Minecraft Opportunities: Inventory

Welcome to 'Opportunities for Minecraft' the series were we talk about opportunities to improve Minecraft with simple ideas. With hundreds of new blocks added in the past 10 years of development, I believe the time has come to expand the player's inventory.
Today's idea is a 'Deep Pockets' enchantment. The enchantment would be exclusive to pants and has 3 levels (I, II, III). Each level would add one inventory row up to a maximum of 3 total when the pants are worn. When the pants are taken off, the corresponding inventory rows disappear and all items in those rows are dropped.

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Simpson - 2 dager siden
what happens if you take off your pants? what if they break? do you just drop two rows worth of items? that's a huge issue.
i think the bundles are a good step in the right direction, but we really the ability to extract items from them with hoppers. seeing as they don't seem to be placeable like shulker boxes, i don't think that's going to happen. so they are just going to clutter the inventory even more.
Simpson - 2 dager siden
the offhand is an extra slot, i'll have you know! the inventory did get bigger! /s
poop lover
poop lover - 5 dager siden
I think that the deep pockets should be a bit nerfed, because ender chests exist so it would be like having 89 slots in your inventory, (89 because you need a slot for your ec a lot) deep pockets should nerfed to around 3 slots in your inventory with a max of 2.
T - 11 dager siden
Deep pockets unique loot from deep caves plz!
Scooter Campbell
Scooter Campbell - 18 dager siden
I like this idea because it isn't simply an early game boost to inventory space, nor is it a complex mechanical solution. We've seen enchantments becoming more about utility, so I think this idea fits right into how that game has been developing. Well done.
Ireallydontknow - 19 dager siden
Mojang could also add a sort function to make inventory management that little bit easier
almi lensss
almi lensss - 21 dag siden
i feel like the idea is sooo good, whereas the name of the enchantment.... "deep pockets"... i dont know, it just doesnt sound magical lol
Wilt - 22 dager siden
I honestly think a backpack system would be interesting. Letting it add 1, 2, or up to 3 rows of new inventory space depending on the materials needed. Have the 3rd level require an enchantment on a backpack made from combining 2 elytra or something like that.
kalyani tripathy
kalyani tripathy - 22 dager siden
It is very op I don't like it that much
There should be only 1 row added at max enchant
ANtonio Yturralde
ANtonio Yturralde - 22 dager siden
I think his ideas are great, but I think that they should add a new type of pants that automatically give more inventory
Stryder73 - 22 dager siden
I thought being able to carry 2304 cubic meters of material was enough...
Magic 7
Magic 7 - 23 dager siden
chest plate also lack unique enchantments but no one ever use them (except for PVP) making it "back pack" could make people think about there transport around minecraft worlds thats not just "fly there" or "fly down 2x2 nether tunele" if they could bring more stuff with them
maybe it just a idear as evey one alrady wears leggeings in minecraft
SonnySee - 24 dager siden
Maybe add an additional enchantment called "Shulker Pockets" That would allow the inventory to stay in the pants when you take them off. It would be like wearing an always open shulker box. Then, if you die all the inventory in your pants still stays in your pants as it does with shulker boxes
legoshowtv - 24 dager siden
u should do this for structures in the game
Sam Schwinghammer
Sam Schwinghammer - 24 dager siden
I guess you could say that from an enchantment perspective minecraft pants are a little pants :p
Uriah - 24 dager siden
Why not just make a backpack item..?
Rogue Alchemist
Rogue Alchemist - 24 dager siden
I love this idea & hope it gets implemented in the game! ~Sassy~
Carlin Timm
Carlin Timm - 24 dager siden
While I agree with your solutions to the problem, I also feel like there should be a solution to the inventory problem in the early game. Not necessarily something you have to get or even if you do have to acquire it, it should be somewhat easy to get.
Cameron Lovell
Cameron Lovell - 25 dager siden
How about a “fishing vest” enchant, where your chestplate gets a bunch of storage slots? Or how about backpacks?
Andrés Peredo
Andrés Peredo - 23 dager siden
Well, about the chestplate... who uses those anymore? Until they do not provide a way of using chestplates and elytras at the same time, chestplates are not worth.
Ed Eitelman
Ed Eitelman - 25 dager siden
2 downsides I thought of were dying and trying to pick all the items up could be really frustrating. Also if you let your pants break there are now a bunch of items that you cannot hold.
