Hermitcraft 7: Enforcementcraft! (Episode 59)

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Welcome back to Minecraft with Cub on the Hermitcraft Season 7 Server! Today we continue to enforce the road passes in the shopping district, create a new Hermiton Herald, and construct a new game in Targét.

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Intro- Ason ID- Tropical ID (preview)
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Runtime: 24:27


George Morrison
George Morrison - 8 dager siden
He said 'Ope', totally a Midwest US thing to say
KrystleMay332 - 27 dager siden
Cub, you could create a dodgeball game in Target. Opponents can aim for each other but if you miss, you hit the target blocks behinds them and that’s how you count the points
Bantu Piscies
Bantu Piscies - 29 dager siden
false selling friend lol
Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan
Cub is the best enforcer ever! XD
Dylan Medler
Dylan Medler - Måned siden
If shulkers are on property that has been paid for, it shouldn't be confiscated.
Alan Lawton
Alan Lawton - Måned siden
Based on watching the video to 11:08, would it be possible to put hoppers/hopper carts underneath the lines where the carpets collect?
Laura Storr
Laura Storr - Måned siden
What if it was on their paid property!?
Senketsu Fi
Senketsu Fi - Måned siden
Cub is sheltering the myclian resistance in his lost and found dungeon!!!
TheGuestLeader2153 - Måned siden
feel bad for peopel who were leaivng stuff cus they were building something and then left it for a bit and its gone lol
MiningFreak_Alicha - Måned siden
You need to set a sign, when you are taking chest and so one... people like mumbo and scar, would never know you toke it
PandAssassin23 - Måned siden
"What da heck is dis"
Neo Joto
Neo Joto - Måned siden
Kidnappers when they see a small child: “Yep we’re seizing this, this is going to be seized”
Chris Justice
Chris Justice - Måned siden
Is no one going to mention that since decked out is a thing doesn't tango have to pay for all the land used?
Eliteskybanana - Måned siden
I'm gonna stop watching for now because of the mini game projects. They are so boring.
Eliteskybanana - Måned siden
Not gonna lie I'm actually really bored of all the minigame peojects in target.
Vibrant Horror
Vibrant Horror - Måned siden
The game should be called Spam 25 ☺️
Brent Belmonte
Brent Belmonte - Måned siden
Its Grian inTha Server
Cynthia Olander
Cynthia Olander - Måned siden
At the Hermiton Herald you could replace the levers with string on the reset device and just run up and down to set it off
IcarusLime - Måned siden
Cub is corruption personified. Not only is he dripping with conflicts of interest, working for Scar administration WHILE controlling the media with Hermiton Herald, but he is also setting himself up to personally profit off of Civil Asset Forfeiture, aka Theft-By-Cop, with his auction house bidding. Cub must resign immediately, or The Mycelium Resistance must stage a full blown Revolution against the Scar Administration.
It's igor
It's igor - Måned siden
Is it me or will season 8 have no major its going to everyones head scar wants more money cub is "enforcing" the "law" but really i see a war breaking out soon lol
Matthew Elliott
Matthew Elliott - Måned siden
Hey Cub, If you wanted to add an extra level of difficulty to the 25 game, you could make it so the player sits in a mine cart that travels around the top of the hole in a loop. Then floating in the air (mirrored on both sides) could be obstacles (fence posts, blocks etc) that you have to spam your projectiles around.
Originally I was thinking something more like a piston feedtape with gaps in it moving over the top, but I don't know if thats possible.
technical helper
technical helper - Måned siden
cubfan, the enforcer who was SUPPOSED to take out the myceliom and he ignored a full chest of it!!!!!
technical helper
technical helper - Måned siden
i think we have a double agent
technical helper
technical helper - Måned siden
AND THEEENNNNNN he has a cave full of the stuff
Robert l
Robert l - Måned siden
Lol the grumpy guy trying to clean up the place making things much worse. What an assh enforcer. Like a true cop
UrDarkRuler22 - Måned siden
So becuase you can barely see cubs eyes under his gold helmet, it looks like hes squinting
Eternity Flowers
Eternity Flowers - Måned siden
That’s so funny confiscate that’s dirt 🤣 you’re the best enforcer Cub! I adore you
Lily Rob
Lily Rob - Måned siden
I love how X came running when he saw cub xD 4:40
Steven Weyhrich
Steven Weyhrich - Måned siden
the POWER is going to his head!
