Hermitcraft 7: Pong and The Enforcer! (Episode 57)

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Welcome to Minecraft with Cub on the Hermitcraft Season 7 Server! Today we play our Pong game in Targét with Falsesymmetry and speak with Mayor Scar about the Enforcer position.

Minecraft's Fastest Elevator: noburn.info/id/video/q4e4ocmkn6SshYY.html

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Intro- Ason ID- Tropical ID (preview)
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Runtime: 25:17


Quichrlyn - 23 dager siden
Cub: this seems like I’m paying you to work here
Scar: yea... that’s the point. So!
Spaced Out Gaming
Spaced Out Gaming - Måned siden
Somehow I knew Cub and Scar would end up together again this season, some Convexical things going on here
David Criddle
David Criddle - Måned siden
Can somebody remind me why he used Cine buns for the machine in pong again I forget
Sophy - Måned siden
17:40 bubbles face in the background kills me
Vacuum of Space
Vacuum of Space - Måned siden
The next Hermitcraft arc is just a civil war between Scar's government versus the Mycelium Resistance
Rc Angel and Demon
Rc Angel and Demon - Måned siden
The corruption is real
fallenentity2 - Måned siden
Iiiiiiits little BDouble0!
Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum - Måned siden
you gotta love the passive aggressive Scar
Jon's Labyrinth
Jon's Labyrinth - Måned siden
Can we squash stories?!?!? Scar, what is happening to the sweet snail loving wizard we started out with? Is this Hermitcraft.... or Animal Farm???
Technical Burhan
Technical Burhan - Måned siden
How can Hedge games have to pay for road pass as it is a limited period competition . The Enforcer I want you to talk to Mr.Mayor and change it.
Gb Marcelo
Gb Marcelo - Måned siden
Get a officer skin cub
Quattro - Måned siden
Was hoping for an ender porter
Jamall Marshall
Jamall Marshall - Måned siden
Scar gotta have some perks as the Mayor 😂
Exayevie - Måned siden
Your elevator would definitely kill me
Cassie Bralower
Cassie Bralower - Måned siden
You could have snow balls pop out of random places in the floor of pong during the game
Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan
I can't wait to see which hermits don't meet the three-day deadline!😂 It's going to be war!
SteamTitan - Måned siden
I think the funny thing is most of them don't realize the road pass diamonds are the road design rewards
Hannaniel Webb
Hannaniel Webb - Måned siden
Very Gnice 🤪
Let's animate games
Let's animate games - Måned siden
It would be cool to join the upside down. I agree with this idea.
Joshua Wright
Joshua Wright - Måned siden
for pong you can make it so that every time someone scores a point there's an x percent chance that some pistons will drop down blocks exposing barrels full of snowballs for a short time so that after every point the players need to be ready to dash to the middle and get snowballs.
also maybe give each player a few stacks of emergency snowballs per game so that they at least have a few extras if they can't get any
maybe also do a one stack challenge for this where you have 64 snowballs and the game ends when both people run out so accuracy really matters.
Corey Ordway
Corey Ordway - Måned siden
Cub is the sheriff of Nottingham from Robin Hood.
Quinn Lightfoot
Quinn Lightfoot - Måned siden
spat out my drink haha
P. Swarbrick
P. Swarbrick - Måned siden
Suggestion for the concession: Mini Cinnabuns!
Jacob Olinger
Jacob Olinger - Måned siden
scar is not smart. diamond throne is what is supposed to pay for things. as far as i can tell there are plenty of diamonds left. My point is that the road passes is just scar being greedy. # ShopAtSahara
Shwift - Måned siden
I don’t like being a downer, but watching pong take up 10 minutes in 2 hermitcraft videos was not super entertaining... it would have been better if it was either cut down or just in 1.
CircaZX - Måned siden
The Hermiton Herald should make a newspaper article to inform the Hermits of the reason why they are paying for road passes since they all think it's to add more diamonds to the Mayors glorious throne. It would really make the enforcers job a little easier :D
Braden Lieberman
Braden Lieberman - Måned siden
“This image will haunt me in my dreams”
*kawaii-s menacingly*
Jonas Brown
Jonas Brown - Måned siden
taxation without representation is theft 🚨 it’s funny watching cub & scar turn into an authoritarian government lmao
Joe The Juggalo
Joe The Juggalo - Måned siden
Good game of *CinnaPong.*
Scare: You're the enforcer.
Cub: I'm the enforcer.
Me: I see the ConCorp gang and shenanigans happening coming soon to Hernitcraft 7. LOL!
Anthon Törnquist
Anthon Törnquist - Måned siden
Sara Bocchan
Sara Bocchan - Måned siden
I love that Scar and Bdubs haven't even payed for the road access passes for their own shops. xD I am excited to see whether they pay on time or if you have to put them in jail for that. (The last one would make a great Headline for the Hermitan Herald! xD)
Dylan - Måned siden
I really wanna see him try pong with a bow
Nolan Murphy
Nolan Murphy - Måned siden
That’s such a cool elevator
02benjos - Måned siden
You should put a box over their shop if they dont comply to deny people access
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous - Måned siden
Great episode cub! Can’t wait to watch what you do with your new authority!! Should be a lot of good content!

