Hermitcraft 7: Twenty Fives (Episode 62)

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Welcome back to Minecraft with Cub on the Hermitcraft Season 7 Server! Today we make another dash through Decked Out, meet up with False during Vibe Time, and finish our Twenty Fives game in Targét.

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Intro- Ason ID- Tropical ID (preview)
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Runtime: 27:55


Endorite - Just a random Hermitcraft fan
I love seeing how intricate the inside of decked out is! I know I saw Tango building a lot of it, but it's so different seeing it from the perspective of someone who is actually running and sneaking for their life in it!
DJ Fyr3Shy
DJ Fyr3Shy - 7 dager siden
What is that dope music playing during the timelapse
ShootBigBucks Gaming
ShootBigBucks Gaming - 12 dager siden
No hardcore enderpearl for twenty-fives?
chicken fall guy
chicken fall guy - 17 dager siden
Fire on the left and ice on the right? TODEROKI?!?!?!
typicallyduckie - 17 dager siden
I have just gotten back from a two week stay in hospital (for a major surgery), and boy am I glad to come home to lots of content. Thanks Hermits.
Alexann Riddle
Alexann Riddle - 23 dager siden
I think the netherite scraps should be cinnabites. The donut holes filled with icing!
Vir Silvam Survival
Vir Silvam Survival - 24 dager siden
You should donate some cinnabuns also.
Liveto Survive!
Micha Frantzen
Micha Frantzen - 24 dager siden
nice music at your minigame timelapse
Mistyswirl - 27 dager siden
The dead end wasn't a dead end....
Lord Dracon
Lord Dracon - 28 dager siden
has there actually been any public announcement on the collection of items or the auction? like none of the otehr hermits have so much as mentioned it.
me thinks cubs just want to "legaly" get free stuff
dark daimond
dark daimond - 28 dager siden
Armor check it first
Nathan Genesee
Nathan Genesee - 28 dager siden
You forgot to put deep pockets on your pants
Cindy St. Clair
Cindy St. Clair - 29 dager siden
I'm a bit behind on episodes so I apologize if you've already done this, but what if you had a game like whack-a-mole?
disco - 29 dager siden
Grian: I’m 1 of the richest hermits!
Cub: casually uses netherite blocks as decoration
Sebastian Müller
Sebastian Müller - 29 dager siden
For your 25 game, you should maybe provide the 2nd player trident, bow and crossbow :D You only provided one. Also a snowball renew machine, like in Pong would be good.
Ben Armstrong
Ben Armstrong - 29 dager siden
you missed the way out like 10 times
Sullivan - 29 dager siden
What's that music at 22:40?
OneGreenSeaTurtle - 29 dager siden
Keralis lost his friend and his mom had a tumor and had to have surgery. Consider giving him his cookie box instead of auctioning it?
tom monahan
tom monahan - 29 dager siden
Holy crap, i use the same axe name!!
Cryptonic - Måned siden
You should find a Decked Out shulker box and auction it off lol
Nighthawk Labs
Nighthawk Labs - Måned siden
The real 12 bamboo were made into a suit
hi there
hi there - Måned siden
When he said he was at a dead end he was acctually next to the ext which made me want to tear my eyes out.
HappyGamer 4ever
HappyGamer 4ever - Måned siden
Tango when he sees cub die with his armor in the dungeon: *visible happiness*
Whitney Waller
Whitney Waller - Måned siden
Evan Rodriguez
Evan Rodriguez - Måned siden
23:00 wow cub I have not heard real classic Trap music like this in so long. what a blessing this was honestly
Gamereva - Måned siden
S&S Channel
S&S Channel - Måned siden
Hisname - Måned siden
Well, you kinda ran away from the way out thinking it was a dead-end 3 times in a row. It happens.
Syntactic Garbage
Syntactic Garbage - Måned siden
cub your armor!
