Hermitcraft 7: Unexpected Treasures! (Episode 5)

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Today on Hermitcraft we try to recover from the horrors of last episode by mining our way to wealth. Along the way we find some unexpected treasures.
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Runtime: 25:41


nolan gaskill
nolan gaskill - 6 dager siden
cubs first death will be held deeply in our hearts
Sobia Ahmed
Sobia Ahmed - 10 dager siden
Yay cubfan
Jarvey Berenguel
Jarvey Berenguel - 23 dager siden
I love how cub stays calm
Santosh P.S.S.
Santosh P.S.S. - 26 dager siden
My question is, why is the world border so close to the spawn?
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia - Måned siden
how is the world border only 3000 blocks out
István Szikra
István Szikra - Måned siden
He has a silk touch book, but still carries around his shulkers instead of making one or two ender chest and storing his valuables in there.
István Szikra
István Szikra - Måned siden
like 10 seconds later of me typing this he was blown up by a creeper
SUPER PICKLE MOO - 2 måneder siden
Me: YoU brOkE EmEraLd OrE WiThOUt a sILkToUcH pICkAxe
Also also me: then realizes I don't use a silk touch pickaxe on emerald ore
Also also also me: oMg YoU ShOulD hAVe ThO
Chase Erdin
Chase Erdin - 2 måneder siden
I was so busy watching him get his stuff back that I fell in a lava lake in the nether and died and lost all my stuff
Facts Only
Facts Only - 2 måneder siden
Cub:We didnt even need eyes of ender to find this stronghold
My Brain:Damn, Drem used eyes of ender even though he knew where it was ... What a speedrunner🤦‍♂️😂😂
Pay Way
Pay Way - 3 måneder siden
It’s funny he doesn’t shout when he does or when he instantly finds diamonds pol
Pay Way
Pay Way - 3 måneder siden
Charlie Ormerod
Charlie Ormerod - 3 måneder siden
what is the quick charge enchantment?
Amarion Oatts
Amarion Oatts - 3 måneder siden
How does he have shulker boxes when he just found the stronghold this ep?
Mabrag - 3 måneder siden
Break the Sponer
Carter Brown
Carter Brown - 3 måneder siden
18:55 do a flip

You'll get it if your smart
mextisado gaming
mextisado gaming - 4 måneder siden
when he said “let’s be quiet and see if we can hear something” I put my ear to the phone and instantly became deaf in that ear when he said “nope”
Imman Playz
Imman Playz - 4 måneder siden
How many end portal does a wolrd have?
Charlie McBride
Charlie McBride - 4 måneder siden
two words:
y... 12?
Block D
Block D - 4 måneder siden
Grain is stealing dors
NinjaMagic - 4 måneder siden
This man found a stronghold by accident and I have never found a stronghold in my minecraft worlds in survival. Jealous.
Nikol Geier
Nikol Geier - 4 måneder siden
To those wondering, "How did the creeper instantly kill him at full health and diamond armor?", a few factors play into it.
1. Hard mode difficulty
2. The creeper was *very* close. They normally don't get that close naturally—they start igniting a few blocks away—but if the creeper jumped down to join him, it could naturally end up basically right next to him. Up close, someone else posted they can do 49 damage.
3.Cubfan had disrespected the Cursed Apple Chest, and he paid the price.
Tanner Austin
Tanner Austin - 4 måneder siden
better title: confused stonks
Tanner Austin
Tanner Austin - 4 måneder siden
very advanced technique 5 seconds later: so SIMPLY
Raakin Hassan Abdulla
Raakin Hassan Abdulla - 4 måneder siden
I always keep a totem of undying in my offhand no matter what because once I didn't have one in my offhand and I died with my enchanted armor and elytra but I found it with 1 firework rocket left in my inventory
Raakin Hassan Abdulla
Raakin Hassan Abdulla - 4 måneder siden
I once died by fall damage but I didn't waste my time screaming my head off and ran to get it with an oak boat cuz it was across the ocean
Air Volwo
Air Volwo - 4 måneder siden
Wow the hermitcraft world is small
Cruz Caffaro
Cruz Caffaro - 4 måneder siden
Why didn't you just destroy the spawner... I don't think you could potentially make a silverfish farm
Daniel Scruton
Daniel Scruton - 4 måneder siden
WHY do you not take the TONS of gold you walked straight past throughout the entire video
Per Oskar Casey
Per Oskar Casey - 4 måneder siden
Sneaki - 4 måneder siden
Dude, why so many torches? You only need to place then every 5-10 blocks not every second block. Not hating I love it vids
TheApple21 - 4 måneder siden
When he was trying to find his stuff I was just like oh no this is more tense than the hunger games
Hikaro Karrdey
Hikaro Karrdey - 5 måneder siden
Cub: This is my luck today
Also cub: Mines several diamonds and has several stacks of lapis
Skiry - 5 måneder siden
he coulve just placed a water bucket in his face, this hurts
Cole Meyer
Cole Meyer - 5 måneder siden
I hurts to see how many torches that he uses
CheckerDuck - 5 måneder siden
Literally RIGHT after you were blown up by a creeper, there was an ad that started with "Rated M for mature", and it took me a moment to realize it wasn't part of the episode 😆
antek kohut
antek kohut - 5 måneder siden
i one time by accident build a house over a end portal in xbox 360 edition
Aleksandr Dugin
Aleksandr Dugin - 5 måneder siden
Hermitcraft world border at 3k? what is that all about
Emaduddin Ahmad
Emaduddin Ahmad - 5 måneder siden
Yeah, I'm confused as well.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 5 måneder siden
Poor guy
Kaleb Olson
Kaleb Olson - 5 måneder siden
The laugh at 16:42 sounded like jumbo mumbo’s laugh
PØG - 5 måneder siden
12:37 I knew it was going to happen!!!
