Hermitcraft 7: Stand Off & Witch Farm Fix (Episode 53)

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Welcome back to Minecraft with Cub from the Hermitcraft Season 7 Server. Today we prepare the Castle Defense game, fix our witch farm which broke in 1.16, and play our second round in the Stand Off Tournament with Etho.

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Zoglin Witch Farm based on Ray's design here: noburn.info/id/video/3Z6cf6tihZJvnKg.html

Intro- Ason ID- Tropical ID (preview)
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Runtime: 34:52


Zoro King
Zoro King - 5 dager siden
Me being a chess player makes me absolutely hate cub during both stand off games, sooooo many stupid moves.
dailygame - 12 dager siden
It’s pumba
Jack Belittle
Jack Belittle - 22 dager siden
Hyper Kynes
Hyper Kynes - 24 dager siden
You can still use the wither roses on other mobs but u need to do a checkers patern half roses half empty
fallenentity2 - Måned siden
/whoosh on the Remember the Titans quote
Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan
Standoff is such a fun game to watch the hermits play! The banter is always on point!😂
MagentaPuppy - Blender Simulations
being the pharaoh you should live off gapples
subsonicdeathmonkey - Måned siden
Targét is looking spectacular!
Edward Kenway
Edward Kenway - Måned siden
Standoff reminds me of chess a bit
Evil GardenFence
Evil GardenFence - Måned siden
Which farm?
Shaya - Måned siden
Witch farm.
Adam Řežábek
Adam Řežábek - Måned siden
target minigame idea: there are 5 targetblocks. one player tries to shot 4 of them, another player tries to block thease shots with his own body.
Chrizzie1 - Måned siden
I'm surprised that neither player commented on the zombie cheering/booing in the Standoff game.
S. Smith
S. Smith - Måned siden
Cub: *Struggles to get the hoglins into the hole of the farm.*
Me:*Grumbles internally* 'Use the leads!!!'
Odnamra Gambrino
Odnamra Gambrino - Måned siden
12:28 live footage of Mr. Fan making a poor hoglin face his greatest fear
S117 Oracle
S117 Oracle - Måned siden
*Block and a half high barrier*
Zoglin: I can do this! I can do this!
*Block high step*
Zoglin: Nahh can't do that, bro.
Quichrlyn - Måned siden
Did he use ethos guy at 25:13?
Shubhanjan Joshi
Shubhanjan Joshi - Måned siden
In another parallel universe....
Guys I’ve found my cubbywubby box
MyMan - Måned siden
Thought he was going to say blue eyes white dragon out of nowhere instead of blue ice
Tman - Måned siden
Isn't precision shot supoosed to be move your stand and not Ethos stand?
Marcus White
Marcus White - Måned siden
It bugs me on a new level that he used the precision shot on etho's stand rather than his own
WinterDragon 147
WinterDragon 147 - Måned siden
Cub vs Etho
I have been WAITING for this
Divyanshh Katb
Divyanshh Katb - Måned siden
If you like plz show it in your video
Divyanshh Katb
Divyanshh Katb - Måned siden
Cubfan I have broken your s6 elytra record at 61055 my record and your is 50230
Phoenix Aurō
Phoenix Aurō - Måned siden
29:52 you could have retreated and captured his piece
Yes No
Yes No - Måned siden
Hey cubfan,
You could build a huge chessboard with Lazers n stuff.
IcarusLime - Måned siden
25:10 You moved Etho’s piece with Precision Shot. That’s an illegal move that could easily have changed the course of the game. You guys need to rematch.
IcarusLime - Måned siden
25:10 Are we just going to pretend that Cub didn’t move Etho’s armor stand with Precision Shot? I’m pretty sure that’s an illegal move.
Riley Matthews
Riley Matthews - Måned siden
It bothers me how you say target as Tar-jay 😂😂😂
Riley Matthews
Riley Matthews - Måned siden
@Hannah Krabben but the e isn't like that on the signs, it's just Target
Hannah Krabben
Hannah Krabben - Måned siden
Well, essentially it's due to the é ^^
Atlas WalkedAway
Atlas WalkedAway - Måned siden
You can use precision shot on the opposing players armor stand?...
Uncluckable - Måned siden
Technically, you made Etho's guy capture your guy with that precision shot.
shutupcupid •••
shutupcupid ••• - Måned siden
You should do a game like whack-a-mole using Target blocks. 9 Target blocks on a random timer. The point system could be collected depending on how good of a shot it was. Example - bulls eyed drops 5 iron nuggets and hitting the edge of the target block drops one iron nugget.
yoav Yammer
yoav Yammer - Måned siden
cub didnt you make the wither farm in 1.15 and broke in 1.16 atleast thats what i thought intill you said it broke in 1.15
Representing Norfolk
Representing Norfolk - Måned siden
‘Couple of hermits in each team’ - in my head I saw about 8 a side. Bit of a shame
Marco de Mesa
Marco de Mesa - Måned siden
I think when you used the precision shot, you fished ethos armor stand and not yours haha and etho didnt notice haha
Alan Rollf
Alan Rollf - Måned siden
Dude you moved his armor stand with that precision shot! Ya'll need a reff to call your fouls.
