Hermitcraft 7: The Crystals Return! (Episode 7)

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Today we see the Immortal Ender Crystals we moved last episode reappear at the Quartz Shop, Shop at Keralis' bookstore and Tango's Rocket Shop, then we make an expansion to our pyramid base.
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Runtime: 22:19


Jimmy Lundberg
Jimmy Lundberg - 12 dager siden
16:42 "this is big enough that the old pyramid would fit entirely inside the new one."
Well, that's true even if the bigger pyramid is only a block wider in each direction, or just slightly more if there's ornaments on top like with your 'old' pyramid.
Racoon Power
Racoon Power - 12 dager siden
Hermits: "Why is there so much lag"
Cubfan lagging: Acting like it is nothing..
Santosh P.S.S.
Santosh P.S.S. - Måned siden
'You cannot, catch, a virus. And why can't you catch a virus? Because it's impossible. And why is it impossible to catch a virus? Is a virus a living thing? So how is it that people think that you can catch something that is not alive?
Now I know a lot of people are genuinely concerned so that's why I'm writing this, to hopefully clear some of the unnecessary fear and stress. And if you're feeling that it's 'cause you're causing it for yourself.
And just so you don't think I'm sitting here making stuff up, I'll quickly tell you my background so you know how and why I'm telling you these things. I won academic scholarships too expensive for private schools, I did six years of science which included Medicine, I did six years of Natural Health in Medicine, I spent three years solely looking into the nature of Viruses, Bacteria, Protozoans, Fungus, and Parasites, and as a Practitioner I treated myself and a number of other people successfully long term of the conditions of the same.
And when I did my last IQ and aptitude test, I was taken into a separate room and I was interrogated to see if I cheated. And more than anything, unlike google and facebook, I don't have vested financial interests dictating what I could say, and I don't have shares of vaccine companies.
So what is a virus anyway? Well a virus is nothing more than a solvent. And these solvents are created within the cells of the body. This is why you cannot "catch" a virus. Virus is created cellularly. Now the body can create hundreds of thousands of different viruses at anytime.
So why does a cell need to create a virus or a slovent? It is created in response to the built up toxicity that we have in our bodies. So how does a cell become toxic? Well a lot of people spend a number of years putting junk in their minds and junk in their body. A lot of people think that it's just totally fine to eat supermarket food, and you microwave it, just get flu shots injected into you every year, drink your tap water, you know people would go after organic food, etc.
The thing is that Nature doesn't care what you believe, you can believe that any of those things are true, but Nature doesn't care what you believe.
So a lot of people have asked me what is a flu. Well a flu is a viral detoxification or a cleansing. A cold on the other hand is mostly bacterial. And for the most part what needs cleaning out of the cells are environmental toxins such as heavy metals, plastics, any kind of environmental industrial pollutants, the chemicals that you use in your home to clean things with, things you put in your body, and so on and so forth.
Now a virus is not a tagged cell tissue, what happens is that as a virus, which is a solvent, breaks down the toxin residue within a cell, it creates essentially a toxic waste. So that's why you feel sick if you got a viral "infection". And what can happen is that if there's a lot of junk in your cells, you're gonna create a lot of toxic waste as that virus breaks it down. So what happens is that if there's too much of it, it can actually cause cell damage, and in extreme cases it can cause cell death.
So there is actually one way that you can "catch" a virus, and I'm gonna tell you what that is in a minute, but you gotta learn a bit about the nature of viruses before I can tell you how you can catch one.
"But millions of people are dying and you can catch some bat flu of of a counter or by being around your friends!"
A virus is specific to specific cells in the body. So somebody with hepatitis for example which affects the lever, does that affect the heart, do they have lung problems, do they have brain problems?