Naomi Takaendengan
Naomi Takaendengan - 5 måneder siden
If this episode happened to me :
So I have chosen death
Paelavong - 5 måneder siden
First time seeing a mine shaft on bedrock level
Ticci Toby
Ticci Toby - 5 måneder siden
8:20 diamonds
Saksham4106 - 5 måneder siden
when a situation arises where you are stuck in lava but cannot get out. you should throw all your precious items on the floor
Jlitzy Gaming
Jlitzy Gaming - 5 måneder siden
why didn't cub use the water bucket at the beggining... he even moused over it...
Smakl Dorf
Smakl Dorf - 4 måneder siden
Daniella Chanelle yes, and because he would probably suffocate in obsidian if it was not in the nether
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 5 måneder siden
Jlitzy Gaming
Jlitzy Gaming - 5 måneder siden
@Daniella Chanelle o yea im stupid
Daniella Chanelle
Daniella Chanelle - 5 måneder siden
Jlitzy Gaming you can’t use water buckets in the nether 😊
andrew elward
andrew elward - 5 måneder siden
So how many torches do u wanna place Cub- yes
kathvrt - 5 måneder siden
whoa i've never seen an abandoned mineshaft so close to bedrock, that's pretty sick
Alred Isaac
Alred Isaac - 5 måneder siden
22:04 doc moved the pile right? y is there diamonds on the old platform?
Эмма Паньова
Эмма Паньова - 5 måneder siden
What a friendly soul...
Minecraft Playz Minecraft
Minecraft Playz Minecraft - 5 måneder siden
Well ya didn’t but now you do know
Minecraft Playz Minecraft
Minecraft Playz Minecraft - 5 måneder siden
Did you know me and my friend have found a stronghold under a village well without eye of enders
Andrelopithecus - 5 måneder siden
This episodes gave me flashbacks to every time I’ve ragequit Minecraft ...
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus - 6 måneder siden
Why are the world borders so short?
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 5 måneder siden
I think its in settings u can chose infinite or something else
RaphAttack 1
RaphAttack 1 - 6 måneder siden
4:31 an apple a day keeps the docter away
RaphAttack 1
RaphAttack 1 - 6 måneder siden
Previous look on hermitcraft *cubs 1ST DEATH!!!* the death of the survivor
WatersMC - 6 måneder siden
Says he's the unluckiest person in the world. Yet, he found a bloody stronghold.
Normal day on the hermitcraft server
Audrey Hogan
Audrey Hogan - 6 måneder siden
The Golden Waters I’ve been playing Minecraft for about 2 years and I’m still a total noob compared to them
Moen Marius
Moen Marius - 6 måneder siden
How did you get shulker boxes before you found the stronghold
Audrey Hogan
Audrey Hogan - 6 måneder siden
Your welcome 😉
Moen Marius
Moen Marius - 6 måneder siden
Audrey Hogan thanks 🙏
Audrey Hogan
Audrey Hogan - 6 måneder siden
Moen Marius there is a shop False made it he probably got them from there or went through a different portal
Aidan Marshall
Aidan Marshall - 6 måneder siden
Creepers kill people all the time with enchanted armour but to me they do practically nothing when I have enchanted armour
Danial Arzani
Danial Arzani - 6 måneder siden
I fell A LOT more bad when i see cub is so calm about losing his stuff and searching for them
Alexsandro agustini
Alexsandro agustini - 6 måneder siden
Wut how did he get at the world border i thought that was really hard
PoweredUp444 - 6 måneder siden
Cubfan's How Fast Can I Run 3 kilometers
bungeons&bragons - 6 måneder siden
I actually gasped at the creeper
Absolute F omg I'm so sorry
Robo Riley
Robo Riley - 6 måneder siden
Jumperz - 6 måneder siden
17:46 the XP gives hungergames sound
StickMasterLuk3 - 6 måneder siden
Jumperz bos omg it does
Lewe Harpoon
Lewe Harpoon - 6 måneder siden
Makes his way from cave to cave alone, moving undetected. 10 points if you get this reference.
seven eleven
seven eleven - 6 måneder siden
Imagine if you’re already at the border and there’s diamond in it but you can’t mine it.
