Hermitcraft 7: Minecraft 1.16.2 (Episode 56)

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Welcome back to Minecraft with Cub on the Hermitcraft Season 7 server! Today we see Hermitcraft update to Minecraft 1.16.2 which brings with it several key changes to the game including waterlogged lanterns, sideways chains, and piglin bartering changes to name a few.

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Intro- Ason ID- Tropical ID (preview)
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Runtime: 19:30


CeepTheMaker101 - Dag siden
cub: we are a bit low on diamonds
his pyramid: mwhaahahaha
skeevy McGee
skeevy McGee - 19 dager siden
The slow motion for the creepers always kills me
HendO 123
HendO 123 - 23 dager siden
He didn’t Say ancient Egypt craft 🙀
Da Bananananana
Da Bananananana - Måned siden
Maybe you could make the fourth floor look more like the step things in Chick-fil-a playgrounds. The vertical square of plastic netting with sort of overlapping triangles to climb up into the playground itself. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about?
James Noell
James Noell - Måned siden
The spectral arrow has risen to the top of the mountain.
You might say they’re the cream of da crop.
Acer Maximinus
Acer Maximinus - Måned siden
The only reason Piglin bartering was OP was because you fools pump thousands of pieces of gold through them from an OP farm!
Now you thank Mojang for nerfing the game.
Kevin Black
Kevin Black - Måned siden
Berry bushes are next?
Senketsu Fi
Senketsu Fi - Måned siden
I hope the tip will be covered in glass with huge becon beans and set up as a penthouse to show off cubs riches in a lounging area style. Too bad you cant make glass stairs
Silas Brusseau
Silas Brusseau - Måned siden
A proper pharaoh needs a proper royal smelting room
Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan
The lighting inside the pyramid looks so cool!
subsonicdeathmonkey - Måned siden
I actually felt vertigo while you were building in the pyramid!
Learned - Måned siden
The fourth floor could be like a space observatory
Anthon Törnquist
Anthon Törnquist - Måned siden
PhoenixFlame - Måned siden
Once told a bee to buzz off?! Cub, you savage!
Riley Andrews
Riley Andrews - Måned siden
Cub at the end of his resume: *commits vsauce*
Acroatic - Måned siden
Im going to the hub right after this vid
Lorcan Jambrina
Lorcan Jambrina - Måned siden
A man of culture, who waits for Cuban to be done very respectable
Paul Batty
Paul Batty - Måned siden
Sheriff Cub would be awesome! It's so difficult to disobey someone so positive and upbeat. Especially, like Cub, when they have the skills to back up their requests!
Ilverds Games
Ilverds Games - Måned siden
Why mojang not add sideways chains to bedrock? I tried when 1.16.2 came out but it didn't work.
Charles Mayfield
Charles Mayfield - Måned siden
Teacher: Do some research on ancient Egypt
Me: Watches Cubfan
Drummer Daan
Drummer Daan - Måned siden
What about the free gold?
Nathan Genesee
Nathan Genesee - Måned siden
The cub innocence is so adorable
"I like it!"
winter beam
winter beam - Måned siden
if you do make a mob farm it would be fun to see mobs fall straight into G-balba.
Mangle Lover pirate fox
Mangle Lover pirate fox - Måned siden
Did anyone find cubs hidden gold yet?
Nick Borkowski
Nick Borkowski - Måned siden
You should make it a mob farm that has the mobs path and fall "to Xibalba" (don't know if it would work because of the water at the bottom)
Yes Sir
Yes Sir - Måned siden
Mob farm with a dropper all the way into shebulba
MotherBuilder - Måned siden
You should keep the empty bottles for trading with villagers.
Singularity Gaming
Singularity Gaming - Måned siden
o7 Cubfan135 I did not anticipate running into you in the Everyday Astronaut Starship hop. Im someone that wants to go to space and it was cool seeing a youtuber I really like there.
Eyyy ?
Eyyy ? - Måned siden
Cub should build a tomb themed game beneath his base to completed the pyramid theme
Anthony Hart
Anthony Hart - Måned siden
"Certified in the use of flint and steel..." lol
Isak Felder
Isak Felder - Måned siden
Puts lantern underwater
Sea pickles: *am i a joke to you?*
meelze bub
meelze bub - Måned siden
I love how cub gives treat to mayor scar😂
Neon T
Neon T - Måned siden
I get bullied for playing minecraft
Somebody_Else - Måned siden
That's quite a resume, Cub. I really do wonder what the GoodBrainInScar will think.
