Hermitcraft 7: Dunk Tank (Episode 63)

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Welcome back to Minecraft with Cub on the Hermitcraft Season 7 Server! Today we build a new Targét game, make some deals at Decked Out, and evade the Mayor's wrath.

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Intro- Ason ID- Tropical ID (preview)
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Runtime: 26:26


Felix Pochert
Felix Pochert - 2 dager siden
You know, I once was a mayor like you. But then I took an arrow to the knee.
NotAGoat - 9 dager siden
6:21 Why does the color fade around here?
ShootBigBucks Gaming
ShootBigBucks Gaming - 9 dager siden
Cub: 6:55 "I had burglars, but they took an arrow to the knee"
Patrick McAllister
Patrick McAllister - 11 dager siden
"Is this an assassination attempt?" LOL
Emo Plague King
Emo Plague King - 20 dager siden
Yo yall realize cubs plan to get rid of shops that don't pay road access is kinda like bdubs original plan (that scar enivetbly dismissed).
Bdubs plan was to get rid of any shops that haven't made sales in like the past few months........
And i might have proof of cub stealing the idea from bubby
Bdubs happened to find his book that had that same plan in it, in the shulker box bidding place.....
Who happens to run that!? Cub.
Cub could have read that same book.
Im not suggesting anything. Not trying to hate towards cub.
But if my theory comes out to be true.....
Filip Persson
Filip Persson - 20 dager siden
Make something special if you hit the target next to the targét sign
Spud - 22 dager siden
I think decked out deserves a volume of Hermiton Herald :D
Lo0 - 22 dager siden
Cub landscape pyramid
FreakMaster - 23 dager siden
Jono: You love to see it
Cub: I like that line
Jackey Playz
Jackey Playz - 23 dager siden
Normal shopping district sneak peEk: Yeah....meh
Stephen Klein
Stephen Klein - 23 dager siden
literal cup of tea
literal cup of tea - 23 dager siden
I came for answers about the eyes and got only questions
Jack Lamont
Jack Lamont - 24 dager siden
When did joehills get added to hermit craft I’ve been watching since season 3 and I’ve never seen him till now
Just Fred Freddie
Just Fred Freddie - 23 dager siden
Season 1
John Price
John Price - 24 dager siden
Name the pufferfish something so when they die they get slain by something like "The dunk tank"
Nolan Falsk
Nolan Falsk - 24 dager siden
*Alan Parsons Project intensifies*
Huxley Leigh
Huxley Leigh - 24 dager siden
23:25 The good, the bad and the german...
Also you should have beacon beams going up from the ground to the eyes to make it look like they are lazering the shops
Generic Name
Generic Name - 24 dager siden
That intro gave me whiplash and I'm only like 10 seconds into the video O_O
non sense
non sense - 24 dager siden
I love how you posted Hermitcraft before winning MCC! Orange Ocelots forever!!!
It's kinda crazy how 86% of people sleep on their belly, the entire community slept on Orange Ocelots in MCC and I'm sleeping on the couch tonight.
Isaac Roberts
Isaac Roberts - 24 dager siden
People talk about how things were better when grian was proto-mayor but never forget how proto-grian passed the legislation that allowed for the patriot act and the ender eye surveillance
William Leeves
William Leeves - 24 dager siden
I think you are being a bit harsh with the enforcer job.
Flurgerbla - 24 dager siden
Should add a observer by the office door so that everyone who opens it get shot
Brad Hall
Brad Hall - 24 dager siden
I haven't laughed so much in a single episode of hermitcraft in a while, this was hysterical! Your non-chalant attitude just casually slipping away from the mayor "...aaaand goodbye" along with your security arrow had me rolling! Keep it comin', Cub!!
ComaDustFire - 24 dager siden
He was Mayor until he took an arrow to the knee.
Tyler Kashishian
Tyler Kashishian - 24 dager siden
Hayden Nugent
Hayden Nugent - 24 dager siden
SaberMan Reviews
SaberMan Reviews - 24 dager siden
who here votes for Scar to be fired as mayor and have a reelection? if so, like this comment, and if you see this, Cub than can you take it up with the other hermits?
r1s3n - 24 dager siden
Cub , where'd the 12 bamboo come from , sounds shady to me.
