Hermitcraft 7: To Xibalba! (Episode 23)

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Welcome to Minecraft with Cub on the Hermitcraft 7 Server! Today we create the input for our automatic storage system and create a Zombie Pigman Gold farm on the Nether roof.
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Runtime: 25:56


Richard Mitosis
Richard Mitosis - 15 dager siden
we really need a tutorial on this entire thing; the other videos are either wrong as of 1.16.3 or they don't do a good job...pls pls give us a tutorial on this
Elizabeth Pillsworth
Elizabeth Pillsworth - 27 dager siden
The light around the replica temple looks like a creeper ghost.
Richard Mitosis
Richard Mitosis - 2 måneder siden
Is there a tutorial on this storage system?
Vira Strilchuk
Vira Strilchuk - 2 måneder siden
cub what did you get from old dessert tample
Vira Strilchuk
Vira Strilchuk - 2 måneder siden
cub loote the desert tample
Osh_ TV
Osh_ TV - 2 måneder siden
Cub: make a player proof player layer for Xibalba
Elytra: I will pretent that he didnt build this
Phos4us - 2 måneder siden
Me: I wish there was a rotten flesh block
Cub a minute later: I wish there was a rotten flesh block
Patt Adams
Patt Adams - 2 måneder siden
Mojang needs to add gold stairs just for Cubs pyramid
n o
n o - 3 måneder siden
“I got a fever and the only prescription is more gold”
I’m quoting that
Iggy - 3 måneder siden
I always see hermits dismiss the rotten flesh, basically it’s free emeralds from the alchemist villagers so you don’t need crop farms unless your after the farmer trades and can use all your sugarcane for rockets and books and not paper trades
Rene Jensen
Rene Jensen - 3 måneder siden
why does the gold farm not work on my game!
Band Geek
Band Geek - 3 måneder siden
"If you haven't seen The Road to El Dorado: stop what you're doing. Go watch that."
I absolutely could not agree more, such an amazing movie.
Aryan Komati
Aryan Komati - 3 måneder siden
The great pyramid o giza had a sheet of electrum from top to bottom. It could reflect so much light that it could been seen from the moon.due to an earthquake most of the electrum fell down and the top had electrum still on it
GaySageMode - 3 måneder siden
I have an xp and gold farm but all my chests fill with swords... what do I do to fix that
Maddie - 4 måneder siden
"To Xibalba?"
"To Xibalba!"
Peter Davis
Peter Davis - 4 måneder siden
Started running out of episodes from the Hermits I was already watching a bit over a week ago - the name of this episode (and interactions with other hermits) is what made me decide to watch you. Absolutely loving it.
Katharine Henrikson
Katharine Henrikson - 4 måneder siden
Use A villager to sell your rotten flesh to!!
Jacob Mudd
Jacob Mudd - 4 måneder siden
i like that gold farm design. might try that in my survival world
Elizabeta Macovei
Elizabeta Macovei - 4 måneder siden
So apparently, 'Xibalba' is an Aztec word meaning 'place of fear', and it was connected to their underworld.
4:30 YES!!!
18:40 Question, why a trapdoor on every level? Isn't it enough to put one where the zombie pigman would walk?
Hexter Zerda
Hexter Zerda - 4 måneder siden
What if Cub really put a giant heart hanging in the center of the pyramid
Elliot Worswick
Elliot Worswick - 4 måneder siden
Make a gold farm
jey wit
jey wit - 4 måneder siden
TOOO SHIBALBA Nice idea man
Hikaro Karrdey
Hikaro Karrdey - 4 måneder siden
Is it just me or does the pyramid sometimes just randomly make a creepy noise?
Also just a joke but imagin a player jumping into the item sorter...then getting sorted into a chest. 😂😂😂
Maya Burke
Maya Burke - 4 måneder siden
cubs outro always reminds me of “call it what you want” by taylor swift, is that just me?
Judeous - 5 måneder siden
14:35 You missed the opportunity to say "And my axe!" as you throw it into the pile
Toms Money Magic
Toms Money Magic - 5 måneder siden
It doesn’t matter if pigeons can spawn on it. THE NETHER IS GETTING RESET
Her Türlü Mesaj
Her Türlü Mesaj - 5 måneder siden
Put beacon at the top of pryamid
Jan Sitkowski
Jan Sitkowski - 5 måneder siden
Other Hermits : Collect diamonds to get rich on them
Cubfan : Buys all gold on the market
Cubfan when the nether update comes out : "Fools, I am the richest man now! Look at my riches!"
