Hermitcraft 7: Mountains Be Gone! (Episode 15)

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Today we see which team won the head games, dig out the final base of the pyramid, and use llamas to transport all of the dug out blocks.
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Runtime: 26:13


Sobia Ahmed
Sobia Ahmed - 8 dager siden
Iskaal lives in a small tree or big tree ??
The Urban Spaceman
The Urban Spaceman - 14 dager siden
What are the dimensions of his pyramid?
Apple Dinger
Apple Dinger - Måned siden
The conclusion of the whole season is . Money doesn't stay in cub's wallet
Rookmations - Måned siden
I know you're a episode 50 now and I doubt that cub would actually see this but rather than do stairs which I seen in other Hermits videos makes your pyramid look very weird how about instead you go with making it so it's two blocks up and then from the second lock you go back one and then you go another two blocks up then go back another one from that box so it's basically like having two by two blocks making up the entire pyramid as I feel that would make it so it feels a lot more realistic in terms of making it feel like actual giant Limestone blocks that have been put in place to make up your pyramid
Rookmations - Måned siden
I feel we just make it more substantial and would honestly be a massive benefit making your pyramid look good
Z1pZap - 2 måneder siden
How do the hermits like do aerial shots for their time lapses?
Bellotas Videos
Bellotas Videos - 2 måneder siden
Damn this is awsome!
Brandon and Friends
Brandon and Friends - 2 måneder siden
Have a look at the stats!
MrWestonO - 3 måneder siden
Has anyone noticed he gets more dogs every episode?
John Willis
John Willis - 3 måneder siden
5:38 SHHH!!!! No kids, and PETA, ABSOLUTELY NO animals, pixel or otherwise, were harmed in the process of Head Games! ;)
Francisco Figueroa
Francisco Figueroa - 3 måneder siden
just watched this while drunk and this was the most fun thing ive done in years
TimeFury1347 - 3 måneder siden
Quick question: how big is that pyramid?
AXioS TraLLö
AXioS TraLLö - 3 måneder siden
MAKE IT A FULL GOLF COURSE!!! You could drive with arrows, when you're in range to pick them up you can drive up and then have the greens ice for putters, just tossing like minigolf. You could have water lakes as sand traps since arrow through water suck. It's genius.
Hayden Moore
Hayden Moore - 3 måneder siden
Zgall053 - 4 måneder siden
I appreciate you for the fact that you’re definitely the most organized hermit
-PRInce_ Pries-
-PRInce_ Pries- - 4 måneder siden
Llama's ass at well. -cub
Maadhav Muthukumar
Maadhav Muthukumar - 4 måneder siden
live in it
Don’tReadMyUsername - 4 måneder siden
And I thought I was the *ONE* who had a lot of chests!
Skeleton on crystals
Skeleton on crystals - 4 måneder siden
End crystals are better for demolition.
Bloing - 4 måneder siden
He killed the younglings for diamonds and head
Somitmie 64
Somitmie 64 - 5 måneder siden
Me:well that was awesome !
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Chalk Talk
Chalk Talk - 5 måneder siden
Was that song like an off brand thunderstruck?
Joe Mysic
Joe Mysic - 5 måneder siden
I'm sure as hell you're gonna add a little minigolf section in that pyramid somewhen
Trish O'Neill
Trish O'Neill - 5 måneder siden
Trish O'Neill
Trish O'Neill - 5 måneder siden
Jamall Marshall
Jamall Marshall - 5 måneder siden
9:30 ♪Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Emooooti- ♪ oh wait its not that song 😅
Jackinthebox Yeet
Jackinthebox Yeet - 5 måneder siden
Cub choosing an group dealing with TNT: ok BOOMERS
Andrew - 5 måneder siden
Lol that slow mode sand busting was great!
Charlie Schain
Charlie Schain - 6 måneder siden
Charlie Schain
Charlie Schain - 6 måneder siden
Says some graves all of them
Bam Bam
Bam Bam - 6 måneder siden
good one!
Clinton Kennedy
Clinton Kennedy - 6 måneder siden
If you make a mini game in the pyramid, you should try to incorporate the spider spawner somehow. Either mob decoration, or as a harder hole xD
Dinkybacon _
Dinkybacon _ - 6 måneder siden
U put a mini golf in here ima unsub man what u doing to me
Blue Sushi Isais
Blue Sushi Isais - 6 måneder siden
The Head Games arrangement was so awkward...
