The Best Way to Find Ancient Debris

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What's the best way to find Ancient Debris? Today we test out various mining techniques to answer that question. Is it bed mining? Perhaps TNT? or maybe just mining with a pickaxe?

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Video Guide:
00:00 Intro
1:05 Straight Line Mining
4:06 Strip Mining
5:42 TNT Mining
8:15 Ender Crystal Mining
10:30 Bed Mining
13:00 Results
Runtime: 16:02


cubfan135 - 2 måneder siden
Some additional things: This mining was done on Hermitcraft. Thanks to Tango for providing a lot of the gunpowder for the TNT. Also, I'm now out of sand!
I'd like to do more videos like this in the future for other resource gathering techniques so if you enjoyed this video let me know what other resources you'd like to see me do videos on!
E0N - 12 dager siden
64 per second yea totally
Beyond the Ordinary
Beyond the Ordinary - 13 dager siden
How does the strip mining v straight line compare if you use a fortune + mending pickaxe and gather quartz at the same time? I'm interested to know if the one pickaxe will work in both cases.
Cropp Create
Cropp Create - 17 dager siden
Can you put a more dyslexic font on the screen next time because my eyes can't focus on the words.
Advitiya Mishra
Advitiya Mishra - 27 dager siden
Cub is this video of hermitcraft?
Mr Helo
Mr Helo - Måned siden
royden dixera we got efficient farms now. Still not java but close. Thank God.
curtis brown
curtis brown - 20 timer siden
TNT is rough to get allot of though, unless you have a witch farm.........
.......welp, time to build a witch farm I guess lol
SapphireEagle - Dag siden
wouldn't the fairest test be to start in the exact same spot everytime on the same seed (different copies of the seed) because of varied terrain generation?
Devel Angel
Devel Angel - Dag siden
Lissett Serrato
Lissett Serrato - Dag siden
i like how i watched this after mining with beds and got enough netherite for two whole sets of netherite armour and two swords and 2 pickaxes in 1 hour (i was mining with a friend tho)
Purple Mosasaurus
Purple Mosasaurus - 3 dager siden
And once Mumbo mined by TNT Mining and his viewers said to use BEDS! Are those Mumbo Jumbo viewers serious?(Reply if you're one of the viewers that said that to Mumbo )
Benz the Protogen :3
Benz the Protogen :3 - 3 dager siden
10:10 yes so op a stack of ancient debris per second
Benz the Protogen :3
Benz the Protogen :3 - 3 dager siden
Uh, yeah right, I think the fastest way is /give @s minecrart:ancient_debris 69420
Jcjc Junk
Jcjc Junk - 3 dager siden
Bshugks 1
Bshugks 1 - 4 dager siden
I'm still gonna use beds
RAZAL RAZU Uu - 4 dager siden
Still bed is cheapest method
sandwich.entity - 4 dager siden
Bed mining would be a valid option on fresh worlds when you dont have efficiency V, or enough materials for TNT/Ender Crystals
AG -Average Guy
AG -Average Guy - 4 dager siden
tnt is the best.I mean who doesnt like a little bit boom boom.....
Pixel_Parker - 4 dager siden
JWTAwsomeplayz - 4 dager siden
when talking about TNT + end crystal Cub: And that will get them about 64 per second
Edit I just wanted to say I'm not trying to be mean with that I just found that funny
Unnecessarily Epic
Unnecessarily Epic - 4 dager siden
As an avid bed miner, I will say that you were doing the process completely wrong. mining in a straight line at eye level far as you can reach and then stepping back as you place and click the bed makes the process much quicker. Also dont take the time to build the tunnel ahead of time, use the beds to make your own tunnel. Combine that with the fact that its alot less time consuming to collect the resources necessary, and it becomes the most efficient way time mine ancient debris in my opinion
Sir Sytham
Sir Sytham - 5 dager siden
This is the most unscientific study I have ever seen. You haven't even answered the question...
Abdurrahim Baradia
Abdurrahim Baradia - 4 dager siden
He has for mine. Glitches not included
CraftMaster300 - 5 dager siden
An even better moethod is to use tnt dupers, the tnt will explode launching all the other tnt out to uncover the netherite.