Likewise a virus that "attacks" the lungs will not affect the kidney. It's because a virus is specific to specific cells in the body. So because a virus is not transmissable within your own body, it should make sense that the virus is not transmissible between people. And it's especially impossible for a virus to make the jump between species. This is why you can't get an avian flu, a swine flu, a bat flu, a monkey flu, or any other flu that affects an animal, except for one way, and we will get to that.
So how is it that a number of people can get a virus at the same time? If it is created within the cells, how is it that a lot of people can get it at the same time? Well, if somebody at home has a cold, somebody at work or a sporting club, does everybody in that place get a cold? You know that the answer is no despite the fact that a bacterial infection can be contagious. And why can a bacterial or a fungal infection be contagious? Because they are living things. A virus remember, is not a living thing.
So how is it that a number of people can get a virus at the same time? There is an intelligence that runs through all of life, it's why seeds know when to germinate, it's why animals know when to mate, or to hibernate or to come out of hibernation.
So the body knows when it's a good time to undergo a cleaning. And it knows it's a good time from the environment and climatic conditions. This is why a number of people in the same area can undergo a viral detoxification.
But again, does everybody get a viral detoxification at the same time? You already know that the answer is no. So why is that? Well, they might have already undergone a recent cleanse, they may just be very healthy people, and they're always watching the way they eat, the way they think, the way they move, the way they sleep.
The intelligence that runs through all of life means that that body knows that it does not have to undergo a viral detoxification at that point in time.
Additionally our bodies also talk to each other, particularly our immune systems. We sense another's immune system partly by a scent. And this has been taken away quite a lot in modern life by things like perfumes.
Well, I can't condense more than ten years of experience into a comment, hopefully that's enough to show you why you cannot "catch" a virus. And you could start asking some good questions, such as what is this "corona" virus really about? Well, a lot of people where suss on this from the start for a number of reasons. Not everybody buys into what they hear from the media. And recently I've found some vaccine patents through a guy who was asking some good questions. First one being, US2006257852. And when you look at that, you'll see how long ago, corona virus was patented. And here's a european one, EP3172319B1. And that one you'll find to be a vaccine patent which was funnily enough just approved in november of 2019. When did we start seeing corona virus?
So I guess it's time to tell you the only way that you could actually "catch" a virus. The only way that you could "catch" a virus is by having it injecting into your bloodstream. So remembering that viruses are created cellularly as response to your internal environment, which means yes, taking responsibility for your thoughts, actions, and beliefs. All the least being the form of ignorance. Because you know if you have to believe something it's because you don't know.' -Tom Barnett
Racoon Power
Racoon Power - 12 dager siden
Santosh P.S.S.
Santosh P.S.S. - Måned siden
It is Scientifically Proven that the Earth is an Irregular Plane (Irregular refers to the Lands, which have elevation and deviation. Plane refers to the Standing Bodies of Water, which are always level), which is created because of Intent, Intelligent Design. If you want to watch a quick video to sum all this up, it's explained phenomenally by a Scientist (Realist) known as Del: https://youtu.be/TXWAMyLb-xs and also: https://youtu.be/pKYywPYJfWo
Here's why:
First of all, remember that Science DOES NOT belong to any institution. It DOES NOT belong to a particular group or person. It belongs to every single human being alive.
The ones searching for truths according to the type of the claim become Scientists. People searching for truths also become Realists (Truth Seekers). Science means exploring the inner and outer surroundings of ourselves.
There are three different types of Sciences:
A) Natural Science
B) Formal Science
C) Social Science
Social Science deals with people and their behaviours. Formal Science deals with Mathematics and it's assumptions (Mathematics is a language, which means that we can create anything and make it mathematically correct, but that means NOTHING in real life), Natural Science deals with Objective Reality (The immediate or physical reality). If someone claims that something exist in the Objective World, OTRMDPPs are needed for that claim to be Scientifically Proven. OTRMDPPs means Observable, Testable, Repeatable, Measurable, Demonstrable, Practical Proofs which MUST be verifiable by every single human being alive. Without OTRMDPPs, the claimed thing is considered pseudoscience, or a belief.
