Hermitcraft 7: The Castle! (Episode 51)

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Welcome back to Minecraft with Cub on the Hermitcraft Season 7 Server! Today we meet with VintageBeef, visit the shopping district, and create a very large new game at Targét.

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Runtime: 32:07


Technical Burhan
Technical Burhan - Måned siden
It looks like L13 xisuma's game
Silas Brusseau
Silas Brusseau - Måned siden
Throw it to shibalba !!!!!!
NotAGoat - Måned siden
6:31 There's only 1 gold ore block.
9:43 No granite walls.
Susie Mott
Susie Mott - Måned siden
i love eenie meenie miney moe: cubfan edition. no grians or tigers were harmed in the making of this rhyme
Came here for "Eeny meeny miny moe, catch a Grain by his toe, if he hollers that is bad, do not hurt him he'll be sad"
Anna Reilly
Anna Reilly - Måned siden
Black stone is much harder to get than basalt so you should prob stick w basalt. I really liked Ember's idea w the color highlights though. you should try that.
MagentaPuppy - Blender Simulations
Anyone notice that youtube seems to have turned the bitrate down
MagentaPuppy - Blender Simulations
being the pharaoh you should live off gapples
Neil Samuel
Neil Samuel - Måned siden
Might sound weird, but how about a quartz castle??
Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan
I can't wait to see Cub's new mini-game get played! It looks awesome!
Łukasz Sobków
Łukasz Sobków - Måned siden
#blackstone ;) awesome mini-game!
LaQuandra Samuel
LaQuandra Samuel - 2 måneder siden
Me happily listening to Cub understanding absolutely nothing about red stone workings: 😊😇😄
mira7480 mira7480
mira7480 mira7480 - 2 måneder siden
another basalt castle
André Knutsson
André Knutsson - 2 måneder siden
Quartz Castle!
Declan Wilhelm
Declan Wilhelm - 2 måneder siden
Castle Defense sounds like one of those super fun team games we would play in phys ed in elementary school
subsonicdeathmonkey - 2 måneder siden
This is how the redstone works. It does stuff.
Benedict Dawkins
Benedict Dawkins - 2 måneder siden
His storage is amazing
Sawyer Singer
Sawyer Singer - 2 måneder siden
I think you made it too easy to reset the target block. A hermit could just click the button and never let anyone get a point.
Nighthawk Labs
Nighthawk Labs - 2 måneder siden
anyone get massive nostalgia from Mineplex castle defense
EmotionsFtw - 2 måneder siden
You should hire Cleo to make a bunch of fallen soldiers om the battlefield in between castles.
Adhemar Golden
Adhemar Golden - 2 måneder siden
I say make it out of a different material. Exact same shape, just a different material.
wobelong - 2 måneder siden
Definitely do something a different colour! Like nether or something! Pretty sure the re-settable target block mechanic is going to cause problems though, the game can go on for ever, as it's much much easier to reset than it is to hit!
N0MIN0M - 2 måneder siden
That moment when cub opens his ancient debris box
Ethan Flanagan
Ethan Flanagan - 2 måneder siden
It would be really cool if u did like opposite colors like if you did black stone and quartz as the two castles
Lord Tvlor
Lord Tvlor - 2 måneder siden
Should do another basalt castle with coloured flags
Tim Lozoya
Tim Lozoya - 2 måneder siden
Blackstone and nether brick
Orser82 The EnfOrser
Orser82 The EnfOrser - 2 måneder siden
Other castle should sand stone dark versus light theme
Sharkbait - 2 måneder siden
Could do a black stone castle so they’re like rivals and also make the middle war torn like a no mans land type deal
Armaan Gupta
Armaan Gupta - 2 måneder siden
Youtubers: "the Redstone is pretty simple
The Redstone: 21:12
Ben Yerkes
Ben Yerkes - 2 måneder siden
Black stone castle
moukidelmar - 2 måneder siden
Basalt castle but add red and blue flags to the top
Andrew Goddu
Andrew Goddu - 2 måneder siden
You should use the land between the two castles for another short (height wise) minigame. Seems wasteful to leave empty
Troy Warren
Troy Warren - 2 måneder siden
Too easy on defense. Pushing a button is easy. Need a goal for the defender. Also fireworks for winner.
Blair Many
Blair Many - 2 måneder siden
Cub, Loved the sorter and I built one too. Today when you were doing cleanup I noticed you have 3 items of each type in the top chests. I went back to RaPsCaLLioN138's download / design and there is only one of each item. Did I miss some tweak you put on the sorter? Thank you., And thank you for all the wonderful videos.
