Minecraft Opportunities: Fireworks

Welcome to, 'Opportunities for Minecraft' the series where we explore potential opportunities and ideas that can improve and enhance vanilla Minecraft gameplay. Today's episode focuses on opportunities for improving Fireworks. Specifically on how to improve crafting, recipes, and mob usage of fireworks within the game.
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Introduction: 0:00
Crafting: 0:24
Pillagers and Outposts: 9:24
Recipe Book: 13:22
Expensive Recipes: 14:31
Outro: 17:07
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Kat Wright
Kat Wright - 21 dag siden
I had no idea fireworks were so complicated to make or so expensive..
streetster20 - 24 dager siden
I think this is a great idea - we have a solution for banners, we should get a solution for fireworks!
Eric Bardroff
Eric Bardroff - 26 dager siden
I think like addressed in the video fireworks need some changes. I think a crafting station for them is necessary, I think both proposed stations should be merged into one from the start. This block then could also be utilized as a workstation for a new villager profession (also selling firework stars and the finished rockets, selling maybe TNT (this would be pretty useful/needed as TNT isn't renewable currently), the villager could buy gunpowder, maybe some other fun trades too...)
Chapman - 28 dager siden
💖🌟Every *Workstation* essentially *needs a Trademan*... Call the new *Tradesman a Pyrotechnician (pyrotech)* give him one *Single Workstation* That enables you to craft all things explosive invluding tnt in different tiers as well as the firework and crafting stuff Cub Talked about here! this is A greAt Idea!
Mbucky11 Buckingham
Mbucky11 Buckingham - 29 dager siden
Maybe the fireworks stars can be reusable like it doesn’t get taken away when you craft with it and you can use it over and over again and that way you’ll be able to keep the expense of recipes like the creeper head and it would be good and rare to have a creeper firework
Wanderer Reece
Wanderer Reece - 29 dager siden
Actually, the Creeper Firework star can be made with ANY head, not just creeper heads. Therefore, you could farm Wither Skeletons and use those heads to craft Creeper Firework Stars. Also, player heads can be used too. So, if you play with Hermitcraft's / VanillaTweaks's More Mob Heads and / or Mini Blocks, then you can use those new things to craft the Creeper Firework Stars too.
Zoomshark - Måned siden
You know what I find ridiculous, when you defeat a raid in a village, fireworks go off, so clearly villagers MAKE and USE fireworks, yet why isn't their a villager who makes and sells fireworks and a firework job block like you're talking about?? Though I do like your idea for the pillagers and it would seem fairly easy to implement, especially since the villagers do plenty now and pillagers are pretty boring.
10k subbs till 1.17 MC out
It need to happened just like the banners got updated in 1.14
Ultimaterasu Tidebringer
Ultimaterasu Tidebringer - Måned siden
I think that Cubfan135 should have a semi job with Mojang for updates
NickMortuus - Måned siden
Diamonds are forever
Naughty Nuts
Naughty Nuts - Måned siden
Starry Sunrose
Starry Sunrose - Måned siden
i think just one block for firework crafting would be plenty... maybe the fletching table would be a good thing to put that in?
jesse jarvis
jesse jarvis - Måned siden
I wanna see tnt arrows be different way to mine
Oskar Rolle Roffe
Oskar Rolle Roffe - Måned siden
Colab with tango so he can make a mod after your idés :)
TheCorruptedBit - Måned siden
Imagine rocket jumping with rockets, too
Zander De Beer
Zander De Beer - Måned siden
Note-taking intensifies at Mojang HQ
I Should Change My Name
I Should Change My Name - Måned siden
This could be a good use for the fetching table along with arrows
Brendan Green
Brendan Green - Måned siden
I think they should make firework combat should be more accessible/effective.
Jchicken 40
Jchicken 40 - Måned siden
I cant believe this video was uploaded when I was struggling to make fire works!
So thanks cub😊😊😊
Love from Japan!
