Hermitcraft 7: The Newspaper! (Episode 14)

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Today on Hermitcraft we make huge progress digging out the base of the Great Pyramid, create a much fancier header for the hermiton herald newspaper, and buy a trio of camels.
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Runtime: 28:06


Ethan Wright
Ethan Wright - 7 dager siden
I hope he knows that there is a scaffolding shop behind him
Ethan Wright
Ethan Wright - 7 dager siden
What a fricking legend
He said to shift click to move all of one item in your inventory
Nobody else says that
Sobia Ahmed
Sobia Ahmed - 9 dager siden
Maniacallaugh - 18 dager siden
Me- *jamming out to time lapse music
István Szikra
István Szikra - Måned siden
Why are they not turning wool into carpets and use that for the newspaper?
pteto gt
pteto gt - Måned siden
You knwo you a genius when you can sell a LLAMA FOR 9 DIAMONDS EACH
Sander G.
Sander G. - Måned siden
Cub looks like a reverse 3D-printer in his time lapses
troy hrabec
troy hrabec - 2 måneder siden
if you dig into the hill you use less tnt and blow more of it away
MrWestonO - 3 måneder siden
Cub starts talking about torches migrating *how long has he been playing Minecraft*
Patty Kulow
Patty Kulow - 3 måneder siden
Exactly 35 bruh 34!!!!
Gamrrtron 6390
Gamrrtron 6390 - 3 måneder siden
He didn't even notice the fact that the llama shop was built in the form of the sphinx
Legend Gill
Legend Gill - 3 måneder siden
Had 3 separate ads and I’m only 09:00 minutes into the video, I’ll unsubscribe just for YouTube pulling such stunts.
ShootBigBucks Gaming
ShootBigBucks Gaming - 4 måneder siden
Bottom right d is wrong on Herald advertising
Samual Fernandes
Samual Fernandes - 4 måneder siden
What is the size bolck of the map please tell me
Zgall053 - 4 måneder siden
you have so much more self control than i do to be able to set down all of that tnt then move onto a different project before blowing it all up lol
AquAssassin - 4 måneder siden
25:43 GTWScar experienced kinetic energy
Cub: 1/2mv^2
ElizeLynn Lucasan
ElizeLynn Lucasan - 4 måneder siden
Who's badtimeswithscar ???
Nighthawk Labs
Nighthawk Labs - 5 måneder siden
That much tnt in real life would have annihilated everything. Absolutely everything
Somnium Votum
Somnium Votum - 5 måneder siden
Cub in the second half of the video: *CAMEL
Jamie Cuthbertson
Jamie Cuthbertson - 5 måneder siden
Make a shop where they pay to watch sand falling/watch a wave machine
mehaan ahuja
mehaan ahuja - 5 måneder siden
which species are the torches
veeeh on fortnite
veeeh on fortnite - 5 måneder siden
This is the forth person I've watched first I watched mumbo than grain and tango than cub and this by far was my favourite
RH-obunga163 - 5 måneder siden
actually Ibxtoycat covered an entire dessert biome in torches
Preston Knudson
Preston Knudson - 5 måneder siden
Humbleguy 002
Humbleguy 002 - 5 måneder siden
If there's another war happening , Journalist shouldn't be killed.
If the Journalist choose side , he could make a propaganda.
I see , I see, saddle up boy it getting started.
Channel goat
Channel goat - 5 måneder siden
So far it’s a good thing you did this newspaper and custom map area,
So far (what I know):
GRIAN has made the “MUMBO FOR MAJOR” map’s
TANGO, BDUBS and IMPULSE have made the “BOOMER” Map’s
CUB (YOU) and ZOMBIECLEO have made the “NEWSPAPER” maps.
And it feels like I am forgetting somebody but I don’t know if I am.
Weleho - 5 måneder siden
AAA-master-2002 - 6 måneder siden
24:10 RIP rabbit
lazy honey
lazy honey - 6 måneder siden
There are 2 types of ppl
The ppl who doesnt care or does like the tourches
And those who get iretated by the torches
lazy honey
lazy honey - 6 måneder siden
Probobly lol
Dream Walker
Dream Walker - 6 måneder siden
Isn't that three types of people then?