Venomous Prime
Venomous Prime - 2 måneder siden
I've watched other Hermits go into your Cinabon shop and they're always afraid to take the free samples, they might need extra encouragement to know... it's actually okay to take a free sample. This Target area is so awesome. Grats on the Grian Jackpot! I like the idea of a black stone castle but think it needs to look the same and have targets in the same spots so there isn't an advantage to playing from one side or the other (unless of course you want to have one castle have an advantage). I also like the idea of adding some terrain. Maybe you could do tents for each team with beds in them. You could also add target dummies on the top parts of the castle... as another win condition... get to the top of the castle and knock out the target dummies, or fire at them... *shrugs*. Anyways, great work man!
ARCHIE RKO - 2 måneder siden
ArchieRKO 🔥
jason herington
jason herington - 2 måneder siden
Make it a locker room to drop stuff and set spawn.
OtakuWho Anime-tes!
OtakuWho Anime-tes! - 2 måneder siden
For the next targét game can you could make :
You shoot your arrow on a slime block launcher and it throws your arrow on to the target block
Who ever is the most acurate wins
Got this idea from mumbo's old video
every things
every things - 2 måneder siden
Maybe make a castle with overworld items and call it "OVER WORLD VS NEATHER WORLD"
Herman Smink
Herman Smink - 2 måneder siden
Gilded blackstone, polished blackstone, blackstone castle would be great
Devin Lebel
Devin Lebel - 2 måneder siden
Black stone with red nether brick accents
Sean - 2 måneder siden
I think you should make it like an old-school boardgame - think Battleship or someting. Identical castles, cartoonish terrain in between.
Matt Reyling
Matt Reyling - 2 måneder siden
Maybe make the retracted targets pull down so you cant see them at all!?
Zenon Bussiere
Zenon Bussiere - 2 måneder siden
Please no more mineeee Games
Mangle Lover pirate fox
Mangle Lover pirate fox - 2 måneder siden
In the castle you should do like a hall of fame
Shawn Gladue
Shawn Gladue - 2 måneder siden
Hey cub! Not a long time fan but I’m starting to dig your content. I’ve got a few ideas, so maybe for the castle game you could also add a perfect bullseye required target that would splash water down on the platform, the water would push and throw off people’s aim. Game idea #1: bow and bounce. Use slime blocks and red stone to constantly bounce through a small area with various targets lighting up and requiring to be shot with a time based score. Game idea #2: Agile Accuracy! Become Robin Hood with an on the run parkour course similarly requiring several targets to be hit.
didier alzate
didier alzate - 2 måneder siden
would be nice to see the locker room with beds for the team to respawn an the room itself decorated as barracks to help the players feel like the castle's guards maybe you couldhire bdubs for that, he is great at medieval builds and would be great to hear his opinionin your majestic pyramid.
also if you drop the looser team in lava you migth end up loosing a lot of infinity bows, I'm not sure if is possibleto arrange a line of hoppers to catch the bow before it burns.
also spectral and tip arrows could work as nice power ups for the player.
Matteo S.
Matteo S. - 2 måneder siden
make a quartz castle!!
Franz_fries - 2 måneder siden
When the player falls into the lava what will happen to the Bow & Arrows?
Emily R
Emily R - 2 måneder siden
you should make a whack-a-mole like game with target blocks popping up and down while you try to hit them with a bow.
the Stevens Kids
the Stevens Kids - 2 måneder siden
I say black stone castle
Patt Adams
Patt Adams - 2 måneder siden
I kinda think fire is better than lava aesthetically. Could make that room in bottom a barracks where people would also put trophies and a leaderboard. Basically a little of both ideas.
Lightning Lance
Lightning Lance - 2 måneder siden
Make a white castle for the other side!
Holden Stanhope
Holden Stanhope - 2 måneder siden
Some hermits don’t understand how to buy the ancient debris in your shop but they want to
Kiki Dodson 4C4L
Kiki Dodson 4C4L - 2 måneder siden
Ask Cleo to create a king and queen for the castle, then create a formal courtyard for the grounds. Just my 2 cents.
Demi Tri
Demi Tri - 2 måneder siden
Quartz castle
bram bollie
bram bollie - 2 måneder siden
Make the other castle out of quartz
Bas Lan
Bas Lan - 2 måneder siden
I propose you to make it a full little castle that also goes all around the mini game area
Captain Siberia
Captain Siberia - 2 måneder siden
The basalt has a blue-ish tint. You should use red nether-brick for the other castle.