Ned Jeffery
Ned Jeffery - Måned siden
All banner patterns should be firework shapes, and all fi work shapes should be banner patterns
PhoenixFlame - Måned siden
Great new series Cub. Looking forward to more. Ideas for more episodes.
Inventory update (self explanatory and from what I am hearing around the community, it is by far the number 1 most requested update).
Cave update.
Music update (redstone functionality, more music discs and ability to customize music discs, give note blocks inventory to manage note, ability to control jukebox with redstone).
More tools, (glass/ice cutting tool).
Better beacons (more range, maybe different ranges for different bases, more abilities, new ways to instamine other materials such as wood. For example if you have a netherite axe with eff 5 and haste 2 on a emerald beacon you could instamine all wood material blocks).
More uses for diamonds and nether stars and just any use for things like tropical fish (maybe new potion) and rotten flesh (rotten flesh block, oh man I need this!)
Finally more blocks. Love your idea for blue netherbricks. I was thinking though they should just rename the red ones crimson, add all the variants such as cracked and chiseled and then add your blue or warped ones too with all the varients. And last but most certainly not least stairs, slabs, and walls for concrete (please mojang? pretty please?).
edit: just to add a tad more, If they re-work the inventory they would probably have to change a few things in the gui so they could call it the GUI QOL update. One last thing I think it would be awesome if they add new type of hoppers. One specifically could have 2 inventory slots. The first one would hold any item you want, but the second slot you couldn't put anything in. Only items that are identical to the first slot may pass threw the second. I call it the item filter hopper and it would be amazin!
Cameron Butler
Cameron Butler - Måned siden
I hope we get an episode about Jukeboxes!
Soren Vernallis
Soren Vernallis - Måned siden
I saw you in housing parkour today C:
David Pletsch
David Pletsch - Måned siden
I love the idea of using the patterns to shape the firework blast. Maybe use the daisy sunburst pattern instead of gold nuggets for the star burst fireworks, not for cheaper materials cost but to make the recipe make more sense. And maybe add a piratey skull and crossbones firework, a piglin firework, and an illager firework. Even basic implementation of Cub's idea opens things up for a lot of cool new fireworks and more easily understood recipes.
Xxavier - Måned siden
The 501th comment
Big Gay Inc.
Big Gay Inc. - Måned siden
I always thought fireworks were strangely complex, you never see anyone using fireworks a lot for things other than flying with elytra, so it was kind of mind-boggling that firework crafting is so complex, there's just so much you can do with them. Crafting fireworks definitely is outdated, though I can see why Mojang has never updated it, since not a lot of people use fireworks, again, for anything other than flying. I like the proposals in this video though, it'd be a good change to the game.
Tim K.
Tim K. - Måned siden
What about a fireworks villager that sold firework materials? Or uncraftable fireworks.
Will Pittman
Will Pittman - Måned siden
Cub you can make creeper faced firework rockets with wither skulls which if u have a farm is not that expensive
PhoenixFlame - Måned siden
can actually use any player head or micro block, even from datapacks
Benjamin Pomes
Benjamin Pomes - Måned siden
Pyrotechnic bench
Christopher - Måned siden
Right clicking the cycling items in the crafting book to get a mini-window of each individual one... Mine was just blown... I've just been waiting for it to cycle to the one I specifically want if I'm that insistent on using the book-click to make it....
Alex J
Alex J - Måned siden
Will soft micro or jang moj ever do this? No.
matan guedj
matan guedj - Måned siden
I ask something really similar in the Minecraft feedback site, hope it would be in the game someday.
Didn't know about trail and the other effects and fade about fireworks.
FirstName Surname
FirstName Surname - Måned siden
The reason it doesn't show up in the recipe book is because firework recipes are *not* crafting recipes.
From *firework_rocket.json* :
"type": "minecraft:crafting_special_firework_rocket"
From *firework_star_fade.json* :
"type": "minecraft:crafting_special_firework_star_fade"
From *firework_star.json* :
"type": "minecraft:crafting_special_firework_star"
Eclipse32LCD - Måned siden
using banners could open up opportunities to add more effects besides the star, creeper head and so forth...
