Hermitcraft 7: HEP Assemble! (Ep. 70)

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Welcome back to Minecraft with Cub on the Season 7 Hermitcraft Server. Today we train some of our fellow HEP agents at the training grounds, spend all of our diamonds, meet up at HEP HQ, and see the results for the Road competition.

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Intro- Ason ID- Tropical ID (preview)
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Runtime: 26:26


Mohammad Tahir
Mohammad Tahir - 4 timer siden
build a trophy room
Tyler Lewis
Tyler Lewis - 11 timer siden
Maybe you could collaborate on a shop with x, and get bdubs to build it!
DemonDuckOfDoom - 16 timer siden
Isaac Martinez
Isaac Martinez - 16 timer siden
imagine if a new game of demise comes around, and tango rigs decked out.

nobody would be playing it, but imagine...
skullcrusher skull
skullcrusher skull - 17 timer siden
Hey man watch out groans one of the leaders In that weird grass gang thing and was spying on one of the hep meatings
Joe The Juggalo
Joe The Juggalo - 21 time siden
Congrats on the road win Cub.
*Bdubs build idead: I say get Bdubs to build beehive with a pyramid on top of it.*
Nitro-Nick - Dag siden
4:58 "It's Halloween, it's *fall* ..."
*Mumbo would like to know your location*
Hypoground - Dag siden
The thing I really respect about Xisuma is he sees the bigger picture. He could have preferred to have the trophy in his base because who wouldnt? Its a giant trophy. But instead of realized the trophy inside the giant pyramid would be a way more fitting place to put it, and Xisuma wants whats coolest for the server as a whole. Smart guy
QV Gaming
QV Gaming - Dag siden
What the what! You are already on episode 70! The grind is real I guess. Great job with the episodes; they’ve all been so entertaining!
shadow ember darkness
shadow ember darkness - Dag siden
You should check out the frankenstein in the shopping district if you haven't also you should use the b dubs build to conine your and the other winer's base maybe
_Rhino17 - Dag siden
Cub with Mumbos industrial day pass you can get as much gunpowder as you can carry for only 10 diamonds
Ethan Hittle
Ethan Hittle - Dag siden
Have BDubs make you a building for the trophy you won.
TeamManticore - Dag siden
If mycelium is a top level infection then shouldn't it infect grass and last time I checked grass spreads faster than mycelium making grass the infection and not mycelium thank about itm ;)
Bizza Ebic
Bizza Ebic - Dag siden
If anyone wants to join a server like hermitcraft and is a long time active player then shoot me a message on reddit. My name is u/pizzakwadraat2004
We are just a small server but we like some big projects and we love to get some more active players.
Wilson18 - Dag siden
You should build another pyramid for you to put your current pyramid inside.
Stephen Burton
Stephen Burton - 2 dager siden
Bdubbs build idea Bee-sphinx?
A Fellow Human
A Fellow Human - 2 dager siden
tell bdubs to make a bee pyramid
Venomous Prime
Venomous Prime - 2 dager siden
Man! Epic mining session to begin the video. I've always thought I was a patient person especially when it comes to mining in Minecraft (I rather enjoy it), but then I see all the crazy mining you do and it's like... Wow. Uh oh... can Pharaoh Cub's pyramid be repossessed? I think there needs to be special mycelium handling gloves for the training area. ;-)
kyle coleta
kyle coleta - 2 dager siden
grian is the leader of the risistance cub
Get me to 10subs Plz
Get me to 10subs Plz - Dag siden
U dumb
kyle coleta
kyle coleta - Dag siden
Get me to 10subs Plz
Get me to 10subs Plz - 2 dager siden
Lemonande - 2 dager siden
If there is a war it should be like a placing grass and mycelium contest and those who win.... uh..... win?
Juggy 22
Juggy 22 - 2 dager siden
You guys should get bdubs to build you an insane redstone farm
Wyley Menolascino
Wyley Menolascino - 2 dager siden
Have bdubs build the moon in the sky with a chunk broken off of it above xziuma’s moon area in the shopping districts
Haydan Tran
Haydan Tran - 2 dager siden
Michael cawley
Michael cawley - 2 dager siden
Does the bed teqnique no longer work
Emmanuel Araujo
Emmanuel Araujo - 2 dager siden
Use beds not tnt
Jean Forsi
Jean Forsi - 2 dager siden
A sense a civil war
Emily Day
Emily Day - 2 dager siden
Get Bdubs to build a joint shop for both of you.
Justin Schwartz
Justin Schwartz - 2 dager siden
Save Bdubs free build for a Christmas build!
Prowler Cam
Prowler Cam - 2 dager siden
Judging by the BS he's slinging, Scar is definitely a politician.
Sestican - 2 dager siden
potential BDubs build: A radar for the H.E.P agency to locate any mycelium growth in the area
Aronprovz - 2 dager siden
no not HEP but HIP
Jacob Worriax
Jacob Worriax - 2 dager siden
Bdubs could build a beehive pyramid hybrid that combines both of your bases themes
Russell Roberts
Russell Roberts - 2 dager siden
What is his income from the shops?
Aiden Nicholson
Aiden Nicholson - 2 dager siden
hate this join the resistence
The lost nerf dart
The lost nerf dart - 2 dager siden
I'm only watching this to snoop at how hep works to report back to Mumbo
giningmos 233
giningmos 233 - 3 dager siden
cub mumbo is the leader of the resistance
Gedalya Cohen
Gedalya Cohen - 3 dager siden
mycelium for scar is like diorite for iskall
drumben - 3 dager siden
Let bdubs make a shop for you both, you van make even more diamands
1 Thousand Subscribers Without Videos
Get Bdubs to finish your pyramid
Nani Farras
Nani Farras - 3 dager siden
25:22 i was broke yesterday i was rich by the morning -Lil Uzi Vert
deflarance - 3 dager siden
Anybody got the track in the background at the start when cub was mining for ancient debris?
Game Difficulty_42
Game Difficulty_42 - 3 dager siden
You and Xsuma should come up with a new shop and get BDubs to build it for you
Ted Ware
Ted Ware - 3 dager siden
You should recruit zombiecleo, she’s good at armour stands and stuff.