Abdurrahim Baradia
Abdurrahim Baradia - 4 dager siden
But its a glitch. Not good
Laura Dee
Laura Dee - 5 dager siden
"Delicious cinnabuns." Hearing that makes me feel warm inside.
Ryan Massenburg
Ryan Massenburg - 5 dager siden
huh, when I mined in a straight line I found like 1 ancient debris over 3 hours... maybe I am just super unlucky
Ryan Massenburg
Ryan Massenburg - 4 dager siden
@Sir Sytham once per method sure but thats still gotten results in the same ball part for what 8 different times? compare finding around 1 per minutes to how I found 1 per multiple hours. sure its not perfect but something else would seem to be in play for it to be off by a factor around 200, perhaps I had horrendous luck but going to that extent is unlikely. By the way there is not need to test in multiple seeds or biomes, a certain amount of netherite is generated within each chunk and those factors have no effect on this.
Sir Sytham
Sir Sytham - 4 dager siden
@Ryan Massenburg Yes, it’s inaccurate. For each method, he mined ONCE. For it to be an actually logical study, he would need to do the same method HUNDREDS of times in different biomes, in different seeds and in different places, using max efficiency for each method. He hasn’t done any of that here.
Ryan Massenburg
Ryan Massenburg - 4 dager siden
@Sir Sytham I am just speaking from my past experience, I haven't gone mining for ancient debris in quite some time but I agree this seems like suspiciously successful results which is why I commented. Are you suggesting that this video is just completely fake made up results? Cause the sample size is large enough it should simply be inaccurate.
Sir Sytham
Sir Sytham - 4 dager siden
It's cause the is isin't even accurate, that's why all his results are false, and I mean this is just common sense I don't understand why people haven't realized this.
iamSent - 5 dager siden
Yeah, TNT is definitely the best, it's trying to get the TNT that's much more time intensive.... I also had much better results bed mining than you did, however I just went straight back with beds in the middle of the chunk.
Sir Sytham
Sir Sytham - 4 dager siden
It's cause the is isin't even accurate, that's why all his results are false, and I mean this is just common sense I don't understand why people haven't realized this.
Extromatic - 6 dager siden
Sanuku - 6 dager siden
Strip mine or just use tnt
Sir Sytham
Sir Sytham - 4 dager siden
No stripping is horrible
bazinga - 6 dager siden
just xray smh
All Rice
All Rice - 6 dager siden
Bed is faster. You're just using wrong technique.
Jack Stephens
Jack Stephens - 6 dager siden
dude almost no one has that much tnt available, do one for average players pls
Shacolin - 7 dager siden
Beds are better in the early game though, when there's no mending and no creeper farm.
Lone Leek
Lone Leek - 7 dager siden
Never Have I ever taken 26 seconds to place a bed
Abdurrahim Baradia
Abdurrahim Baradia - 4 dager siden
@Sir Sytham I have used beds and tnt. Unless you are not removing the flames, it takes that long.
Sir Sytham
Sir Sytham - 4 dager siden
@Abdurrahim Baradia I doesnt
Abdurrahim Baradia
Abdurrahim Baradia - 7 dager siden
And i used to actually think it was good
Abdurrahim Baradia
Abdurrahim Baradia - 7 dager siden
It does take that long
Larcek Giglamesh
Larcek Giglamesh - 8 dager siden
no manual TNT launcher? :D
NS777 - 8 dager siden
Okay, this is useful.
Sir Sytham
Sir Sytham - 4 dager siden
No its not, this is complete shit
shrimp games
shrimp games - 8 dager siden
i still gonna use beds, because it really cheap and i usally dont anything to repair my pick
Pierre-Alexandre Langlois-B
Pierre-Alexandre Langlois-B - 8 dager siden
Fineeee ill stop bed mining then loll
Sir Sytham
Sir Sytham - 4 dager siden
@Pierre-Alexandre Langlois-B ?
