Hermitcraft 7: Hermitcraft Wrestling! (Episode 12)

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Welcome back to Hermitcraft with Cub! Today we participate in the Hermitcraft Wrestling Federation and try to make some progress in the Head Game.
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Runtime: 25:45


The World
The World - 13 dager siden
i watches this episode 2 times just to hear cub say “Cream O' The Crop”
The World
The World - 14 dager siden
*_haha cream o' the crop go chug chug_*
The World
The World - 14 dager siden
“while we’re mining some sand let me show you a clip of some *_shenanigans_* in the shopping district *_Renthedog_* found”

guess they’re doing their jobs
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia - 27 dager siden
Doc gave steroids to his son so he could murder the man who stole his cow
Apple Dinger
Apple Dinger - Måned siden
Look at this giant ruby I got.
Sean Chase
Sean Chase - 2 måneder siden
Why did the wrestling side of Hermitcraft never take off? That bout was intense!
Lo2atwox 582
Lo2atwox 582 - 2 måneder siden
I can just imagine grian swallowing his mic and shouting rumble
Jon Vincent Ganitano
Jon Vincent Ganitano - 2 måneder siden
Poor grian
Bellotas Videos
Bellotas Videos - 2 måneder siden
3:31 Hahahahaha grian was POSSESSED!!! 😂😂😂
Bellotas Videos
Bellotas Videos - 2 måneder siden
Loving the videos cub!!
Evelyn Rose
Evelyn Rose - 3 måneder siden
Triki m.n.z
Triki m.n.z - 3 måneder siden
Triki m.n.z
Triki m.n.z - 3 måneder siden
Possible ultamate warrior or british bulldog
Triki m.n.z
Triki m.n.z - 3 måneder siden
Randy Savage
RubixNoob OP
RubixNoob OP - 3 måneder siden
“But that is coming soon to a Minecraft near you” ;)
Skyler Lemon
Skyler Lemon - 3 måneder siden
The funny thing is at 17:09
Gabriel Luis
Gabriel Luis - 4 måneder siden
Bdouble's laugh sounds like Pennywise lol
Ciano - 4 måneder siden
*_Čřəæm Œ' Đą Çřœp_*
Nicholas Shanfelder
Nicholas Shanfelder - 4 måneder siden
3:30 we're about ready to RRRUMMMBLEEEEEEE
Nikol Geier
Nikol Geier - 4 måneder siden
I know this is petty but I'm never gonna forgive y'all for not calling the teamup "Bog Mummy".
-PRInce_ Pries-
-PRInce_ Pries- - 4 måneder siden
You can make a pyramid store that sells sand
Like if u agree so he notices
Deniz Yaveroglu
Deniz Yaveroglu - 5 måneder siden
Gila Gal
Gila Gal - 5 måneder siden
3:28 Lil note for myself of when Grian's "RUMBLE" is.
Dragon Wolf Creations
Dragon Wolf Creations - 5 måneder siden
Everyone: kalm
Joe Mysic
Joe Mysic - 5 måneder siden
how can bdubs, who is the master of sleeping, spawn back at spwanisland after getting killed?
FrostByte - 5 måneder siden
lets all agree
the word of the year is the cream of the crop
Cul Gi
Cul Gi - 5 måneder siden
I did not know you could lock maps. That’s pretty neat
Bradyn Stanley
Bradyn Stanley - 5 måneder siden
cub is more power full than the normal pharoh
he can fly
Jamall Marshall
Jamall Marshall - 5 måneder siden
Ijeven: "that thing makes me wanna pull the ol sword out"
Me: "oh yeah for like the head games right? Oh wait a minute..."
Nolan DuBois
Nolan DuBois - 5 måneder siden
Ren had strength particles
KingJake2511 - 5 måneder siden
Aldo the Lizard
Aldo the Lizard - 5 måneder siden
I like that you put Bdubs as an outro xD
Keith Roberts
Keith Roberts - 6 måneder siden
Justin sounds so much like Jake from mrbeast
BLOCKBUSTER GAMING - 6 måneder siden
So you are a cat in Yu-Gi-Oh GX. Are you cubfan135?
OblivianOfficial - 6 måneder siden
My man Randy Savage
Jérôme Dorval
Jérôme Dorval - 6 måneder siden
It funny to see from Cub's PoV Ren take his STR potion from under the mats lol
Liam O rourke
Liam O rourke - 6 måneder siden
When is concorp
Abdur Rahman Mujahid
Abdur Rahman Mujahid - 6 måneder siden
25:15 cub runs out of sand XD
Amira Hazizi
Amira Hazizi - 6 måneder siden
Cream of the crop cream rose to the top
JohnKout - 6 måneder siden
You can sell the sand at the shopping district
ZapdosGamePlayz82 Human
ZapdosGamePlayz82 Human - 6 måneder siden
where did u get the replay mod for 1.15
RonPlayzGamez - 6 måneder siden
remix that ely
Matthew S
Matthew S - 6 måneder siden
Riki Cyborge the Animal guy
Riki Cyborge the Animal guy - 6 måneder siden
Cub you should sell the sand
Devoidv3 - 6 måneder siden
anyone know if that new replay mod is available and where? i know its still in development but i could really use it since OBS is kinda broken with the new version on recording target windows as i dont have a second monitor right now to capture that display instead
Renny Time
Renny Time - 6 måneder siden
Everyone: wants bdubs’ head and try to bribe him
Bdubs, looking at what he’s getting: OH MA GOOODNESSS
Rhiannon Phoenix
Rhiannon Phoenix - 6 måneder siden
1:45 THIS IS WHY KAKASHI IS ALWAYS LATE!!!! He's dilly dallying on MINECRAFT
MelodyGames 10
MelodyGames 10 - 6 måneder siden
I never knew such a tiny man could sound so terrifying and giant..
Icelink256 - 6 måneder siden
The Egyptians most certainly did NOT keep good records!
Successors would rewrite, or completely destroy historical records at the drop of a hat, if it wasn't to their liking.
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor - 6 måneder siden
For the headgames team, you missed an opportunity. King Splut.
Aika平和 - 6 måneder siden
Grian: I don’t know what’s going on, but I want a clean fight
Cub: Spills ‘cream o’ the crop’ everywhere
Official Cipcu
Official Cipcu - 6 måneder siden
What is this song in the killing montage? I love this Song but cant find it. Can someone help me. Thanks
Something Is Wrong
Something Is Wrong - 6 måneder siden
bruh moment, how did no one notice renthedog's strength potion particles
OnlyTraves - 6 måneder siden
My friends started calling me grian after they saw this because i like to funny mic them
Jack Pleus
Jack Pleus - 6 måneder siden
Grian is selling sand I bet you could get him to clear some land for you
If he gets the sand
game vids
game vids - 6 måneder siden
3:30 who else had headphones on full volume
Andy Andrew
Andy Andrew - 6 måneder siden
Your a god cause pharos were considered God's
Foxtrr 625
Foxtrr 625 - 6 måneder siden
R.IP g man is just doing his job
Saxon Byers
Saxon Byers - 6 måneder siden
Grian needs sand for *his* shop so you could consider being his supplier?
Spencer Speedster The Memer
Spencer Speedster The Memer - 6 måneder siden
Hermits: chose Grian to referee

