Hermitcraft 7: Roses (Episode 58)

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Today on Hermitcraft we begin our job as enforcer and create some new structures in the Pyramid.

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Intro- Ason ID- Tropical ID (preview)
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Runtime: 18:47


Nellie - 18 dager siden
i’ve been really busy w school and stuff and i’m a bit behind on cubs vids but binge watching them is so relaxing
JustEnder - 19 dager siden
Lol @Grian was smartest. I still can't forget when he sold all roses 😂
Tikkukaramelli - 20 dager siden
Grian used the UNO reverse card and started selling the roses
Da Bananananana
Da Bananananana - 22 dager siden
Wait, I thought that they were paying for the land because it was spawn proof and special. That would mean that Shadey EEEEEES doesnt need a pass. Also, there's no road going to it.
MagentaPuppy - Blender Simulations
add in a enderpearl stasis chamber around your base with a central control point to teleport to them
Music - 26 dager siden
U made mumbos shop much cuter
EpicTuber - 26 dager siden
GriN used the rosebuses for stock
Kymani Charles
Kymani Charles - 29 dager siden
lol mumbos shop waznt open but still got hit
Andrew Fox
Andrew Fox - Måned siden
You should put berry bushes if people still dont buy one after the roses
Matias Rios
Matias Rios - Måned siden
Zack Gordon
Zack Gordon - Måned siden
Rosed for Business
Aussie Mobile’s
Aussie Mobile’s - Måned siden
You dog mumbos shop doesn’t even have a place to put the. Diamond block
Vacuum of Space
Vacuum of Space - Måned siden
Cub: Floods the show with roses and dirt
Grian: *Sells back the dirt and roses*
Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan
I can't wait to see which hermits don't comply with all of the commercial district laws! (cough cough etho)
Meme Coman
Meme Coman - Måned siden
12:53 acel moment cand ai votat cu PSD si in hermitcraft
(romanian joke, no hate if u dont understand)
IcarusLime - Måned siden
Cub is corruption personified. Not only is he dripping with conflicts of interest, working for Scar administration WHILE controlling the media with Hermiton Herald, but he is also setting himself up to personally profit off of Civil Asset Forfeiture, aka Theft-By-Cop, with his auction house bidding. Cub must resign immediately, or The Mycelium Resistance must stage a full blown Revolution against the Scar Administration.
Peter Feng
Peter Feng - Måned siden
FallenAngel72TX - Måned siden
Good news, Grian now has roses in stock for a limited time at the Barge
KOrbyn Overmyer
KOrbyn Overmyer - Måned siden
Cub:fills the barge with roses
Grian:oh new stock for the barge
xd Jumpy
xd Jumpy - Måned siden
joe was here
hicko wells
hicko wells - Måned siden
why say dat and dis and shit? Th thththththththththththth
Bruh Boi
Bruh Boi - Måned siden
uses most expensive thing in game to make a glorified toilet in an office. Respect
Juraj Andráško
Juraj Andráško - Måned siden
Grian oh why are there roses ? Anyway new stock for sell 😆
JuggaloShoe - Måned siden
You have to find and stop the Mycelium Menace!
CyberFox - Måned siden
Grian really flipped the punishment on u here
Vincent Wijaya
Vincent Wijaya - Måned siden
So Grian just did an Uno Reverse Card and sell your grass and roses
Nikhil Prabhu
Nikhil Prabhu - Måned siden
“the rose symbolises love”
and the dirt symbolises how they are if they don’t comply.... very sneaaky
Trav - Måned siden
That most wanted list. ROFL
Varun - Måned siden
Dude I love ur vids
U r really underated and deserved much more recognition
CT-7567 Captain Rex
CT-7567 Captain Rex - Måned siden
Jokes on you cubs, grian is gonna sell these
Klemo - Måned siden
if I'm selling dirt and someone gives me free dirt for no paying, I wouldn't pay
DROID - Måned siden
"hopefully this will convince grian to buy his road access pass" grian who literally took the plants and dirt and put it for sale
ero. thicc
ero. thicc - Måned siden
Youtube after showing me notification of a video 6 days after the upload which i already saw
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great - Måned siden
There's a fourth office still unclaimed it could be scars but I dought it he has the throne. I wonder if they'll ever use it I could be mistaken and there's only 3 offices
Meh Meh
Meh Meh - Måned siden
The sign below keralis’ head at 5:11 is the best haha
Amir Sheikhi
Amir Sheikhi - Måned siden
kevin spacy would approve.
ace ension
ace ension - Måned siden
yeesh they already paid for the plot of land now they have to pay a monthly fee? (I know its not monthly but they keep making up things to make other hermits pay) its getting old
Ferris the Red
Ferris the Red - Måned siden
Oh yes! The best-looking, but also most ridiculously expensive, condensed mineral block. I quite like the Crimson and Warped garnish as well, a nice little natural-yet-unnatural touch.
Edward Mcinnes
Edward Mcinnes - Måned siden
Well just so you know boomers is there twice. I figured I should let the enforcer know there was a hickup
Някой Си
Някой Си - Måned siden
I gotta say... The roses in Scar's shop fit in
Byron yt
Byron yt - Måned siden
Cub really needs to get a good food source....