Medhansh Manchala
Medhansh Manchala - Måned siden
cub you should tell all the hermits that you took their stuff and tell them where to get it back, because no one knows, because no one watches you mean videos
Medhansh Manchala
Medhansh Manchala - Måned siden
cub is actually mean, this is just minecraft and your stealing stuff. dude this isn't school. i just unsubcribed and disliked every single one of your vids from 2020
Medhansh Manchala
Medhansh Manchala - Måned siden
when cub doesn't realize the first pile of chests he finds are Scar's
*please give me a minecrafty name*
Well he left it there to decay so cub
ItzQuackerz - Måned siden
i missed 2 eps as none came into my recco
Alea - Måned siden
I hope you are diong good documantion, otherwise thr seizeing could be considered stealing-. ;-)
demitri nevil
demitri nevil - Måned siden
Cub has mycelium base he's one with them, long live the resistance!!!😂
Balram Wadhwani
Balram Wadhwani - Måned siden
Gains is damde plz check
booie334 - Måned siden
Y is grain in ur bathroom?
The Book Ajah
The Book Ajah - Måned siden
You seized things from on players’ property THEY WILL SUE
Mara Sedai
Mara Sedai - Måned siden
I love your axe's name. :)
A Leprechaun
A Leprechaun - Måned siden
Tags: disguise, strider, loot, steeling, flowers, bees, and hitting the target perfectly.
(Yes, I'm a very classy fellow.)
Emiel van de Klok
Emiel van de Klok - Måned siden
Ariana GRIANde
Ariana GRIANde - Måned siden
Totally Not A Mycelium Resistance-Spy
_Grian’s_ on the WANTED-list?! Oh, dea— I mean, you do you Cub...
Zachary Hoffman
Zachary Hoffman - Måned siden
A skeeball type game would be perfect
Ben Lancaster
Ben Lancaster - Måned siden
Selling people's property?! I now support the mycelium resistance. There will be a lot of complaints from hermits.
Jason - Måned siden
Theres been a double chest on top of the Omega store for MONTHS and its been driving me nuts!!
Jason - Måned siden
Has anyone else noticed this? It stands out so clearly on the clean white rooftop!
Logan Kolbo
Logan Kolbo - Måned siden
The next game that should be added should be a whack-a-mole type game with the target blocks
agentponey - Måned siden
He is just boring as enforcer
Danbearpig - Måned siden
FalseSymmetry the Snitch! Hahaha, this was hilarious.
Oliver Zhang
Oliver Zhang - Måned siden
These recent videos with the Enforcer have been so funny!
Luke Ellis
Luke Ellis - Måned siden
7:58 ohhhhh shit!!! Bad boys bad boys whatchu gonna do whatchu gonna do when Cub comes for you???
Matt Lewandowski
Matt Lewandowski - Måned siden
mayor scar is going to loose so much stuff to his new chief of police (I trust you will cut him a li'l slack while he is having to limit his game time)
Roxy Rambles
Roxy Rambles - Måned siden
Cub your energy is IMMACULATE and I love your videos
Sweet Lew
Sweet Lew - Måned siden
You should of put up warning signs for all of the stuff that was in the shopping district that you confiscated... You basically stole peoples items that they worked hard to get... How do you know they werent setting things up to work on something... Give people warning or a heads up for stuff that you are doing... Its called respect...
sean cumiskey
sean cumiskey - Måned siden
Cub seems kind of like a jerk for seizing all the stuff
Eron Hyseni
Eron Hyseni - Måned siden
What the heck is this??
Wesley Powell
Wesley Powell - Måned siden
You should make a wack a mole style game in target where pistons reveal targets for a short time
Adam Sherrill
Adam Sherrill - Måned siden
Why is there Mumbo Pixelart above the Hermiton Herald?
Jonah Jackson
Jonah Jackson - Måned siden
the odea store boxes is mumbo's
Michael Mostert
Michael Mostert - Måned siden
Doc is wanted for being "a crazy mountain man who keeps saying something about goats."
Opserv - Måned siden
hey if you wouldn’t mind checking me out i make minecraft videos that are just fun to watch (no i’m not a 9 year old)
Stephen Klein
Stephen Klein - Måned siden
This could just be me, but I really dislike how Cub is just taking stuff from everybody. Instead of immediately taking the hermits materials, he should ask them ahead of time.
Stephen Klein
Stephen Klein - Måned siden
Does Cub realize that the first chest/boxes he took were the stuff for False's Nether Hub and some of Scar's Boxes (hence loads of Mycelium cause he removed it all). He's essentially stealing from two of the best hermit who have been trying to help the server.
James Goble
James Goble - Måned siden
the commets be like, OmG CuB iS sTeaLinG thE HerMits StuFf yOu JuST loSt a SuB.
Gammer Thumbs
Gammer Thumbs - Måned siden
Haha that's awesome. Your doing a wonderful job
Fiona Platz Skrubbeltrang 5
A lot of people just see the Hermits as content creators. I see them as a lot of fun people with different personalities, who is kind enough to spend so much time and effort just to entertain us
Tyler - Måned siden
You should definitely make the auction like storage wars
Lifeafter Everything
Lifeafter Everything - Måned siden
You’re a communist now so no more cubfun! Down with cub & scar!!!