Jason Myneni
Jason Myneni - 5 måneder siden
Cub does realize that their wiping the neather, right
Quichrlyn - 5 måneder siden
redstone youtuber: I made an item sorter that can hamdle all items in the game!
cub: thats not good enough
Katy Themm
Katy Themm - 5 måneder siden
Love the way the base is coming!
Justin Zay
Justin Zay - 5 måneder siden
nether is going to reset...
bandgeek9723 - 5 måneder siden
Why are you worrying about future proofing a farm that won't exist when the nether is reset for 1.16?
Leon Merlin
Leon Merlin - 5 måneder siden
Well the great pyramid was white and not yellow so if you do the gold top...
Alessio Arbustini
Alessio Arbustini - 5 måneder siden
Now I crave this rotten flesh block
sebastain - 5 måneder siden
make beacon out of gold
Guapelididoo - 5 måneder siden
you should get cleric villagers to trade all that rotten flesh for ya.. you'd be rich! :D
P. B
P. B - 5 måneder siden
does the gold farm work in 1.16
Joe Langner
Joe Langner - 5 måneder siden
you could get a cleric villager to trade the rotten flesh
Tucker Holt
Tucker Holt - 5 måneder siden
“I got a fever, and the only prescription is more gold” I appreciate and understand your humor Cubfan snl
Filip Mirko
Filip Mirko - 5 måneder siden
Cub can u please do more time lapses. It'd mean much to me
Nirate Goel
Nirate Goel - 5 måneder siden
Why are you using magma blocks? The nether will be reset when the server updates?
Jonathan Slater
Jonathan Slater - 5 måneder siden
He says the magma blocks are for the 1.16 update, but the nether will reset and he will lose the farm anyway
hashtag hashtaglexi
hashtag hashtaglexi - 5 måneder siden
Y didnt u use iskalls omega gold farm??
CAM BONE - 5 måneder siden
Go big or go homer
CAM BONE - 5 måneder siden
Naaaw you need like 40 gold rows
Gonzalo Flores
Gonzalo Flores - 5 måneder siden
I think cub forgot that his gold farm won't be there past the nether update...
Tech Hotspot
Tech Hotspot - 5 måneder siden
18:20 does he know the nether gets reset?
AKramer2k Gaming and more
AKramer2k Gaming and more - 5 måneder siden
Just say I want build it like grians
MrJack08722 - 5 måneder siden
Glad to see the capstone on there.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 5 måneder siden
make a gold shop
さくた白 - 5 måneder siden
Why does "To Xibalba" remind me of the road to eldorado movie?
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 5 måneder siden
Haven't seen it in 2 years
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 5 måneder siden
さくた白 - 5 måneder siden
@Ben Dover thanks, I wasn't sure haven't seen it in like what three years?
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 5 måneder siden
because...i think its in the movie
LuffHYPERZ - 5 måneder siden
Make yugioh monument for reference
him that
him that - 5 måneder siden
Turn the rotten flesh into emeralds
HypoRex - 5 måneder siden
Cub don’t know if this is a good or bad idea but for the gold on the top you can use it as a beacon
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 5 måneder siden
i was thinking the same
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 5 måneder siden
great idea! :D
Tomasz Jeliński
Tomasz Jeliński - 5 måneder siden
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Cubfan: Rotten flesh blocks would be aesthetic
FieryFlame 129
FieryFlame 129 - 3 måneder siden
I actually agree
Floris van der Graaf
Floris van der Graaf - 5 måneder siden
make the top of he pyramid a beacon
Frost The Player
Frost The Player - 5 måneder siden
Bring up a bunch of vilagers to trade away all that rotten flesh
sophbear - 5 måneder siden
this has given me a lot of ideas for my server, thank you! also, maybe you could incorporate more the legend of el dorado to your build! :)
ship. - 5 måneder siden
Do you have a drop macro to drop golden carrots that fast?
Hustlen - 5 måneder siden
Can someone explain how at 13:36 he was able to put the honey block in his inventory without opening it? I’ve never seen that before
S. Smith
S. Smith - 5 måneder siden
So... A thousand years of gold versus an hour of nugget farming...
You could build a city with all that gold!
Jack At It Again
Jack At It Again - 5 måneder siden
Cub: They should add rotten flesh blocks to the game for some ascetic building or something
Scar: give it a lick
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 5 måneder siden
Hey guys, cubs intro is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5CU72YSkjY
Robert Cecil
Robert Cecil - 5 måneder siden
Change the orange terocota to green for green team
sikO 102
sikO 102 - 5 måneder siden
Cub we are sorry but your piramid is not anylonger most expensive building. Check Keralisis office it has cost him almost 4stacks of diamond blocks
Mark Glass
Mark Glass - 5 måneder siden
" they find the eggs then fall to their death...........That looks great."