Hunter BMGO
Hunter BMGO - Måned siden
That chest though 3:02
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith - Måned siden
Opportunities episode for enchantments! Pleeeeez
AceMcCrank - Måned siden
I think if it's modeled after the loom, a single block would suffice to make the charges and the rockets. Maybe even a new Villager too, that could trade emeralds for gunpowder, paper, and plain rockets, and be willing to trade you exploding rockets. Pyrotech?
Justin Smallwood
Justin Smallwood - Måned siden
Great series, Cub! Looking forward to seeing more!
Migz 123
Migz 123 - Måned siden
I dont like your videos
Watson Harrell
Watson Harrell - Måned siden
Jesus loves you brochachos
Rob_ gaming
Rob_ gaming - Måned siden
I would love to have this in the game
MIKERUPTION - Måned siden
This is a well thought out argument for improvements to fireworks.
Nevir202 - Måned siden
That ending, LMAO! 🤣
Lukasz Dobbs
Lukasz Dobbs - Måned siden
It should be a pyrotechnic table and maybe you could have a villager connect to the table for firework trades
deci - Måned siden
That would also explain where villagers get their fireworks after a raid ends
Woof Bark
Woof Bark - Måned siden
Who is rich enough to make a firework WITH A CREEPER HEAD!
PhoenixFlame - Måned siden
Luckily now you dont have to. You can actually use any player head or micro block. This includes ones from data packs as well.
frumpyb - Måned siden
That was cool and would be good addition. I wish you could put carpets in looms and place them on any side of a block.
TheGuffguffguffy - Måned siden
15:03 but you can use wither skelly heads from a farm and it gives you creeper head firework. Worked wonders for me
TheGuffguffguffy - Måned siden
I did a firework show for a sub server awards show! It was so fun to do and I wanna do more - Next episode the tipped arrows with their potion effects?
mike - Måned siden
If u make a complicated firework on bedrock it breaks the game
Anubis - Måned siden
If you are going to add the creeper head banner option, then you might as well add all of the other banner patterns as firework designs too. Also, I think there needs to be a LOT more banner patterns.
Victor Uwe
Victor Uwe - Måned siden
The most BAFFLING part about this is that the firework not appearing as craftable was reported as a bug and Mojang marked it as "WORKING AS INTENDED". When I tried to start a discussion about it on /r/minecraftsugestions, my thread was basically deleted. Super obnoxious behavior from a "progressive" company
PhoenixFlame - Måned siden
Agreed. Anything marked as working as intended is somehow taboo to still bring up. Which is indeed obnoxious and annoying. I mean if someone would have reported that there was no way to re-summon the Enderdragon back in the day, it would have just been marked working as intended. But.... they changed that obviously so just because its working as intended, doest mean that its not working stupid also.
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve - Måned siden
Something to do with villagers would be cool. I mainly play solo so it would be cool if villagers did more or once you get them to max level you can recruit them to follow you. They could also help fight mobs or protect you in the opposite direction.
Thijmen Troost
Thijmen Troost - Måned siden
Amazing series
Reuben German
Reuben German - Måned siden
Not seen that skin in a while
noibn - Måned siden
I never understood why there is no rocket recipe in the book. Very odd. I also feel like each rocket level should have a different color sprite, as it's not possible to tell at a glance between level 1-3 rockets without hovering over them. So for example, level 3 rockets could have the red spiral pattern (same as the current sprite), level 2 could be green and level 1 blue. Or something like that. And have 3 separate the recipes in the crafting book (rather than the single recipe with extra right click method you suggested).
Crivicus - Måned siden
I love the idea. Add into the firework rocket block the ability to add sand and gunpowder to craft TNT and gunpowder, blaze powder, and coal/charcoal to craft fire charges to make it an explosives station.
