Hermitcraft 7 Episode 1: Baby Pyramid

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Welcome to Hermitcraft Season 7 with Cub! Today we begin the new season by exploring the world, doing some caving, and making a miniature pyramid.
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cubfan135 - 7 måneder siden
I'll be livestreaming from Hermitcraft at http://www.twitch.tv/cubfan135 later today. Make sure you follow there if you want to join!
Grayson Lamb
Grayson Lamb - 6 måneder siden
Thanks for the seed
Jozef Stravka
Jozef Stravka - 7 måneder siden
U can mine lapis with stone pick😀
Richard Nelson
Richard Nelson - 7 måneder siden
The hay bale under the fire makes the fire smoke go higher
Hauskins - 7 måneder siden
You should make the two hills behind the pyramid a giant bull statues facing each other with gold accents
kyle cummings
kyle cummings - 7 måneder siden
Will u be bring back concorp because I started watching hermitcraft in the middle of season 6
Uhflower - 2 dager siden
I was a subscriber back in 2015, I lost your channel around the time you were making a creeper farm back in your lp.... I finally found your channel again last night after looking for years! Very excited to watch this series :)
The Brothers Game
The Brothers Game - 3 dager siden
btw you only need a stone pick and not a iron pick for lapiz
Laban Generaux
Laban Generaux - 4 dager siden
What cub sees: a mooshroom island

