Hermitcraft 7: Mycelium Myschmelium (Episode 66)

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Today on Hermitcraft we talk with Xisuma about some Mycelium found around the shopping district, then proceed to not do anything about it and play decked out instead. lmao.

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Intro- Ason ID- Tropical ID (preview)
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Runtime: 26:45


The World
The World - 5 dager siden
lol talking with etho about mycelium
NotAGoat - 8 dager siden
In your defense, you're an enforcer, not a guard.
OnionMayo - 8 dager siden
"I was here this entire time"
Joe: "There's video evidence"
Landon G.
Landon G. - 8 dager siden
All 5 of my brain cells uniting to pronounce "myschmelium"
colin eldrick tiu
colin eldrick tiu - 8 dager siden
Olga Shautsova
Olga Shautsova - 8 dager siden
Your dead
Captain Pålegg
Captain Pålegg - 9 dager siden
Moral of the story: Procrastination leads to war.
Bat Draco1679
Bat Draco1679 - 10 dager siden
Someone stole your ravanger
TimeLordWarrior - 10 dager siden
Honestly Cubfan just vibeing in his office is me getting distracted by every little thing in class 😂
ezek ahmad
ezek ahmad - 10 dager siden
It was Grian
CraftsmanCaelan - 10 dager siden
I think myceluim can spread
finley - 11 dager siden
Man in the intro I thought it was an etho intro lmao
Priyam Sri.
Priyam Sri. - 11 dager siden
Scar is a genius...he found out thatsl mumbo is actually the leader of the resistance...
memeplayz - 11 dager siden
Edmund Resor
Edmund Resor - 11 dager siden
hypno swiped your ravager
Aure Zilys
Aure Zilys - 11 dager siden
buys disc 11 and 13