Pierre-Alexandre Langlois-B
Pierre-Alexandre Langlois-B - 4 dager siden
@Sir Sytham ?
Sir Sytham
Sir Sytham - 4 dager siden
Mylch 85
Mylch 85 - 9 dager siden
I place beds in 10 sek
Mylch 85
Mylch 85 - 9 dager siden
bed is best xd
Mylch 85
Mylch 85 - 9 dager siden
just regeneration and fireresistance
Synthetic Human
Synthetic Human - 9 dager siden
I though it was bad and worse than pick. Also the amount of time you spend crafting new beds - and throwing other items you inevitably pick up out of you inventors, AND the enemies that attack you , because you roam around in the same large area you all the time. Getting wood, puts the nail in the coffin.
With a pickaxe you can literally sprint-mine a 1x2 tunnel, very quickly exposing a lot new blocks.
Though I'm inclined to do try "free form" bed minig method. Just place down, bang, place down bang, with minimal preparation, not spending time on proper spacing etc.
Like the TNT-Method just walk backwards and blow up the tunnel. Because, the resources are quite cheap. And creeper farms don't exactly bang (no pun intended) on Bedrock edition.
Sir Sytham
Sir Sytham - 4 dager siden
It's cause this isn't even accurate, that's why all his results are false, and I mean this is just common sense I don't understand why people haven't realized this.
Dylan McCormick
Dylan McCormick - 10 dager siden
Strip mining takes so little focus though
Dylan McCormick
Dylan McCormick - 4 dager siden
@Sir Sytham not as dangerous as straight line mining
Sir Sytham
Sir Sytham - 4 dager siden
@Dylan McCormick just generally
Dylan McCormick
Dylan McCormick - 4 dager siden
@Sir Sytham compared to what
Sir Sytham
Sir Sytham - 4 dager siden
But you'll spend literally hours. It's really dangerous too.
Gamespot Live
Gamespot Live - 10 dager siden
I combined TNT with straight line.
Gamespot Live
Gamespot Live - 10 dager siden
I got a entire perfect chain that never had a breaking part and it was satisfaction itself.
ProfPille - 12 dager siden
Are you only using one bed each? Using two beds reveals much more blocks, so it would be interesting to get the numbers for that.
Sir Sytham
Sir Sytham - 4 dager siden
Doesn't matter all his results are void anyway
Half Insane Outdoor Guy
Half Insane Outdoor Guy - 12 dager siden
rows of boom-boom. /Video.
This is a perfect example of the scientific method
TurboGem Plays
TurboGem Plays - 15 dager siden
Stop flexing, lol, you can prob make a netherite beacon, you used brown beds, and you used maths.
TurboGem Plays
TurboGem Plays - 4 dager siden
@Sir Sytham Mafs
Sir Sytham
Sir Sytham - 4 dager siden
monkeymox - 15 dager siden
This is super useful! My only question would be how much extra time does it take to gather the sand and craft the TNT, and when that's taken into account is it still faster than straight line mining?
James Perry
James Perry - 16 dager siden
I put explosions in the very center of chunks at y=15
Elite Zero
Elite Zero - 17 dager siden
You sound so enthusiastic in this video🤣
Nightmare - 17 dager siden
Guess I need help
James David FISHER
James David FISHER - 18 dager siden
I'm subbed, I'm subbed!
Robot 24
Robot 24 - 18 dager siden
What about a flying machine with an active player or two?
Nabium - 18 dager siden
Alright, but there's two things about bed mining you have to consider.
First of all you wasted time putting out fire. That's why it was slow. Don't do that. Just blow up the bed, have a look around, and move on. There might be cinnabons hidden under the flame, but it's not worth it if you're trying to be max efficient.
Second of all, beds are easily accessible early game. You used netherite pickaxe and TNT, something you don't have a lot of in the start of the game. If you just want to find some cinnabons quickly in the early game, then beds might just be the way to go.