Reks_19 - 6 måneder siden
How many blocks is this pyramid? Like by how much by how much
Henry Thau
Henry Thau - 6 måneder siden
IMagine PETA watching this video, " There were thousands of animals killed for this..."
Josh Smith
Josh Smith - 6 måneder siden
Cub why don't you just make a store for terrocotta
Dr Nicci Sherwood
Dr Nicci Sherwood - 6 måneder siden
As an archaeologist myself, i would totally like to uncover a mini-golf course in the great pyramid, hell of a paper that would come from that :)
MLG PRO - 6 måneder siden
Use the spider spawner as an army
Austin Rollins
Austin Rollins - 6 måneder siden
His time laps music is on point
ᄋᄉᄋAnonymous - 6 måneder siden
What if he stil runs out of sand fpr the pyramid after digging it all out
Handsy McGee
Handsy McGee - 6 måneder siden
Llamas and camels are actually related, they came from North America before the Americas collided!
ZeroPomegranates - 6 måneder siden
Wait is the top of the pyramid going to be gold?
Atharv Mittal
Atharv Mittal - 6 måneder siden
Normal Minecraft Players: I am gonna eat the enchanted golden apple during the Wither or Ender dragon Fight.
Hermits: Lets make a banner out of this enchanted apple!!
Loren Blundell
Loren Blundell - 6 måneder siden
Cubfan135: imagine if there was a mini golf inside the great pyramid of Pisa
This is why I watch you, you come up with the most random stuff
Love your content
Tranks - 6 måneder siden
dear cuBfan69 whats your favourite restaurant
JooberDoober - 6 måneder siden
omg i fing love you, you remind me of bob ross so much
Christian McNabb
Christian McNabb - 6 måneder siden
Slo mo speed mine... Epic!
ack _
ack _ - 6 måneder siden
I died at the slow mo lmaooo
SirKitteh - 6 måneder siden
With the size of that thing, you could probably reasonably fit mini golf in there along with typical base things
Christian Lund
Christian Lund - 6 måneder siden
I'm watching this as I go to sleep. You bet I'm gonna dream about mini golf in the pyramids.
Ahmed Mourad
Ahmed Mourad - 6 måneder siden
Other hermits: Quick time lapse
Cubfan: 13:19
Alex Dobish
Alex Dobish - 6 måneder siden
One like= one prayer that Good Times With Scar doesn’t get Coronavirus
Zachary Johnson
Zachary Johnson - 6 måneder siden
Mini golf hype! 😂😂
redwood games
redwood games - 6 måneder siden
You could hide a diamond block in a mountain and inform the hermits
ET - 6 måneder siden
Cub you scared me o.O LMAO
Anja Molander
Anja Molander - 6 måneder siden
that slow-mo! lol XD
J_Squatch - 6 måneder siden
It's a pack of pack Alpacas (I know they're Llamas, lemme have this)
Nicolas Carballo
Nicolas Carballo - 6 måneder siden
I love all the double entendres in the "Boomers" shop.
Max Visser
Max Visser - 6 måneder siden
Hell yeah, Pyramid Mini Golf!!!
Jussi Raitoniemi
Jussi Raitoniemi - 6 måneder siden
That sounds just like bon Jovi on the time lapse 😂
Zachary Hargrave
Zachary Hargrave - 6 måneder siden
Cub, how do you add a marker to the map? I thought it was using banners and the cartography table, but apparently im wrong. How does one do that?
Julie La
Julie La - 6 måneder siden
Love the idea of Minigolf inside the great pyramid 😄
Hawk Plays
Hawk Plays - 6 måneder siden
Digging 2-3 layers at a time should help speed things up
Oliver Akers
Oliver Akers - 6 måneder siden
In my opinion cub, Keralis, and Cleo have the best music during time lapses
Mr Krackers
Mr Krackers - 6 måneder siden
What if...there was minigolf inside a minigolf.
Hrafnkell Halldorsson
Hrafnkell Halldorsson - 6 måneder siden
I once won a math competition and forgot to show up to the reward ceremony
Xavier Tan
Xavier Tan - 6 måneder siden
I like the idea of such a huge structure than, just for a mini golf course.
emily - 6 måneder siden
make the eye of sahara (aka atlantis)
&& - 6 måneder siden
Why don't u just ride the llamas?
