Hermitcraft 7: New Bee Farm! (Episode 8)

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Welcome to Minecraft on Hermitcraft with Cub! Today we work on improving our Pyramid base, and create a new type of Bee farm capable of producing both Honey and Honeycomb.
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ElliexLAx - 22 dager siden
I really wish there was an exact tutorial for this farm. Ive seen the other ones but they arent this one and it makes me sad :(
Devid Nijdam
Devid Nijdam - Måned siden
lets HEAD over to the shopping district

Mitchell Savage
Mitchell Savage - 2 måneder siden
i tried my best to copy the honey/honeycomb farm from the video but i cant get it to work. usually not an issue but this time i just cant get it going. CUB if you could do a world download for the farm that would be amazing otherwise i think ill be tweeting you sometime soon. also to all those that have brought up the item/shulker splitter. it works fine as long as the chunks stay loaded while its emptying itself. have been using it for several weeks now and it only break when i leave while its unloading
Maja Fischer
Maja Fischer - 2 måneder siden
Cub: T-flip-flop
Me:bu-but that's mumbo!
Lewis Moger
Lewis Moger - 3 måneder siden
Personally I think the temples should be called The Temples of Neith
jabryoo - 4 måneder siden
Please do the tutorial you mentioned
jabryoo - 4 måneder siden
jabryoo - 4 måneder siden
thanks for all the help I got it done
Jendrik Wächter
Jendrik Wächter - 4 måneder siden
Does anybody have a tutorial for this design? I build it in creative and I already stuck with the mine cart inside the bee nest...
BW - Måned siden
@paulfarnham28 Make sure there is a repeater on the redstone line running down to the dispenser with shears in it that is under the dropper for the tflipflop. Otherwise it will power the dropper above it. That line should be powered when the comparator out of the beehive is all lights off. Hope that made sense.
paulfarnham28 - Måned siden
@BW I had figured the bit about the composter out, still not getting any honeycomb.
BW - Måned siden
@paulfarnham28 so i just checked mine since it has been working on 16.2 and the composter is on level 5 not 4 in my above comment. Then give it a full day cycle to test. Hopefully that fixes your problem.
paulfarnham28 - Måned siden
@BW I had to put a non stackable item in each dropper to get it to cycle, but I'm not getting any honeycomb. I can't harvest it manually either. I assume it's being harvested, but it's not getting to the chest.
BW - 2 måneder siden
Make the minecart go down a rail ramp into the bee nest. Put blocks on the other 3 sides of the nest to line it up as it rolls in. Then the only other thing he doesnt show is to use a non stackable item in the tfliplop like a shovel. Also the composter should be on level 4. You can press F3 to see its level and the bee hive on the right. Hope that helps.
Worthless Valuables
Worthless Valuables - 4 måneder siden
Because you have so many Beegyptian style Beeramids, you should join Beeralis and Beesuma (I know I’m late)
xox - 4 måneder siden
@Worthless Valuables ok zoomer
Worthless Valuables
Worthless Valuables - 4 måneder siden
xox I don’t really care
xox - 4 måneder siden
Ahahahahahahahahah this wasn't funny m8
Ethan Baines
Ethan Baines - 4 måneder siden
glad one hermit realises that honey is the best food in the game
Kiro Jii
Kiro Jii - 5 måneder siden
is that cub's head game is strong
Jamie Cuthbertson
Jamie Cuthbertson - 5 måneder siden
Cub's axe name is hilarious
Jacob Thatcher
Jacob Thatcher - 5 måneder siden
Diego Connolly
Diego Connolly - 5 måneder siden
0:04 “Last time we built up this large pyramid here”
Me from the future: Do you mean small?
ThatCringeCalledIggleboz - Måned siden
@Shane Costello Meesa wanna wanga!
Shane Costello
Shane Costello - 2 måneder siden
Not funny
hnrykooki - 5 måneder siden
Grian can’t take his door
Nicholas Loera
Nicholas Loera - 5 måneder siden
Where is Con corp?
MIKERUPTION - 5 måneder siden
Can you please do a quick tutorial for your combo honey/honeycomb farm?
