Minecraft 1.16: The Nether Update's First Snapshot!

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Today we review Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot 20w06a! The first Nether Update Snapshot. This snapshot includes many new features including new Nether biomes, Blue Fire, New light sources, Netherite tools, armor, and ore, the Hoglin mob, and much more!
Full Changelog: www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/minecraft-snapshot-20w06a
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cubfan135 - 8 måneder siden
What's your favorite feature so far? What do you hope Mojang adds that hasn't been hinted at yet?
Personally, I like the Netherite Blocks and hope for at least a few more ores to search for and mine.
Kelmir Osue
Kelmir Osue - 7 måneder siden
@Random Chance oh, you were joking. Yeah sometimes I can't tell if someone is joking or not. And not 100% sure on fortune III but it should work
Random Chance
Random Chance - 7 måneder siden
@Kelmir Osue So you don't actually know if Fortune III works on it and you can't recognize a joke. Thanks so much, thank you so very, very much : )
Kelmir Osue
Kelmir Osue - 7 måneder siden
@Random Chance Fortune III works on all ores as far as I know of. So yes it would work on ancient debris. And no farting, not really a thing Mojang would make and I personally wouldn't want to see it
Random Chance
Random Chance - 7 måneder siden
Since netherite scraps are so rare to find, does Fortune III increase the drop amount when mined? Any chance that those Pumba mobs can fart and relight a dead nether portal? That would be a great game mechanic : D
Kat Wright
Kat Wright - 8 måneder siden
A whole new set of nether red stone mechanics that only work in the nether. I mean we've red stone that will work in both the overworld and the nether but imagine if there were some particular components that only worked in the nether, for instance, to create a machine that allows water to exist (not evaporate) in a small area for instance. This could allow for people to start in the nether on spawn as they'd be able then to forge a portal to get to the overworld.
Baljeet _
Baljeet _ - 21 dag siden
BluDeuce - 7 måneder siden
the one thing i hope they add is sleeping in the nether that way we wont have to worry about our beds exploding
Scottydude456 - 7 måneder siden
Cub: Warped F U N G E E E
AJ the anime gamer
AJ the anime gamer - 8 måneder siden
I have a few ideas for the Nether update I would love to see
1) Mushroom boats (I would love to be able to ride around in lava just like any other boat. It can be crafted with the new mushroom trees).
2) You should be able to to tame and ride the Hogs.
3)The new pigmen should appear in a neather village( I think that would be cool to find a village made of the new mushroom wood and netherstone. And it would also add on to the thought of them getting annoyed when you would open a chest near them thinking that you are stealing from them)
sjkdsfsdf - 8 måneder siden
they should add a crimson ore and make so it only spawns in the crimson biome in the nether, and maybe let players use it to trade with the pig men similar to villigers but with different items.
Kat Wright
Kat Wright - 8 måneder siden
Is the netherite able to be dyed? 🤔
zhyyn - 8 måneder siden
ok so the fact that endermen spawn more frequently then just mostly in the end is a lot better when your hunting for them
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson - 8 måneder siden
HI, I work with BBTV and we help YouTube creators diversify their revenue streams and create strategies to level out peaks and valleys in audience engagement and monthly views. I'd love to chat with you about your channel and what your challenges are on the platform. Can I send you some more information?
emily b
emily b - 8 måneder siden
This is a much needed update and I hope to see YouTubers enjoying it after the release. It seems like with all the snapshots, by the time the update actually launches everyone is over it already. This is just such a cool update with such unique blocks and changes I'd like to see other people's takes on playing in it and practical building with it. I'd love to see Hermitcraft season 7 based in the Nether!
ak steel
ak steel - 8 måneder siden
how come we cant play it. is it only available to YouTubers.
HallowLitten101 - 8 måneder siden
I guess you could say you told me things I may or may not know about Minecraft
Khaled B
Khaled B - 8 måneder siden
Hey guys! I just put together a cubfan135 fan server on discord. You can get notified of uploads and can talk about his channel in a nice place. Feel free to join if you want.


Cub, let me know if you would like to get in on this and I can give you ownership of the server. I just want a nice place everyone can talk about your channel. I tried DMing you on twitter but you can reply here if you want.
