Minecraft: Cocoa Bean Farm Tutorial

Set it and forget it! Today I show you how you can build a simple automated Cocoa Bean farm which will automatically break and harvest your Cocoa Beans for you! All you do is plant the Cocoa Beans and walk away.
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Runtime: 16:00


Delcar's Dungeon
Delcar's Dungeon - 9 dager siden
Excellent, easy to follow: one request from the Survival exclusive types: Give us a materials list up front for projects, it's a big help when planning in survival games.
TTrollkoo 1157
TTrollkoo 1157 - Måned siden
Do u need bonemeal for the farm to work
Yan Han
Yan Han - 3 måneder siden
it's not working 4 me
Canfooy - 3 måneder siden
there are a lot of unneeded parts to this since you have to replant the beans anyway the mine cart system can be scraped cause if you need to replant to can pick up as you do it. the auto harvest can be replaced with a switch just to turn on the piston when you come back to the farm. if the beans would regrow and not need to be replanted this would be a great system but sadly they don't.
Sapokee - 3 måneder siden
im here to look for the materials i need because im too lazy to count
DanShuTV - 4 måneder siden
then you walk back and plant more. what a clickbait title
Alucard120392 - 4 måneder siden
At 4:19 how do I place the observer facing down to the piston, no matter which way I face I cant seem to do it
L. P.
L. P. - 5 måneder siden
Sweet farm cub. You've been loving the honey blocks for ages Hey!
Fireballfree - 5 måneder siden
Built this today in my 1.15.2 survival world, made seven rows, too many drops for the minecart to handle alone so I added some hoppers beneath the tracks. Really fun build, can't wait to put a facade on it.
wauhtihomer_666 - 6 måneder siden
What materials do I need and how much?
Nifegun - 6 måneder siden
Hey Cub! I'm a new kid on the block in Youtube land, so if you want to just delete this, that's totally cool. But if you'd be willing to leave this here so people can find my cocoa bean farm too, I'd really appreciate it. I used a wall design instead of your row design because I find it more efficient for planting. thx!
juufa72 - 6 måneder siden

As soon as I place the observer down into the piston as indicated at 4:16, the piston activates immediately.
I have followed this tutorial exactly in my creative prooving grounds and in my survival world and each time the piston fires when the observer is placed and then the system doesn't work at all.