EonWhite - 24 dager siden
I like the eyes in the sky, and the silly and super big antenna on the side of town hall. 😁
Echarb - 24 dager siden
This is becoming a totalitarianism government
Will Everton
Will Everton - 24 dager siden
Hey Cub, got an idea for Targèt. Based on the carnival rides where you're on a slow moving cart track and you have to shoot targets that appear infront or behind you like the old western versions, each hermit logs their highscore per target amd accuracy
DatDude Cody
DatDude Cody - 24 dager siden
Joe hill is weird lol
Laura Leger
Laura Leger - 24 dager siden
Cub fan 139 Grand has built a secret mycelium headquarters / secret base under his barge shop
Joey Harrington
Joey Harrington - 24 dager siden
Hearing cub say hes from illinois makes a lot more sense why his name is cubfan. Not sure why it took me this long to figure that out lol
Tyler kettle
Tyler kettle - 24 dager siden
Joe Hills is such a beautiful person
DarkSkull 1-13
DarkSkull 1-13 - 24 dager siden
I was surprised you never brought up the road passes with MAYOR Scar, considering it was his idea and he STILL hasn't paid for any of his yet lol
Andre Chaosweapon
Andre Chaosweapon - 24 dager siden
1984 reference and Alan Parsons music
Tyler Thompson
Tyler Thompson - 24 dager siden
25:29 the road access pass for the chest monster shop was purchased
Tyler Thompson
Tyler Thompson - 24 dager siden
Just not by the owner
Susie Mott
Susie Mott - 24 dager siden
alternate concept for any game that drops the loser: forbid armor, then drop 'em in an armor-equipping chamber and give them a mob head with curse of binding.
could have the opponents set the stakes by choosing each others' potential heads :D
Syed Muhammad Ashhad Hadi Zaidi
grian has a underground passageway underneath the barge
Wesley Miller
Wesley Miller - 24 dager siden
This is what I imagine as chaotic neutral- crazy yet calm
LeeuwYoup - 24 dager siden
https://youtu.be/4U5wcvn3IPA inspiration for the exterior of the piramid!
Lindsey H
Lindsey H - 24 dager siden
Those eyes are really cool and the satellite thing too! Cub is a really good builder tbh and Redstoner!
Sep Egal
Sep Egal - 24 dager siden
u should put the targets block more in the back, its more fun for several reasons.
Cooked Oven
Cooked Oven - 24 dager siden
People know what a dunk tank is
Cooked Oven
Cooked Oven - 24 dager siden
Hey I’m in Chicago! Like if you are too
Dillon Kim
Dillon Kim - 24 dager siden
Congrats on winning MCC cub! Turns out that Target practice does pay off after all
Zosh_ Plays
Zosh_ Plays - 24 dager siden
Cub catching pufferfishes
*Baby shark song intro acapella by Cub plays*
Kael Rutledge
Kael Rutledge - 24 dager siden
I love the "why did I vote for scar
Fahim Ahmed
Fahim Ahmed - 24 dager siden
Amsyar Danialz
Amsyar Danialz - 24 dager siden
It's a great deal!
Sophie The Cat
Sophie The Cat - 25 dager siden
Cubfan135 turns into CubfanTSD in the beginning
Aswathy abhay
Aswathy abhay - 25 dager siden
Aswathy abhay
Aswathy abhay - 25 dager siden
Aswathy abhay
Aswathy abhay - 25 dager siden
Aswathy abhay
Aswathy abhay - 25 dager siden
Aswathy abhay
Aswathy abhay - 25 dager siden
Aswathy abhay
Aswathy abhay - 25 dager siden
sneaky ,sneaky grian
Hexter Zerda
Hexter Zerda - 25 dager siden
That eye of ender scheme is so cool. Idk why but it gives me goosebumbs. I remember a creepypasta story about a house that was watched.
Alicia Grassby
Alicia Grassby - 25 dager siden
I need to know who wrote Y did I by the scar balloon 25:10
nikhil m
nikhil m - 25 dager siden
Cub: Look it is a dunk tank!
Compass: DrOP tANk
matthias dominguez
matthias dominguez - 25 dager siden
Your vids are great
JustBlocks - 25 dager siden
Cubfan123 was slain by Pufferfish
Cub: Yes! Fantastic, im happy with that!
JustBlocks - 25 dager siden
Can anyone sub?
Hexter Zerda
Hexter Zerda - 25 dager siden
I love how talkative Joe is, I could listen to him all day
Daz the Great
Daz the Great - 25 dager siden
Scar the most wanted mayor xD
blue lightning Games
blue lightning Games - 25 dager siden
Viva la restanace
Dominic Menter
Dominic Menter - 25 dager siden
Tbh I don't like the minigame stuff
golden wallnut
golden wallnut - 25 dager siden
when you guys trade for sets it reminds me of monoply and you are negotiating for mayfair and parklane lol :)
Gippy Gill
Gippy Gill - 25 dager siden
I think you should name Snowballs as Baseballs
coronavirusiscoming - 25 dager siden
I rly see a war happening between the mycelium resistance and the mayoral office lol like a civil war 2 (ppl who watched season 6 will understand)
Orion - 25 dager siden
700th comment
Reian Fani
Reian Fani - 25 dager siden
Can anyone answer my question? How do they make those mini blocks that are in the town hall?