Coletje - 25 dager siden
The enchant is an interesting idea, but what if when you die, your pants fall in lava, but the rest of your stuff can still be picked up. Then you can't get your stuff back with one run from your spawn point. I suppose if they are Netherite you won't have that problem, but that still means you have to equip the pants before you can pick it all up.
I'd take it over having no inventory expansion at all though, the game needs an inventory overhaul for sure, you're right about that. So many blocks and variations, it's just hard to get a build done when you have to get back to your chestmonster every minute to get other blocks.
I'd rather have just inventory expansion, and also shulker access without placing them on the ground maybe.
Breeders Shack
Breeders Shack - 25 dager siden
Maybe combine with X's shulker box enchantments and call it deep box to increase the sizes of the shulkers for those who don't want more boxes showing up in their inventory?
TerminalDevastation - 25 dager siden
I think the most problematic thing this idea presents is how the UI would work with pockets 3 interacting with opening a double chest. Theres ways of displaying all those slots, but each of those have several downsides, from aesthetic ones to UI inconsistency. Other wise this idea is great.
VarrhokTG - 25 dager siden
*when you notice a frame where he blinks*
Great idea, btw!
Trevor Nardizzi
Trevor Nardizzi - 25 dager siden
They should make an item to where you can combine a chest plate with an elytra but it costs a nether it’s ingot...
Ron Cuevas
Ron Cuevas - 25 dager siden
#facereveal in 1m subs
Ron Cuevas
Ron Cuevas - 25 dager siden
#facereveal in 1m subs
Jakub Kaswicki
Jakub Kaswicki - 26 dager siden
But if you have a double chest inventory then how will the IU look when you open a double chest?
It won't fit on the screen...
In my oppinion backpacks should be the way to go. It would be like shulker box. But you place it were the chestplate goes. It would be the same size as a shulker box (or a bit smaller?)
Hyperion Helios
Hyperion Helios - 26 dager siden
Give me Deep Pockets or give me Death!
Hyperion Helios
Hyperion Helios - 26 dager siden
I think this is a great idea
T. Kephart
T. Kephart - 26 dager siden
I want Ender Pants Pockets that save your inventory when you die.
Ndus3us - 26 dager siden
Big problem....what if you lose your pants (death, changing pants, etc.)? Do you lose your extra inventory or left with items on ground that may despawn? No, inventory space has to be part of player and not part of clothing.
Florian Jacob
Florian Jacob - 26 dager siden
I think, one row is to much, especilly whey you open a chest the screen would be overfilled. I think Backpacks are a nicer way of doing it. Just like shulkerbox but without need to place them down. Maybe ist is possible to just upgrade the Shulkerboxes, so you can place them down or open them in inventory when you held dhift or something
Vibrant Horror
Vibrant Horror - 26 dager siden
I like this idea
piotref1 - 26 dager siden
I would say better idea is backpacks like Tinkers Construct.
Smaller space than shulkers as compromise to be able to open them form hotbar. And maybe options of restocking/picking items.
RAJESH GOVADA - 26 dager siden
Pants durability runs out but doesn't disappear rather stays similar like a broken elytra
FBN776 - 26 dager siden
Its a good idea, but what would happen, if the pants run out of durability... And imagine a scenario, where the player is fighting some mobs, and the pant's durability runs out... If the items just pop out, then sometimes it would be disastrous! The player won't even notice that, some items are on the ground and would be busy fighting!...
It would be better, if we had some sort of backpack instead!
Perfect Protagonist
Perfect Protagonist - 26 dager siden
Pants are extremely pants.
yeet bro
yeet bro - 26 dager siden
Just make double ended chest
LOL_2_Tom - 26 dager siden
YESS and X's shulker enchantments
OrangeSpiceBomb - 26 dager siden
Deep pockets: I think there would have to be a trade off...like using more food saturation, or travelling more slowly.
gooscifur - 26 dager siden
biggest downside is its dependent on you wearing leggings
Hieronmus Nervig
Hieronmus Nervig - 26 dager siden
I've spoken about the multitool before and I will do so again.
Transporting mass items is acceptably easy with shulkers but I hate building complex stuff because half my hotbar is tools.