Alan Du
Alan Du - 5 måneder siden
Ask Iskall to use his gold farm to get a lot of gold
NOBUE - 5 måneder siden
Scar for mayor!
Oween - 5 måneder siden
Two words. Cleric. Villager. Turn your rotten flesh into emeralds.
Xander Johnsen
Xander Johnsen - 5 måneder siden
you talk about the farm working in 1.16 but the nether will be reset
Steven Weyhrich
Steven Weyhrich - 5 måneder siden
Always entertained by the ideas you come up with. Keep up the good work!
Winter_Chill - 5 måneder siden
Cubfan - wanna make a sorter that I can throw shulker boxes into, but it's not that easy, you see it's gonna be kind of complicated
Grian a few days prior - Well you see, it's not actually that difficult
mumflr - 5 måneder siden
does he not know about 11.16 nether reset?
TheGr8Ethan Boi
TheGr8Ethan Boi - 5 måneder siden
Or you could make the machine in the temple from transformers revenge has fallen
Valdir Bruxel Jr.
Valdir Bruxel Jr. - 5 måneder siden
Xibalba ? from egyptian pharaoh to mayan priest ? what's next, a khmer homage ?
World OP
World OP - 5 måneder siden
Cub: says that he needs more gold for the top of the pyramid
Also Cub: uses a lot of golden blocks for xibalba (sorry if I misspelled)
Me: confused
Im Rizki
Im Rizki - 5 måneder siden
Florian - 5 måneder siden
Why not use quarz stairs for the top. It looks much more like the original silver-gold-alloy
Keep Happy
Keep Happy - 5 måneder siden
22:04 Cubfan, you realize you make those chest into double chest right!?!
icbbwqamatwtr-isaac - 5 måneder siden
Btw grian did the same storage thingy with the shulker box
icbbwqamatwtr-isaac - 5 måneder siden
What arrows has he got this is the first time on his channel
Finifugal - 5 måneder siden
Isn't the Nether going to be completely reset for 1.16? Can you somehow save and restore the structure of your gold farm?
Jack Pendragon 2
Jack Pendragon 2 - 5 måneder siden
Cub go visite Keralis base. You will be blown away
Agentwc1945 - 5 måneder siden
Cub the nether is gonna reset in 1.16
risa saruwatari
risa saruwatari - 5 måneder siden
Never really thought Road to El Dorado is underrated. I just rewatched it and found out it had... well not so good scores on imdb and rotten tomatoes, but I remember it being good and memorable. Tis my childhood x3 Also pretty sure it had good soundtrack.
Becca Cook
Becca Cook - 5 måneder siden
I saw the title and immediately knew the reference!
Ej Sn1p3r
Ej Sn1p3r - 5 måneder siden
Isn’t the nether getting reset when the new update comes out? So what’s the point of update proofing the gold farm???
Anoxeyh - 5 måneder siden
The road to Eldorado is 👌🏼
Anoxeyh - 5 måneder siden
Was one of my favorite movies growing up
Anoxeyh - 5 måneder siden
Cub finally put a gold capstone on ♡ Thanks for reading our comments cub ♡♡♡♡
Melinda - 5 måneder siden
cub made his gold farm 1.16 compatible, but aren't they wiping the nether for a fresh start when 1.16 is out? so he'll have to rebuild anyway :(
nojato 42
nojato 42 - 5 måneder siden
Trade the rotten flesh for emeralds
DeepPastry - 5 måneder siden
So your gold farm... You should be ready to tear it down quickly. That way you can remove everything to the overworld, and then recycle those resources to rebuild said gold farm when the current nether gets deleted and rebuilt in 1.16.
EDIT: Also, why don't you also build an automatic super smelter to smelt down all the gold gear instead of wasting it? Plus, bring villagers who buy zombie flesh to be able to convert those into emeralds.
Kaleb Beaumont
Kaleb Beaumont - 5 måneder siden
"each block of gold is 81 ingots" tf?
Zach - 5 måneder siden
Cub is honestly so entertaining
Iron_Hulk - 5 måneder siden
What was the point of spawn proofing 1.16 if it will be erased before that update
Harrison Green
Harrison Green - 5 måneder siden
Joe The Juggalo
Joe The Juggalo - 5 måneder siden
Interesting Cub. Introducing the Muisca Tribe into your Egyptian pyramid. They both have pyramids.
Sandy Coe
Sandy Coe - 5 måneder siden
I want to build this but I guess I am dumb cause I can’t figure it out without step by step instructions. Is there somewhere I need to look for them or there are none?
Kyle L
Kyle L - 5 måneder siden
anyone notice how he sounds like blitzwinger?