Mike - 6 måneder siden
How do you sink the hopper minecart into the bee nest? I've seen this done before with other moveable blocks like magma blocks but I can't push a bee nest with a piston.
Mike - 5 måneder siden
I winded up figuring this out if anyone else was interested. If you make a slope with rails on it next to the bees nest, it’ll go into it. 🙂
Tara Bell
Tara Bell - 6 måneder siden
Could you make a tutorial on the new bee farm so that we can see how you built it better?
EllisWillower - 6 måneder siden
Could you make a more detailed tutorial of your bee farm?
OllieDeOzi - 6 måneder siden
1:40 for me items go from the minecart chest into the minecart hopper when they are moving. How can I stop this from happening?
Nate VanDyke
Nate VanDyke - 6 måneder siden
are you named cubfan because you are a cubs fan
that would make sense
Samsung Tab 3
Samsung Tab 3 - 6 måneder siden
I always put 3 potions of damage II in the coldren and also put in one stack of arrows to make more damage to players and monsters with armor
Ice 487
Ice 487 - 6 måneder siden
A cod boy and a wizard is planning aggressive executions.
James Cullis
James Cullis - 6 måneder siden
So, I made the super smelter to see how efficient it was. The hopper minecart takes the items out of the chest minecart. It's kind of broken. I don't know if I made it slightly wrong but yeah. Big oof.
Machie 28
Machie 28 - 6 måneder siden
Hey Cub! Possible idea, you can possibly make a second floor and have a secret entrance going up through the water colums from the back of the nether portal! =]
Morgan Dion
Morgan Dion - 6 måneder siden
Cub this seems like the best honey + honeycomb farm out there, but can you do a tutorial? The quick fly by you did wasnt enough for me to figure out the build.
jenson israel
jenson israel - 6 måneder siden
Why are you in hermitcraft because no offence but your not the best builder and your not amazing at red stone ??
David Laudert
David Laudert - 6 måneder siden
Can we get a tutorial for your new bee farm?
Noglassnopass - 6 måneder siden
Im trying to build this beefarm just by looking at it but i cannot for the life of me figure out the tflipflop can anyone help me understand it?
SOUL々 MORTAL - 6 måneder siden
can i have tutorial:)
Максим Кузьмин
Максим Кузьмин - 6 måneder siden
When cub explained the layout and you were not listening but rather reading the chat
Charlie Hagelin
Charlie Hagelin - 6 måneder siden
Does anyone know if the bee temple redstone works in bedrock?
Hly_ Smks
Hly_ Smks - 6 måneder siden
Can you make a honey comb and honey farm? With that lamp thing?
Matthew S
Matthew S - 6 måneder siden
19:51 Bee sure to subscribe
Janine Farias
Janine Farias - 6 måneder siden
Use gold blocks!
purplejellytotPJT - 6 måneder siden
Can we get a tutorial on how to make this bee farm? I’m very new to redstone and would love to see it broken down step-by-step. Thanks :)
Ed Eitelman
Ed Eitelman - 6 måneder siden
How do the hoppers decide whether honey bottles or shears are put into dispenser? I am guessing that the shears have priority and then the bottles just fill up the stack. So I am wondering how you give the shears priority.
Viktor Hierta Gustafsson
Viktor Hierta Gustafsson - 6 måneder siden
So trying to catch up on the episodes and don't know yest if you've done something with it but the mountains in the background of the pyramid at 10:43 almost look like weathered sphinxes. Maybe something you can add to for a really cool entrance to the area.
Ashleigh Nicholas
Ashleigh Nicholas - 6 måneder siden
If you decide to make any farms..you should build new pyramids over them. Like have your first pyramid as your main pyramid then add other pyramids as you build farms. And have a way to connect them all. Just a thought 😊
Feisty Dogger
Feisty Dogger - 6 måneder siden
The Pyramids of Beeza
Emerald Black
Emerald Black - 6 måneder siden
Everytime I see the head games all I can think about is skulls for the skull throne.
Ruben Lagerwerf
Ruben Lagerwerf - 6 måneder siden
How did you get the minecraft inside the beenest?