Echidna 012
Echidna 012 - 25 dager siden
Please tell me you going to teleport them to the end
Sawyer Phillips
Sawyer Phillips - 25 dager siden
I don't wanna say it but...has decked out payed for the road pass? Have they payed for the land they own, at least with the ravager head above ground?
Aden the madlad
Aden the madlad - 25 dager siden
Mad lad is definitely a good thing
TwentyEpicSticks - 25 dager siden
Cub and joe trading artifacts sounds like two seven year olds trading Pokémon cards
Mollof - 25 dager siden
I think this is the first Targé game I could actualy build myself
Zaim Ali
Zaim Ali - 25 dager siden
you are going t loos your job
Zaim Ali
Zaim Ali - 23 dager siden
Zaim Ali
Zaim Ali - 23 dager siden
now that I think about it Mayer goodtimes will never know what he was doing...
Lil Peach
Lil Peach - 24 dager siden
@Zaim Ali yeah I was wondering that too but I don't think he's going to lose his job
Zaim Ali
Zaim Ali - 24 dager siden
why did he try put his boss in a cage? (look back to there meting when he pushes the batten above the minecart)
Zaim Ali
Zaim Ali - 24 dager siden
umm... ok
itai cohen
itai cohen - 25 dager siden
Etho did payed for the road for the chest monster so there shouldn't be eyes on the shop
The Peepoe
The Peepoe - 25 dager siden
name pufferfish please
RAJESH GOVADA - 25 dager siden
Piranah tank
Jamie B
Jamie B - 25 dager siden
I think that a good concept for a speed-run type minigame in target could be that u throw ender pearls at a target that will create a platform that u drop on to when u get teleported, if u miss the target, the u drop down to the floor and have to start again from the beginning
Tarquin Green
Tarquin Green - 25 dager siden
Aleksander Nikolajsen
Aleksander Nikolajsen - 25 dager siden
It would be fun seeing the ender eyes summoning enormous endermen, tearing apart the shops with un-paid road acces passes (like picking up a chunk of the shop or something).
Nintendo Pigeon
Nintendo Pigeon - 25 dager siden
i have an idea for road pass dm them telling them to pay their road access passes or else
Gylastra !
Gylastra ! - 25 dager siden
Cub and false won Mc championship congrats, hermits should host a party for the them
Oscar Nanayakkara
Oscar Nanayakkara - 25 dager siden
uh oh tensions are rising on the Hermitcraft server
Aman Fakhoury
Aman Fakhoury - 25 dager siden
Congrats on winning MC championship
Great job
Gopal Malviya
Gopal Malviya - 25 dager siden
Cograts on the MCC win.
JavaMuko - 25 dager siden
I thought the chest monster had been paid for, just not by Scar
David Pletsch
David Pletsch - 25 dager siden
Dunk Tank reminded me a little bit of Battleship, and makes me wonder if you could make a speed Battleship game using target blocks as the field divider/ship field, and bells or note blocks to denote ships. And the reason to play fast is so that your arrows actually mark the grid squares you've tried, so you're trying to win before your grid markers de-spawn. As it is, my idea is pretty do-ably simple, the question is, can you get it done so that score keeping is automatic?
Robyn O'Donnell
Robyn O'Donnell - 25 dager siden
Joe is such a nice person!
CrunchyScorpio - 25 dager siden
Well... iJevin tried to find his Leather & Porkchop shop on the board to pay for it buuut since it is called "The Meatwagon" and he couldn't find that one on the board, he assumed that it was forgotten. Sooo it might have been a bueraucratic mishap because someone didn't bother to add the real names of the shops to the board.
WisdomCritFail - 25 dager siden
Why is there an eye above the chest monster? Etho paid for that!
Janice de los Reyes
Janice de los Reyes - 25 dager siden
Need you a minute for distraction cub 😭 fuck this research paper AAAA
Hungri - 25 dager siden
Good job on winning MCC!
Marzio Moretti
Marzio Moretti - 25 dager siden
“It’s good to have eyes in the sky”
Alan Parsons starts playing in the background
TheOtttoottto - 25 dager siden
Is cub from germany?
100 lols
100 lols - 25 dager siden
I absolutely love your videos Cub!!! You have been missed
Diavolo - 25 dager siden
I love the Eye in the Sky, the film too
Teagan S
Teagan S - 25 dager siden
I was the 7000 like! also congrats cub on the mcc win! first to win twitch rivals and mcc! :D