Hermitcraft 7: Multi-Item Sorter (Episode 25)

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Welcome back to Minecraft with Cub on the Hermitcraft 7 Server! Today we see Crystals continuing to grow and create a multi item sorter without slot reservation in the pyramid.

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Runtime: 25:33


Shane Thomas
Shane Thomas - Dag siden
Anyone looking for the complete build as I have been you can definitely check out the originals but they don't give you a good picture of how it all goes together. I'd suggest check out https://youtu.be/vhmwyTNj4jQ
He seems to have 3 videos doing the complete build from cubfans version.
Manuel Bast
Manuel Bast - Måned siden
your are a legend
Waiiso 420
Waiiso 420 - Måned siden
Is there anyway we can get a tutorial on this sorting system? Including the xibalba silo part, ESPECIALLY the xibalba silo part👀👀🙏🏾😭😭 I need this so badly in my base
Vaibhav Ravibiruthoji
Vaibhav Ravibiruthoji - Måned siden
anybody rewatching
Vasiliy Borisov
Vasiliy Borisov - 2 måneder siden
He is totally faking the crystal thing because he was right next to the blue crystal and there was no effect on him!
Sir. Cheese
Sir. Cheese - 2 måneder siden
Really, I thought glass really grew in minecraft
phantomphoenix - 2 måneder siden
Why 3 filters in the double chest up top? Rapscallion used only 1 filter item.
Patt Adams
Patt Adams - 2 måneder siden
Wjat can we do about this now. Blast TNT at it perhaps
Jacob Hinger
Jacob Hinger - 2 måneder siden
I know I am late but really need an iron farm
GanonGhidorah - 2 måneder siden
I think its time to tell Scar that he's going too far with those crystals
Imar Dros
Imar Dros - 3 måneder siden
I watch this back for the item slrter and cub flying through the district and old nether "hub" makes me nostalgic though it has only been 2 weeks
Gibaldino Gibaldini
Gibaldino Gibaldini - 3 måneder siden
Where can i see a tutorial of this item sorter?
Avtem - 3 måneder siden
17:09 Why do you put 3 items, not 1? Raspcaillion puts there only 1
Thomas Matthew
Thomas Matthew - 3 måneder siden
Cub dealing with these crystals sounds like me dealing with my depression... I'll leave it alone and hope it gets better. But then it gets worse
Camerontree - 2 måneder siden
That’s deep lol
No One Special
No One Special - 3 måneder siden
Pour lava on the crystals! 🤣
Nymph Gh
Nymph Gh - 3 måneder siden
man you are too much of genius for me to comprehend i have no idea why some other hermits have more subscribers than you (i guess what i said could be the reason) i love you man and your style
Blizzard Asuna
Blizzard Asuna - 4 måneder siden
I love this sorter idea!!! I would love to build this, but I couldn't find a tutorial for it. I was trying to build from what I could see in Raspcaillion's vid and what I could see in Cub's however, directional placement and with it two-block wide makes it hard to see everything. Any ideas?
It’s Chris
It’s Chris - 4 måneder siden
Ok the crystal side story is REALLY cool not gonna lie
Gabrielle Ouellette
Gabrielle Ouellette - 4 måneder siden
I am 4 weeks behind on every single hermit because I haven't had wifi.... guess what I am going to be doing for the next month.
Floris Derks
Floris Derks - 4 måneder siden
which design of the item sorter is it
Adam Sherrill
Adam Sherrill - 4 måneder siden
20:09*happy Donald Trump noises*
-PRInce_ Pries-
-PRInce_ Pries- - 4 måneder siden
Make your bed in a tomb so when you die you respawn in a tomb that looks like you came back to life
-PRInce_ Pries-
-PRInce_ Pries- - 4 måneder siden
Pls like so he notices
ANMOL Agarwal
ANMOL Agarwal - 4 måneder siden
you know the item sorter is expensive and it sucks. i know a design which is way less expensive and it functions as an item sorter. you dont even need block items
you suck cubfan135
Yelizaveta Khlivetska
Yelizaveta Khlivetska - 4 måneder siden
Call boomers for crystals problem!!!
TeeTeeNet - 4 måneder siden
200% discount doesn’t make sense.
Skeleton on crystals
Skeleton on crystals - 4 måneder siden
Now I hope we all learned a lesson today. Don't buy crystals from a hippie in the jungle.
Patty St
Patty St - 4 måneder siden
BLOW UP THE CRYSTALS.. call the Boomers
B0ssguy - 4 måneder siden
Hire the boomers to blow up the crystals for good
Viktor Haugland
Viktor Haugland - 4 måneder siden
Crystal-analogy is fucking brilliant! "We are not gona do anything" "Hopefully it doesnt spread across the ocean" "We thought it was contained"
Julia Rodgers
Julia Rodgers - 4 måneder siden
Why don't you have it unload full boxes?
columbus8myhw - 4 måneder siden
"Let's hope the crystals get better" Have you seen Chernobyl, by any chance?