Depending on circumstances I have a Pickaxe, and Axe, a Shovel, a Sword, a Waterbucket, a stack of Stone, Food and Rockets in my inventory.
That's 8 slots, leaving two open for the remaining thing to use unless I do stuff like swap rockets and food everytime I use them, be unarmed against mobs, switch tools when I hit dirt blocks (or whatever else), use my selected building block as scaffolding or inconvenience myself in other ways.
Out of the remaining inventory I still have 10+ slots for stacks of items, getting new ones every 5 minutes is relatively less annoying than opening my inventory every 30s because I am missing the correct tool. Plus adding multitools also opens up another 3 to 10 inventory slots (pickaxe, axe, shovel & sword now take one slot, if you transport the same building block they could be put into the same slot with a multitool item, reserve food or rockets can go into your multitool etc.)
ProGamer15 - 26 dager siden
I really like the deep pockets idea I would probably get deep pocket one and then put the things I carry around like my enderchest wood arrows stuff like that and then have a clear inventory but I feel like expanding your inventory is unrealistic and sort of overpowered
Bilal Khan
Bilal Khan - 26 dager siden
I always thought a dank null type thing from enigmatica would be cool but it would have to be really expensive like something to do with shulker boxes
Amanda Scott
Amanda Scott - 26 dager siden
Actually 11 years ago because it came out 5 days before I was born.
Ramon Diaz Colodrero
Ramon Diaz Colodrero - 26 dager siden
A few ways that I have thought to balance this enchanment are:
* The amount of time and items you have in your pockets, will decrease the pants' durability. That is to say that having just one stack of items in a short period of time, would decrease 1 durability. But if your pockets are full (maximum capacity) durability would start to decrease faster, as if it was "rottening" or breaking the pockets.
* To think of a new or specific way to acquire the book, like they did with the soul speed. I obviously don't know what the next update is about, but maybe Mojang could fit this enchanted book as the new mob's drop. Or that the book can only be found at a new structure.
Finnegan Raines
Finnegan Raines - 26 dager siden
This reminds me of the time I discovered of how great the 6 deep pockets on cargo shorts are... you can carry everything in those I swear lol
also cub dude, I appreciate your sense of humor so much! peace
cpinter10 - 26 dager siden
The rows should not be 9 across. 10 seems appropriate.
Nathanael Zabel
Nathanael Zabel - 26 dager siden
maybe there should be backpacks that you can't place (like skulkers) but that add 2 columns of inventory (6 slots) but you can only have 3 in your inventory at a time.
Kitteh - 26 dager siden
What about a shallow pockets enchantment? one line less? lol, - I know from moving from a 1 bedroom house to a 6, you eventually fill the house out - more inventory space = more clutter! :D
Master G94
Master G94 - 26 dager siden
*ACTUALLY*, the size of the inventory has DECREASED by four, count them, 4 whole block spaces as you were previously able to store items in your crafting window as well
Edit: it was actually decreased by 3 since they added an off-hand slot
Storyteller Forever
Storyteller Forever - 26 dager siden
Be fun to craft together pants with a shulker and get "pockets" on the sides of the original inventory xD
Connor Charron
Connor Charron - 26 dager siden
Being able to wear a chest plate & elytra at the same time in vanilla would be awesome too. It wouldn’t be OP.
tollerest - 26 dager siden
What about a backpack? So you compromise your wings and armour to become a bit of a mule(balance). Obtained from a quest of clues across all worlds to follow the story of and find a fallen adventurer. Actually maybe an enchantment might be easier. But craftable pack optional. i need waterlogged ironbars makes sense. plus rejuvenate an old block. opens doors for low cosr/ lag farm irragation.
frumpyb - 26 dager siden
I like this, it would also work with xsuima's filter, feeder and vacuum ideas, I was thinking for his it would be better if they only worked for shulkers in your of hand, but this would work for the pants you're wearing.
Adam Sparrow
Adam Sparrow - 26 dager siden
Did you post this on the Minecart reddit?
Ashley - 26 dager siden
I feel like 3 extra rows is really OP
Keith - 26 dager siden
If you continue to make this series you should make a playlist with all the episodes in them
Leslie R
Leslie R - 26 dager siden
So with this all Cub could do for his item sorter in HC is take off his pants over Xibalba
Oni - 26 dager siden
Would also help if they increased the stack size from 64 to 99
Sean Hewitt
Sean Hewitt - 26 dager siden
Devil's Advocate against deep pockets. You take off your armor or it breaks with a full inventory. What happens then? You drop it all wherever you are? It despawns?