Fungusz _
Fungusz _ - Måned siden
Cub: “Spectral Arrows are at the top”
*cries in Bedrock
alex _
alex _ - Måned siden
you shold make the floor of the 4 th floor out of glass
Jerry Kubiak
Jerry Kubiak - Måned siden
silly cub scar doesn't walk so he never has to watch his steps
Luke BCRT - Måned siden
Why don’t you make a non stackable item sorter under the chests then it goes to a dispenser that throws it in lave so it doesn’t bother the chest getting full

dreamreal756 - Måned siden
Just my personal hangup. Less = volume, Fewer = quantity.
GALAXYgamer0563 - Måned siden
Its hilarious seeing bdubs crawling at the end hahaha
zerorad lemon
zerorad lemon - Måned siden
cub you are faro you need faro room coffin for the faro to make red stone just tip !
use the pigling as your gardiens to protect your tomb !
Finn Olmstead
Finn Olmstead - Måned siden
I'm just imagining cub doing the enforcer job with a crook and flail XD
Reas1n - Måned siden
Donald Jennings
Donald Jennings - Måned siden
You forgot the passes behind the sign. On the item frame
Gage Maggard
Gage Maggard - Måned siden
The actual road access pass is behind the sign
Nicholas Snodgrass
Nicholas Snodgrass - Måned siden
Cub! Did you know Team ElRich used the stasis chambers in 1.16.2 to cut time in TwitchRivals? I was shocked lol
RoboPuffin - Måned siden
Cub: Spectral arrows are a whole new era!
Bedrock players: *squirms uncomfortably*
78Centre - Måned siden
if you think cubs close to finishing his pyramid your wrong. he's only getting started
The constitution Is meaningless
Random comment. YouTube algorithm and what not
Sandy Behrens
Sandy Behrens - Måned siden
Cub! Your pong game should be called, Crossfire!
Pika Pika
Pika Pika - Måned siden
Its not a cub timelapse without a creeper explosion
Stephen Klein
Stephen Klein - Måned siden
Just wanted to point out that the road access passes are technically optional, meaning that there is no need for an enforcer to get people to pay for them. They aren't a Shopping District requirement, they are just there to make a small income for the future.
ThePurpleSaber - Måned siden
As soon as I heard scar bring up the enforcer job, I immediately thought “cub should do that”! Great video cub
Mystic Panda
Mystic Panda - Måned siden
Hey cub, how ya doing?! So i have a goal of learning ervy hermits native language and since i already speak english (kinda) I wanted to start with south-afrikan sinse thats kinda similar to dutch. But I couldn't find it on duolingo sooo, im wondering. Als ik nederlands praat, begrijp je me dan?
Love your vids! Great work again!
Mike Baker
Mike Baker - Måned siden
ConCorp is about to control all government functions.... my dream of a Robocop-style dystopia is finally coming true. 🤩
Tom Olorin
Tom Olorin - Måned siden
You should make one whole floor a huge marine aquarium, as if you've moved the whole ocean into your pyramid with your pharoah powers
RogueCat911 - Måned siden
Idea: Mob farm that feeds Xibalba
Makaelion - Måned siden
David Patterson
David Patterson - Måned siden
scar spelled Lookie Lookle
Jon Auty
Jon Auty - Måned siden
Laughed quite hard when he went to pay with diamond blocks from the throne
black racer
black racer - Måned siden
If cub works for scar, wouldn't the media of hermitcraft be under scar?
Andres Iturra
Andres Iturra - Måned siden
The top floor should be a mini golf
Edward Kenway
Edward Kenway - Måned siden
Putting the lanterns underwater would be really cool for sunken ghost ships
Milo Mcconlogue
Milo Mcconlogue - Måned siden
make an area that is a mase and has traps
Student Yusuf Mussaji
Student Yusuf Mussaji - Måned siden
man 10k likes in only 2 days!
Cave Johnson
Cave Johnson - Måned siden
How bout that mini golf...?