I now shall ask the question "What is the shape of the earth we stand upon?" and then immediately proceed to look for OTRMDPPs. I found out that some lands are elevated (Mountains), some lands are deviated, some lands are level. We can then conclude that the lands are Irregular in shape, which means not all lands are elevated, not all lands are deviated.
The next OTRMDPP is Water. Water is abundant. It is the second most important thing for human beings to survive (number one being air), which means that every single human being alive has access to it. The bodies of water are largely found in Oceans. I then found out that the bodies of water need a container to stay still (stand). If there isn't a container, I found out that they will flow until they find the lowest point to stand upon. Bodies of water stand, if there is a container, which means we can call them Standing Bodies of Water. I then found out that Standing Bodies of Water are always Level (Which means no elevation or deviation from the starting point to the end). If not messed with in any way (for example the air pushing the water), Standing Bodies of Water are also perfectly still.
I then tried to pour some water in a completely sealed rectangle shaped container, this did the trick. The water then starting to fill up the container until the very top. If I pour any more water, it will flow away.
I then measured it to see if it was perfectly level, and to my surprise, it was perfectly level without any deviation or elevation. Obviously water is the MOST perfect tool we got to make something level. Also, if the container was a rectangle, the water inside will take the shape of the container, but it will still remain level.
I then got an idea to use a sphere. I started to pour the water onto the sphere, but then the water flowed off from the sphere immediately to the lowest point, that tells me that Water DOES NOT conform to exterior of shapes.
With the help of OTRMDPPs, I have concluded that the Earth is an Irregular Plane (Irregular refers to the Lands, which have elevation and deviation. Plane refers to the Standing Bodies of Water, which are always level).
There is also ANOTHER OTRMDPP. The floor cannot rise to our eye level if it were a ball, no matter the size. Because spherical geometry makes it impossible for floor on a ball to rise to our eye level. Watch this video for more info: https://youtu.be/o3jX96TVy5s
I will then ask another question "Did something create this world?". After searching for OTRMDPPs, I found that anything, be it dirt, or water, or rock, can't be created from thin air, stuff cannot pop out of thin air, not even randomly. With the help of OTRMDPPs, it is Scientifically Proven that this world has been created by Intelligent Design. There is absolutely no other option. This world, the entirety of it, is infinite. Because if there's a starting point and an end point, what created the starting point and end point? Then what created the one which created the starting point and end point? Where is it located? It's infinite regress. Only logical solution is infinite. Sure, our lives, the physical world may have a certian finite feature, but the whole thing, the primer mover, has got to be infinite, eternal. Watch this video for a better understanding: https://youtu.be/P3-1GrBTTdo
Now I had some curious questions, "What about the sky? What about the two light things that move in the sky? What about stars that move in the sky at night?"
Before we go any further, I want you to remember about two more different things when it comes to the Objective World, the Intangible and the Tangible.
Intangibles are those objects which are not in our immediate reality. For example, If I see a house far away, I cannot measure how far away it is or how big it is, I need to get near it first.
Tangibles are those objects which are available in our immediate reality. For example, I am typing this article on my iPad, which means that I can touch it, I can observe it in full 3D. I can rotate it around completely to touch and see the whole shape, I can measure it, I can also interact with it.
The sky is Intangible. The Moon is Intangible. The Sun is Intangible. The Stars are Intangible. OTRMDPPs are NOT available. Every single capable human being should be able to reach the sky and OTRMD with Practical Proofs the things in the sky in full 3D, if not, we do not know what those objects are in the sky, and trying to come up with ideas about what those might be are nothing but assumptions, ideas, beliefs. We live ON Earth, not IN the sky.
Now, OTRMDPPs tell us that because this world contains Air Pressure, there is no other way, this world is CONTAINED. OTRMDPPs tell us that this world is CONTAINED in SOME way, we do not know the shape of the container. But without a solid container, Air Pressure is literally impossible, I'm afraid.
