Hermitcraft 7: Open Sesame! (Episode 22)

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Hello! Welcome back to Minecraft with Cub on the Hermitcraft Season 7 Server! Today we meet with Xisuma and Cleo to gather some news for the Hearld and work on our Great Pyramid pathways.
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Runtime: 27:18


cubfan135 - 5 måneder siden
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! Thanks for all you do!
Mr Helo
Mr Helo - 4 måneder siden
Lawrence D'Souza well imagine her saying anything else. “Go tell that cubfan guy to stop making stuff personal, no more watching his vids".
Lbg Pr0ductions
Lbg Pr0ductions - 5 måneder siden
Harrison Miller
Harrison Miller - 5 måneder siden
This is very kind of you to say! I don't know any other you tubers as kind as you, keep up the amazing work!
Santtu Mäkinen
Santtu Mäkinen - 5 måneder siden
Can we please be friends i really want to get to the hermitcraft server its my dream that propably will never come true
Hayden Nugent
Hayden Nugent - 5 måneder siden
cubfan135 cub if you see this can you tell your mother your subs said happy Mother’s Day
Maniacallaugh - 12 dager siden
“You need to make a game out of this.” Several months later and Tango made a whole game centered around ravaged.
Kevin Chen
Kevin Chen - 22 dager siden
Dang. This has gotta be one of if not hte best build i've ever seen
FireBlaster 08
FireBlaster 08 - 2 måneder siden
Other hermits: Lapis Lazuli
Cub: LaPiS lAzUlAiI
FireBlaster 08
FireBlaster 08 - 2 måneder siden
Cub: man you might not be the man for the jo--
X: puts on cap
Kailey - 2 måneder siden
If this season ever has a game like Demise, Cub is going to be so, so screwed. He has so many decorative gold pressure plates that he would never noticed a trap until it was too late.
Martin Chung
Martin Chung - 2 måneder siden
Why no maze sorta thing inside it leading to different chambers?And u shoul have made a sorta map u have of it where u only know what all the possible traps and routes are ;(
Swathi Agendla
Swathi Agendla - 3 måneder siden
Did you win tag 2
NotAGoat - 3 måneder siden
It would be interesting if, at the end of the season, someone went through and calculated the net value of all the resources used (even if they weren't purchased, but gathered manually) in each hermit's main base to see which one has the most net value.
mohd yusni mohd ariffin
mohd yusni mohd ariffin - 3 måneder siden
Cub is Soo happy to see vexs magic again
Colin Paddock
Colin Paddock - 4 måneder siden
Additional advertising revenue: let’s say 1 diamond block per sign on building.
Laura - 4 måneder siden
I'm just imagining Grian bawling his eyes out when he sees this door and realizes he has to steal it and rebuild it.
Emily Dryer
Emily Dryer - 4 måneder siden
if Grian steals cubs door he'll get free prismarine wich he needs and gets to take the biggest door on the server! It's a win win!!!
Hikaro Karrdey
Hikaro Karrdey - 4 måneder siden
Cub: builds an epoc front door.
Also Cub. still uses the small starter door.
Ghin - 4 måneder siden
Really love the entrance.
Jamie Cuthbertson
Jamie Cuthbertson - 5 måneder siden
Put the SOS Africa Stream in the Hermiton Herald
sophbear - 5 måneder siden
Cub: uses dark prismarine and gray concrete in his build / Grian: *ay can i get my flow back*
Daniel McIntyre
Daniel McIntyre - 5 måneder siden
That door confuses me
Daniel McIntyre
Daniel McIntyre - 5 måneder siden
Also my ability to depth percept anything inside or outside that pyramid just doesnt exist lol its so big.
Daniel McIntyre
Daniel McIntyre - 5 måneder siden
I watched it on xisuma's video where cub showed it off and it looked like the door was closing in two directions at once through itself
Frank Castle
Frank Castle - 5 måneder siden
Shoulda made the whole pyramid floor of gold blocks lines with a lapis pattern. That would speak in volumes in terms of wealth.
Zosh_ Plays
Zosh_ Plays - 5 måneder siden
It would be good if Xisuma's University is Buzz-Feed University lmao
Pieter Vermeulen
Pieter Vermeulen - 5 måneder siden
Cub: wants to build the most expensive building
also cub: lights up his entrance with TL lights
Nathan L
Nathan L - 5 måneder siden
Gardens in the desert where something to show off your status. Maybe put some flowers out by those waterways on approach to your magnificent door.