Kathy Clysm
Kathy Clysm - Måned siden
I wish international politics would work like that: got a problem with someone? mildly annoy them until they give in hahahaha
PKPLAYZ 2017 - Måned siden
No one:
Scar: We need an enforcer so we can pass the blame onto him
Cub: Any complaints can be passed on to Mayor Scar
Palladi0 - Måned siden
Maybe the Hermits aren't paying because of the street. Scar may build good roads
Nigel - Måned siden
corrupt government, time to stop watching your videos cub
KSDragona _
KSDragona _ - Måned siden
I think it's funny that ODEA isn't even open yet, and it's been hit for tax evasion.
Attackmeat - Måned siden
Drum bot isn’t a shop anymore
Joshka Page
Joshka Page - Måned siden
Doing Docs shops isn’t fair, he hasn’t been online
Bailz - Måned siden
Cub: I don’t want to block access to people’s shop.
Also cub: blocks up access to peoples shop with rose bushes.
ViperLee 44
ViperLee 44 - Måned siden
And the prank war has begun! First shots fired by cub
Alice Villeneuve
Alice Villeneuve - Måned siden
Robert Sherman
Robert Sherman - Måned siden
Over time the roses should change to wither roses for those still not in compliance!
Levi Lev
Levi Lev - Måned siden
this was amazing
sweet bacon
sweet bacon - Måned siden
what the heck cub fan
Jurre Klomp
Jurre Klomp - Måned siden
Odear is not a shop
Jay_244 - Måned siden