TV Screens, hearsay, white coat guys talking nonsensical mathematical equations are NOTHING but beliefs and mental thoughts, TV Screens are NEVER going to be concluded as Scientific Proofs, the things shown in the TV Screens are NOT PHYSICAL.
Last but not the least, one last question "Why are things falling downwards?" Well, the way things fall has NOTHING to do with the shape of the earth. "But Gravity!" What is "Gravity"? Can we OTRMD with Practical Proofs? NO. Is it a magical pulling force which allows some things to fly and pulls down some things to make them fall? Can two objects come closer without some sort of push? "Yes, in space" ARE YOU THIS STUPID? We live right NOW, on EARTH, not in some magical fantasy land! In order for two objects to come closer, I either have to push one object to the other from the front, or push the second object from it's back to the front. Motion is ONLY created if something presses on something else. Pull is just a term for push. Things that weigh less than air fall down, things that weigh more than air float.
If you want to go deeper and ask why do things even have weight, we have to first explore the whole earth to get a good understanding. But if you're curious anyway, I suggest you watch this video: https://youtu.be/G05dl2BenKE and this: https://youtu.be/XJ11coI7mas
"Why does it matter? I don't care about the shape!" Well, I will address you some important questions, "If the Earth is an Irregular Plane, why are these governments lying?" They're lying because they don't want people to explore the world and find out what's out there. "Don't you want to know about your existence, the purpose of life?", they gave us a 2D map, they're showing the map everywhere, and people are accepting the map WITHOUT exploring the world! How can we verify or falsify a map without physically exploring first? We are trusting governments as if those corrupted psychopaths are our dads! Do you like being imposed by strangers? All the governments are CONNECTED. 
If we have the truths about our existence, about what created this, about the whole place, we do NOT need religions, philosophies, beliefs. The majority of people are in debts, some are poor, and some are incredibly and suspiciously rich... then HOW IS THIS A GOOD SYSTEM? The government is imposing it's subjective version of what's good and what's bad on the whole world and people are accepting it? You don't want equality, compassion, love, respect? If a person kidnapped ten people and he's forcing them to do things with or without their consent, he automatically becomes a criminal. What's the government doing? BOTH ARE DOING THE EXACT SAME THING, IMPOSING!
But, of course, if you have OTRMDPPs that contradict reality, please feel free to share it with me. Thank you for reading this article. If you still have any doubts, please feel free to email me at ‪MysteriousPlane@pm.me‬. Please remember that personalities have nothing to do with Objective Reality.
We should not judge people by their personalities unless that's your game. For example, I want to learn music, I don't judge the person teaching me music (His voice is a bit weird, his hands are tiny! His face is ugly! He is fat! He has tattoos!), I came for the content, and that's what I should think about. To know more, watch this video: https://youtu.be/RpjOumePOkc
PDF: https://1drv.ms/b/s!Apkz7LdrIa2chdhwwzeHdki9Ex-NXw
Racoon Power
Racoon Power - 12 dager siden
bjorn meyers
bjorn meyers - Måned siden
Welcome to a place the descends time and space welcome to the twilight zone
Braden Lieberman
Braden Lieberman - 2 måneder siden
This makes me wish I could like video twice
Harry Bond
Harry Bond - 2 måneder siden
*shoots Crystal*
Crysta:l "No u"
Oblivion - 2 måneder siden
Keralis: Do you want maybe a precious book my sir?
Cub: I don't want a single precious book, I want multiple precious books.
Gollum language.

Oblivion - 2 måneder siden
Why did you have to be apart of Concorp? WHYYY? You could've been a nice Sahara supporter.
wycdm gaming
wycdm gaming - 2 måneder siden
When you said you were back from the desert in a new desert
Derek Gates
Derek Gates - 2 måneder siden
How do you do that with the crystals tho?