I use Bedrock Pocket Edition. :-/

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
Joe - 5 måneder siden
I had this happen to me as well on modded Java 1.12.2 for some reason and I can't figure out what went wrong.
..... - 6 måneder siden
Doesn't even work
Cailzz - 7 måneder siden
my minecart is not getting activate most of the times
Cailzz - 6 måneder siden
@Rhianna Staker thank you
Rhianna Staker
Rhianna Staker - 6 måneder siden
It took me a while to work it out but if lengthen the repeater next to the minecart (2 or 3 ticks), it fixes it. The single tick was too quick for the minecart to move. Try that :)
Alpha AquilamonX
Alpha AquilamonX - 8 måneder siden
Cool odea but the redstone repeater would just never let me put it on top of the dropper it only gave me the option to open it 3:23
GrimFever - 7 måneder siden
Bilal Sikandar
Bilal Sikandar - 9 måneder siden
Does this work on P.E? I followed the instructions and it all worked until the note block went off and the observer didn’t react to it
PlopingPopcorn - 9 måneder siden
How to solve child labor
Spencer Morrow
Spencer Morrow - 9 måneder siden
Does this farm work for bedrock?
SuperSonicSpeedster69 - 9 måneder siden
MerkDolf - 9 måneder siden
But how do you replant the beans so it is truly set and forget?
Canfooy - 3 måneder siden
you don't it's a waste of resources scrap the minecart system and the auto harvest just have a leaver to turn the pistons on and off harvest when you want then collect while you replant
am hedgehog
am hedgehog - 9 måneder siden
What can you use cocoa beans for?
Emil Ramos
Emil Ramos - 9 måneder siden
Making cookies and brown dye
am hedgehog
am hedgehog - 9 måneder siden
*+20 braincells*
Michael Lyon
Michael Lyon - 9 måneder siden
Hey Cub do you know of any YouTubers that do Redstone tutorials for Xbox One? I try to follow your tutorials and Mumbo’s but with the differences between Redstone in PC and console versions of Minecraft oftentimes they don’t work for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I love watching your HermitCraft episodes man. Keep it up.
Roidt - 9 måneder siden
Coaco beans: nearly useless yet wanted by all.
Jurassic Ammon
Jurassic Ammon - 9 måneder siden
LifeOfAriel 14
LifeOfAriel 14 - 9 måneder siden
Thank u for the tutorial!
My goal is 100 subscribers!
G S M - 9 måneder siden
Hey Cub, I love this farm, and this tutorial was easy to follow! I just want to point out that, for tutorials, you should put redstone components on blocks that are easier to count, like smooth stone. Also use them on essential building blocks of the farm, instead of grass blocks, bricks and stone bricks
Tyler - 9 måneder siden
Hello fellow comment reader. I actually have a hermitcraft-like realm in which we have shops, active players, a functional economy with diamonds as currency, and booming businesses. We would love to have more active players and if you are interested, please dm me at my discord “Tylerr#6496”. Not to worry, there are no griefers on here because we talk to everyone before they join.
Jurassic Ammon
Jurassic Ammon - 9 måneder siden
Cub go on classical mc plz
Brian Troy
Brian Troy - 9 måneder siden
Tbh, I'm not a huge fan of this design, it uses a lot of space. You can make essentially the same farm in any form factor. I prefer to have the logs all together in a wall, the wall can be any size as long as 1 dimension is less than 12 blocks (push limit). Then you can replant faster since you only need to walk the length of your entire wall twice while planting, each log still houses 2 seeds (as long as you use both sides of the wall). Also auto harvesting isn't worth it. You have to replant it manually anyway, so you have to be there, having to click a button and then replant, is negligible compared to just replanting. Also it's less time than the time saved by having all your seed locations packed together on a wall. The wall design optimizes the time it takes the player to plant it. Anyone want a tutorial on a wall based design? Edit: I did it. I made a video!
Kaoru Kosaka
Kaoru Kosaka - 6 måneder siden
@Brian Troy ah that makes sense
Brian Troy
Brian Troy - 6 måneder siden
@Kaoru Kosaka Cause I've sort of had the Nifegun name and channel for a long time, but then at some point youtube did a thing and then my personal email became an account. So now if I just go to youtube I'm default logged in to this account. But If I'm gunna have channel get a name or subs or anything, I'd like it to be my gamertag haha
Kaoru Kosaka
Kaoru Kosaka - 6 måneder siden
@Brian Troy also if you don't mind me asking why are you using different account?
Kaoru Kosaka
Kaoru Kosaka - 6 måneder siden
@Brian Troy ok ty
Brian Troy
Brian Troy - 6 måneder siden
@Kaoru Kosaka noburn.info/id/video/12uvfrWKc6p8kGk.html Only took a month lol
Xfinity 2
Xfinity 2 - 9 måneder siden
Are cocos usefull for something?
_robin_ - 9 måneder siden
so you don't need to make a coco bean farm like this, this is just a "oh, what the hell" type thing
_robin_ - 9 måneder siden
um, dye, other than that no, not rly
Jane Doe
Jane Doe - 9 måneder siden
Does it work on bedrock edition?
Xfinity 2
Xfinity 2 - 9 måneder siden
LandoHitman - 9 måneder siden
Too bad dispensers couldn't be used to, "replant," the cocoa beans; completely automating the process.
Joseph Rooks
Joseph Rooks - 9 måneder siden
Season 5 throwback! I would love for you to do more of these tutorials revisiting old farm designs.
علي جاسم محمد سلمان
The redstone is so smart!
Sir Tain Lee
Sir Tain Lee - 9 måneder siden
Semi-automated. Now if you can get a dropper or something to replant the c beans, you can take a vacation while making cocoa.
mini manster
mini manster - 9 måneder siden
This farm doesn't work on all platforms of Minecraft 😄
May May
May May - 9 måneder siden
finally you made the tutorial, thank you, but do you have one that works in bedrock or does it still work in bedrock? because i believe i did something wrong