Guinea Pig Guy
Guinea Pig Guy - 4 måneder siden
Hire the boomers to take care of the crysrtal
Not Tasteful
Not Tasteful - 4 måneder siden
I would really enjoy if hermit craft cut the bullshit “story lines” like area whatever the fuck from last season and the “crystals” in this one, I get Minecraft has a large audience of 9-12 but it’s just very annoying and feels like it takes away from a lot of the content
Takoda Benedict
Takoda Benedict - 4 måneder siden
Where is the link for the tutorial?
Richard Lisk
Richard Lisk - 4 måneder siden
Amazing build (pretty close to insane)... I watched this episode a number of times, as well as all of the tutorials offered by Rapscallian and his other contributors, and I don't come close to understanding how you got to this design. Wish you'd do a more definitive tutorial on the item sorter portion of this.
Shane Thomas
Shane Thomas - Dag siden
noburn.info/id/video/3JzQqN2FfqJsoYI.html This guy has what you need my friend. So far I'm building the same thing. Just need a fix for the shulkers getting stuck.
Zack Malabanan
Zack Malabanan - 4 måneder siden
Tutorial pls of the multi itme sorter
Games with Nado
Games with Nado - 4 måneder siden
Can you make a tutorial for this itemsorter? THAT would be really awesome !
Naomi Dawn
Naomi Dawn - 5 måneder siden
Loving the crystal story. Looking forward to more of that.
Russell Dushkin Jr
Russell Dushkin Jr - 5 måneder siden
Throw the crystals into the void
charlotte - 5 måneder siden
chrystals that make you go wonky?
Thats a case of chystal meth I believe
Daniella Chanelle
Daniella Chanelle - 4 måneder siden
The best crystals you’ll ever get! 😂
Hallow Vlogs
Hallow Vlogs - 5 måneder siden
Every time I see the crystals I think of the chrome logo is it just me I can’t be the only one that sees that.
Hallow Vlogs
Hallow Vlogs - 5 måneder siden
i’m talking about Google Chrome.
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson - 5 måneder siden
your a master at editing but we all know that either your teaming with someone to do this or your doing this alone
Sleepy Panda
Sleepy Panda - 5 måneder siden
Would this system work on bedrock?
Jasper Blommesteijn
Jasper Blommesteijn - 5 måneder siden
John doesaveragestuff
John doesaveragestuff - 5 måneder siden
Make a Laboratory around the crystals and make a disinfecting chamber.
Carlos Marques
Carlos Marques - 5 måneder siden
Call scar to solve the crystal problem
ThaFuzzwood - 5 måneder siden
Hopper dropper. Hopper dropper chest.
MisterFister15 - 5 måneder siden
i think that it will be a good idea to cover the droppers with some banners. this way the pyramid aesthetic is kept and the somewhat ancient style is kept. something like a brick pattern or the vine pattern could work nicely.
Syed Atif Ali
Syed Atif Ali - 5 måneder siden
liitle go u know that orange block u got from the button makes u part of the second most important group on the server
Reigne Stephen Regalado
Reigne Stephen Regalado - 5 måneder siden
Cub, how bout incinerate the crystals.
Artemis Fielder
Artemis Fielder - 5 måneder siden
This sorting system.... is... SPARTAAA!!
ChimpManZ1264 - 5 måneder siden
Maybe you should summon Scar to deal with the crystals
Klemo - 5 måneder siden
13:06 peralta what are you doing playing minecraft
EkoHeightsBand - 5 måneder siden
Once the pyramid is all built you should go through and put booby traps in various spots like they did in Egypt!
Michael Barrett
Michael Barrett - 5 måneder siden
What about gold armor and wolf heads to signify anubis?
Doddydwarph - 5 måneder siden
cause a havoc across the server by putting the crystals in an ender chest
Soptunna12 - 5 måneder siden
I love how you say "shoulker baxes"
William Batzle
William Batzle - 5 måneder siden
Dude. Is there a tutorial on the dirt sorter somewhere?
bhalterman30 - 5 måneder siden
Where did all stress posters go
Beaststorm The Awesome
Beaststorm The Awesome - 5 måneder siden
Call the boomers for the crystals cub
TheBEVANATOR - 5 måneder siden
Eventually you're just gonna end up with a colourful fortress of solitude
Ka Va
Ka Va - 5 måneder siden
You could put parrots heads on the armor stands (it could look like the egyptian god Râ)
book grinder
book grinder - 5 måneder siden
Call the boomers on those crystals
David Zelig Music
David Zelig Music - 5 måneder siden
those crystals look like a job for the boomers
CodyStowe - 5 måneder siden
Cub, when you do your armor stands you should pose them and have animal heads on them so they look like the Egyptian gods.