Nikola Nahirni
Nikola Nahirni - 8 måneder siden
1: Collect wood
2: Craft 10 planks
3: Craft of 1 plank 2 sticks
4: Craft of 3 planks and the sticks a pickaxe
5: Craft of 4 planks a crafting table
6: Find a cave
7: Mine 50 iron ore, 50 coal and 8 cobblestone
8: Craft a furnace of the cobblestones
9: Smelt all the iron ore, this will get iron ingots
10: Craft of all iron ingots buckets
11: Fill all buckets with water
12: Find lava
13: Make obsidian with water
14: Acquire flint and steel
15: Build a nether portal and use your flint and steel
16: Go into the nether
17: Find ancient debris and mine it
18: When you return to overworld, mine as much gold
19: Craft netherite bricks
20: Have fun.
Richard Acton
Richard Acton - 8 måneder siden
All we need now is netherite shukler boxes and dying in lava will no longer ruin your day!
Psychotic - 8 måneder siden
Would love to see bark blocks out of these new wood types. It would look insane in a kinda wasteland or vulcanic area in the overworld...
Vlad - 8 måneder siden
I notice you can light the tops of the shrooms on fire, but not the sides
Bowser Jr
Bowser Jr - 8 måneder siden
The question is do we have all of this on consoles?
SkypilotTom - 8 måneder siden
blast mining will be the new technique to find ancient debris. go down to bedrock and lay a long line of tnt. you will uncover dozens of it with one line of explosions.
__ Honeyslime
__ Honeyslime - 8 måneder siden
in the start of the video there is an alderman in the nether. This update is gonna be good.
Herr Klockow
Herr Klockow - 8 måneder siden
Fungi = funGUY, because fungus = funGUS
Mikey Moth
Mikey Moth - 8 måneder siden
i cant stop thinking about how the shroomlight looks like a bean block
crunch evo
crunch evo - 8 måneder siden
so wait... lava proof armour? and tools? BEGONE DAYS OF LOSING OUR TOOLS TO THAT DAMN FORBIDEN SAUCE!!!! but i really wish. and this is a stretch.. but what if we could coat a shulker box in netherite and make it immune to explosions? i can not tell you how many times i've had my boxes blown up by a double creeper moment lol
Mister Jersey54
Mister Jersey54 - 8 måneder siden
I like old nether better
Pauper Knight
Pauper Knight - 8 måneder siden
Like Cubfan135, I'm sure Paulsoaresjr is STILL waiting for a recipe for a NETHER boat that floats on lava!
Thomas Wagner
Thomas Wagner - 8 måneder siden
What is (currently) happening to Note Blocks on Netherite or Ancient Debris?
What happens (currently) to zombies walking around in the daytime in the sunlight, wearing a Netherite helmet?
Does this, like all other helmets, break down at some point, or are Netherite helmets indestructible for the sun due to their fire immunity?
Sarah Bjorgan
Sarah Bjorgan - 8 måneder siden
Crimson forest looks like the upside down. Do you agree?
Harsh soni
Harsh soni - 8 måneder siden
When's the snowier snow update coming?
Tiberius Oni
Tiberius Oni - 8 måneder siden
those shoom lights are nice. i hope there's a way of farming the mushrooms/ fungi without scouring the nether for them. maybe shearing the tree tops
ElonMuskplsnoticeme - 8 måneder siden
Im still confused
Is it Fungi? (fun-jee) or
Fungi? (fun-guy)
Patrick Roberts
Patrick Roberts - 8 måneder siden
27:16 Mumbo's gonna be sad when he finds out...
Sean Omight
Sean Omight - 8 måneder siden
There you go cub. Nether drones coming via update.
david sharp
david sharp - 8 måneder siden
God loves you
Jawsh 56
Jawsh 56 - 8 måneder siden
Soul soil not burning items is probably good for farms
Alexey Sidorenko
Alexey Sidorenko - 8 måneder siden
Endermen can warp
Maybe that's why they're the only mobs spawning there
* Game Theory intensifies *
Peter Morawczynski
Peter Morawczynski - 8 måneder siden
If he says fungi wrong ONE MORE TIME
White Void
White Void - 8 måneder siden
Diamond lanterns for ConCorp, fancy
Harrison Balmforth
Harrison Balmforth - 8 måneder siden
My favourite thing is the way you say funjee instead of funguy is this just an English thing ?