Branden X
Branden X - Måned siden
CubFan is mad with power! lol (Good video)
Edit: Waaaaaaait. You're the police AND the media?? its all over now haha
Trash Gaming
Trash Gaming - Måned siden
If I played on Hermitcraft, Xisuma would scare me any time I saw him. I know he’s a very nice person but he’s so intimidating.
Mrs Green
Mrs Green - Måned siden
Hey cub I just want you to know that I watch all your episodes with my black lab and I always give her lots of pats and hugs and spare a thought for your beloved dog , I always remember the time you asked us to give our dogs an extra pay for you that day and I wanted you to know I do 🙂💚
Celestial Demon
Celestial Demon - Måned siden
Cub supports racketing.
Vander - Måned siden
Really enjoy the videos and all the work you been putting in to them during this season :) Thank you for all the entertainment!
Ričards Mazūrs
Ričards Mazūrs - Måned siden
some of does are on their proporties
Morada Morada
Morada Morada - Måned siden
I think putting bees is just mean.
laartje24 - Måned siden
Cubfan, storing mycelium for the mycelium resistance in the storage room under your office. This scandal should be reported to the Herminton Herald.... oh wait, you write the herald. Cleo! We need you!
EraBOLA - Måned siden
I bet the mayor will have to announce property rights soon so cub can't sieze everything in the shopping district
KK World
KK World - Måned siden
6:24 the land is of Keralis claimed and paid
Ranjan Bhattacharya
Ranjan Bhattacharya - Måned siden
Cub,just a tip, use potions for the decked out game.youll understand once you see the rule video.
Nick - Måned siden
You should build a court so you can put hermits on trial
IcarusLime - Måned siden
Cubfan working for the Scar Administration AND writing the Hermiton Herald, this is what we call a conflict of interest, my friends. State propaganda!
PyreStarite - Måned siden
6:55 You just nabbed what is likely Mumbo's shulker boxes which were still on his property. I think that is uncalled for.
TheWolfJack - Måned siden
Cub, you should get a bunch of emeralds and name them to Time Stone for the player timers.
Félix Lamontagne
Félix Lamontagne - Måned siden
Yep, Cubfan was the right man for the enforcer job !
Lester Gaga-a
Lester Gaga-a - Måned siden
I was thinking about boat death race game on ice like there are two hermits on a boat, the one is driving and the one is defending or attaking other players. They will get power ups on the track for ex. weapons like bows, trident and also shield and other power ups.
And also there are some shorcuts..
I think it will be a good and fun game, though it will be a big project...
VenomArk 788
VenomArk 788 - Måned siden
Also someone's gonna get fired for confiscating the Mayor's stuff XDD
Drewthefeared - Måned siden
I think its funny how he takes karelis's boxes off of karelis's propertie, that karelis bought from the shopping district
VenomArk 788
VenomArk 788 - Måned siden
Cub when he sees a shulkerbox and chest:

Cub: what the heck is this??!
Arnav Bablani
Arnav Bablani - Måned siden
Cubfan: "Welcome to Enforcementcraft!"
Me: Did I click the wrong video?
legs 500
legs 500 - Måned siden
Cubs letting the power go to his head lol
Lester Gaga-a
Lester Gaga-a - Måned siden
New sub here, hope i could get a heart from cun
gem threat
gem threat - Måned siden
I love how r he found stuff on other hermits property and took it. He stole stuff so I think he should be on the most wanted list lol
*please give me a minecrafty name*
Its not called stealing. If you leave stuff that means you don't need it so cub actually kinda reminded them that this stuff was here.
Larrancia - Måned siden
10:28 there’s the mumbo map!
Arvel Crynyd
Arvel Crynyd - Måned siden
Dang dude! Got some stones on ya, bossing Xisuma around like that!
Ultralion 23
Ultralion 23 - Måned siden
Pls dont get the Black Shulker Boxes of decked OUt because that is what brings the hermits to the game
Anthony Jaramillo
Anthony Jaramillo - Måned siden
why is there a giant face (i think its mumbo) in the background of the map district?
menno gorissen
menno gorissen - Måned siden
You could do a storage wars type auction with storage units each stacked with chests and shulker boxes so the hermits can bid live on the units
Paul Lessard
Paul Lessard - Måned siden
Why did you type to Xisuma and not talk over the mic? I thought that was weird.
Andy Reed
Andy Reed - Måned siden
11:27 what is that in the top of the image
WACKY UNICORN11 - Måned siden
I think you should have asked the hemits to clean up first. It would have made more sense
Trenton Branham
Trenton Branham - Måned siden
Cub's gone mad with power! HE'S GONNA EAT THE CHORT!
CMDR Mikalent
CMDR Mikalent - Måned siden
Not even 2 episodes of enforement and Cub is already corrupt....