What we see:mycelium war
CT-7567 - 5 dager siden
Nobody’s talking about the half jungle wood, half spruce shipwreck at 2:50
AbsoluteMite235 - 7 dager siden
cubfan135 has made the advancement [Monster Hunter]
Tango left the game
Maybe Tango is a monster...
Maniacallaugh - 15 dager siden
Asks for better inventory management in 1.17. Me- Oh boy are you in for a surprise
Petros Georgiadis
Petros Georgiadis - 22 dager siden
"Lets grab our smeltery" - Cub 2020
Rok Gojčič
Rok Gojčič - 25 dager siden
Saheda Patel
Saheda Patel - 26 dager siden
Love you nice vids
9 TriLLo
9 TriLLo - 26 dager siden
66 Episodes... alright... let's start then.
ShadowstrikerV12 - 29 dager siden
dude I faught with no armour and iron sword and a shield in hard mode
Harold Brick
Harold Brick - Måned siden
Hey, cub, you won the game!
The game is simple. If the first item you pick up on camera isn't wood, you win! Yours was a boat, so, good job!
quint1968 - Måned siden
Great day to binge watch Cub today. Starting from Ep 1
Sam Perkins
Sam Perkins - Måned siden
The seed doesn't work i spawn in a dark oak Forrest
park shark
park shark - Måned siden
cub: *misses the iron*
me: Why?
cub: Theirs a Zombie
me: 0_0
HybridBlade - Måned siden
FakeEyeNoseOfficial 3600
FakeEyeNoseOfficial 3600 - Måned siden
Cub: this is quite a small base
Me with a 2 by 2 hole: umm........
SFAachenSolln - 2 måneder siden
5months later and still recommend
Spikà - 2 måneder siden
Been watching a bunch of the other hermits since the start of this season, and this is one I have been really interested in, but missed out on, so it's time to binge this and get caught up. Gonna be a nice little nostalgia trip as an added bonus as I see how the server grows and changes as I binge these.
Sukrut Tondapurkar
Sukrut Tondapurkar - 2 måneder siden
never saw a cub living in a pyramid
0 7
0 7 - 2 måneder siden
People who just started Minecraft : oh my gosh look at the baby!
Pros: oh my gosh look at the baby!
moded - 2 måneder siden
cub: *kills little kids*
Cub: alright the little kid# have been controlled
Slothy06 - 3 måneder siden
Barrels in bedrock are made by sticks and slabs
Fungusz _
Fungusz _ - 3 måneder siden
‘I got no armour on’
Well yes but actually no
FatiTank Drawings
FatiTank Drawings - 3 måneder siden
*Kids these days...*
Web Tubers
Web Tubers - 3 måneder siden
His base is the best starter base I’ve ever seen
Aaron List
Aaron List - 3 måneder siden
I am back to watching after my long break
The_ TroyZ
The_ TroyZ - 3 måneder siden
baby zombie on a chicken is rarer to find thand getting the same seed twice
kian henninger
kian henninger - 2 måneder siden
On a chicken is
kian henninger
kian henninger - 2 måneder siden
Zombievillager with full enchanted diamind armor and entchated iron sword
kian henninger
kian henninger - 2 måneder siden
No it isnt
Sophia G
Sophia G - 3 måneder siden
Anyone else trying to watch everyone's hermit craft series bc of covid-19
Lesley and Ben Inker
Lesley and Ben Inker - 4 måneder siden
The pyramid will be amazing
Adam Sherrill
Adam Sherrill - 4 måneder siden
You caused sooooooo much strife amongst the cells of Iskall's body with that treasure
Mumen Rider
Mumen Rider - 4 måneder siden
The outro reminds me DanTDM's old outro
Ajay Ingole
Ajay Ingole - 4 måneder siden
Man i love ur videos man u really good
KV 5OOcc
KV 5OOcc - 4 måneder siden
yalls starter houses are super good my starter house usualy is a hole in the ground
clare smith
clare smith - 4 måneder siden
Some other hermits are in the jungle
Chuggy Gaming
Chuggy Gaming - 4 måneder siden
7:25 CUB IS POULTRY MAN!?!?!?!?
Sinatra - 4 måneder siden
U passed under iron: )
Hexter Zerda
Hexter Zerda - 5 måneder siden
Also using haybale as a support block for campfire would make the smoke longer because the campfire would basically become a SOS signal
Jamie Cuthbertson
Jamie Cuthbertson - 5 måneder siden
7:48 it pains me that he missed some iron...
Fynn x
Fynn x - 5 måneder siden
Oh sure, Cub finds the treasure in like 5 sec, meanwhile I'm over here digging up an entire island
Ishan - 5 måneder siden
Anyone else having OCD when he doesn't mine the Redstone and lapis or pick up the bones
It’s Drexx
It’s Drexx - 5 måneder siden
Cub just killed a entire school of baby zombies 😳
TheSpookyFable💀🎃 - 5 måneder siden
"and look at that!"
*Ad plays*
Thunderus Night
Thunderus Night - 5 måneder siden
Cub placing torches: we're gonna protect against the monsters that spawn
Bdouble0100: No I don't think you will
Cul Gi
Cul Gi - 5 måneder siden
Cub: makes a point to equip his shield
Also Cub: doesn’t use shield
sandor kolb
sandor kolb - 5 måneder siden
puts dried kelp into chest, one second later, wegot some dried kelp
Annabelle Armitage
Annabelle Armitage - 5 måneder siden
Did you know baby zombies on a chicken is the realest thing in the game
Destiny Love
Destiny Love - 5 måneder siden
*when you stumble upon a zombie daycare 12:17
Mathieu Roy
Mathieu Roy - 5 måneder siden
Cub : they really need to work on inventory space for 1.17
Ender chest : am I a joke to you ?
CaRtO 777
CaRtO 777 - 5 måneder siden
In the span of two minutes he took down 6 baby zombies and 6 creepers, hats off to you my sir
Solivin Aldisin
Solivin Aldisin - 5 måneder siden
grian make me watch all episode of hermit player🤦‍♂️
-grian, mumbo, stress, cub, scar, false, zedaph, bdouble.
SupereSkill 99
SupereSkill 99 - 5 måneder siden
What's "This" and What's "That"?
d1vine - 6 måneder siden
cub: ill need my shield for this
also cub: "doesnt use it and almost died from those kids"
The Milestone LP
The Milestone LP - 6 måneder siden
10:14 you can mine and collect lapis with a stone pickaxe.
peepster !
peepster ! - 6 måneder siden
No one cares if ur binge watching season 7 like everyone else here
Gavin Toby
Gavin Toby - 6 måneder siden
Can Someone Tell Me When He Gets His Egyptian Skin
RaphAttack 1
RaphAttack 1 - 6 måneder siden
Baby zombie infested cave
Dennis Kuryenyev
Dennis Kuryenyev - 6 måneder siden
Cub: *places a dried kelp*
Also Cub: We got some dried kelp over here.
Dennis Kuryenyev
Dennis Kuryenyev - 6 måneder siden
Cub: I have no armor
Blue helmet: R.I.P.
Rancho's Town
Rancho's Town - 6 måneder siden
Inventory management is awful.
Stop updating biomes and start focussing on the core mechanics.
I'm playing on console with controller. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
lausin. - 6 måneder siden
Most youtubers: “I did some mining off camera...”
Cubfan: “I did some treasure chest finding off camera...”
NightShift king
NightShift king - 6 måneder siden
7:00 he look like a cholo
Truman Evans
Truman Evans - 6 måneder siden
Notch just giving him a kindergarten class attacking him
Paul Kuch
Paul Kuch - 6 måneder siden
Cub, that was BY FAR the craziest cave I've ever seen! All dems lol kid zombies are terrifying! Well played... Of course I wrote 1st half of msg right b4 it opened up into a ravine... That also was terrifying! Lol! That Cod and Salmon looks like it's been there for a while... Just sayn
resverie - 6 måneder siden
7:25 cub is poultry man confirmed???
Dog Bro
Dog Bro - 6 måneder siden
Cubfan: welcome to hermitcraft season 7