Syntactic Garbage
Syntactic Garbage - Måned siden
resistance my ass
Flammable Toast
Flammable Toast - Måned siden
Cub you should sell netherite blocks for 30 or 32 diamond blocks a piece
Josh Rich
Josh Rich - Måned siden
Anyone else yelling at him every time he says it’s a dead end and he is just blind and not seeing the very way he came from??
spicy flick
spicy flick - Måned siden
Hey went in with armourrrrr
That GF Goofus
That GF Goofus - Måned siden
Mucylem resistance leader is grain
Thomas Roberts
Thomas Roberts - Måned siden
What pharaoh are you basing your base on
Mr & Mrs Lee
Mr & Mrs Lee - Måned siden
I think the worst mistake you can make is trying to stay in longer lol- soon as he said that I knew his fate. Even though it’s so nerve wracking! It looks like so much fun I really wish I could play. Cub does seem to do really well- oop he played with armor 😅
DRAXEUX - Måned siden
Netherite block ofgice chair and netherite corner blocks for his game, what a flex.
Sean Gort
Sean Gort - Måned siden
The fire side of 25 needs regular lanterns, not soul lanterns.
Rafael Guadalquiver
Rafael Guadalquiver - Måned siden
Cheater using armor!! 😡😡😡
WTF? excuse me
WTF? excuse me - Måned siden
Cub since you like deck out so much how about you give some nether ingot to mr tango He created this game for all the hermits to enjoy and you gift him some nether ingot hes been at diamonds armor for a very long time
amy he
amy he - Måned siden
you guys should defintly make a arcade discrict in the future
Jigz Mallari
Jigz Mallari - Måned siden
CUBS Skin and minecraft name is the worst like Cubfan with numbers its like Cringy and his skin is like a minecraft notch skin knock off
Oliver Zhang
Oliver Zhang - Måned siden
The 25 game is so interesting!
Col Lewis
Col Lewis - Måned siden
An update of your storage unit is out now.
Cameron Kennedy
Cameron Kennedy - Måned siden
Hey cub fan, this is just a general question but do you start recording right after you post?
Antje R.
Antje R. - Måned siden
"Check my Office, check my bed. " in any other context than Minecraft that is just creepy 😅
Will Abbott
Will Abbott - Måned siden
Noooooo!!!! Armor!! Cub!
SprattyMcJacko - Måned siden
Look in the water beside the barge in the moon base area and I will find a trapdoor that is blocking a cave u have to look under the water
SprattyMcJacko - Måned siden
Impulse is joining the resistance!!!!!!!!
SprattyMcJacko - Måned siden
Also, under grians barge is a mycelium resistance headquarters!!! I found it it impulseSV video!
SprattyMcJacko - Måned siden
The mycelium resistance is out of control!
SprattyMcJacko - Måned siden
Arrest Grian!!!!
SprattyMcJacko - Måned siden
Arrest Grian!!!!!
SprattyMcJacko - Måned siden
Cub fan u r the enforcer and grian is filling people’s shops with mycelium so please do something! Scars landscaping shop is filled!
The Mammoth
The Mammoth - Måned siden
I back
Design Master
Design Master - Måned siden
He's def a simp for false lmao
Lozo did it
Lozo did it - Måned siden
19:18. Do you smell what the cub is cooking! Cinnabuns!
Rave - Måned siden
Cub just an idea here, you should add soul flames to the ice side of twenty fives
Quattro - Måned siden
Cant tang help you get your armor back
Erik Salvatore
Erik Salvatore - Måned siden
CUB you are horrible with directions
Cameron Ross
Cameron Ross - Måned siden
How did cub end up with the 12 bamboo
Evan Schubert
Evan Schubert - Måned siden
Wait what happened to your half-full box of ancient debris?
ShootBigBucks Gaming
ShootBigBucks Gaming - 12 dager siden
He made his throne out of it
Arkenexus - Måned siden
Michael Carrigan
Michael Carrigan - Måned siden
For 25s ice side you should put in soul flames they look icy
Jackson Of Doom
Jackson Of Doom - Måned siden
Um didnt he have an entire shulker box with a few stacks of ancient debris
Bomben LegerTanner
Bomben LegerTanner - Måned siden
Enchanting xp costs more the greater the enchant is being added. So for unbreaking 3 + mending 1 it costs less than adding 3. it also matters which order you put enchantments on and adding the largest level enchants first is the cheapest way
agentponey - Måned siden
I don't like you at enforcing
Justin Campbell
Justin Campbell - Måned siden
Ultimate flex 💪🏼 diggin the time laps music
Morya Ryder
Morya Ryder - Måned siden
Hes wearing armour!!!