Andre Chaosweapon
Andre Chaosweapon - 9 måneder siden
you can use villagers to plant cocoa bean or they just trade?
Maizuma Games
Maizuma Games - 9 måneder siden
I really like this farm :-]
LandoHitman - 9 måneder siden
Cub is a genius. I love his tutorials because they're always so comprehensive.
Ean Sweeny
Ean Sweeny - 6 måneder siden
LandoHitman I think it would work better if it was facing strait up
The Funny Turtle
The Funny Turtle - 9 måneder siden
Bedrock players may need to add some stuff but this seems good
Wolthy - 9 måneder siden
Techokami - 9 måneder siden
@Wolthy It should work on any version of Minecraft that has the redstone components utilized.
Wolthy - 9 måneder siden
does it work on 1.13
ike - 9 måneder siden
pretty cool cub!
DuelScreen - 9 måneder siden
Too late. I built a version of this over break. I would have loved to have had a tutorial since I'm not great at redstone. Better late than never I suppose.
variant - 9 måneder siden
DuelScreen I know tone is difficult to read but your comment makes it sound like you are personally affronted that Cub did not decide to make and put this video out prior to Christmas break and I find that hilarious lol
V8 - 9 måneder siden
Cub you are the Bob Ross of Cocoa bean farms. Nicely done good sir
Omar Bassam
Omar Bassam - 9 måneder siden
David Rosa
David Rosa - 9 måneder siden
I can't think of a good reason for a cocoa bean farm. Aesthetics?
David Rosa
David Rosa - 9 måneder siden
These are all reasons. Some funny. But i mentioned a good reason 😄
Neyte Ranth
Neyte Ranth - 9 måneder siden
If something can be farmed, it should be farmed
WyomingPTT - 9 måneder siden
lol if you really like brown dye?
haven't - 9 måneder siden
If you like building with brown concrete/terracotta you'll need a supply of cocoa beans.
DuelScreen - 9 måneder siden
Brown dye and cookies. The pods give off light so they also have aesthetic value. That's about it. NB: We can now get brown dye from traders so that lessens their use a bit.
M4fps - 9 måneder siden
Ah yes, Coco Beans, the main source for my ni-- nice wooden house.
GolemKing - 9 måneder siden
That's kind of smart boy
boocchi hitori
boocchi hitori - 9 måneder siden
I believe I have seen this episode already
Yogit Shankar
Yogit Shankar - 9 måneder siden
This is the first farm I ever built on my server thanks
Pr Vatcraft
Pr Vatcraft - 9 måneder siden
Hmmmm I thought you have done this before??? Oh wait, it was on the hermitcraft sever. Sorry guys, dumb memory
Asher Buck
Asher Buck - 9 måneder siden
What’s even the point of coco beans though
haven't - 9 måneder siden
Brown concrete and terracotta.
10 000 !
10 000 ! - 9 måneder siden
Do you watch Ilmango? If yes why do you ask, if no check out his channel! He makes crazy, pointless redstone contradictions on the SciCraft server like poisonous potato farm etc
ack _
ack _ - 9 måneder siden
Crown Animates
Crown Animates - 9 måneder siden
Thanks for the video I really needed it
OwO - 9 måneder siden
This farm is so perfect. I can get infinite amount of cookies and give it out to everyone
Super Hase
Super Hase - 9 måneder siden
@Saketh CVES i know that they will kill them that was a jocke. WOOOOSH
Saketh CVES
Saketh CVES - 9 måneder siden
I dont know if you meant parrots like cookies Super Hase, but cookies will kill parrots instantly in minecraft a choclate is lethal to parrots in real life. Wooosh me if you want
Super Hase
Super Hase - 9 måneder siden
parrots like cookies
Jussi Raitoniemi
Jussi Raitoniemi - 9 måneder siden
In a single player world xD
pp-chan - 9 måneder siden
젠젠니키미 - 9 måneder siden
Hi Cub your REALLY good at Minecraft your a great builder and you build better than me in Minecraft! Also I suck at redstone so your wayyyy better than me at Minecraft
Aidan Baskerville
Aidan Baskerville - 9 måneder siden
Existence Productions
Existence Productions - 9 måneder siden
Chocolate *🅱️ e a n s*
Likwidchiken - 9 måneder siden
I saw this video in the recommended videos, and I didn't get a notification alert for it... :( Glad I saw it though! I never miss a Cub vid.
Orionis Creations
Orionis Creations - 9 måneder siden
I had the same thing happen with Impulse's latest video too. So unfortunate! But at least they showed up in the long run?
Chris Vergunst
Chris Vergunst - 9 måneder siden
le wreee
le wreee - 9 måneder siden
Might as well say hi.
Samuel Addison
Samuel Addison - 9 måneder siden
i hate farming cocoa beans so this will be great
nisa - 9 måneder siden
nice vid!
nisa - 9 måneder siden
@10 000 ! i knew that was so cool, so i like it quickly
10 000 !
10 000 ! - 9 måneder siden
nisa you haven’t even finished it!
YellowAtlas YT
YellowAtlas YT - 9 måneder siden
The system is quite efficient, I must say.
Maya Luna
Maya Luna - 9 måneder siden
10th :D
Carter Nehoda
Carter Nehoda - 9 måneder siden
Luke - 9 måneder siden
notif squad
Jayden Melendez
Jayden Melendez - 9 måneder siden
Jayden Melendez
Jayden Melendez - 9 måneder siden
Typical Person
Typical Person - 9 måneder siden
Naero - 9 måneder siden
Good Name
Good Name - 9 måneder siden
Nolan Fretz
Nolan Fretz - 9 måneder siden
Nolan Fretz
Nolan Fretz - 9 måneder siden
According to mine
Riot003 - 9 måneder siden
7 secs ago lol
10 000 !
10 000 ! - 9 måneder siden
Riot003 [GD] it is very funny! I can’t stop laughing
Brick Collision Animation
Brick Collision Animation - 9 måneder siden
I eat cookies so much I definitely need this
RyanTheAnimator - 6 måneder siden
No pumpkin pie is the best
Anglified - 9 måneder siden
@TheyHateSidh tbh its really useless, as it has a low saturation and hunger boost. Even rotten flesh is better if you are using it for afk. Or else porkchops or steak is better, golden carrots too.
TheyHateSidh - 9 måneder siden
erik how dare you!
sad gordon noises
sad gordon noises - 9 måneder siden
Cookies suck lol
TheyHateSidh - 9 måneder siden
Riot003 - 9 måneder siden