Annonymous burnell
Annonymous burnell - 26 dager siden
etherial plane? D&D
Caleb Martin
Caleb Martin - 26 dager siden
The only potential problem I could see with this is that when you open a UI block like a chest, the graphic would get all messed up. You'd have to move the inventory to the side or something. Other than that, I love the idea
rae - 26 dager siden
how many takes did it take you to get the enchantment names correct, fluently, while reading the ones on screen? lmao
Alex Watson
Alex Watson - 26 dager siden
Something I like with this idea is that you could actually build in a downside (if Mojang wanted to) to having the deep pockets enchantments: for example by having increasing deep pockets enchantments levels reduce the effectiveness of rocket flight duration! (More inventory space = heavier player = harder to move). Plenty of dimension to be considered there and means it wouldn’t be an “automatic” add to the pants list of enchantments
jeroen dillen
jeroen dillen - 26 dager siden
i think the amout of extra pockets is a bit overkill, why not add 3 slots per tier of enchantment? this would give you a complete extra row if you have tier 3
Sky Perez
Sky Perez - 26 dager siden
What if they made less inventory slots? Hear me out...you start out with just the hot bar. You can then make backpack chest and backpack double chest to increase the inventory space. Then you can load backpacks with items and when you want to clear your inventory you drop the backpack and pick up an empty. Also if you die you can run and grab your pack and you have your inventory just as you left it?
Silas Brusseau
Silas Brusseau - 26 dager siden
Cub: comes up with an amazing idea
H M - 26 dager siden
this woud be real good with the shulker box enchantment stuff right?
chicken hunter
chicken hunter - 26 dager siden
Epic dude
TonioJeezusa - 26 dager siden
Cub: Makes a storage where you need to throw the items for them to actually get sorted
Also Cub: We need a better way of throwing items away
Hydrahead Hunter
Hydrahead Hunter - 26 dager siden
I'd rather have the pockets as a 3x9 on the right side of the inventory instead of a 9x3 above it: this would make it easier to fold it away similar to the recipe book.
Bub Bubléphart
Bub Bubléphart - 26 dager siden
Gives new meaning to “dropping trou”!
What if you didn’t need to ‘place’ a shulker box to access if? A shulker, if it’s held in your off hand, acts like a chest on the ground? Game on.
Danbearpig - 26 dager siden
I think this fits the feel of vanilla Minecraft better than xisumavoid's, though the idea of shulker box enchantments is also cool. Deep pockets would be good, though I really would want to see it not compatible with other armor enchantments so that more choices have to be made (or maybe overhaul the cost calculations for enchantments, and give curses a negative cost so that maybe you can make more powerful armor if you're willing to have a curse on it too). Plus... the very fact that you came up with a solution of "take off your pants to empty your pockets!" is hilarious.
Another VERY simple and vanilla-feeling change would be to simply add a double ender chest. Place one ender chest and you get the first 27 slots we already have, and if you place another, 27 more slots become available. Huge change, but simple.
More radical idea, and I think Mojang is already slowly working in this direction: Make every attribute of blocks (and items, etc.) part of a .json file. Everything from the block model, name, texture (and variants), loot table, hardness, blast resistance, preferred tool, and even how much it can stack, put it in a .json file. Add to that support for stacks configurable up to, say, 1028, and you open up datapacks that can adjust inventory space for bulk items. 64 tulips != 64 cubic meters of stone; why not stack those small things up to 256 or more instead? Plus... this would mean you can add custom blocks, ores, everything else simply with datapacks instead of mods. Huge opportunity there, and it would go along so well with the custom world gen and biomes having been moved to .json files. Minecraft would suddenly be infinitely more infinite.
Huskerman 30
Huskerman 30 - 26 dager siden
If I could like this twice I would. Love how you actually give reason for it and do it in a way that is inline with current game play!!
LegendOfLeo - 26 dager siden
I think that there should be an enchantment that takes space from ur inventory and adds it to your hop bar
Uni-Kitty - 26 dager siden
i would love to see an update like this. i think theres just so many items in the game now that it's hard to carry around everything that's needed for building. in most cases i have to take multiple trips to take all of my building supplies where i need it if i don't have shulker boxes.