Existence Productions
Existence Productions - 8 måneder siden
So in conclusion we have in this snapshot:
Crimson stem
Warped stem
Soul fire torch and soul fire lanterns
Netherite ingots, scraps, blocks, tools and armor
Crimson and warped fungi
Soul soil
Blue fire
Ancient debris
Crimson and warped nylium
And a bunch of bugfixes and no gaps between le walls
Jared Melamed
Jared Melamed - 8 måneder siden
Awesome vid
David Rosa
David Rosa - 8 måneder siden
Fire proof wood = fire proof boat? Lava boat? Maybe?
James Noland
James Noland - 8 måneder siden
OMG! I didn't know how much I needed a fireproof boat until you mentioned it!
DerpingRedFish - 8 måneder siden
You didn't actually test if you could ride hoglands. You right clicked above their weird hit box.
ALEXANDER SACKETT - 8 måneder siden
Can netherite blocks be used to make a beacon?
Feier DragoZ
Feier DragoZ - 8 måneder siden
Let's take a moment to say goodbye to our beloved diamond hie
Pi61 - 8 måneder siden
They could've make the background change a little more transparent so its' not too instant making it look kinda bad.
Shock Gaming
Shock Gaming - 8 måneder siden
the first thing that came to my mind when i saw the warped forest biome and crimson biome:

imran jamal
imran jamal - 8 måneder siden
We need an unbreakable anvil
Arshiya Nouri
Arshiya Nouri - 8 måneder siden
Determined Games
Determined Games - 8 måneder siden
Wouldn't it be cool if you could use netherrack as a Nether substitute for cobblestone? Of course Netherrack is way easier to gather a lot of because of it's faster mining speed so you'd need to compact like 4 of it to craft a new block which would serve that purpose but that does seem like a good idea to me.
xgozulx - 8 måneder siden
Upgrading from diamond to netherite keeps enchantments?
Felip Art Docejo
Felip Art Docejo - 8 måneder siden
It is definitely Netherite equipment,but I hope they also add Netherite shield,bow and crossbow.
xgozulx - 8 måneder siden
I hope they change netherite texture to show a bit if diamond below, it would be much cooler than just gray
Timmzy27 - 8 måneder siden
Do Red Nether bricks have fence gates, pressure plates, buttons etc?
saw141 - 8 måneder siden
I really don't know how I feel about Netherite tools...I don't think it's necessary or perhaps even wise to add something stronger than diamond. Diamond has been a staple of Minecraft from right around the beginning. This seems like a genuinely dangerous decision for Microsoft and Mojang to make and I really hope they're putting enough thought into whether or not this is the right thing to do...I've been wondering for a couple years now what the value of continually updating Minecraft with "content" is; why does Minecraft need new content aside from optimization? I fear that Mojang, under the ownership of Microsoft but maybe even if they hadn't been bought...may be falling into a common mindset I've seen with successful game development. It seems like when games have gotten big in the last 10-15 years, companies have tried to constantly update them and appeal to more and more people, keep it fresh. I think that this is a really dangerous road to go because you can't please everyone. What if these changes ruin the game for those who have loved it for so long, or over complexity it to a point of non-recognition with what people fell in love with? That what happened with WoW, due to constant development and thoughtlessness. That's what I feel like happened for me with League of Legends, I played League for 5 years and it changed so much I felt like I couldn't enjoy it anymore...it wasn't the same game. Change happens but developing a game is literally choosing what changes happen, it is not inherent. I honestly think that due to Mojang's popularity, they should hold more votes on changes that are so fundamental to the game instead of basing these massive decisions off of whatever feedback or vision motivates them. If they are going to continue changing Minecraft "for the community" or "for us" then we should have a strong say if not the final decision on what changes will be (permanently?) made to the base game. Old School Runescape Polls major developmental changes and the community loves it. Last year, Jagex held a vote to add a new skill to Old School Runescape; this would have been a MAJOR change to every aspect of the game. The community voted no, and they didn't, despite having it nearly completed. https://old.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/ch9nmq/warding_poll_fails/
By making such a fundamental change to the power tiers of the game, even though the differences are minimal, and even though Netherite is "rare", they risk alienating the playerbase that made Minecraft the most sold game of all time. I sometimes feel like Mojang makes changes because they THINK they have to, they THINK everything has to have a purpose but Minecraft is the #1 selling game already...people clearly love it and have loved it the way it is. To make fundamental, massive changes to items, biomes (the game) NOW...why? They already are #1, what needs to be changed, it worked, people love it. I don't think many people will agree with me but I just wanted to voice my concerns. Thank you if you read it all and if you agree with my concerns please try to provide the feedback directly to Mojang and discuss it with other people who love Minecraft as well. I made a thread on the feedback site and there are a few others discussing this Snapshot. https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360056924232-Concerns-about-Netherite-Tools-1-16-20W06A-and-the-Direction-of-Development-Should-we-poll-all-updates- and https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360056920512--20W06A-Netherite-SHOULD-NOT-REPLACE-Diamond and https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360056901012--20W06A-Netherite-armor-tools-feedback .