MysticalMoon - 6 måneder siden
You know it’s a HermitCraft base when your game can’t render the whole thing

I know a lot of people have ideas like this I didn’t steel this though
Annabel Hawksworth
Annabel Hawksworth - 6 måneder siden
I think the cream ones look more like camels
Cleo Preta
Cleo Preta - 6 måneder siden
"its always happy sunday in hermitcraft"
this is just joe's "tag 20: its always sunny... in hermitcraft" joke again
Jake Curtis
Jake Curtis - 6 måneder siden
Cubs nature documentary voice actually wasn’t bad and I wouldn’t mind watching one he voiced
Ajinkya Tarodekar
Ajinkya Tarodekar - 6 måneder siden
Use carpets please. You will save a lotta resources
Sin tanan
Sin tanan - 6 måneder siden
Cub... the pricing scheme... Since each line is a 5-block tall letter... and if you take the "white space" you have, it almost perfectly divides into eighteen 5-block lines. Just charge 1 diamond for each line. Between the two columns this means each copy of the Herald is worth 4 diamond blocks.
Ace 432
Ace 432 - 6 måneder siden
Ohhh this was recorded daaayyys ago cuz in his livestream he started to build the pyramid
Jar Vill
Jar Vill - 6 måneder siden
*_"Basically, Bandit llama is Jesus. But llama version."_*
Emily McLeod
Emily McLeod - 6 måneder siden
Cub, y'all have to lock one of each edition of the Hermiton and keep an archive of each paper like in real life so you can look back at them
Saxon Byers
Saxon Byers - 6 måneder siden
That poor shovel
Gavin Hendricks
Gavin Hendricks - 6 måneder siden
top half separated in 2 and the bottom half separated into 4 smaller sections. that way any hermit can choose if they want a big article or a small article. you can also set each size a cost to a certain amount of diamonds.
The Cube Snowflake
The Cube Snowflake - 6 måneder siden
*b a d t i m e w i t h s c a r joined the game*
Eden Garvey
Eden Garvey - 6 måneder siden
False : ‘ how do i place these tnt in a strategic way to destroy the most land ‘
Cub : ‘BOOM tehe’
dAn - 6 måneder siden
bruh cleo sounds like stress
Shams Elnumany
Shams Elnumany - 6 måneder siden
Egypt gang
Geir Iver Rogne
Geir Iver Rogne - 6 måneder siden
make a deal whit Bdubs and let him blow upp your sand mountains.
HunkVg - 6 måneder siden
Should've called THE BOOMERS
MBT 3 - 6 måneder siden
Cub should leave a mountain inside his house, that would be the biggest flex
jrrscttktts - 6 måneder siden
Pyramids... but with llamas!
LeDerek - 6 måneder siden
You could check pricing for the Boomers to help out
peAk_me_lol - 6 måneder siden
Its not clear what it is grian saw it and wasnt sure what it was maybe add a sign next to it
Shovel - 6 måneder siden
How did you get the camels to walk around Sandy City like that?
Loren Wilson
Loren Wilson - 6 måneder siden
Why are time-lapse excavations so interesting?
Jonno - 6 måneder siden
How big of an area was used for this map?
Shankzpyre_ - 6 måneder siden
why did i get an awkward vibe from yalls conversations lmao
Mobile Teroque
Mobile Teroque - 6 måneder siden
It’s tswami dummie
GEO PLAYER - 6 måneder siden
You have 666k sub
Ian Takats
Ian Takats - 6 måneder siden
"the tnt knocked up 5 blocks"
Mali A
Mali A - 6 måneder siden
Congrats on 666 k subs :)
John Smith
John Smith - 6 måneder siden
The qeustion is: are you going to take custom orders and take the job of doing the pixel art for your customer, or are you going to lend premium pixel art space for the buyer to get their own hands dirty?
[EDIT] Also, shouldn't that be Hermiton Herald vol. 0 you're currently working on?

[EDIT2] That happy sun segment could serve as market exchange chart.... you know what I mean - stonks chart
Garrett Fuller
Garrett Fuller - 6 måneder siden
shouldn’t the advertising volume be volume 0
Albert - 6 måneder siden
What's the name of the timelapse music?
