 11 dager siden
Put soul soil in your hallways for speed
Liam Addie
Liam Addie - 12 dager siden
I wonder if chandeliers would look good down the hallway
Chetiii - 12 dager siden
Shouldn't the diamond hallway have a diamond walkway instead of a gold one?
Dragon 529
Dragon 529 - 12 dager siden
He pronounced axolotl right yay!!
ddavis196311 - 12 dager siden
Little does he know... mambo is not the leader of the mycelium resistance
Jack Lamont
Jack Lamont - 12 dager siden
Tbh I would replace the brick stairs for quartz stairs
Torhan Bartel
Torhan Bartel - 12 dager siden
Gotta love Cub, for just running around, claiming all the hermits stuff and then even reselling it for massive profit :D
the special human
the special human - 12 dager siden
I really don't like the chorus fruit Trees on the side, it kinda clashes with the serinity of the rest of the hallway and disturbs the Nice texture of the ancient debries :)
loudgrim - 12 dager siden
I swear cub is using x-ray
tPeter Aesersen
tPeter Aesersen - 12 dager siden
I love the politics here, how scar's shadow state is slowly falling out of his grasp
nathan rush
nathan rush - 12 dager siden
The name of the hallway is very misleading.
tPeter Aesersen
tPeter Aesersen - 12 dager siden
Really loved the new building montage style! It felt way more immersive than just a timelapse or jump cut :)
Phuyu - 12 dager siden
I'm pretty sure Cub gots his own agenda regarding the Cowmmercial District
Munk Operations
Munk Operations - 12 dager siden
You know when you’re rich when your walls are made from accident debris
Petros Georgiadis
Petros Georgiadis - 12 dager siden
Grian netherite throne:) CUB’S wall grian :(
Petros Georgiadis
Petros Georgiadis - 12 dager siden
It’s 6:00 right now
Shane McCarthy
Shane McCarthy - 12 dager siden
do you think keralis has enough dimonds to build the throne again?
g3cd - 12 dager siden
So you're the law enforcement and the media monopoly on the server? This might lead to dicatorship - don't you think there should be rules against this?
Kardoffl - 12 dager siden
Tutanchamun is back
proplayer08 - 12 dager siden
The aincet debries Wall is like keralis office but like 100 Times cooler
proplayer08 - 12 dager siden
The aincet debries Wall is like keralis office but like 100 Times cooler