Ismaaeel -Chaka
Ismaaeel -Chaka - Måned siden
Start of hermit craft “ cub fans base is so bland ! “
Now “geeezzz , sorry I doubted u “
cerberus598 - Måned siden
Cub, did you really have to shoot a creeper into Xibalba? The soul would find its way there on its own.
(All joking aside, great work on the video, and quite the impressive resume)
piglin 99
piglin 99 - Måned siden
hey cubfan135 didnt you 1.17 is the mountain update
Webby - Marvble
Webby - Marvble - Måned siden
Don’t do 1.16.2 it is full of bugs
Sandbox Santa
Sandbox Santa - Måned siden
Iskall getsore gold in his gold farm
Haley Hanlon
Haley Hanlon - Måned siden
Sherb Playz
Sherb Playz - Måned siden
10k like I was
The Vingari
The Vingari - Måned siden
After a timelapse I got an ad that had exactly the same music. I’ve never been that confused before
Max - Måned siden
Hey Cub! I had a pretty cool idea for a shop: The Enderporter. Sell and install Enderpearl statis teleporters! A basic deal could be to buy a stasis spot in the shopping district so that you can press a button in your base and be teleported instantly to the shopping district!
Jaiden Torres
Jaiden Torres - Måned siden
Why do you sound like a drunk cowboy
Ethan Siegfried
Ethan Siegfried - Måned siden
new subscriber
James Mark
James Mark - Måned siden
im proud of you for making the egyptian theme thing i love it
Charlie Duncan
Charlie Duncan - Måned siden
Is concorp still a thing?
Erwin Tolus
Erwin Tolus - Måned siden
can someone clarify for me what "Cubs rule" is?
Nethery Uni
Nethery Uni - Måned siden
Oliver Sule
Oliver Sule - Måned siden
You could make a mob farm and make them fall into shibalba
Noname 8
Noname 8 - Måned siden
Not gonna lie, i wiuld prefer straight up glowstone dust
Egert Erik Rees
Egert Erik Rees - Måned siden
cub should put glass panes an the empty tiles in the chest so he can shift click
James Wakey
James Wakey - Måned siden
you could have built a whole layer of small platforms that are spawnable with trapdoors around the edge of them all and the floor as a water pushing all the mobs into the centre so they fall all the way into the hoppers in the centre so all mobs die to fall and instantly die in the item sorter
Cody Lougheed
Cody Lougheed - Måned siden
I'm waiting for either a mini golf or massive maze in the pyramid
Fabio Ranzoni
Fabio Ranzoni - Måned siden
Dj Cub always on the piece :P
Sadasivan K
Sadasivan K - Måned siden
16:30 mayor scar didn't pay for the road access pass for his own shop
Harry Bowles
Harry Bowles - Måned siden
I think cub would be a gr8 enforcer
Parker Miller
Parker Miller - Måned siden
I gotta emit that I really liked spectral arrows from the beginning
Bread Boi
Bread Boi - Måned siden
CUB!! Make a temple run mini game using ravagers with speed potions
Please like so he can see
Emily Dodson
Emily Dodson - Måned siden
You should try and sell the pyramid at the end of the season
krazykreaper - Måned siden
Go the spectral arrow
BJC T - Måned siden
Why wasn’t Cubfan’s videos recommended to me earlier?? This guy is amazing!
HKpanzer - Måned siden
Bdubs preserved in amber, with a cinnabun. What an amazing find Cub.
Majin Goku
Majin Goku - Måned siden
U haven't took ur road access pass tho its under the signs.
Ron Cuevas
Ron Cuevas - Måned siden
Can you make a trap in your pyramid
jake 10669
jake 10669 - Måned siden
throne room at the top of the pyramid so you can look up and see it
Scott Douglas
Scott Douglas - Måned siden
Have you considered a few skylights in the pyramid roof?
Herc Duran
Herc Duran - Måned siden
You could make the fourth floor into a mob farm and let them drop directly to xibalba and let the drops sort directly into the system.
Matthew McMillan
Matthew McMillan - Måned siden
Cub why not put a sorter in for the pig barter system with a lava pocket at the end
that why you know where stuff is and avoid clogging the system with unwanted stuff like water bottles