Santtu Mäkinen
Santtu Mäkinen - 5 måneder siden
Please can we be friends i really want to get to the hermitcraft server its my dream that im propably never going to accomplish
Dingler - 5 måneder siden
@cubfan135 Xisuma broke the greenteam rules :( camping in front of the button
Johannes Rodt
Johannes Rodt - 5 måneder siden
You could take a output from this observers instead of the button
alex shipi
alex shipi - 5 måneder siden
Please put maybe either a sphinx or two statues of Pharoah's to the entrance
Thegk46 7
Thegk46 7 - 5 måneder siden
Xisumaviod is on red team !!
Nubolicious - 5 måneder siden
I think that you should add a red wool tarp across the top of the entrance with support beams because the top looks a little bare
Prime Time
Prime Time - 5 måneder siden
Xisuma is part of red team!!
Exotic_Trash - 5 måneder siden
You should add some height variant in the cactus and bamboo, it looks very unnatural
Holly Alexandra
Holly Alexandra - 5 måneder siden
kala 876
kala 876 - 5 måneder siden
I would love to see them decorate the office just as a news print shop would look. It hurts me ever time I see it. 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️
Walid Nassar
Walid Nassar - 5 måneder siden
I have an idea! Next to Egypt you can add an Arabia
Bennett Woody
Bennett Woody - 5 måneder siden
My brain can’t understand that door for the life of me. WHAT??? It’s insane
Xander Lewis
Xander Lewis - 5 måneder siden
If sand would hold then cub could build 4 massive things
Jonathan Bevill
Jonathan Bevill - 5 måneder siden
Cub, make it a casino! You know how many diamonds Keralis has to spend, right?
robinsoncam 191
robinsoncam 191 - 5 måneder siden
Make this
DedotronGames - 5 måneder siden
A standard reporter wouldn't even make a single diamond.
S. C.
S. C. - 5 måneder siden
Cubfan135 I want it most expensive
Grian you challenge me
DadasaurusRex - 5 måneder siden
How in the world did you get the cactus so high?
Preston Knudson
Preston Knudson - 5 måneder siden
Cub: my pyramid is the most expensive base
Mumbo: my base is made with iron blocks
Penguin Flames
Penguin Flames - 5 måneder siden
Idea, add a beacon powered by gold blocks at the top of the pyramid with yellow glass at the top of the pyramid so a yellow light comes out of the very top of the pyramid.
vince klok
vince klok - 5 måneder siden
Cub:it’s gonna be night soon.
Me:no worries Bdubs has got it!
Audacity - 5 måneder siden
Maybe have the hallway open up to a cathedral with an oasis
Ben Hywel
Ben Hywel - 5 måneder siden
I have an idea for the lighting issue
Make bee and in the middle of them glowstone
Mark Suckerberg
Mark Suckerberg - 5 måneder siden
Just give two diamonds per story
ulter king
ulter king - 5 måneder siden
Grian:mumbo for mayor
Mumbo:i never chose this
Tajith Devvin
Tajith Devvin - 5 måneder siden
Cub make a wither farm by carving out a 9 wide 2 high under the bedrock endportal in the end
You spawn the wither horizontally.
The wither won't move because the bedrock
Achacha Archer
Achacha Archer - 5 måneder siden
You should put 2 sandstone guardians at the end of the hallway
JJThunder - 5 måneder siden
You could place sea lanterns behind the honeycomb and it would give lighting and look very cool
Johan Jordaan
Johan Jordaan - 5 måneder siden
You need a capstone for the pyramid
Joe Mysic
Joe Mysic - 5 måneder siden
Could you add an ankh symbol?
Harrison Rehr
Harrison Rehr - 5 måneder siden
Put campfires under the eternal flame for the Smokey affect
Josh Knotts
Josh Knotts - 5 måneder siden
Hermit Herald uses free labor confirmed.
Artellia - 5 måneder siden
psst, cub. netherack... fire on netherack...
RJ Cabarubias
RJ Cabarubias - 5 måneder siden
I think you should put a golden statue in the middle of your bamboo farm
Zero - 5 måneder siden
Imagine if you all had the ravager shot tech back in S6, the trip to hermitville and back wouldve been a LOT easier. Maybe set up something for the further out portals? just a thought
Video Munkie
Video Munkie - 5 måneder siden
What if the green team collects every green concrete and stacks them like the shop district's diamonds?
Airplane person
Airplane person - 5 måneder siden
Idk if this was suggested before but making The Sphinx, tho there's one in the SD but you da pharaoh and it's be cooler and more fitting I think at least. also I'm not sure myself of the dark prismarine door maybe it looks too bold or a bit out of sync with the rest of the pyramid maybe a lil outlining would help make it stand out less
Brandon Woodyard
Brandon Woodyard - 5 måneder siden
you should really add a gold capstone to the pyramid. cant be a great pyramid without a gold capstone.