Grian: So you have chosen Earrape
Daniel Mesa Casellas
Daniel Mesa Casellas - 6 måneder siden
Why you don't ask another hermit who needs Sandstone to help you?
Jazzy Drawz
Jazzy Drawz - 6 måneder siden
I came here to hear Grian's "Ready to rumble" and I am thoroughly shook.
Matthew Hardyment
Matthew Hardyment - 6 måneder siden

Iskall at 2:38 dOeS aNyOnE hAvE wArT
Petter Trintrud
Petter Trintrud - 6 måneder siden
U should make the top of the pyramid a gold beacon base and have the beacon on top of it
cooper wicht
cooper wicht - 6 måneder siden
I am dumb and tell me if I am but where is concorp
cooper wicht
cooper wicht - 6 måneder siden
G G I was just wondering cause the last 2 seasons they where together and building cool stuff but now they only meet once and talked for a little bit
Xobot clips
Xobot clips - 6 måneder siden
cooper wicht most those things are a thing of the past
cooper wicht
cooper wicht - 6 måneder siden
G G yes but I was wondering if it will come this season cause wizard scar and pharaoh cub would be great
Xobot clips
Xobot clips - 6 måneder siden
cooper wicht its in last season
cooper wicht
cooper wicht - 6 måneder siden
G G wheres concorp there’s been no mention of it all season
Flixybaby - 6 måneder siden
release the jews
Emarus Starkey
Emarus Starkey - 6 måneder siden
you should be called Pharoah Alshabal which is Arabic/Egyptian for Cub
Athaya Haiqal
Athaya Haiqal - 6 måneder siden
Dont make all your sand into sandstone.
Hermits demand the sand so you can make it profit
WyomingPTT - 6 måneder siden
idk why but every time he says cream of the crop its still funny.
leopard print Gaming
leopard print Gaming - 6 måneder siden
Cub I don't know if it is too late but I think that the great pyramid should instead of having stairs all the way up be in two block steps to highlight the scale
TotallyNot LambSauce
TotallyNot LambSauce - 6 måneder siden
ah I missed the bell
RedDeadMercenaries - 6 måneder siden
They still go to the back cub lol
dat._was._cool - 6 måneder siden
Omg when Grian said RUMMMLEEEE it through me off guard and I kept playing it over and over because it was soooo unexpected. ;w;
BUBBA-_-GAMING - 6 måneder siden
Y’all should have your name as slimy pharaoh
Haunting Spook
Haunting Spook - 6 måneder siden
Get a whole lot of bunny’s and honey and. Put them under some guys base. Imagine all the squish
Snail Kale
Snail Kale - 6 måneder siden
Rendog had a particle affect
• AikaBlossomBee •
• AikaBlossomBee • - 6 måneder siden
*i missed the bell*
still makes me laugh and it’s my 5th time seeing it
Edgars Skrastins
Edgars Skrastins - 6 måneder siden
you can remove sand by placing a torch undeanetah, wouldnt that be faster?
gamer epic
gamer epic - 6 måneder siden
The time it takes to break the block below the sand, place the torch, and wait for the sand to fall is longer than instamining
Fabulous Snake
Fabulous Snake - 6 måneder siden
Watch this but take a shot (of milk) every time Cub says ‘cream of the crop’
dot_Connection - 6 måneder siden
Cub you should replicate the rooms of the great pyramid of Giza in your Great Pyramid of Hermitcraft
Quang Pham Ngoc
Quang Pham Ngoc - 6 måneder siden
Cub, try putting in one pvp head per day on the lapis block for more points
Xman34 - 6 måneder siden
Rishiraj Ayengia
Rishiraj Ayengia - 6 måneder siden
• AikaBlossomBee •
• AikaBlossomBee • - 6 måneder siden
Dope Shushi gg
Rishiraj Ayengia
Rishiraj Ayengia - 6 måneder siden
@• AikaBlossomBee • gg
• AikaBlossomBee •
• AikaBlossomBee • - 6 måneder siden
Dope Shushi why did you comment my name
Flynn Mol
Flynn Mol - 6 måneder siden