When BDUBS flips out the switch blade bed I died. Soo funny.
His actions are just as funny as his commentary!
Guy Ragnarok
Guy Ragnarok - Måned siden
I’d recommend pressing scar on a salary after proving your competence, so he knows what he’d lose.
mattstat716 - Måned siden
I- uh... I don't think Scar's as good of a Mayor as we previously thought.
Isa Hello
Isa Hello - Måned siden
It Is Elevator?
What is Elevator
Elevator is a Machine to go up stairs and Down stairs
From My spectator Cubfan make Flying kit 🌬️
Kilo Mawi
Kilo Mawi - Måned siden
The way bdubs flicked out that bed like a switch blade
Andrew Rossi
Andrew Rossi - Måned siden
Cub's gonna unleash the Pharoh's Curse on those who don't comply.
SirWalri - Måned siden
I love the way bdubs was during the whole meeting
GhostMiner - Måned siden
*23:47** The same thing as if you don't pay WinRar*
BTW. I feel sorry for cub wasting time by doing such a crap
GhostMiner - Måned siden
*_N A M E M O R E I C O N I C D U O_*
*YouTube subscribers count abbreviation*
*HermitCraft Road pass*
stevanavich - Måned siden
Scar is a tyrant
Danbearpig - Måned siden
Pong looks amazing and I want to play it. But... missed opportunity: Call it Cinnapong!
E - Måned siden
Just a small suggestion for the pong mini game: maybe make the Cinnabons go from left to right when it’s going towards the player’s side. Might make it a little easier to understand.
dvahkiin31 - Måned siden
Make pong have a reloading period every time the ball reaches the middle after a score reset, the firing phase doesn't start till a button in the middle (where the snow balls are) is pressed. Maybe add a delay too?
Shakina Indah
Shakina Indah - Måned siden
shovels player's own snowball is more sustainable. that way you dont need to keep supply snowballs..
Yes Sir
Yes Sir - Måned siden
I would put the snowman at the back so you had to mine it but it was close
Daniel W.
Daniel W. - Måned siden
Some GoT vibes👍😂
Bradford Collins
Bradford Collins - Måned siden
Cub as for making the pong game more interesting here is an idea. Having to hit another target in your area to restock your snowballs as long as you hit it with a snowball and didnt run totally out. If you run all the way out like a 5 second time penalty or something along those lines. Youll need a snowball to hit the target before hitting a button or something before a piston releases access to a barrel or snowballs if not then there is a 5 second delay on the piston accessing the snowballs. The target could be a temporary circuit so no one could just hit the target while the pong is going in their favor or between serves
Makana_b - Måned siden
Dude you have to make a bedroom
Joseph Green
Joseph Green - Måned siden
Christian Bauer
Christian Bauer - Måned siden
I watched the match back at False's channel, and now I watched it again. Never would have thought how cool an intense it would be! Great job!
fergus hebbert
fergus hebbert - Måned siden
Idea: pay for all the road passes because you no one can disobey the law if it's been followed for them.
Eyyy ?
Eyyy ? - Måned siden
I hope cub fan moves the elevator so that it is centred
Jakob Kgl
Jakob Kgl - Måned siden
Pleeeeeas make yourself a Police uniform!
YTKeeps AskingforName
YTKeeps AskingforName - Måned siden
17:10 Bdubs takes his head off again
Grian Fan
Grian Fan - Måned siden
Cub: “Who has 4 seconds to spare?”