Nabium - 4 dager siden
@caezar Yeah. And even if it isn't on-par, then he should have mentioned the benefits of beds in early game. We all play minecraft in different ways, and some just likes to start new servers and try out challenges. The other day I tried to see how many advancements I could get in three hours, and one of the advancements I went for was getting fully covered in netherite and having a netherite hoe. So I was in the nether with an iron pick. Strip mining just wouldn't have been enough. I found nine tnt in a temple and used them, but I certainly didn't have an unlimited supply or have an enchanted netherite pickaxe. Beds were perfect for that scenario. I stole a bunch of beds from villages, and made a simple sheep farm as well, and with that I managed to get enough netherite to complete both those challenges! I agree the whole premise of this video probably was that you are in a world where you've already aquired all the resources you'd need. But, I doubt everyone who watches this is there yet. Not everyone plays minecraft every day, there's a lot of other games out there as well. Not everyone have made creeper farms yet, etc. Of the three worlds I play, I only have a creeper farm in one of them, and I play a lot of minecraft these days. I mean Cub didn't even make get the gunpowder himself, he got it from Tango. Not everyone is playing worlds where they can just trade a bunch of gunpowder with a farm-lord like Tango. In the end let me just add that this criticism is only about this one detail in this one video, otherwise Cub is a great youtuber and I love him to bits. I just think that the "bed mining method" has not been debunked by this video.
caezar - 4 dager siden
Yeah, no need to punch out the fire. If your server has doFireTick true, fire will burn out on debris, you just need to look again later. The time spent punching fire could have been used to make a second explosion on the same spot, which will actually break more netherrack than the first explosion. It's also best to mine between chunk borders, because debris spawns on a per-chunk basis and uncovering more chunks increases how many debris you find. If he was doing it properly, and you factor the material costs. The bed mining would likely be on-par with tnt mining.
Andrew Grasman
Andrew Grasman - 19 dager siden
X ray resource pack is faster than all of these
HipSheepGamer - 22 dager siden
Wally McWallerson
Wally McWallerson - 23 dager siden
When bedbombing, you will want to place a bed level with your feet. Then, you place a block in front of the bed (so you take less damage). Below your feet, you will want to place cobblestone (cobblestone won't blow up as easily as netherack). Also, unless you are rich in minecraft, bedbombing is the easiest way. This is because of the amount of time it takes to gather the resources. You can get a lot more beds than tnt in a short amount of time. I hope this puts to light the main reasons bedbombing is used.
Patrick Finton
Patrick Finton - 23 dager siden
Strip mine = removing the earth in layers until you have a pit. Just a pet peeve of mine, growing up around mines.
Biggie cHeEseb0i
Biggie cHeEseb0i - 24 dager siden
That intro felt so random 😂
Tirreg88 - 26 dager siden
you said you crafted the beds while mining. i wonder how fast tnt and tnt + end cristal would be if you had to craft both while mining as well. i you did it because you cannot stack beds. but if you only compare the time efficiency you should add it. as a serious time consumption. and i am sure pick axe mining is top place again because of the tnt resources you have to gather and have to subtract
David Culverson
David Culverson - 26 dager siden
I subscribed back at the beginning of season 5 but can i still get a hoglin sent to my house please?
Daniel Nimmo
Daniel Nimmo - 27 dager siden
*cries in BDubs*
Dusty Smith
Dusty Smith - Måned siden
I liked the video. The only problem I have is that the different times affect the debris per minute. For more objective numbers, the times should be the same. The only variable should be the debris itself.
Sir Sytham
Sir Sytham - 4 dager siden
I disliked it, it's incredibly wrong on EVERYTHING and it's s bad the numbers he gives are false.
teemu li
teemu li - Måned siden
you forgot using the wither
Abdullah Hamid
Abdullah Hamid - Måned siden
I can't play hermitcaft I think these is a good game
AAA-master-2002 - Måned siden
brother : why is there a pig with a mohawk in our living room
me(crying) : i was already subscribed!
Danial Ahmad
Danial Ahmad - Måned siden
if someone could put a mod where ancient debris can be multiplied using fortune, that would be great.
Terry - Måned siden
Cub: “...if you are mining with beds...STOP IT! GET SOME HELP!” That has to be the funniest thing I have listened to lately. 😂 Thanks Cub you made my day with that remark !!!