All Seeking Truth
All Seeking Truth - Måned siden
collision box removed
Lion Lance
Lion Lance - 2 måneder siden
Impulse: I’m gonna start on my mega base!
Iskall: I’m gonna get started on the omega tree!
Docm: I’m gonna get started on cyber docks 77!
Grian: I’m gonna get started on my mansion!
Tango: I’m gonna get started on the toon towers!
Cub fan: So I’m finally moving out of the 3x3 pyramid.
To be clear that’s a joke I’m not making fun of him or anything... but he did live in a 3x3 pyramid
Bellotas Videos
Bellotas Videos - 2 måneder siden
Looks great!
Xavier Clifton
Xavier Clifton - 2 måneder siden
That’s so freaking cool, I’m glad I started this series, I looked up HermitCraft on YouTube and you were the third video and now I’m watching the whole series lmao, I’ll probable go back to your previous seasons once in done with these 😅
IcyPolarGirl 78
IcyPolarGirl 78 - 3 måneder siden
I swear the hermits are the only reasons I smile these days
Square salami again
Square salami again - 3 måneder siden
For soem lantersn
MrWestonO - 3 måneder siden
Cub: Opens Diorite Barrel Iskall: BURN!!!!!
Life of the Kool aid squad
Life of the Kool aid squad - 4 måneder siden
I live in Illinois to
Ross Cavell
Ross Cavell - 4 måneder siden
mega item sorter in the pyramid
Ethan Long
Ethan Long - 4 måneder siden
Does doing the wonder crystal thingy work on bedrock edition
Zgall053 - 4 måneder siden
LOL the scoring started so simply for the head games.
Zxoixy - 4 måneder siden
how the heck do you even get those crystals in the overworld??
Mark Angelo Valdejueza
Mark Angelo Valdejueza - 4 måneder siden
Doc can't find the entrance to the guardian 😂
Skeleton on crystals
Skeleton on crystals - 4 måneder siden
At the start of the video, he sounds like mumbo jumbo
JoeTheBow RL
JoeTheBow RL - 4 måneder siden
Cub fan doing all this work for a shop that could take up only a 2x2 space
pathetic uwu
pathetic uwu - 4 måneder siden
Going back and rewatching episodes because I have nothing better to do. But Keralis's slow turn when Cub says he will buy multiple books is horror movie levels of unsettling. Them big eyes man.
fast swipe
fast swipe - 4 måneder siden
How to make them tho?
Ken Patterson
Ken Patterson - 4 måneder siden
WOW! The level of determination it must have taken to get those crystals to the shop is astounding.
CyberLord - 5 måneder siden
you could make a scaffolding duper by eagleeye621
Lame - 5 måneder siden
Why pay five diamonds for a book when you can go through all the work of zombifying a librarian, curing the librarian, and chopping a lectern for hours until you get the book you want?

sigh thats a lot of work maybe five diamonds isnt a bad deal
Hikaro Karrdey
Hikaro Karrdey - 5 måneder siden
cubfan: I need to get some sandstone
Also cubfan: *lives in a desert*
KTX void
KTX void - 5 måneder siden
Is this with commands? And if not tell me how
Aleh - 5 måneder siden
the thing that he tries to get remixed makes me laugh, we love you cub!
Enddy The Enderman
Enddy The Enderman - 5 måneder siden
AutumnChimp4723 - 5 måneder siden
Maybe instead of glass panes have a fifth crystal to create an actual beam if you can
veeeh on fortnite
veeeh on fortnite - 5 måneder siden
Your pic is the reason I subed
The Whatever Channel
The Whatever Channel - 5 måneder siden
Hey cub you live in illinois?
Themcplayer 01
Themcplayer 01 - 5 måneder siden
This guy bought all the books
Tiny Table Wargames
Tiny Table Wargames - 5 måneder siden
Should put a functional beacon on the top of your pyramid... could use gold?