TheAverageChelios - Måned siden
I really thought there would be ice spikes in the ice side, I mean, there is fire on the fire side..
J1y25 - Måned siden
They are fake 12 bamboo! mumbo made suit with the real 12 bamboo.
Colorlord98 - Måned siden
Stop going into decket out with YOUR ARMOR ON!!!
Chevy Sessford
Chevy Sessford - Måned siden
I don't think you are suppose to have your armor on when playing decked out
TJ Average
TJ Average - Måned siden
I adore the texture of the Netherite block, but with the chain attached to the middle I think the Lodestone would look amazing as well? And it's just a little less expensive. Just throwing this out here :D
αγγελος μουρελατος
CrocosNZ - Måned siden
1:51 cheater confirmed :p
An Old Man Plays
An Old Man Plays - Måned siden
1:48 Ooh ooh
mitone lp
mitone lp - Måned siden
Beatrise Burša
Beatrise Burša - Måned siden
Your armor was on.
Ryder Simpson
Ryder Simpson - Måned siden
forget about the armor, bruh you went past like 2 soul flames
Tis Jstme
Tis Jstme - Måned siden
The Original 12 Bamboo was made into Mumbo's suit. So you would have to sell Mumbo's Bamboo Suit.
vishwanath chaudhari
vishwanath chaudhari - Måned siden
scar will now say why i made him a eenforcer he is auctioning my stuff
and he is against me
thijs hoeijmans
thijs hoeijmans - Måned siden
The bamboo????? Mumbo made his suit with it...
Nana Nini
Nana Nini - Måned siden
Cub Your ARMOR!
jamcdonald120 - Måned siden
your video is a bit washed out
MacKenzie Weeks
MacKenzie Weeks - Måned siden
that was not the real 12 bamboo!
I think you should create a subscription for your mini games in the shopping district
Kade Saxon
Kade Saxon - Måned siden
cub just simped for false 😪
MidasFury - Måned siden
The anvil cost is determined by 2 things.
The enchant value of the second item(IE how hard it is to get, mending is low for some reason)
and the combined number of times both items went though the anvil. For max level saving, anvil items with the same # of times they went through the anvil. 3 times through the anvil + 3 times through the anvil essentially equals 4 times, instead of 5 times + 1 time = 6, raising the cost significantly
Adwaith Suresh
Adwaith Suresh - Måned siden
Cub ‐putting hard work on netherite blocks
Then thumbnail he cut it of
Ari Hirsch
Ari Hirsch - Måned siden
You use ur power to MUCH
moukidelmar - Måned siden
That can't be the original 12 bamboo, Mumbo used thst to make his bamboo suit
Cheesy Circumcision
Cheesy Circumcision - Måned siden
bruh i was screaming at him for missing the staircase where he said it was a dead end
Mine C21
Mine C21 - Måned siden
Going with armour is not allowed
Sam Ki Baat
Sam Ki Baat - Måned siden
Somene on the hermitcraft server should start a 'Hemit Book of world records'
Chris Mckay
Chris Mckay - Måned siden
the 4 blocks around the ice side need to be diamond blocks.. the expensive ICE :)
Stephen Allen
Stephen Allen - Måned siden
Mumbo turned the 12 Bamboo into a suit already. You sir, have imposter bamboo.
OneMinesraft2 - Aerell McKnight
The original 12 Bamboo was turned into Mumbo's suit
Aurora Gaming
Aurora Gaming - Måned siden
The original 12 bamboo is in the form of a suit. That isn’t the original.
Jinit Jagad
Jinit Jagad - Måned siden
1:47 he is wearing armour
SavageDuck26 - Måned siden
Very stressed cub noises