Also Cub: Spends 4 soeconds to put ender pearl in the off hand
Qtikle - Måned siden
Love pong cub! maybe put a different colour block or some banners with numbers next to the lamps to make reading the points easier. Keep up the great content!
Grian Fan
Grian Fan - Måned siden
Cub: hermits must pay for road access
Etho: laughs menacingly
dimindavis - Måned siden
To enforce you might try getting a hermit into discord and start knocking blocks out of their store to threaten them. Maybe get all Pulp Fiction about it and start asking "What does Mayor Scar look like?!"
Arnav Joshi
Arnav Joshi - Måned siden
Cub!!! I love the Hermitcraft episodes and haven’t missed one! But a quick recommendation, we all love Targét, but it’s repetitive. I would love more content where you hangout with other Hermits or make more shops or build something new (maybe like a nether base or something)
Fröbella - Måned siden
Cub you should definitely accept bribes lol
Mollof - Måned siden
Oh boy! I can't wait for 3 days to pass!!
Stephen Klein
Stephen Klein - Måned siden
Bdubs just standing there, watching them with his eyes makes me crack up
Stephen Klein
Stephen Klein - Måned siden
RowBearToe - Måned siden
Code Enforcer Cub .... got a nice ring to it
btw, code enforcement is a legit law enforcement position
You need a badge
Stephen Klein
Stephen Klein - Måned siden
Isn't the trident elevator kinda inconvenient for other hermits?
*please give me a minecrafty name*
Why would they need to walk over it (if you mean that)
Mike van Lieshout
Mike van Lieshout - Måned siden
I think you should change the slime blocks in the pong flying machine to honey blocks. The orange fits more in the desert theme you're going for as a pharaoh
Spensr Beta
Spensr Beta - Måned siden
As someone whos been thinking a lot about government, control and power lately, watching a corrupt government form organically has been entertaining. On that note, it makes no sense that the mayor isn't paying his enforcer, his inner circle should be rewarded handsomely for their loyalty, it's how and small authoritarian government works.
Bernd Arndt
Bernd Arndt - Måned siden
I would like if each player only had x snowballs per round so you cannot spam them all the time.
JooberDoober - Måned siden
you should put a fence or something blocking off the direct center of the target block, to stop you from winning with a few snowballs.
Domtendo Pikachu
Domtendo Pikachu - Måned siden
i saw you in a lobby in hypixel i was sansundertale360 uwu
beau m
beau m - Måned siden
Hey cub dont think i didnt see u chzing ur own game when u were playin pong with false. U spammed snowballs before the flying machine even started moving. Maybe make a rule as to when u can start throwin snowballs
Duncan Briggs
Duncan Briggs - Måned siden
You need to ask for a Mayoral Warrant
James Coronel
James Coronel - Måned siden
cub’s really gonna be a narc huh
Marcellas Kenion
Marcellas Kenion - Måned siden
You should add a block in between each red stone lantern in the Pong mini-game so you can tell how many point you have
RetroBlockade - Måned siden
I feel like Cub watched Mumbo's elevator vid before he made that
*please give me a minecrafty name*
But your feelings are wrong. Check out the link in the description of the video
AnAnomaly 334
AnAnomaly 334 - Måned siden
OH, for pong, randomly within a certain time frame after someone scores, there’s a small tune that plays that stops the machine and signals you have like 3 seconds before the machine starts moving again to grab snowballs, just a thought
HB LeBlanc
HB LeBlanc - Måned siden
I'm blowing the whistle, this is fascism
•• - Måned siden
@cubfan135 is there a cinabun miniblock on hermitcraft yet? If so you could place that on the food cart.
Legokid TDM
Legokid TDM - Måned siden
If you want Grian to comply, cover up the roof.
Ilias Konsolakis
Ilias Konsolakis - Måned siden
Has no one realised that scar hasnt paid for the pass himself in his shop? Lol.
Gammer Thumbs
Gammer Thumbs - Måned siden
Awesome job cub!
Charles Cox
Charles Cox - Måned siden
Cub, the HermiNazi, err, I mean Enforcer... :-P
Sara Gustavsson
Sara Gustavsson - Måned siden
Will you decorate the office with various instruments of torture? Dungeon-like?
Brendon Wolik
Brendon Wolik - Måned siden
I love seeing hints as to how Season 7 might end: Scar's greed gets too large and Jelie ends up destroying the server
Immortal - Måned siden
Yeah so i am gonna comment this:)))
Make a goaul'd mothership about to land on the pyramid if you have enough space till the limit. That would be the best base ever build
Jesse Thornburg
Jesse Thornburg - Måned siden
STAND UP FOR YOURSELF, make Scar pay you!
KAY PEE - Måned siden
Scar should pay you to be the enforcer your the chief of police come on
Evan Sparrow
Evan Sparrow - Måned siden
I need a copy of the pyramid
*please give me a minecrafty name*
Wait for season 7 world download
KAY PEE - Måned siden
Use slow potion on pong cub to hit while mining snow balls
Rafael Barkhordarian
Rafael Barkhordarian - Måned siden
I. Saw yo cub at tims live streamers it actually you
samurai352 - Måned siden
You should make it so they need a ender chest in their shop before they can get a road pass!😊👨‍🦽🐉☯️
Shane McCarthy
Shane McCarthy - Måned siden
dose any one realise that where cub is standing in pong it says "pong a shot above"
GamaOfTheFuture - Måned siden
so i guess cub watches mumbo or hes just really smart ( im talking about the elevator btw)
*please give me a minecrafty name*
Check out the link in the description of the video and then talk about mumbo
Kevin Hipolito
Kevin Hipolito - Måned siden
Creepy bdubs hahahaha
Lozo did it
Lozo did it - Måned siden
Cub, can't you make it so the button that starts the game, also dispenses some snowballs. That way you only have to make sure the button has a stock instead of all the random barrels
Sam Ki Baat
Sam Ki Baat - Måned siden
2:17 Cub: Who has 4 seconds to spare?
Me: *Thinks 'He has watched Mumbo Jumbo's new video for the elevator*
*please give me a minecrafty name*
Man this elevator is his cubs own design and mumbo just showcased it without credits. Check the link in the description