Anthony Vinnicombe
Anthony Vinnicombe - 26 dager siden
I love this idea and think it would work great. It's a very subtle change and like cub mentioned, it still allows players to play how they want, not forcing more space but making it available if they want 👍
tornadowhoodle - 26 dager siden
Leggings: run out of durability
Thousands of items and materials:
Mohamed Hazamy
Mohamed Hazamy - 26 dager siden
I wish there was a way to change hotbars. That way I can have my tools and building blocks accessible
Preston Boyd
Preston Boyd - 26 dager siden
When I saw the armor stands in the thumbnail I thought you were going to say when you break the armor stands the armor doesn't fall off so you can hold a full set of armor in one slot.
Alexander Raymundo
Alexander Raymundo - 26 dager siden
I think deep pockets is a great idea, and a balanced one! If you use this enchantment on your pants, you run the risk of dropping a TON of items if you let the durability of your pants run low.
Kitsune_Joestar - 26 dager siden
I think they could add a backpack slot above the shield slot, where you could place a shulker box and then you would be able to access it without placing it, also, it could also be use to place your elytra and then you could use it without taking off your chestplace
SandyTag - 26 dager siden
Really like this idea Cub, it really just fits in with Vanilla
DuelScreen - 26 dager siden
I love everything about this. I also see this creating interesting scenarios when players die with a full inventory. They will have to find their pants first to get everything back. Good job! I like Xisuma's ideas for Shulker Boxes too though I'm not as keen on all of the names he came up with for his enchantments. I think these enchantments should be available as found books ONLY, probably from The End, to encourage exploring at first and then a later update can make them compatible with the Enchanting Table.
So He
So He - 26 dager siden
What about backpacks??
It acts like a shulker box but it can be attached to chest plates
Toby Tavendale
Toby Tavendale - 26 dager siden
Next episode he will be hired by Mojang
DoubleTowel - 27 dager siden
I see people complaining about how mojang hasn’t added any inventory slots...
Now, there are 27 inventory slots + 9 hot bar slots + 1 offhand = 37
Back when Minecraft started: 27 inventory slots + 9 hot bar slots + the 4 crafting grid spots you could store stuff in back then = 40
So Mojang has taken away a total of three slots since the start of Minecraft...
Joey Flint
Joey Flint - 27 dager siden
I’d like to see one extra row of inventory in the form of a hot swappable hotbar with one of them having user designated placeholders for weapons and the other for normal whatever blocks. As in truth we survival players mainly swap between builders and combat players. This combined with the mod that xisuma uses to see inside shulkers but selectable would really help. I would also like to see a designated ‘offhand’ type slot for arrows as you don’t need to see them. Perhaps two arrow slots for mending bow players which also gives the function of more automatically selecting spectral arrows.
Andromeda - 27 dager siden
Add the ability to lock a slot in your inventory and make it so only a specific item is allowed to be stored in that particular slot. Basically a built in item sorter. This is for people who walk around for a few mins and suddenly have their inventory full of trash.
Edward Jones
Edward Jones - 27 dager siden
I would love if the deep pockets enchantment say couldn't be combined with protection or unbreaking or something just to balance it out and mean you have to make a choice for your every day wear.
Jstbn - 27 dager siden
1.17 is the mountains update, so to let you go hiking and stuff you need a back pack and that back pack lets you carry more :)
Jstbn - 27 dager siden
they would need to change the layout cause it looks ugly just stacked
Circadianarchist - 27 dager siden
Very good idea!
nevin myers
nevin myers - 27 dager siden
I'd say the better shulkers mod that Xisuma covered is a great improvement to inventory management as well
roland willis
roland willis - 27 dager siden
Just a simple trash box in the inventory like in terraria will do
Ambrož Vovk
Ambrož Vovk - 27 dager siden
And what happens when you have items in pocket and then remive pants???
acid - 27 dager siden
The only possible trouble I see with the chantpants idea is death. If you die and your pants are burned by lava, stolen, destroyed, the player would be literally incapable of restoring their own inventory after death without a surplus of shulker boxes. Of course that might just be part of the risk the user has to take on when choosing to use Deep Pockets.
anstism - 27 dager siden
I love this series