RoboPuffin - 2 måneder siden
Cubfan: I wish I got the junk box so I would’ve gotten cobblestone instead of the jackpot
Also Cubfan: Completely able to use the diamonds he got from the jackpot box to buy cobblestone
David Willard
David Willard - 2 måneder siden
Make a castle for the other team that is unique
David Willard
David Willard - 2 måneder siden
I am wondering about your sorter. Did you create it yourself and if not who did. also is there a tutorial? this is an awsome system
MysticPengu - 2 måneder siden
Cub in the bottom part of the castle you should put a gold display that the attackers are trying to steal!
Missy Jo
Missy Jo - 2 måneder siden
BLACKSTONE and use some netherbrick!
Butt Pirate
Butt Pirate - 2 måneder siden
keep both as basalt, and use something like wool blocks or something else to trim each castle with a color to represent the team
Kimball McMullin
Kimball McMullin - 2 måneder siden
you can buy cobble at xisumas rock shop
Revolution - 2 måneder siden
All I heared is basicly and essentially:)
Jacob Johnson
Jacob Johnson - 2 måneder siden
Make battleship with target blocks
Missy Jo
Missy Jo - 2 måneder siden
Maybe actually rename the free samples to FREE SAMPLES?
Toad - 2 måneder siden
You could user quarts for another castle.
Lucas Danny
Lucas Danny - 2 måneder siden
Mini game idea: Have a grass looking biome with trees and targets popping up with pistons. You win if you hit all the targets before they go back down.
Lucas Danny
Lucas Danny - 2 måneder siden
What's stopping these players from shooting each other lol
UGOODBRO - 2 måneder siden
2nd basalt castle
Will .22
Will .22 - 2 måneder siden
Just a reminder u don't have granite wall in your sorting system
Karuna Sakuntala
Karuna Sakuntala - 2 måneder siden
Cub got a jackpot box, but there's no cobblestone here :
*sad cub noise*
Kimball McMullin
Kimball McMullin - 2 måneder siden
you might want to make it more clear that the free cinnabuns are free
TaekeKlaske Dijkstra
TaekeKlaske Dijkstra - 2 måneder siden
Same shape other blocks!
Respect For Gamers
Respect For Gamers - 2 måneder siden
You know you rich when you have a castle inside ur house
Carlos Marques
Carlos Marques - 2 måneder siden
Add tnt duppers between both castles to make some caos to make players not ear the ding sound and add to the game
apktornado - 2 måneder siden
I think another castle the same but you need some banners on each with deferent colours. Red castle and blue castle for example.
Skasis - 2 måneder siden
Yes, don’t hurt grian and he blesses u with the jackpot, lol
Skasis - 2 måneder siden
You forgot to be able to sort the “blocker items” because you are gonna have a lot of those, lol
Funtastick T
Funtastick T - 2 måneder siden
You should do an under water castle with prismarine
Thabo Tebeila
Thabo Tebeila - 2 måneder siden
join grian at the upside down and build an upside down nether pyramid.
Sazy De
Sazy De - 2 måneder siden
Erhm cub,
It actually doesn't look like a castle
Jesse 444
Jesse 444 - 2 måneder siden
I swear Cub just puts on an autoclicker whenever he explains something
MIKERUPTION - 2 måneder siden
How are you going to stop players from shooting the opponents in the Castle game? Maybe you can add merlons in front of the walkways. Do you want to stop players from shooting one another?
LunarAssassin - 2 måneder siden
Make the other castle different. So the two teams aren't exactly the same.
Obama Care
Obama Care - 2 måneder siden
24:14 _c o c k_
Headstone67 - 2 måneder siden
Either an End castle or a Quartz castle.
Beenis Weenis III
Beenis Weenis III - 2 måneder siden
Mfw cub has an entire shoulder box just for Ancient debris
Lozo did it
Lozo did it - 2 måneder siden
I think putting beds inside the castles, a white castle so there's a good and evil castle, and definitely a landscape in between
Kristijan Mladenovski
Kristijan Mladenovski - 2 måneder siden
1.3k + ancient debris mined lmao.
Austin - 2 måneder siden
Cobble stone farm
Ason ID [No Copyright Music]
Ason ID [No Copyright Music] - 2 måneder siden
thanks for still using my music bro! Really appeciate it :D
Shivam mishra
Shivam mishra - 2 måneder siden
Basalt Castle you are right cub
noface - 2 måneder siden
castle game makes no sense rn
Mark Van Buren
Mark Van Buren - 2 måneder siden
Black stone
Fusion Ninja!
Fusion Ninja! - 2 måneder siden
Yoi could change the lava in the bottom where the people fall to water.. I think that will be more embarrassing for the loser team and you could make the water deep and add magma blocks in it so they cant get out
i0verlord - 2 måneder siden
@cubfan135 just wanted to ask when will the corncorp rise again