Nathan Wagner
Nathan Wagner - Måned siden
If they added the creeper banner pattern, I would love to see the other banner patterns used too! Fireworks could do with more options for shapes; the mojang apple, sunflower, and skull would fit right in!
deci - Måned siden
It would be interesting to have lapis lazuli create fireworks with enchantment table text particles and patterns
John Suarez
John Suarez - Måned siden
I hope the Minecraft devs. Will see this
Sid the sloth playz
Sid the sloth playz - Måned siden
Love your videos
flo077 - Måned siden
The crafting station does not feel right for me, it's too helpfull. In minecraft you are supposed to work out yourself how to make crafting things easier, and organise your inventory (in the end it is not so slow when you know what you are doing).
I like the fact that firework crafting is complex and does require multiple steps.
But the crafts should be in the recipe book.
Redd - Måned siden
10:30 you sound so happy here why did you cut it ;-;
Leon - Måned siden
Hello cubfan135,Congratulations on your latest video "Minecraft Opportunities: Fireworks". I want to propose some ideas I had about another in-game-mechanic which you might or might not use for a second part of your new series. All of my ideas are focused on the cauldron, a very useless and boring block.
My first idea is to be able to put potions into cauldrons as it is already the case in Minecraft Bedrock. This would give the cauldron another functionality than just storing water.My second idea is being able to mix up potions inside the cauldron. You would have to fill the cauldron with different potions (max.3 at once). To obtain the mixed potions you would have to right-click the filled cauldron with an empty bottle. Every effect of the newly mixed potion decreases in intensity and duration. You could also dilute single potions by adding water. The third idea is to be able to intensify the effect of a potion by putting any potion into a cauldron which is standing over a campfire. 2/3 of the potion would evaporate which would leave a three times stronger potion behind.
Rodferr Aquarius
Rodferr Aquarius - Måned siden
Does all of this works in bedrock? I wish so
Nlorp - Måned siden
having the banner patterns work in fireworks would be such a good way to make crafting fireworks so much easier. They could also rename banner patterns to something like Pattern Scroll or something so it makes sense for fireworks
My02cent Comics
My02cent Comics - Måned siden
@Cubfan135 Episode Idea, Colored Lamps in mindcraft. Also All redstone technology in mindcraft should be anti hostel mobs. A normal redstone lamp should negate spawable area and not change light levels.
Colored Redstone lamps that are dyed with minecraft colors. Would emit "light of the dyed color" at the level simmer to all other light sources in minecraft. but in a much larger area of effect would still negate mob spawning.
Lindsey H
Lindsey H - Måned siden
Wow, Cub is an idea genius
Lucas Udvarnoky
Lucas Udvarnoky - Måned siden
I think adding Maple Trees would be another valuable opportunity!! A new wood type would be great, but the addition of tapping the trees with a bucket would be awesome! Maybe 4 buckets of sap gives 1 bottle of syrup similar to real life. Sugar maple trees irl can have darker coloured bark ranging to a light beige colour. We don’t have any light coloured bark in the game so that would be a good addition! The plank colour of sugar maple is pretty light, similar to in game birch. We need more trees in the game!
Alicia Grassby
Alicia Grassby - Måned siden
I didn't even know how to craft fireworks. I remember when they first came out on xbox 360, there was a weird firework crafting tab that made no sense.
Jacob Gonzalez
Jacob Gonzalez - Måned siden
I imagine a similarity to the loom for banners
Sudden Cop
Sudden Cop - Måned siden
or it could be the fletchery table that has no use yet.
Lapis Septo Flufftail
Lapis Septo Flufftail - Måned siden
Considering one of my weapons in survival is a crossbow that i use like a rocket launcher, i 100% agree with cub
Rocket Walker
Rocket Walker - Måned siden
I agree
Julian Ortiz
Julian Ortiz - Måned siden
These are really good ideas, but for the final one I hope Cub realizes you can use any mob head for the creeper firework, it doesn't have to be a creeper head. Get yourself a decent Wither Skeleton Farm and you're set. The banner pattern idea is still good, but know that wither skeleton skulls are also an option
Lucifer - Måned siden
I would love to see this in Minecraft future updates, it's something new and it would help the new players to figure out how the fireworks work. Also much love for Cub, one of the most innovative Minecraft players (he created the Minecraft golf).