It just doesn't feel like Hermitcraft any more...
WulfyTime - Måned siden
This system with the roads is so damn unfair you baught the land and then there is streets being build. what the hell gives you the permission to block the intrences of the shops buildt by hermits on their land and if they dont pay their intrence is blocked forever and their shops is getting filled with roses and dirt why are you permitted to just go on someone elses land and vandalise everything this sounds pritty mafia to me
WulfyTime - Måned siden
@Max Z i was pissed and wrote fast
Max Z
Max Z - Måned siden
Intrence? Pritty? Bruh, learn to spell
GanonGhidorah - Måned siden
I sense a future war coming with Grian...
I must warn you, Mighty Pharaoh...
_The Cod-Headed-Man brings Madness to his enemies_
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson - Måned siden
ShadeEE isn't actually part of the shopping district, and more importantly can't have a road going to it unless a bridge
Tommy Smith
Tommy Smith - Måned siden
lol, I hope there will be a group to form a secession from the evil "compliance" overlords. You guys do these things great!
Zach Myers
Zach Myers - Måned siden
That one torch.....
Wonder - Måned siden
You should put beakons inside of the pillars and make the pillars more clear
Onthe - Måned siden
Hey, Cub I have idea for the roof for the 4th floor(I think), Have some ropes and supports, supporting a floating sphinx.
iiTzAntfarm 1
iiTzAntfarm 1 - Måned siden
Hasnt grian been absent from the server
Johan Vandersloot
Johan Vandersloot - Måned siden
Comply? Sound like a leftist nutcase now lmao
The Wooden Noob
The Wooden Noob - Måned siden
But Shadees is not in the road so why does he have to buy a pass?
AHMAD AJZ013 - Måned siden
Abhinav Kaushik
Abhinav Kaushik - Måned siden
You forgot a really sneaky shop hidden in the sky
Félix Meynis de Paulin
Félix Meynis de Paulin - Måned siden
The hermits should write a book
doggy rescuer
doggy rescuer - Måned siden
At least we know cub isn't corrupt and punishes the mayor as well.
Lukas Herz
Lukas Herz - Måned siden
You should tax the shops that don’t comply
Kian Bakhshi
Kian Bakhshi - Måned siden
The moment you realise cub just gave scar stock your his shop
ACID - Måned siden
I don't make the rules, I only create them and enforce them ! Oh, wait.
Colton Smith
Colton Smith - Måned siden
Cub: fills the shops with roeses
President snow from the hunger games: does the same thing
Technical Burhan
Technical Burhan - Måned siden
Jrumbot is not a shop and it does not serve any purpose on the shopping district so why road pass to Jrumbot
Israel Serrano
Israel Serrano - Måned siden
I feel like you should actually build a real prison building. More cells, more security, and more space in your office.
A non mouse
A non mouse - Måned siden
What i get from this, is that you want to start the War of the Roses...
Jan Hutař
Jan Hutař - Måned siden
Hey Cub, I think you have made a mistake. Grian already paid for his barge.
Seth Riggle
Seth Riggle - Måned siden
Mumbo for mayor
Alex - Måned siden
5:05 Etho "Very Shady Ninja" made me crack up HAHAHA
Berkay KARTAL - Måned siden
Can you feel it, coming to the air tonight
Oh no. You forgot to pay your road access :)
Piotr Zejer
Piotr Zejer - Måned siden
Mumbos shop wasn’t even open lol
Ahmed Mourad
Ahmed Mourad - Måned siden
I wonder if cub's netherite throne is more expensive than scar's diamond one. It's definitely cooler.
Hideo Fuku
Hideo Fuku - Måned siden
In Scars landscaping shop, there in a bit of mycelium that spreads to the dirt and makes the roses pop off... ^^"
Blood Vas
Blood Vas - Måned siden
Dammit cub I was expecting you to torture the other hermits for not buying a pass but this will do
Zoup _
Zoup _ - Måned siden
Did y’all read what Keralis got most wanted for
Latte02 - Måned siden
Keralis: Gave me this look when ask about Road Pass
Docm77: Crazy mountain man who last saying something about Goat
Vincent ヴィンセント
Pedition for scar to make a mini jail for Cub
LandoHitman - Måned siden
Netherite chair. That's a big flex
michael Hilsenbeck
michael Hilsenbeck - Måned siden
I thought scar said you only had to pay your access pass when you get access to the newly built roads. Old roads did not count.
J Coins
J Coins - Måned siden
cub talking about ideas on his pyramids exactly how i would expect the real pyramid project planners did it
Sophie The Cat
Sophie The Cat - Måned siden
random question: what would you do when you hit 1 mil?
Liam Gaspar
Liam Gaspar - Måned siden
Cub make ender pearl status chambers for mobility
ELITE GAMER 249 - Måned siden
Maybe put a small circle maybe 6-8 block across in the middle of the floor so people can fly through if they want to
The Urban Spaceman
The Urban Spaceman - Måned siden
Does anyone know how how large Cub’s pyramid is?
Major Moo
Major Moo - Måned siden
Life scale. Each stair case was a foot, so you can do the math.
batchnerd - Måned siden
To the hermits that still don't comply you should fill their shop with sweet berries to convey how "sweet" it would be if they supported the road efforts.
Cynthia Swanson
Cynthia Swanson - Måned siden
your roof would look very nive w some large arches and a massive chandelier
Commander Snow
Commander Snow - Måned siden
If you buy passes at the town hall, then is that a shop... without a pass?
Josh Vanguard
Josh Vanguard - Måned siden
Road access pass seems dumb way to push people around . Everyone already paid a substantial amount for their land . Pay the winner of road building deal with throne diamonds ..... Don't grief others stuff unless you want your stuff griefed bro ....
Major Moo
Major Moo - Måned siden
It’s called taxes. They get enough money from their shops anyway, considering how much they build.
Haley Hanlon
Haley Hanlon - Måned siden