Fury - 8 måneder siden
my favorite feature is _ALL OF THEM_
Gavin P
Gavin P - 8 måneder siden
If you want more shroom lights, get the warped mushrooms and you can grow them in to trees in the overworld, on either of the Nyliam varient blocks, but currently (in this snapshot at least), only the warped trees will generate the shroom lights in them. I tried both and the crimson one didn't generate shroomlights in them.
Osiris Johnson
Osiris Johnson - 8 måneder siden
I can see people making blast doors with the netherite blocks
Nyxira - 8 måneder siden
I am so excited for all the new blocks and lights! They look so freakin' cool!
PrinceGlace - 8 måneder siden
Honestly i know season 6 is the season that never ends but, i hope whenever the full nether update is released that season 7 begins. It would be so fun having the hermits go back to zero and having to work all that way for their first use of netherite in hermitcraft. The update so far is really cool and full of cool blocks too
Milkytears - 8 måneder siden
How Do I Get The Update????
Ghost bride
Ghost bride - 8 måneder siden
I'm quite hyped to see what the mushrooms are going to be useful for !
New potions ? New food ? I hope they're useful for something at least, like the others are~
The Art-Theist
The Art-Theist - 8 måneder siden
3:00 I hope that isn't a bug or if it is they keep it as a feature cause that's cool, anything that adds extra features is great!
Epic_CookieTank - 8 måneder siden
Can the wither destroy netherite blocks?
Trip's Toons
Trip's Toons - 8 måneder siden
I knew there would be a blue fire light source.
Wii G
Wii G - 8 måneder siden
This new blue & purple wood is going to be the closest we are ever going to get to dyed wood isn't it?
Dino Lauricella
Dino Lauricella - 8 måneder siden
Favorite feature is that I'll no longer look ridiculous wearing baby blue armor
LightningTC - 8 måneder siden
Anyone else getting Skyrim vibes from the new stuff?
Master Templar Shay
Master Templar Shay - 8 måneder siden
"Fun-jee" I have never heard anyone pronounce it that way. I always hear "fun-guy" (which is the one I use) or "fun-gee".
Aquatic Typhoon
Aquatic Typhoon - 8 måneder siden
I love the addition of vertical biomes!
Ronnie Goble
Ronnie Goble - 8 måneder siden
OMG NETHERITE IS OP and expensive?! Well that's fine in guess that diamonds will be kind of useless now
memelord andromeda
memelord andromeda - 8 måneder siden
Since there's wood in the nether,they need to make crimson and warped chests
some act 2
some act 2 - 8 måneder siden
If they added me in minecraft
HypedRogue - 8 måneder siden
I can see the netherite block as a nice floor design paired with say furnaces or blast furnaces (One of the most expensive floors ever I know)
John DelZoppo
John DelZoppo - 8 måneder siden
Fungi is the plural of fungus.
Not fungee.
He Who Wanders
He Who Wanders - 8 måneder siden
I am a fan of the new ingot, but I am not really a fan of how many resources it seems like it is going to take. Also, it feels odd that the way to make the new armour and weapons is by adding a new ingot to already made diamond ones.