Kosova gameing
Kosova gameing - 6 måneder siden
you are a hunted man
VIKTOR HELGI - 6 måneder siden
Uuuuuuh waddaya mean?
Clay Grigg
Clay Grigg - 6 måneder siden
Tip your pyramids with gold blocks
That Hero
That Hero - 6 måneder siden
666K subs
sup - 6 måneder siden
666k Subscribers!
Jayden Moore
Jayden Moore - 6 måneder siden
Titi enter Jordan for
MrVampireHunter2000 - 6 måneder siden
Anybody realize that right now he has 666k subs?
Think Vibrant
Think Vibrant - 6 måneder siden
Think Vibrant
Think Vibrant - 6 måneder siden
Spooky indeed
VIKTOR HELGI - 6 måneder siden
Oooh spooky
Liam Stanford
Liam Stanford - 6 måneder siden
You have 666k subs
Noah Hutchinson
Noah Hutchinson - 6 måneder siden
Sell some sand to grian he has a sand and gravel shop you can make some diamonds off of that
Official ariffiN
Official ariffiN - 6 måneder siden
Yo whuts the song on the timelapse part 15:44 dat actually made me stay all the way thru😅
Teo BS
Teo BS - 6 måneder siden
Let's congratulate Cuba for 666k subs!
Tullete Bolle
Tullete Bolle - 6 måneder siden
666k Subscribers!!!
CrazyDuckMania - 6 måneder siden
oh wow 666k subs lol
Tox izz
Tox izz - 6 måneder siden
Cub: “shhhh.. torches...”
Cubs brain: “I have achieved comedy”
SeroShoots - 6 måneder siden
Cub has 666k subs...🤣
jerz - 6 måneder siden
is it just me or does cub sound like soos from gravity falls
Ronja Lehtinen
Ronja Lehtinen - 6 måneder siden
You have 666k subs , congrats on that
BOBOISGOD - 6 måneder siden
666k subs!!!
Taheerah Alexander
Taheerah Alexander - 6 måneder siden
The way club is at 666k sub rn
Emir Yurdum
Emir Yurdum - 6 måneder siden
Dear Cubfan,
I think hermits could trade their SHOPS for diamonds at the shopping district!
For example: Mumbo Jumbo will buy Scar’s Chest Monster, then Mumbo could get profit from that shop.
Kugel The G
Kugel The G - 6 måneder siden
The font look like came from Germany
James Knight
James Knight - 6 måneder siden
Everyone’s gangster until happy sun shows up
CrowNODA-KInG-45 - 6 måneder siden
666 subs congrats
wastefullXDgamer - 6 måneder siden
Bruh look how many subs you have
POwerGamer _Beta
POwerGamer _Beta - 6 måneder siden
666k subs
Arasn't - 6 måneder siden
you have 666K subs currently.
Brandt Kophamer
Brandt Kophamer - 6 måneder siden
When are you and scar going to do concorp?
Michael Rothkopf
Michael Rothkopf - 6 måneder siden
Cub has 666k subs.
Tethys - 6 måneder siden
hey guys please tell cub to make giant sand cobras on the entrance when the pyramid is done itll look sick
AJ Collins
AJ Collins - 6 måneder siden
Llamas are in the same family of animals as camels. (camelidae) So, Cub's imagination is not too far removed from reality.
Brian Attridge
Brian Attridge - 6 måneder siden
Look at his subscribers... Its perfect
Pickles - 6 måneder siden
Congratz on 666k subscribers
Yo Boi Atip
Yo Boi Atip - 6 måneder siden
Adrian Ioan Cucuiet
Adrian Ioan Cucuiet - 6 måneder siden
You should only sell spider eye in small numbers because everyone only needs it for potions so the quantity they use is small so you get more diamontes
Kyler Mize
Kyler Mize - 6 måneder siden
Oh no cub subscribers count saids 666...
Skeletor X
Skeletor X - 6 måneder siden
Cub has 666k subs now! 😈 congrats!
lucas breedveld
lucas breedveld - 6 måneder siden
The newspaper idea is stolen from zloy on truly bedrock
Rafic 91
Rafic 91 - 6 måneder siden
Omg he has 666k subs
Loom DK
Loom DK - 6 måneder siden
Looks like you need the professional demolition man Grian