me: PTSD flashbacks
AHMAD AJZ013 - 11 dager siden
Oh hell naw!
chad barker Jr
chad barker Jr - 12 dager siden
There is a hidden cave behind the waterfall.
Samuel Assaf
Samuel Assaf - 12 dager siden
A_ H
A_ H - 12 dager siden
Mycelium is premium
HeroBabaa - 12 dager siden
13:35 Cub you dont need to remove that card those dont stack
AquaFinaX - 12 dager siden
Cub you need to watch out for who is online and every game of decked out you play go back to check the district of shoppers
Ezekiel Hill
Ezekiel Hill - 12 dager siden
the mycelium resistance when they realize 1/3 of the hermits were right next to them and that they got away
Ezekiel Hill
Ezekiel Hill - 12 dager siden
cubfan playing decked out
literally every member of the mycelium resistance
shrider180 - 12 dager siden
Love the national treasure reference
Matthew Dombroskas
Matthew Dombroskas - 12 dager siden
Just realized decked out is like gen rummy
Sam Day
Sam Day - 12 dager siden
Alessandra Madrid
Alessandra Madrid - 12 dager siden
grian started the mycelium resistance but i don’t know how to get to the mycelium HQ because he didn’t show on camera
Jarvey Berenguel
Jarvey Berenguel - 13 dager siden
It's to funny that hyno steal Cub's ravager
Shadow - 13 dager siden
WhT is clank and what does it do
WhiteWolf2987 - 13 dager siden
Hermitcraft 7: the war of the mycelium
Juice Lau
Juice Lau - 13 dager siden
the end made me laugh lol
Mr. Frogggy
Mr. Frogggy - 13 dager siden
Join the mycelium resistance
John Smith
John Smith - 13 dager siden
Did you make a national treasure reference
Marie Friesen
Marie Friesen - 13 dager siden
"The legend writ, the stain affected, the key in Silence undetected..." Such a good movie!
Kenny Wiker
Kenny Wiker - 13 dager siden
This sound likes something cub would do, Could he buy enough to rename every ravager, that way when he dies via a ravager he gets his key back making infinite runs and infinite loot almost.
goes in with 5 keys, worst case, die 5 times by your own ravager, tango gives you 5 keys, you lost nothing.
Michael Elepano
Michael Elepano - 14 dager siden
Flawless run!
Rob Timmermans
Rob Timmermans - 14 dager siden
17:12 No it does not
Cherubi-chan - 14 dager siden
I love Cub's reaction to the throne :D
Neulx - 14 dager siden
Yea I'm here too
Shaun Johns
Shaun Johns - 14 dager siden
Entire Diamond throne gets replaced.
Cub: this calls for vibe time
Syntactic Garbage
Syntactic Garbage - 14 dager siden
cub sounds so drunk in this video
Nuclear Effect
Nuclear Effect - 14 dager siden
Cub checking again if he bought stal is me 🤣 forgetting right away what we just did
Kitsune49b - 14 dager siden
Cub your doomed
astro. - 14 dager siden
okay im 4 minutes into my first video from this channel, and im very entertained
i may stay here
Nekaudi - 14 dager siden
Cub, name another beast " Cub Savage"
Enzo Ian R. Evangelista
Enzo Ian R. Evangelista - 14 dager siden
U think that mumbi did this because he is the leader of the resistance
Caleb Cook
Caleb Cook - 14 dager siden
Mycelium resistance!!!!!! Da best
Marilou Friolet
Marilou Friolet - 14 dager siden
Hey cubfan for the cinnabun shop you should add the bottom of a brown shulker box to make a cinnabun shop logo
Sebastian Nguyen
Sebastian Nguyen - 14 dager siden
Cub: I am not going to report this
Scar: CUB,I need to talk to you
Alina Arencibia
Alina Arencibia - 14 dager siden
It's not only the first five
Khelemvor - 14 dager siden
I wonder if Cub knew what was going on but didn't want to ruin the story that was building. And then someone removed built a Mycylium throne. Must have been quite a challenge to do that in the middle of the shopping district.
Atilla Da Pun
Atilla Da Pun - 15 dager siden
Cubfan just gave us a masterclass on procrastination
James Moore
James Moore - 15 dager siden
Viva la resistance
William Roberts
William Roberts - 15 dager siden
Cub important news you need to check out the barge and buy mycelium !!!!!!
MrKit K4t
MrKit K4t - 15 dager siden
They just revealed the secret base dude smh
Noah McKee
Noah McKee - 15 dager siden
That is the calmest reaction of the mycellium throne so far
Joseph Baltzly
Joseph Baltzly - 15 dager siden
Every boss waltzes alone in his office im sire of it
SpAcE bOsS
SpAcE bOsS - 15 dager siden
Cubfan : Yeah Imma tell him later
*3 Days Later*
Cubfan : 😲 Ok Imma sit on my throne 😲
SpAcE bOsS
SpAcE bOsS - 15 dager siden
Pin this to get information about The Mycelium Resistance HQ if you want to
DrMeduimAnt - 15 dager siden
7:03 I have a feeling a resistance was in a meeting at this time
The Beast
The Beast - 15 dager siden
Hrmmm, throne be gone while i munch your face
David Lehman
David Lehman - 15 dager siden
I love when they were whispering the in the mic, reminded me of hellblade.
Which is a game I HIGHLY recommend.
Maddowdle3 - 15 dager siden
This was a fun episode
Kats Emeraldz
Kats Emeraldz - 15 dager siden
That was funny them whispering and cackling when Cub was going into Decked Out.
SinderRednis - 15 dager siden
was nice hearing behind the scenes "just hanging out" banter
Scott White
Scott White - 15 dager siden
We should bring techno to the HC server
Samuel COOKE
Samuel COOKE - 15 dager siden
first time I have watched cub fan and he's so American I can here the oil comin out of his mouth
Cole Hargus
Cole Hargus - 15 dager siden
I would like to see cub make a police force.
b2a1c3d4 - 15 dager siden
Cub, to quote the mayor, this means war. You and Scar need to replace the diamond throne with netherite blocks and declare martial law in the shopping district. Do whatever it takes to wipe out the mycelium menace!
Master G94
Master G94 - 15 dager siden
Hey Cub! for your next ravager name, why not call it "cubbles"? (play on word for cub and cuddles)
HitPointsHarry - 15 dager siden
Decked out with the new Warden....
The American Jedi
The American Jedi - 15 dager siden
Does anyone else think that Cubfan 135 should go to Mayor Scar, and reinstate the Jedi Knights instead if the Cubfan Police? Cubfan could be the Grand Master of the Jedi Order.
P.S: I heard that Mumbo Jumbo is the leader of the Mycelium Resistance.
Mr Krabs
Mr Krabs - 15 dager siden
Can other people name tag your ravanger if so that’s kind of tough
Noah Walton
Noah Walton - 15 dager siden
Check behind waterfall in forest
TCGupdate - 15 dager siden
LMAO, fantastic ending!
Alexa Small
Alexa Small - 15 dager siden
You should get the drum set and put it in your office, yes it would interfere with your chair but it would be good for "vibe time"
kurt Brown
kurt Brown - 15 dager siden
Well, well, well. Look at you holding all the secrets.... I think I'd look in the well
Logandamudkip421 - 15 dager siden
Me after seeing Scar's newest video and he declares war: Oh no indeed Cubfan!
Noah Pavelich
Noah Pavelich - 15 dager siden
Cub please make a guillotine on the front step of the town hall for the resistance members. Also it would be funny to do a whole episode like it's less mis and you are javert and you are hunting down john valjean.
Weird_Coconut - 15 dager siden
Viva la mycelium resistance
Serafin Hikes
Serafin Hikes - 16 dager siden
AJ's Toys
AJ's Toys - 16 dager siden
Tip the people who replace all the diamonds with mycelium starts with a letter m and I viewers who sees this don't tell him
Addis Shiberou
Addis Shiberou - 16 dager siden
me: can we have jaws theme
mom: no we have jaws theme at home
jaws theme at home: 0:00
Watch mumbo vid toi get diamond. Hidden by mumbo
Lance McKenzie
Lance McKenzie - 16 dager siden
Maybe the ravager is not WHO was ravaged, but maybe it is WHAT was ravaged.
xgozulx - 16 dager siden
5:05 what a genius idea!
Orius Olore
Orius Olore - 16 dager siden
Anyone else think that HCW round 2 will happen...
Edit: Just to be clear, I meant hermit civil war by HCW

Rexyjp123 - 16 dager siden
DOG MAN87768
DOG MAN87768 - 16 dager siden
Execute episope 66
OldieBones - 16 dager siden
Ravager immediately stolen by Keralis.
2 channel
2 channel - 16 dager siden
rather than removing it why don't just downloaad a shader which change all nycillium to grass 😂😂
Quiz - 16 dager siden
Okay, now that was definitely my favorite cub episode!
AYG PRO - 16 dager siden
no #mycelium resisitence
Captain Plasma
Captain Plasma - 16 dager siden
Hey cub, well well well might mean the 'well'- the place where you draw water from.
Maybe in the forest...
Lovin the episodes
VENTED TUNA - 16 dager siden
DJ Drack
DJ Drack - 16 dager siden
I'm not sure how much of the Hermitcraft shenanigans are scripted and conceived of before hand, but even some are this is still 10/10 content. "Yeah I probably should have told the mayor about it sooner" XP
Bala314 - 16 dager siden
Pierre Kostantine
Pierre Kostantine - 16 dager siden
Cub when he sees the diamond throne: panik
Jonathan Prince
Jonathan Prince - 16 dager siden
ultimate treasure? leap of faith? it's got to be down the bottomless pit with keralis.