HistoryMC - 8 måneder siden
Before this snapshot, it was really rare to find a enderman in the nether
rashkavar - 8 måneder siden
Ooh, that piston bugfix is unfortunate in one way - for things where you want to push a single block over but only have a sticky piston, you could hook that up with a power source mounted on it, and that'd provide a short enough pulse that it drops the block - since it immediately broke the input device, it was on for a minimum amount of time - I forget if this was a one-tick or zero-tick in proper redstone terminology, but it was a useful trick.
Kvothe Alar
Kvothe Alar - 8 måneder siden
Ancient Debris is blast proof, so you don't have to strip mine for it. If you clear out a huge area around y=10 in the nether you can fill it with 1 layer of tnt and detonate, exposing a ton of the ore.
WarheroesINC - 8 måneder siden
My god it’s beautiful
Isaac Arnould-Stedman
Isaac Arnould-Stedman - 8 måneder siden
I love the armour but want A. Target blocks and B. The ability to get Java on Xbox
Isaac Arnould-Stedman
Isaac Arnould-Stedman - 8 måneder siden
yeh, but we don't get one tick pulses, stable redstone, access to snapshots, easy to add mods and rescource packs: u get it better
memelord andromeda
memelord andromeda - 8 måneder siden
This update is coming to bedrock too :)
Cuz1mChr1s - 8 måneder siden
Well pros of the 1.16 Update will definitely be Netherite items and those awesome new blue lighting blocks. Some things that i have to complain about would be those new trees. I feel like trees just dont fit into the nether. At least not in the way that theyve been implemented so far. I mean nether wart blocks? Seryously? You know that one important part of the nether was that you would really have to LOOK for nethet warts. They are importsnd and rare in a way after all. Just packing them on trees and throwing them at the playerbase doesnt make the Survival part more interesting. Also another question. U recon they will make Netherite blast ressistant? After all that stuff can withstsnd TNT. So why shouldnt armour be abled to do the same thing to a slight degree?!
Elseway I hope that they put a bit more into 1.16. Its never been fun exploring the nether, but 1.16 might change that. Looking forward to it.
NxA.Killla - 8 måneder siden
When is the update gonna come out for xbox and ps4
UGLYMEAT - 8 måneder siden
Its interesting how this is the video that popped up in my feed instead of some zoomer blasting with me with clickbait and social media plugs i get a wholesome dude browsing the new deets good stuff
clara southby
clara southby - 8 måneder siden
So who is moving to the nether with me ?
Tilen Zupan
Tilen Zupan - 8 måneder siden
Im looking forward for a useful way to spend gold
M S - 8 måneder siden
I hate this update because of the weird torquose color. If it the colour was black it would be nicer especially because the nether is a sort of "hell" and I don't think torquose fits a "hell"
MinioX - 8 måneder siden
Mumbo: obsidian but you can push it. Rip hermitcraft
Fongsturion - 8 måneder siden
this is not minecraft anymore
James H
James H - 8 måneder siden
i'm pretty sure the a in basalt is like the a in bad or if youre from yorkshire, the a in bath
Dark Empress Of Doom
Dark Empress Of Doom - 8 måneder siden
Its blue I like the red better
KingBardOG - 8 måneder siden
We need a Netherite boat
memelord andromeda
memelord andromeda - 8 måneder siden
And warped and crimson chests 👌
Emily Swift
Emily Swift - 8 måneder siden
I like how now there are different colors of wood because when I'm building I always want a pop of color without using concrete and other things like that.
Chris Bachmann
Chris Bachmann - 8 måneder siden
I wonder if the gap in the walls still exists if the layers are of different types of walls.
Nikolai Margolin
Nikolai Margolin - 8 måneder siden
I think it would be kind of cool if you could make warped or crimson boats and maybe be able to ride over lava with them or maybe some kind of enchantment similar to frost walk that could allow you to walk on lava.
GoldenGunz11 - 8 måneder siden
Fun gee
Crappy - 8 måneder siden
Kinda bummed the bright blue diamond armor is being replaced by the cliche black armor that many other games have as the strongest. I always felt Minecraft was unique breaking away from the "safe" color of black.
Ben Watson
Ben Watson - 8 måneder siden
A lot of this feels like a mod. But the pistons breaking faster with a pickaxe? hell yeah
Galaxy - 8 måneder siden
This is so dang good, such a good update!
The K
The K - 8 måneder siden
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