Teffy grz
Teffy grz - 2 måneder siden
Cub put infinity and unbreaking 3 on the bows so you do not need many arrows
John - 2 måneder siden
Other hermits: Episode 30! yey woo
Cub: *so we're now on episode 53*
Endcrafter 6
Endcrafter 6 - Måned siden
I've lost track of his episode count Xb
Endcrafter 6
Endcrafter 6 - Måned siden
Xb: you puny mortals
Tombom the Tomcat
Tombom the Tomcat - 2 måneder siden
Also the pit of shame should only be one block down so they can't jump out.
Tombom the Tomcat
Tombom the Tomcat - 2 måneder siden
You hit th one w/ knockback 2
Angus - 2 måneder siden
20:40 biggest that's wut she said ever
Talbar - 2 måneder siden
Cub should have used retreat at 29:40. To the place where Etho's stand was, cause it was a one of cub's red carpets.
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas - 2 måneder siden
The stand off needs to hire an exterminator for the zombie problem.
MrMarkb68 - 2 måneder siden
25:10 you moved Etho's piece.
Karol - 2 måneder siden
John S
John S - 2 måneder siden
Will the zoglins eventually die?
Indiana Kernick
Indiana Kernick - 2 måneder siden
25:05 He pulled Etho's armor stand instead of his own. I doubt that it would have affected the outcome of the game though since they're so close together
video's with zero subscribers
video's with zero subscribers - 2 måneder siden
cub: names zoglin pumba
cub: i have achieved comedy
edit: this is a joke dont take it seriously
Valdir Bruxel Jr.
Valdir Bruxel Jr. - 2 måneder siden
29:37 you could’ve retreated to the position etho.s pawn was.
pablo meinardi
pablo meinardi - 2 måneder siden
You can switch spots and retreat for a free kill. Or of the opponent is on your pad just retreat
The Other Guy
The Other Guy - 2 måneder siden
i like how cub opens the barrel every time he does a special move, and EVERY TIME he realizes it's full
Ruhan Majithia
Ruhan Majithia - 2 måneder siden
29:40. You could have used retreat and gone directly on top of his because his was on your starting point!
Kanak Sewani
Kanak Sewani - 2 måneder siden
Hey cub,Samos made a much more compact input system which you might like
Arabic Enchanter
Arabic Enchanter - 2 måneder siden
I know you won’t see this but you should make an all or nothing game in Target 64 diamonds to enter if you win you get a netherite scrap or 2 if you lose you get nothing
72346 0
72346 0 - 2 måneder siden
Cub you used the precision shot in the wrong way
You have to pull your your armor stand towards the other player's armor stand
Jayeshri Chheda
Jayeshri Chheda - 2 måneder siden
Pls make a battle royale game that is set on trenches like 1917
Winger Wind
Winger Wind - 2 måneder siden
Did anyone notice he spelled Pumbaa wrong? At least if he was trying to do a lion king reference. If not, then he didn’t I guess-
marmick mathur
marmick mathur - 2 måneder siden
You should've switched spots with the further Armour stand and then hit your armour stand in between of the two
That might have helped
Coletje - 2 måneder siden
Weren't you supposed to grab the gold helmet guy with your precision shot? Doesn't matter much though I guess, just wondering :)
John Samama
John Samama - 2 måneder siden
This is Ray's design
DwayneFerns - 2 måneder siden
Im pretty sure that at 25:10 , cub pulled etho's armor stand
Harry Glasson
Harry Glasson - 2 måneder siden
Surely if you put the bows and arrows in the same chest as a courtesy you should also either break the other chest or put a block above the empty chest to discourage the hermits from opening them, right? I kind of like the second option because then I would put a book inside one of the chests titled "Curious Fool", and inside it write out a fine for vandalism, charging 1 diamond block for every block they broke trying to find out if there's anything in the other chest's
Nala Yo
Nala Yo - 2 måneder siden
Cub you are Pharaoh skin looks like you have a crop top LOL hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha.
Endermation - 2 måneder siden
Did anyone notice in the outro the wandering trader head and the llama head? maybe he killed the one from the standoff tournament
Yep Fred
Yep Fred - 2 måneder siden
Heya Cub! Not sure if you'll be able to answer but do you watch Ph1lza? I feel like you'll enjoy watching him :)
Old school Pro
Old school Pro - 2 måneder siden
25:10 really?
creative creator
creative creator - 2 måneder siden
No Pun Intended.