Mánus Ó Catháin
Mánus Ó Catháin - 5 måneder siden
You dont need a pyramid if there's a dolmen on your road that older than the pyramids of giza
alakapax - 5 måneder siden
forthe people speaking spanish, 23:37 tango said panchito
Dustin Firestone
Dustin Firestone - 5 måneder siden
You can farm bees nest with birch saplings next to flowers. They have a chance to spawn when the trees grow. I think you can bone meal them but I normally just let them take care of growing on their own
Brandon Clevenger
Brandon Clevenger - 5 måneder siden
Your bed should be in a tomb, kinda like season six phantom run. Run through the temple in secret areas and vaults
Mr_Unusual_37 - 5 måneder siden
Make a separate map for special news that they have to purchase every time a new paper comes out. It could cost 2-3 diamond blocks to purchase and you could also have souvenir bags to buy for 2 diamond blocks that have hermiston herald shirts candy (golden apple) and maybe a limited edition herald pen.
Gedxnkenlos - 5 måneder siden
Imagine makeing the fire to open the door
Lu Cas
Lu Cas - 5 måneder siden
Audrey Hogan
Audrey Hogan - 5 måneder siden
I’m so used to watching British hermits that an American accent almost sounds different even though I live in the US
abigail - 5 måneder siden
William Batzle
William Batzle - 5 måneder siden
Is it possible to move a mob spawner?
Brandon Loiacono
Brandon Loiacono - 5 måneder siden
I vote Cub for mayor
sxxxychocolate - 5 måneder siden
a pharaoh can easily be mayor. just sayin
RastaBlaaze - 5 måneder siden
shourya Farmania
shourya Farmania - 5 måneder siden
Mumbo for MAYOY!!!
diggoran - 5 måneder siden
For the jumping on water, that actually works between full blocks. Just put a 1x1 block of water in a flat floor and walk over it. You'll bounce over it every time. That and items floating now makes manual sugarcane farms less annoying to harvest
jurij vovk
jurij vovk - 5 måneder siden
U could build a huggeeeeeee maze
Kaulis - 5 måneder siden
6:50 epic soundtrack moment
SoulStalker46 - 5 måneder siden
You could add water channels that look decorative on your piramid, kinda like how some old Egyptian mansions had
Balzin Aley
Balzin Aley - 5 måneder siden
I think he should make something like combination lock to unlock the door if wrongly opened it will activate some type of trap
S - 5 måneder siden
Look supe cool!!
Sean C
Sean C - 5 måneder siden
I think it would be cool if a hermit made a game of how far can a person travel with one rocket and an elytra...
Miss Chanchal Music
Miss Chanchal Music - 5 måneder siden
EldonS - 5 måneder siden
I think this is the first ever video of yours that i watched where you didn't say "Last time we ... " in your intro.
And i think i've watched most of your content since you SP series...
Boaz Levone
Boaz Levone - 5 måneder siden
Mumbo is a yellow belt 🤮🤮 #GreenTeamBestTeam #CubForMayor
Boaz Levone
Boaz Levone - 5 måneder siden
He couldn’t even keep the stache on his face! #CubForMayor
Boaz Levone
Boaz Levone - 5 måneder siden
Cub rules Mumbo drools #CubForMayor
phoenix - 5 måneder siden
That door is fancy
Freya G
Freya G - 5 måneder siden
Cub: I want this to the most expensive build on the server, I think we're getting there
Iskall: Laughs in Swedish
gyro animations
gyro animations - 5 måneder siden
I think that Egyptian hyrogliphics (sorry for the spelling) in the pathway would look good.
Kay Blanko
Kay Blanko - 5 måneder siden
Get ride of the gray as a tip, loving the videos keep on going!
Fröbella - 5 måneder siden
Cole Wilson
Cole Wilson - 5 måneder siden
You might want to add a border on top the door to better outline it.
Boaz Levone
Boaz Levone - 5 måneder siden
Mumbo’s got nothing on this chap #CubForMayor
Boaz Levone
Boaz Levone - 5 måneder siden
Beard #CubForMayor
Nicholas Bunch
Nicholas Bunch - 5 måneder siden
ItsiDutchyyTM - 5 måneder siden
be careful with the door, grian might steal it,
KRIMCHIBBY - 5 måneder siden
I live next to the pyrmids
Ben Veldkamp
Ben Veldkamp - 5 måneder siden
You should put eternal flames all around the bottom of the pyramid
Shane Abens
Shane Abens - 5 måneder siden
Tango should have somebody standing right by the window to see if you collide or see if you can teleport through walls
Shane Abens
Shane Abens - 5 måneder siden