JenInMinecraft - 6 måneder siden
For those wondering how to get a minecart into the beehive, use powered rails going diagonally downward into the block (best to have a block on the opposite side of the beehive to make it stop). This puts it in perfectly. Without powered rails, it'll turn diagonally.
Matheus Fernandes
Matheus Fernandes - 6 måneder siden
Thank u so so much.
Blaine Davies
Blaine Davies - 6 måneder siden
Water in the desert is precious, but the Hermiatic Ocean is 10ish blocks away
Cosmic fox
Cosmic fox - 6 måneder siden
Hey Cub, I am a big fan, retired 65 years old. Can you PLEASE post your streams, I cannot stand TWITCH like many others., I refuse to watch it and I miss your videos. Your among the favorite Hermnit in my house. Both my sons and I love to watch you. For some reason (money probably) you only do TWITCH. This is a bit unfair bro.. please do us a favor do more youtube videos or simply repost the twitch streams for us? Thanks bro
Joshua Walker
Joshua Walker - 6 måneder siden
Building idea: A huge pillar/desert skyscraper at each corner of the pyramid would be sick!
Atomic BbRr
Atomic BbRr - 6 måneder siden
Cub is the best youtuber ever
legalize It
legalize It - 6 måneder siden
Kowonski - 6 måneder siden
“In the desert water is pretty precious” unless your living right by an ocean
Ozan Kurt
Ozan Kurt - 6 måneder siden
Where is the tutorial?
Skerit - 6 måneder siden
Really loving the pyramid and bee temples :)
Green plays
Green plays - 6 måneder siden
Big brain
Daniel B
Daniel B - 6 måneder siden
What if they made the fletching table be for bows. It could also make enchanted arrows kind of like an enchanting table but for arrows
Suicidal Poptart
Suicidal Poptart - 6 måneder siden
Jack Lodge
Jack Lodge - 6 måneder siden
I build your starter base and my brother thought it was a new structure
xStickyy - 6 måneder siden
"put the bed in the middle, that's pretty cool"
PuffingFish HQ
PuffingFish HQ - 6 måneder siden
how did you get the minecart in the bee hive?
DCG - 6 måneder siden
Pyrimid of Bee all praise the bees xD keep up the good work 👍
Ethan Quill
Ethan Quill - 7 måneder siden
Hi there i've been playing minecraft for a couple years now and I personally love Hermitcraft and starting my own channel!!But all i want to say is great job on entertaining people like me and other Hermicraft Fans!
Markisparki - 7 måneder siden
I'd like to see a golden cubfan statue similar to the golden god/pharaoh statues in egypt
Drummer Daan
Drummer Daan - 7 måneder siden
That portal is soooooo cool
Well done bro
DadasaurusRex - 7 måneder siden
You could replicate the pyramids of Egypt with Sphinx etc. And place your various farms/etc in the different structures
SOHAN CHEPURU - 7 måneder siden
heretolevitateme - 7 måneder siden
The pyramid theme is cool. What if your chests and furnace arrays were on a wrap around "balcony" and were the tools for an 'archeology dig' that was digging down below the pyramid. You could then have different rooms underneath the ground where the tombs are that you are excavating.
Sher_lock 77
Sher_lock 77 - 7 måneder siden
When’s next vid coming out
c0n - 7 måneder siden
Pyramids of Bee-za 👀
Matrix 1121
Matrix 1121 - 7 måneder siden
I have a few ideas. #1. Mirror the floor. The inside looks awesome and I feel mirroring the floor would just make it more epic. #2. You should take the outside design of the original starter base and make the top of the pyramid identical to it. Pillars, redstone torches, and all!! Great build!
Ηλιας Λυσσαρης
Ηλιας Λυσσαρης - 7 måneder siden
You must make a skeleton farm because skeleton heads have 10 points
D00MSTER - 7 måneder siden
Cub your base is amazing 😍
Also for your portal you can take inspiration from a 2 yrs old video from grian in which he shows an Egyptian style portal pls check it out
Auroara - 7 måneder siden
Does anyone else cringe every time he mispronounces lapis lazuli? ;)
ryan cullen
ryan cullen - 7 måneder siden
You should sign up for " Tag 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO "
Step Bro
Step Bro - 7 måneder siden
Good to know you're still here
Luke Grismer
Luke Grismer - 7 måneder siden
Dang I missed the live stream
Zachary Brown
Zachary Brown - 7 måneder siden
maybe you could make a tomb raider minigame like a maze with a twist
BJbear2001 - 7 måneder siden
You kept the pyramid in beautiful condition, CF! The roofline is a great optical feature!