Ben Yerkes
Ben Yerkes - 2 måneder siden
Buy cub, the Horrid Hoglins are now Horris Zoglins and Puma is actually Pumba. You also fished Etho’s stand when you used presision shot on Etho in Stand-Off
Rafay Cheema
Rafay Cheema - 2 måneder siden
lol Cub just pretending to put the power ups in the barrel
I AM THE NOOB - 2 måneder siden
Xisumas wandering trading farm
spawning of wandering traders:Grade C
Xisumas stand off arena
spawning of wandering traders:Grade A
Richard McAdam
Richard McAdam - 2 måneder siden
I have been watching some of your old season 5 videos and I must say newer hermitcraft is definitely more fun. the lack of interaction between hermits in some of the earlier seasons definitely made it feel more like a single player server. Season 6 and 7 are definitely way better in my mind.
__ - 2 måneder siden
your precision shot was suppose to connect to your armour stand not ethos.
Adam Watson
Adam Watson - 2 måneder siden
can I recommend using infinite, mending, and unbreaking on the bows? You'll save a lot of time harvesting for bows and arrows.
Lukas MTG
Lukas MTG - 2 måneder siden
Sans - 2 måneder siden
Cole Steeby
Cole Steeby - 2 måneder siden
Anyone else see cub move ethos player in stand-off? First point for cub i mean...
Nicholas Yager
Nicholas Yager - 2 måneder siden
Best game of stand off I’ve seen! You two both deserved a win there. Bad luck cub!
CaptainDan318 - 2 måneder siden
Cub what were you doing sneaking around in Joe's stream haha
anak sholeh
anak sholeh - 2 måneder siden
The hoglin should be named rubeus haglin
Graysen Crane
Graysen Crane - 2 måneder siden
You should do a Targét gift shop where you sell enchanted bows, all the different arrow types and target blocks and stuff like that! It might not be that profitable but I think it would be a really cool addition.
Ned Jeffery
Ned Jeffery - 2 måneder siden
Someone needs to do something about the mobs at the standoff game. It's really distracting
Rebecca Lilly
Rebecca Lilly - 2 måneder siden
It’s a pretty Cool farm
WyomingPTT - 2 måneder siden
I love how every once in a while Etho has that stereotypical Canadian accent lol. Like right out of the McKenzie brothers.
TLdR - 2 måneder siden
Stand off is both a great game and the best Wandering Trader farm Xisuma has made so far.
Bunyan420 - 2 måneder siden
i am pulling fort Etho to win the whole Stand Off Championship
lanatsif - 2 måneder siden
Dont you have a cam account to show the farm running from the inside? That'd be cool
Max Kuhnel
Max Kuhnel - 2 måneder siden
Remember God loves you and Jesus died for your sins So if you believe on Jesus he will be saved
Brick Nerdz
Brick Nerdz - 2 måneder siden
When cub needed redstone box, REDSTONE BOX:- adiós, when cub went for collecting bonemeal , REDSTONE BOX- bonjour
marker113 - 2 måneder siden
might be nice to use the grindstone at the skelly farm for a better conversion;)
Master Oftribes
Master Oftribes - 2 måneder siden
Castle Defense looks insane, both ascetically and technically, the Beacons were a genius idea, and the whole thing looks amazing, added to the fact its all built in a minecraft replica of the great pyramid.
The things you do and have accomplished are pure Epic,
Cub you are beyond Awesome dude!!!
freewave 04
freewave 04 - 2 måneder siden
I love that cub has spare sandstone stairs and glass for days 😋
Ethangle - 2 måneder siden
Every game of Stand Off I’ve seen has either had a creeper, skeleton or wandering trader appear half way through
Prisoned Pro
Prisoned Pro - 2 måneder siden
Ummm I think to use precision shot you have to pull your own armor stand to opponents armor stand
but you did the opposite Cub. LOL
Varix - 2 måneder siden
I love how Cub is one of the most frequent Hermits when it comes to videos- It feels like you finish an episode and there's already another one out! Also, love what you're doing with the pyramid. It's really cool seeing you do a pharaoh theme as a base
risa saruwatari
risa saruwatari - 2 måneder siden
Targétlympics please 😂
Reyn - 2 måneder siden
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome beeack.
Bloing - 2 måneder siden
When etho was on one of your squares i think you could've retreated and taken him out
FieryFlame 129
FieryFlame 129 - 2 måneder siden
Imagine a friendly fire on stand off
Chris Silver
Chris Silver - 2 måneder siden
What I'd love to see is you providing the players with different Crossbows/Bows with different enchantments for different purposes.
A Multishot Crossbow with Piercing could be used as Anti-Player-Weapon (but will run out of ammo and has no Quickcharge). Vice versa a Crossbow with Infinity and Quick Charge is more of a sniper for the targets.
Bows with different levels of Power and/or Punch maybe Flame for disabling enemy players from aiming properly would also be a great strategy.
Widdershinnz - 2 måneder siden
Awesome episode! Love the Ethocal dilemma
Michael E. Canete
Michael E. Canete - 2 måneder siden
YouTube really putting 7 ads in this video for me :/