George Lovell v2
George Lovell v2 - 6 måneder siden
How do u do that
Arianna - 6 måneder siden
We are state neighbors! I’m in Missouri
Dinkybacon _
Dinkybacon _ - 6 måneder siden
This is late but make a dog house for the dogs
Straight Wormin
Straight Wormin - 6 måneder siden
4:11: " *Never go into the book business* "
Deinonychus194 - 6 måneder siden
Lookie-Lookie-At-My-Bookie... has a nice ring to it
Luca Politza
Luca Politza - 6 måneder siden
How to the crystals beam
Doushieeel - 6 måneder siden
How do u make the crystal beams? Did u use a dragon egg?
kittyface meow
kittyface meow - 6 måneder siden
How does it work?
jose - 6 måneder siden
omg he lives in Illinois and the thing about the internet is so true my wifi is horrible!
MegaMementoMori - 6 måneder siden
It's such a shame you destroyed your starter pyramid. It would be cool if you made another one and a path between them leading to the main pyramid.
Laurence Nussbaumer
Laurence Nussbaumer - 6 måneder siden
My 5 year old son wants you to put in villagers, and he wants you to nature a giant stack of piramids (or as he says... Piramints)
runnicblade - 6 måneder siden
bruh i feel u bout the internet. i also live in Illinois and its going down like every 8 hours lol
Dalton Horn
Dalton Horn - 6 måneder siden
do peolple even know its supposed to be a NON SPAWNABLE NETHER HUB
Eisa Randeree
Eisa Randeree - 6 måneder siden
You should make a wool and string shop because you have so much string
redderrday - 6 måneder siden
cub dont say corona in vids they will get demonetized.
Eisa Randeree
Eisa Randeree - 6 måneder siden
Anyone else notice that in keralis's shop it says efficiency 4 but it has efficiency 5
Or do I have a strong eye for detail
Dream Walker
Dream Walker - 6 måneder siden
"The Pressure-
Maybe one day,
after centuries,
we can become brilliant gems
in crystal caves
and we will be immortal after all."
Keelie Breanna
TheBaconBrotato - 6 måneder siden
I'm behind and trying to catch up, so I don't know if you'll see this Cub, but what about some prismarine (or some other similarly toned block) stairs on the outside going up the corners to give a bit of contrast?
TheBaconBrotato - 6 måneder siden
13:35 Did anyone else notice the huge mob of glitched in Endermen behind the pyramid?
Kato Everaert
Kato Everaert - 6 måneder siden
A farao grave where you keep your diamonds would be cool
Rashmi Patel
Rashmi Patel - 6 måneder siden
How to get those end crystal beams
Snuskedundret - 6 måneder siden
Keralis is soo weird
calvin feng
calvin feng - 7 måneder siden
You should continue with the pyramid theme on the inside.
Some Person You Have no Association With :p
How did he do the beams?
MardukGKoB - 7 måneder siden
Hopefully not too late; you should make a shrine to yourself in the pyramid, leaving it open with a giant Cub bestowing blessings 'pon those worthy few.
Carmen Farias
Carmen Farias - 7 måneder siden
Cub: finnaly finished my base
Mumbo: (sees It) Soooo when are you gonna build your base
cassandraoftroy - 7 måneder siden
I'd love to see you section off the interior of the pyramid into rooms.
Markisparki - 7 måneder siden
I'd like to see a golden cubfan statue similar to the golden god/pharaoh statues in egypt
Surender Sharma
Surender Sharma - 7 måneder siden
Please make one of your dogs sat on top of pyramid . That will look cool.
LawJK - 7 måneder siden
How to make this with end srystals
! andy6752 !
! andy6752 ! - 7 måneder siden
Better pay Joe for changing his road!!
Holykirito - 7 måneder siden
Oliver Akers
Oliver Akers - 7 måneder siden
How do get immortal end crystals?