GrandLegomaster Prowateers
GrandLegomaster Prowateers - 6 måneder siden
Hope you get to 700k subscribers soon, great video's.
Toivo Korjonen
Toivo Korjonen - 6 måneder siden
That cave sound at 13:02
Joseph Gruber
Joseph Gruber - 6 måneder siden
you want to show the pyrimid in its glory you need to coat it in quartz and cap it with gold.
BOOOKS! ARE AMAZING. - 6 måneder siden
You should actually put mini golf in the pyramid just for the laughs.
thomas reddick
thomas reddick - 6 måneder siden
My goodness cub you are The Recking Ball. Dude!
Chris R.
Chris R. - 6 måneder siden
you know the actual pyramid of giza had a large golden tip, and i think it would be really cool if you incorporated that into your build
alexepul - 6 måneder siden
Do your piramid will have a scorpion trap incorporated
Katy Themm
Katy Themm - 6 måneder siden
I laughed way too hard at the mini golf
JuanC17 Playz
JuanC17 Playz - 6 måneder siden
Make that HUGE pyramid a historic hermit museum what about that
Duncan Briggs
Duncan Briggs - 6 måneder siden
Jevin asked in his latest video if I could only watch one hermit who would it be my answer Mr. Cub135 great delivery style ( it was a tough call)
Keegan Judd
Keegan Judd - 6 måneder siden
Get dallasmed65 to be apart of the hermitcraft server
DomD Yt
DomD Yt - 6 måneder siden
So scar and grian are a team so does scar have to give grian half?
Drew Gwinn
Drew Gwinn - 6 måneder siden
Cub should supply grian with sand, then Grian would always be stocked and Cub would get easy diamonds.
Zw9Ch4os - 6 måneder siden
How do I get the head plug in
Rusty Rat
Rusty Rat - 6 måneder siden
I kinda feel bad for Cleo that only 2 people showed up for the end ceremony of the Head Games.
alexandre patate
alexandre patate - 6 måneder siden
Tango impulse and bdubs made a shop called the boomers that specialize in clearing large areas, it could be good for you for your pyramid
Usha Aggarwal
Usha Aggarwal - 6 måneder siden
He has already told them to do that
jlea hodgin
jlea hodgin - 6 måneder siden
Enchanted golden apple banner is the mojang symbol
Klaas Turnhout
Klaas Turnhout - 6 måneder siden
Mumbo: you cant just clear out a area for a witch-farm without TNT duplicators!
Cub: Hold My Beard.
James Boyce
James Boyce - 6 måneder siden
The "pretty nasty teeth" comment about the chest monster made imagine cubfan putting braces on the chest monster, and see how long it takes others to notice.
Retro Gamer
Retro Gamer - 6 måneder siden
Could make Daimonds from the Sand in the shopping district
Antonio Siu
Antonio Siu - 6 måneder siden
make your pyramid out of huge bricks
Fayn Gaming
Fayn Gaming - 6 måneder siden
what? mini golf? no no no
Delsaran Bigglesworth
Delsaran Bigglesworth - 6 måneder siden
Lolz "We killed the younglys, Cub" that whole conversation was hilarious!
BerryBear Cub
BerryBear Cub - 6 måneder siden
I don’t understand how you possibly have the patience for this
TripleBloodyG - 6 måneder siden
Oh wow cub found a use for llamas 👏
TripleBloodyG - 6 måneder siden
The emptiness in Scars voice "we killed the younglings, cub" cracked me up.
ignJordys_ - 6 måneder siden
I dont see the point of the hermiton herald because for 1 diamond block you can buy A WHOLE 10x10 area at the shopping island and put you advertisment there and it will stand out way more then a small square in a map
Emiel van de Klok
Emiel van de Klok - 6 måneder siden
Make a maze in the piramid
da cawum
da cawum - 6 måneder siden
Can i get an F in the chat for the single player world
Usha Aggarwal
Usha Aggarwal - 6 måneder siden
juufa72 - 6 måneder siden
*too big...*too small
GryphonBT - 6 måneder siden
Bwhahahahaha.... mini golf...