Evgeniy Midasov
Evgeniy Midasov - 6 måneder siden
guys how he have shulker boxes if he hadnt entered the end? wtf ? or it can be more than 1 stroghold?
stressfulgummibear - 6 måneder siden
No joke, @ 10:19, right after cub says to try to hear something... my stomach growled. Made laugh for a solid minute.
Splintercat - 6 måneder siden
The hoarder in me got so anxious when I saw him wasting all the cobble in the mine. (。ŏ﹏ŏ)
Janine Farias
Janine Farias - 6 måneder siden
I Admire you so much, Cub!
Thank you for being so calm and teaching us how to deal with these situations.
You’re amazing!
Too unfair you had to pay 50d !!
Clair Jempson
Clair Jempson - 6 måneder siden
You should build shops on top of shops to save spending more diamonds. Just a suggestion
trip326 R
trip326 R - 6 måneder siden
How did one explosion kill him if he was full diamond?
Slifer Streaming
Slifer Streaming - 6 måneder siden
I didn’t know minecraft had world borders tbh, i thought it was all procedurally generated and never ended.
Reigne Stephen Regalado
Reigne Stephen Regalado - 6 måneder siden
In 4:18 that Zombie was a former Steve working on the stronghold and placing wooden doors he got turned into a zombie.
Snuskedundret - 6 måneder siden
Why have a world border of only 3000? Seems like a small world for such a big server
Reigne Stephen Regalado
Reigne Stephen Regalado - 6 måneder siden
Maybe the spawn island isn't far from the border.
a smith
a smith - 6 måneder siden
cub was more mad about that apple than dying and losing everything
Zenvoid - 6 måneder siden
Since when is there a world border at X/Z +3000? Isn't it at X/Z +30,000,000?
El Moustacho
El Moustacho - 6 måneder siden
Why is the world border at 3000?
Blaine Davies
Blaine Davies - 6 måneder siden
Cub, cub, cub, cub, life lesson #1: NOTHING IS FREE! NOTHING!
Roo Kangaroo
Roo Kangaroo - 6 måneder siden
There are 2 strong holds in that server?
Tago Sanchez
Tago Sanchez - 6 måneder siden
7:34 defying the laws of physics.
BIG sMOKE - 6 måneder siden
That was nerve racking watching him find his stuff....... yeah i would take an extra dipp
Natasha watson
Natasha watson - 6 måneder siden
"Several hundred redstone". "Several hundred diamonds" ha keep dreaming😆😆
jake Turner
jake Turner - 7 måneder siden
OMG RIP cub i felt his anger when that creeper got him. the silence says it all just no comment
ben dover
ben dover - 7 måneder siden
What’s breaking the bloke your trying to get onto gonna do lol.. probably would have made it out if he just got up
B. Jones
B. Jones - 7 måneder siden
🙋🏼‍♂️👋🙋‍♂️Cub In your mine if you Jump up and down when moving because it is 2 high you will Move Faster🤯🥳🤯Also it’s amazing that when you die you stay so Happy 😋
💿Like so Cub can see this👍
18 TideyD
18 TideyD - 7 måneder siden
17:47 the Redstone he mined made the hunger games rebel tune thing
Kowonski - 7 måneder siden
I ligit didn’t know that multiple strongholds could spawn in a single world
jrrscttktts - 7 måneder siden
Reminds me of my first Minecraft world. Every time I found diamonds I’d get blow into lava. 5 times in a row. Didn’t know about water buckets then.
Bruno Gonçalves
Bruno Gonçalves - 7 måneder siden
Oh, I didn't know that. The Hermitcraft dimensions are only 3000x3000?
Paul Furniss
Paul Furniss - 7 måneder siden
I don't wanna troll, but this is a bit lame. I wouldn't have even bothered with the enchantment books, you can get much better by other means. He also took books from the chest, but didn't bother breaking the bookcases. If he wanted books, he could have scored lots more just by taking the book cases. Bit amateur.
JBunny-30 Harris
JBunny-30 Harris - 7 måneder siden
Question, who gets the stack of diamonds that hermits are paying for land?
Terrance Clark
Terrance Clark - 7 måneder siden
You're a real trooper, Cub
Marcus Thorén
Marcus Thorén - 7 måneder siden
Why is the world border so close? 3000 isn't far at all. I mean, they're quite a bunch of people and they make large projects afterall..
Jordy Minnaard
Jordy Minnaard - 7 måneder siden
How did he get a sulker box before he went to the end?
Ignacio Leaño
Ignacio Leaño - 7 måneder siden
OMG bro
Thomas DeVito
Thomas DeVito - 7 måneder siden
There was a water bucket on your inventory when you died. Why wouldn’t you just place the water.
cubey - 7 måneder siden
cubfan sais on 4 30 this is my luck over here and he got 31 diamonds on hes inventory an another 9 blocks of diamond in the shulker box
Rick w
Rick w - 7 måneder siden
igooog - 7 måneder siden
Literally 1 second after the death it cut to an ad.
YouTube has a great sense of comedic timing sometimes.
Boii Boiis
Boii Boiis - 7 måneder siden
ello there get some gear to make neatherite armor