I do hope that we get to see the Hermitcrafters all continue to co-op in unsafe territories too. The beginning of this season has been hilarious and all around amazing! Keep going!
Carlo Bragagnolo
Carlo Bragagnolo - 7 måneder siden
Secks In da bee piramid
That girl from hell that kidnaps bad people.
Cub living the pharaoh life.
Soon there shall be sphinx and convoluded redstone mazes to his riches.
troybot09 - 7 måneder siden
Any Ogs remember minecraft Lets play
Girish Baviskar
Girish Baviskar - 7 måneder siden
he is the best player on the server
Joke H
Joke H - 7 måneder siden
Do they have a special plugin or something for those mob heads? I am pretty sure only zombie, skeleton, creeper, with skeleton and ended dragon have heads but he gets a drowned head.
Moo 2310
Moo 2310 - 7 måneder siden
Why do multiple hermits all have excallibur swords? Beescallibur, Iskallibur. I know there's more that I can't think of.
Rick w
Rick w - 7 måneder siden
Sam Carver
Sam Carver - 7 måneder siden
can u show the red stone for the sugar cane and bamboo pick up system?
V- Series
V- Series - 7 måneder siden
Please Colab with the Hermits
alex wenham
alex wenham - 7 måneder siden
Not having a Stargate nether portal is a huge missed opportunity lol. But honestly that looks great
Randoom - 7 måneder siden
you should build two additional smaller pyramids and have farms in them as well as build a sphinx and make a big villager trading station
100,000 subscribers with no Vids
19:50 bee sure to subscribe
Aaron Bond
Aaron Bond - 7 måneder siden
FUN FACT! lapis lazuli was one of the most valuable things to Egyptians, and you have a tone of it used as pillars for your portal.
imma gamerYT
imma gamerYT - 7 måneder siden
Yo im also a YouTube SUB to me pls
Donnyboi06 - 7 måneder siden
Make a gold and quartz checkered floor in the pyramid.
Elias Palm
Elias Palm - 7 måneder siden
My favourite new thing is cub saying lapiz lazuli
a g
a g - 7 måneder siden
I was thinking with how you built mini-pyramids maybe you could do an extremely scaled down pyramid of Gyza. Like how there are three large pyramids and then three smaller pyramids that could be about the size of your bee pyramids. 🤷‍♂️ It could add more levels of "wow" to the build. Also great placement of farms in the corners and positioning tomb-like water features in the center to keep on theme. Excellent ideas, I had no idea what to do with the space when I imagined what I would put in it but you definitely delivered. I also agree with the underground/secret passageways comment.
Matt Pierce
Matt Pierce - 7 måneder siden
You should check out mumbo’s new shop
Swrdlss Mimetown
Swrdlss Mimetown - 7 måneder siden
Had an idea for ya pyramid. What if you put a beacon up in the middle, and mines down going one layer out still in the shape of a pyramid, all the way down to bedrock, you could have a glass or partial glass floor to see down and put farms down in platforms. It would take a long time but could be a super cool base. And the tip of the pyramid would be like the tip of an iceberg.
Anaiah Williams
Anaiah Williams - 7 måneder siden
I love the design of the base! Idea: can you add a way to make cactus look nice? I don't know I thought it would be funny. I don't like the look of cactus but it's so abundant in the desert
justin deng
justin deng - 7 måneder siden
Your first in the leaderboard
TwistedDarkness - 7 måneder siden
Yo put gold blocks on the floor pyramids are Egyptian and Egyptians sued a lot of gold I think gold will loook awesome
Vince Madden
Vince Madden - 7 måneder siden
Is this his main base for the season?
Alex Bocioanca
Alex Bocioanca - 7 måneder siden
The Pyramids of Beeza