Also xisuma should make a guardian farm and he bdubs to decorate and help build.
simas - 3 dager siden
go to lookie lookie at my cookie for free food
Anish Sarang
Anish Sarang - 3 dager siden
Checkout Keralis lookie lookie at my cookie pls
Anish Sarang
Anish Sarang - 3 dager siden
For food
tipTAP - 3 dager siden
I love how one idea can cause a whole war on the hermitcraft server it's just mycelium guys chill out
Pravin Gund
Pravin Gund - 3 dager siden
Cub! use mumbo's industrial district pass, so you don't need to buys gunpower at high cost.
TheCrimsonReigner - 3 dager siden
Takisan111 - 3 dager siden
BDubs is going to regret not being at that meeting. He is a sucker for positive attention.
Vero Rokoko
Vero Rokoko - 3 dager siden
Make Bdubs build a BeePyramid!!
Zane Black
Zane Black - 3 dager siden
Hi cub
a dean
a dean - 3 dager siden
The mayor has judged us
Scar: don't look at me
a dean
a dean - 3 dager siden
Cub: The ancient debris is shy
Lily Gilding
Lily Gilding - 3 dager siden
The H.E.P. training ground needs a handwashing station. Or a decontamination shower area. Either or.
Nathaniel Weston
Nathaniel Weston - 3 dager siden
@cubfan you should buy mumbo's industrial district pass (from store behind ODEA), ten diamonds grab as much as you can carry, hes got gunpowder
ApacheStoryteller - 3 dager siden
Have you considered using Mumbo's industrial park, it now has day passes, all you can take, now with renewable pass support too.
Hudson Howey
Hudson Howey - 3 dager siden
watch this about the mycelium resistance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7ayumrrSJ8
/ FORTES / - 3 dager siden
Its at his base in the mountains
/ FORTES / - 3 dager siden
Steers know where the base of the resiteance
Milo - 3 dager siden
it is cheaper to buy at mumbo's new shop, for 10 diamonds you can have industrial day pass access and can get whatever you want on his industrial district
Ashton Morrison
Ashton Morrison - 3 dager siden
Bdubs should make an entire statue of you and X
TM4n007 - 3 dager siden
grass sucks, mycelium FTW
Saquines - 3 dager siden
I recommend to use beds for ancient debris mining.. if you have a wool farm of course, easy to make easy to use. But do stand back because they tend to explode. :)
Get me to 10subs Plz
Get me to 10subs Plz - 2 dager siden
Cubfan135 actually made a video on mining ancient debris and he did some work and bed mining was actually the worst so I don’t think he will.
Douglas Fresh
Douglas Fresh - 3 dager siden
Have BDubs build the trophy room!
Laura Reggie
Laura Reggie - 3 dager siden
♡ Go Team CubXsuma! ♡
Laura Reggie
Laura Reggie - 3 dager siden
Hey Cub, Cool Episode. Loving The Hep Meetings & Big Congrats On The Road Comp! For The Bdubs Build, Maybe A Small Bee Style Pyramid At Xisumas Base Where You Two Could Meet Up For Some Laughs And Have The Trophy In There Too! :) Look Forward To The Next Episode. I Like How Consistent You Are With Always Putting Out New Episodes For Us To Enjoy
Miles Whitaker
Miles Whitaker - 3 dager siden
Use tnt to go netherite mining it way more efficient
Anderz Draconian
Anderz Draconian - 3 dager siden
Ever since last episode I've been thinking about this:
Imagine if someone built a minigame / obstacle course and has the entrance be labeled saying something along the lines of "I'm trying to decide if I join H.E.P or the resistance, what do you think?" with a button of HEP and a button for the resistance. Both buttons open the door to enter the game, but the exit takes you to a different (but identical) room to record their scores depending on which button you pressed.
The button labeled "you should join HEP!" leads to room 1, and only people who want the builder to join HEP would end up there. (so their scoreboard is also a list of HEP supporters)
The button labeled "You should join the resistance!" goes to room 1, and only people who want to recruit them to the resistance would end up in that room, (meaning their scoreboard, is also a list of resistance sympathizers.)
Xavier lol
Xavier lol - 3 dager siden
I think I'd be really funny if cub just set out a bake sale stand outside his massive pyramid and just sold pumpkin pies for exuberant prices
Pearse Mcnamara
Pearse Mcnamara - 3 dager siden
“Pretty rich” hahahahah. Grian is richer than the server
Aleco Tincknell
Aleco Tincknell - 3 dager siden
Cub and x: yay we got like over 50 diamond blocks!
Grian’s barge: pathetic
James K
James K - 3 dager siden
Un sub
Get me to 10subs Plz
Get me to 10subs Plz - 2 dager siden
James K
James K - 3 dager siden
No sub
Get me to 10subs Plz
Get me to 10subs Plz - 2 dager siden
Ammon Teasdale
Ammon Teasdale - 3 dager siden
Me finds ancient debris: LETS GO