Jonathan Futak
Jonathan Futak - Måned siden
regarding the expensive nature of creeper-shaped fireworks (I think you mentioned it in seciton 4) you can actually use any mob head, thus you can make a creeper-face firework early game by killing a bunch of wither skeletons to get a wither skeleton skull, rather than needing a chanelling trident & a thuderstorm
I still think it's way too labour intensive, but just thought I'd let y'all in the comments section know, if you're hoping to do a fireworks display or something
I think maybe having a "creeper firework pattern" would be a good compromise in that it has all the benefits you described with the creeper banner pattern, but instead of only ever needing to obtain 1 creeper head for all your creeper-face-needs, you have to obtain two heads, or else choose whether to make your one creeper head into a banner pattern or a firework pattern.
Wolfboy Sam
Wolfboy Sam - Måned siden
I wonder how long this video would be if it was just all the times he went "umm"... meh, it would probably be about the same
Kenneth De Wever
Kenneth De Wever - Måned siden
Its so weerd to see the normal cub skin when used to the farao
AquAssassin - Måned siden
What if the fletching table was used to make different types of fireworks?
justit royal
justit royal - Måned siden
Horse:- improve the WHATTT...
Grzesiek L.
Grzesiek L. - Måned siden
Please cover the topic of vertical slabs!
Benji Goldstein
Benji Goldstein - Måned siden
Fireworks are in crafting table in bedrock
Igor - Måned siden
Great ideas, Cub! I hope the developers see this and actually implement these features!
Slepster - Måned siden
Even without changed UI and stuff the way you represent things is amazing
procrastin8 - Måned siden
that rocket crafting bench should have a preview window of how the rocket will look
Just Me
Just Me - Måned siden
I totally agree with everything you said Cub
The Glorious Team
The Glorious Team - Måned siden
Make a video about arrows tipped arrows
Freedom Live
Freedom Live - Måned siden
Bro... stop sharing all of my cumbersome, non-intuitive footwork secrets!! 😂
Abu Bakr
Abu Bakr - Måned siden
I want what you had for breakfast
Mr Tea
Mr Tea - Måned siden
WE NEED END UPDATE AS WELL!!!!!!!!(was not shouting by the way )😃😉
Another MC Player
Another MC Player - Måned siden
Amazing Cub!
Julen Rodríguez Goñi
Julen Rodríguez Goñi - Måned siden
OMG I just thought about the pattern thing yesterday!
Flannsyn - Måned siden
I'm as excited as a horse for the new fireworks
Austin - Måned siden
Another use of fireworks they dont bend like arrows which may have some effects
jarod kettle
jarod kettle - Måned siden
As a dairy farmer irl. It really bugs me that there is now two different breeds for the mooshroom cow, yet the cow itself has its only one variant. When In reality there are dozens if not hundreds of cattle/bovine species. It’s a small thing I know but cmon. Can’t we get a few more cow skins please Mojang.
Darky - Måned siden
Maybe they could add a villager type who sells explosives. Like a crazy profession (could call it a Hermit ;) ) Could sell, Tnt and firework related stuff
vegabotain - Måned siden
that was super interesting, I didn't even know you could make so many different fireworks!
HappyGamer 4ever
HappyGamer 4ever - Måned siden
If cub works for Mojang, Minecraft will be better
Vlogging with Chen
Vlogging with Chen - Måned siden
I’m happy to see after watching things I didn’t know about Minecraft you are still uploading
Merchination - Måned siden
I hope the intro bloopers were intentional that was funny :D
Liam S
Liam S - Måned siden
I forgot cubs regualr skin isnt the great pharoah lol