you know how you said in episode 10 that you wanted to make the pyramid as realistic as possible? Did you know the pyramid used to be covered in a marble layer and had a golden tip on top?
Evaristo Ipina
Evaristo Ipina - 6 måneder siden
zzZOOXxx - 6 måneder siden
Love you Cub!
Bob Smith
Bob Smith - 6 måneder siden
You cant take the bounty request and bugger off with it. You have to get the head and return to the head games stage to claim the bounty. If everybody took a bounty request and buggered off with it there would be no bounty requests on the board and no heads in the box.
DaPeeps - 6 måneder siden
Edward Touche
Edward Touche - 6 måneder siden
Don't know if anyone has suggested it... Tutan-cub-mun for the pharaoh skin!
Bella - 6 måneder siden
Here you go = 3:32 I know you were looking for it :3
GOAT GOATERSON - 6 måneder siden
Now you have to make a milk shop
Milan - 6 måneder siden
GET READY TO RUMBLEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elylaa -
Elylaa - - 6 måneder siden
The emperor of china has a river running through his tomb. You can leave your river as it uns from east to west as a symbol to the river RA travels over every day to turn the day into night and back into day.
Myles Rogers
Myles Rogers - 6 måneder siden
Cub - not sure if you knew but the Pyramids were actually made with an outer layer of limestone that's since been worn down... meaning in the past, it would shine almost white like the quartz block relfecting off of the sun and the moon. It also had a gold cap! These things may make the pyramid more aesthetically pleasing. Just an idea :)
Samantha Chandler
Samantha Chandler - 6 måneder siden
The name should be "slaroh" slime/pharoo
Zarr0ch NZ
Zarr0ch NZ - 6 måneder siden
Why don’t you put a beacon under every pillar in the end and dig straight down to let the beam come through the centre
\_\_Prongs2_/_/ - 6 måneder siden
I’m not sure if you’ve faltened it yet but having the desert temple in the base along with its river next to it would be really cool
\_\_Prongs2_/_/ - 6 måneder siden
Ope just finished nvm
2011Account22 - 6 måneder siden
Cub, I always loved your partnership with Scar. Please tell me you two are still palling around and possibly working on this season's ConCorp :-)
the last straw
the last straw - 6 måneder siden
Is no one going to talk about grian breaking the sound barrier?
Mitchell Cook
Mitchell Cook - 6 måneder siden
Now all the great and powerful cub pharaoh needs is a magical crystal from scar... even tho you spent dozens of diamonds the last time😂 it’ll be well worth the money... just saying😂
Younes Layachi
Younes Layachi - 6 måneder siden
Would it be cool to add a turtle shell backpack to Minecraft ?
This would make the turtles useful (turtle helmet is not useful at all, and potion is very niche edge case nobody uses , even though they should)
This backpack would take chestplace/elytra slot, and would slightly affect mobility (slowness 1 ?) while giving the user great damage protection from the back, and near complete protection while crouching, but also not be able to move while crouching.
The backpack, to be meaningful, would make the inventory twice as big, with possible to hold shulkerboxes.
It will also be the first Armor piece that is also a chest, and can be placed like a block (this would be funny and is not necessary).
Obviously can't fly while using this backpack (flying mega bases in shulkerbox become 50% more OP if allowed) , but maybe swimming is faster ? Or people will start using ice boat roads more x)
Zadoturtle - 6 måneder siden
did anyone see that ren had red partial effects hmmmmm