Also cubfan: *20 minutes later* is literally in a warzone.
Arkiplex 24
Arkiplex 24 - 6 måneder siden
What’s the name of the outro
Sushi - 6 måneder siden
They should create a backpack item. You need idk maybe leather a chest and a lead to make. But it gives you an extra inventory to store items early game. It takes place of your chest plate
Hope Elizabeth
Hope Elizabeth - 6 måneder siden
"We got some chest plate and a legging" - Cub 2020
Hermit Hub
Hermit Hub - 6 måneder siden
What did you use to view the map
Cj Ciocon
Cj Ciocon - 6 måneder siden
Cub early in the video: so there will be a lot of mobs spawning as babies!
Cub later in the episode in a cave: How can there be more baby zombies?!
Andrew Cox
Andrew Cox - 6 måneder siden
That tiny pyramid still looks better than anything I ever built in my 9 years of playing Minecraft.
BigFatPanda23 - Football - Gaming - Drawing
Cup saying: “...Let’s go into the depths”.
Me hearing: “...Let’s go into the DEATHS!!!!!!!!”.
Seconds after Cup says: “when you talk about the devil it comes!!!”.
I’m not saying that Cup is satanic I just think it was fun.
Supernagato - 6 måneder siden
Juicy 60FPS :D
the pro gamer tv
the pro gamer tv - 6 måneder siden
You missed iron
SAM Li - 6 måneder siden
7:47 he didn't pick up the iron
MilkJug - 6 måneder siden
I feel like Cubfan has a very nostalgic feel to his videos.
Chris Michel
Chris Michel - 6 måneder siden
Lapis can be mined with a stone pickaxe
Chris Michel
Chris Michel - 6 måneder siden
@Jonathan Corwin always? When mined with a stone pickaxe or better, a lapis lazuli ore drops 4-9 pieces of lapis lazuli.
Jonathan Corwin
Jonathan Corwin - 6 måneder siden
Wait really, since when?
Sir Crab
Sir Crab - 6 måneder siden
Disregards iron to find cave
Yep Fred
Yep Fred - 6 måneder siden
I love this man
Cbellostudios - 6 måneder siden
Tango is next level!”
Doc chuckles to himself
Max Withers
Max Withers - 6 måneder siden
7:00 “I look like I can’t see out of it”
“That’s what I wanted to SEE”
Andrew Rossi
Andrew Rossi - 6 måneder siden
What did you use to get the seed map? If anyone knows let me know.
Øcean - 6 måneder siden
"Exactly what I wanted to see"...

I'm dumb
Electric Animations
Electric Animations - 7 måneder siden
Love how polite you are while murdering all the mobs
BlueFlare - 7 måneder siden
12:24 - 12:28 when kids surround you and wanna play
Beast Man123456789
Beast Man123456789 - 7 måneder siden
Who else knows that u can mine lapis with stone pick
Itsuki - 7 måneder siden
My man cub missed some iron at 7:47
At 9:09 he says first piece of iron gotten, when he could’ve gotten some before

I’m not trying to be rude if I sound like I am
Aevo - 7 måneder siden
Cubfan: puts dried kelp in the chest
Also cubfan: we got some dried kelp here
It’s ok T-V
It’s ok T-V - 7 måneder siden
Thank you so much For not talking like an ape on crack for all your videos like most other Minecraft Youtubers.
joshua Basson
joshua Basson - 7 måneder siden
That pyramid is so cute ! ;D
CrunchCream Gaming
CrunchCream Gaming - 7 måneder siden
I love this series, Cub!
darrell beets
darrell beets - 7 måneder siden
dude u do know theres donky chests, and enderchest right? i mean having 27 invent slots seems like plenty for me ... i gues if not to easy to obtain a backpack could work....
Sealalert - 7 måneder siden
Cub you missed some iron. 7:46
Retro Smash
Retro Smash - 7 måneder siden
I love your channel❤
Mineguy2006 - 7 måneder siden
Why is your name cub fan are you a Chicago Cubs fan
THE NO ONE - 7 måneder siden
When everyone is making memes about Mumbo, Grian and Iskall

**sad cubfan noises**
Jason McFred Briones
Jason McFred Briones - 7 måneder siden
tip when caving if your going forward place torches on the right so when you are lost the way back will be where the torches are placed on the left
Pilot Jack
Pilot Jack - 7 måneder siden
-2143500864 If you want to copy and paste the seed