Azumao78 - 7 måneder siden
Make an inverted pyramid below the base and put a glass floor in for the reflective effect
admanajw - 7 måneder siden
You need a beacon in the center of your pyramid
JBunny-30 Harris
JBunny-30 Harris - 7 måneder siden
Follow the yellow brick road...lol
yolo yolo
yolo yolo - 7 måneder siden
You should make a ton of pyramids around it and have separate mega farms them make a mini mall in the shopping district
E Garcia
E Garcia - 7 måneder siden
Can someone explain how this is possible?
Robert Robert
Robert Robert - 7 måneder siden
Poultiman in back🐓🐔🐓🐔🐓🐔🐓
ieat chairs
ieat chairs - 7 måneder siden
me getting head game explained to me for the 5th time
Utku Ege Tuluk
Utku Ege Tuluk - 7 måneder siden
You should put a quartz cone on top of the pyramid like the real ones
Johnfran Maranan
Johnfran Maranan - 7 måneder siden
I'd like to see 1 omega pyramid surrounded by 4 of that normal pyramid. well omega builds are more interesting and fun to build. Also have more farms inside of them which is kinda cool. Shout out pls from the Philippines 💕
RedBack Gamez
RedBack Gamez - 7 måneder siden
make a 2nd floor
vulcanjedimaster - 7 måneder siden
A pity there aren't gold stairs to cap the pyramid.
Martin Lopez
Martin Lopez - 7 måneder siden
Its like minecraft heard you
Josh Napier
Josh Napier - 7 måneder siden
So what happens if you yeet an arrow at the point where the beams intersect (0, 256, 0)? Do you destroy one/all of the crystals, or does the hitbox not register the impact?
Superficial Chasm
Superficial Chasm - 7 måneder siden
thats kinda weird from like 20:52 to 21:02 it looks like a pure slope when he's up close but far away you can make out the lines of the stairs.
George daDoge
George daDoge - 7 måneder siden
14:09 BASEicly (you made a pun)
Riham Soliman
Riham Soliman - 7 måneder siden
hermits building an 1million block build and acting like it's nothing me building a 100 block build and takes 8 hours and then deleting the world
Matrix 1121
Matrix 1121 - 7 måneder siden
I have a few ideas. #1. Mirror the floor. The inside looks awesome and I feel mirroring the floor would just make it more epic. #2. You should take the outside design of the original starter base and make the top of the pyramid identical to it. Pillars, redstone torches, and all!! Great build!
Asaphyx 98
Asaphyx 98 - 7 måneder siden
The chests in the base should be in ancient mummy sarcophagus’s. I think it would be more interesting than chest spam
Rain - 7 måneder siden
Joe Mysic
Joe Mysic - 7 måneder siden
you should've cut off the tip of the pyramid (the capstone) and made it float couple of blocks above the rest of the pyramid's body.
Skerit - 7 måneder siden
Looking cool!
DoPe Blood Wolf
DoPe Blood Wolf - 7 måneder siden
Put cats in the front and the back entrances so it can be like a ancient Cat Guardians or something like that?
Shawn McDowell
Shawn McDowell - 7 måneder siden
@cubfan135 You should make two more pyramids so you can recreate the 3 great pyramids in Egypt. You talk a lot about astronomy and they are representative of the 3 main stars that make Orion's belt.
Ivy Lutes
Ivy Lutes - 7 måneder siden
You should but a block of gold on the top, because the Egyptians used to cover the tops of their pyramids with gold
scratch2255 - 7 måneder siden
I remember some pyramids with little gold pyramids as the top, maybe you could do that if you can spare the resources?
Gage Loard
Gage Loard - 7 måneder siden
Hey cub what would happen if you push an end crystal into the nether?
Preston Garrison
Preston Garrison - 7 måneder siden
I think you should have piston doors so it looks like there is no entrance and then the inside is all wood so it’s like completely different
Cookie Crumbles
Cookie Crumbles - 7 måneder siden
U should put stories on your pyramid