DzoniTheBosSsS - 5 måneder siden
Flaverz Lava
Flaverz Lava - 5 måneder siden
Call the Boomers
Pinpoint - 5 måneder siden
Call Scar for theCrystal removal
Andrea Belotti
Andrea Belotti - 5 måneder siden
Juul Moose
Juul Moose - 5 måneder siden
You can ask the boomers for the job!
Juul Moose
Juul Moose - 5 måneder siden
Maybe you could make a maze game in your pyramid? You can make money out of that.
FLASH ON NZT - 5 måneder siden
Cub ,instead of those carpets on the floor haphazardly placed you could cover the whole floor in an Egyptian pattern of carpets or something
damian attard
damian attard - 5 måneder siden
When crystals go wild who you going to call..... the boomers
Jack Jacquat
Jack Jacquat - 5 måneder siden
Call the Boomers to blow up the crystals
Payton Wurst
Payton Wurst - 5 måneder siden
Hire the boomers to take care of the crystals
Kai Beasley
Kai Beasley - 5 måneder siden
You should make Scar use his magic to contain the crystals
Sqwooker - 5 måneder siden
I love the crystal sub-plot! You need to get Scar to deal with this magical issue!
Gordon Ho
Gordon Ho - 5 måneder siden
Make a wall of observers with tnt behind it. The crystals will then know what’s good for them
Jackson Hauser
Jackson Hauser - 5 måneder siden
Lady’s and gentlemen welcome back to hermitcraaaaaaft
How has nobody made a compilation of that?
Will Dyer
Will Dyer - 5 måneder siden
TNT cannon from boomers for the crystals
Pieter Vermeulen
Pieter Vermeulen - 5 måneder siden
cub should be mayor, he's doing a mayor job right now by putting paths to everybody's bases in the nether
John Konomos
John Konomos - 5 måneder siden
Get the Boomers involved with the Crystals. Surely nothing could go wrong with magic crystals and explosive detonations....
Override_ - 5 måneder siden
Call the boomers to rid you of the crystal biome threat
Dan - 5 måneder siden
Cub put the crystals in a obsidian box with tnt duper’s on top of them so if they spread they are Broken imeadetly
Robin De Schryver
Robin De Schryver - 5 måneder siden
You should call the boomers to get rid of the cyrstals once and for all
LouMu - 5 måneder siden
Simply amazing cub. I love how you create these efficient systems
Joe The Juggalo
Joe The Juggalo - 5 måneder siden
Cub i commend your bravory on trying to take down those crystals but I'm concerned aboutfor your safety. So I think you need the help from your friendly neighborhood Wizard Scar. He knows the ways of the crystals.
aalienbae - 5 måneder siden
me seeing Grian’s sorter: .-. that’s impressive holy cow. me seeing Cub’s sorter: o_o jeez that’s insane
Daniella Chanelle
Daniella Chanelle - 4 måneder siden
Grian copied his, he didn’t invent it :)
Marike Jacobs
Marike Jacobs - 5 måneder siden
Hire the Boomers to Destroy Those crystals!
Benjamin Pomes
Benjamin Pomes - 5 måneder siden
Hide the crystals in the nether, so they are lost when the nether resets.
Wolfe, Son of Dad
Wolfe, Son of Dad - 3 måneder siden
Big brain
Benjamin Pomes
Benjamin Pomes - 5 måneder siden
Mark the pit as a donation/tax bin
Tödliche Verwüste
Tödliche Verwüste - 5 måneder siden
That's a pretty decent system. Concerning the time to sort, have you thought about expanding the system into two-three stages?
For example, further up steam you might have items split via cratable vs dropped items, and then funneled to the front where this system works as presented.
In this manner you would increase your initial time consumption but might have a decrease in time overall as you could have multiple sorters running at the top level but with fewer categories each.
Certainly would require careful use, especially on populated servers, but might be fun to think about or incorporate.
Theophilus Ebenezer
Theophilus Ebenezer - 5 måneder siden
Why do you want to turn off the sorter??
Jacob Thatcher
Jacob Thatcher - 5 måneder siden
I’m building a pyramid and it’s taking so long is there any way to speed up how quick I can do it I’m on console
Matetocol - 5 måneder siden
Cub, try to put a normal filter before the big sorter with the renamed sticks on it, because if you send some of them to the sorter it will break it
Jake Weber
Jake Weber - 5 måneder siden
You should call the boomers to destroy the crystals
Hypotheist 373
Hypotheist 373 - 5 måneder siden
Trump about coronavirus:
Alex Rosenow
Alex Rosenow - 5 måneder siden
Call the boomers again for the crystals
Julia Kutyba
Julia Kutyba - 5 måneder siden
You should totally put mob heads on these armour stands much like some of the Egyptian gods had animal heads!
HarryAppleJuice - 5 måneder siden
Anyone else just hate the crystals and wish cub would just leave them out the episode? Idk why i just find it super boring
4hmed_ 11
4hmed_ 11 - 5 måneder siden
U should put pressure plates instead of slab