Cub: So anyways I started mining
hershell atkinson
hershell atkinson - 3 dager siden
Have him build an exact copy of the server in the sky above everythi g
elizabeth ramirez
elizabeth ramirez - 3 dager siden
I think BdoubleO100 should build a big statue of you and X in the shopping district.
Jakub Frejno
Jakub Frejno - 3 dager siden
HEP is like a #Greenteam right now
Tidbit - 3 dager siden
Bdubs Build suggestion: Near X's base he has a 'sandcastle', Maybe Bdubs could build a collection of Adobe or desert style houses near X's sandcastle. And then build a similar little collection out the back of Cubs Giant Pyramid!
Supremely Smokey Potato Towel
SPREAD SPORES INSTEAD OF LIES!!!!! #MyceliumResistance
kappa - 3 dager siden
Scar’s mycelium speech actually convinced me the resistance is in the right when I used to think H.E.P was in the right.
Mónica Santos
Mónica Santos - 3 dager siden
You have officially the best time lapse tracks of all Minecraft content creators, I pay my respects to you 😎🖤
Swedish Coffe Lover
Swedish Coffe Lover - 3 dager siden
Beeedubs should build a beeepyramid.....
hyperundead - 3 dager siden
But the bed explosion is so much bigger
justin bonilla
justin bonilla - 3 dager siden
supa hot fire reference? Goat.
Carson Sparrow
Carson Sparrow - 3 dager siden
Make bdubs build the road for u an x
Luke Tucker
Luke Tucker - 3 dager siden
Once upon a time, you were very sick and the doctor came in and said, "we have a match. you have the same disease that a lot of other people do. you're gonna die."
so you grab him by the collar and tell him, "you can't just come in here and tell me that I'm gonna die." he says, "there is a cure but we don't
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"who has it?"
"the hospital about 20 miles away, but it's very expensive and you can't afford it."
Then one of your friends and his son walk in and asks the doctor what's wrong with you.
He then tells you, "I can go and get the medicine but I don't have the money."
his son says, "Dad, I got the money to save him."

on the way to the hospital, their car hits a tree and the son is killed. your friend continues to the hospital crying, he gets the medicine and saves your life.

Jesus died so that you could be saved. He knows everything about you and He loves you. He died so that you could go to heaven. He paid for your sins and carried them with Him on the cross.

If you want to be saved, know that you’ve done many things that are wrong and ask Jesus to save you. that's it.

This is the story that changed my life. I hope it changes yours.
Master G94
Master G94 - 3 dager siden
Cub should give Xisuma the rest of the diamond blocks from the prize pool and take the "bdubs build" to use in his bedroom at the apex of the pyramid. I can't really think of something Xisuma would use it for
cal - 3 dager siden
the new hep members should pay an “application fee” and you can just pocket it lol
Emma Parkin
Emma Parkin - 3 dager siden
Congrats on the road building win! X
נעם לב
נעם לב - 3 dager siden
You can get from mumbo jumbo for 10 diamond
Oriol Ortega
Oriol Ortega - 3 dager siden
You contaminante more by burnning mycelium
Jacob Tonks
Jacob Tonks - 3 dager siden
for some reason, I could only watch this in 720p60. Is something wrong?
Ryan Cauthen
Ryan Cauthen - 3 dager siden
The fact that he’s the richest hermit with netherite and doesn’t even use the bed technic is crazy
Lowegie Mendez
Lowegie Mendez - 3 dager siden
Cian Barrett
Cian Barrett - 3 dager siden
Real Mochi
Real Mochi - 3 dager siden
Xisuma: **gets 29 blocks of diamonds**
Xisuma: "that's a lot of diamonds"
Grian: *laughs in 4 and a half stacks of diamond blocks*
Jackson Konkol
Jackson Konkol - 3 dager siden
make BD's build something of ur base and X base combined
Sam Woodward
Sam Woodward - 3 dager siden
Have bdubs build you an employee of the month monument!!! Lol
Philippe sabado
Philippe sabado - 3 dager siden
You didnt show the grian part AHAHHAH where he fell off the HEP roof while finding a "dEcKeDoUt bOx" haha
Totally not sus
South Star
South Star - 3 dager siden
Bdubs should build the trophy at cub's pyramid