Laura Reggie
Laura Reggie - Måned siden
Thanks for doing this video. Especialy the stats. Very cool
Except the time variances confused me a bit. Probly need to do the same amount of time mining with each teqnique so there arnt so many variables? But im not a pro like you :) i also always stop to gather quartz for xp ! 'If ur mining with beds.. stop it' hahahah funny + good to know! Thankyou
Sir Sytham
Sir Sytham - 4 dager siden
you don't have to be a pro to realize that all of the information he gives is incredibly wrong. ALL OF THE STATS ARE WRONG.
Richard Soliar
Richard Soliar - Måned siden
A Netherite tutorial from the Netherite King
1000 Subscribers Without Videos Challenge
i have a cave spider xp farm, and i have multiple chests full of wool. I was going to use it for beds for netherite. Anyone have any better solutions for my wool?
ashtin foster
ashtin foster - Måned siden
In bedrock we can't use tnt very well because farms suck in bedrock
Sir Sytham
Sir Sytham - 4 dager siden
No, why would they suck?
Paddy Pearce
Paddy Pearce - Måned siden
I have another idea of finding debris use a charged creeper
James Moton
James Moton - Måned siden
I think you overlooked something: For the bed method, have you tried exploding 2 beds per attempt instead of 1 to expose more surface area?
Sir Sytham
Sir Sytham - 4 dager siden
Because that's the only thing you think he overlooked?
Hydraulic Panga
Hydraulic Panga - Måned siden
Cub - You wanna mine a little bit around the debris
Also Cub - Mines the whole chunk
M Natilli
M Natilli - Måned siden
could you do a video on how to most effeciently find ancient debris, assuming you've never found any before, say using a diamond pick and have very limited resources i.e no end chrystals or tnt?
M Natilli
M Natilli - Måned siden
@mike king thanks
mike king
mike king - Måned siden
I mean he kind of answers this. The best way to dig with just a pickaxe is just to dig in a straight line turning whenever you hit something that isn't netheracke.
KhillikiaLea W
KhillikiaLea W - Måned siden
Very helpful thank you cub
Sir Sytham
Sir Sytham - 4 dager siden
No, not really.
Shubhanjan Joshi
Shubhanjan Joshi - Måned siden
So now I know how he got a shulker box full of ancient debris...
Another Save The World Youtuber
Ima us the end crystal stuff on my friends house
Ozzni - Måned siden
But I just wanted to make explosions and didnt have any gunpowder
potato head
potato head - Måned siden
Stop it get some help 😂😂😂😂
EyeOfTheRish11 - Måned siden
Cubfan: I'll send a Hoglin to your house.
Me: Oh no! Better Subscribe.
EyeOfTheRish11 - Måned siden
This is useful- however I don't have the time on my hands to mine this long. lol
RADU Eric & Iris
RADU Eric & Iris - Måned siden
He sgould be the next einstein with these operations
Oof Basically
Oof Basically - Måned siden
Beds are cheap tho
Patterson Allen
Patterson Allen - Måned siden
Ancient de-bruh
Regis Bagas
Regis Bagas - Måned siden
Jordan Young
Jordan Young - Måned siden
So what I'm hearing is, do the straight line method until I get bored, then lay TNT on my way back and make it go BOOM
Vangdit0 - 2 måneder siden
1:05 "So our first technique is very straightforward"
I see what you did there
SaltedCheesePizza - 2 måneder siden
10:09 *64 ancient debris PER SECOND*
Christian Bataller
Christian Bataller - 2 måneder siden
cubfan: "64 per second"
holy cow u cant even get a stack of dirt at that rate
Wifber - 2 måneder siden
HarukiGaming - 2 måneder siden
NowAlex - 2 måneder siden
What about Mumbo style swinging your insta-mine pickaxe around?
Rururmuh Chukulurm
Rururmuh Chukulurm - 2 måneder siden
Grampy Rick
Grampy Rick - 2 måneder siden
Thanks for doing all that work. One comment: If you explode two beds in each area (the 2nd one one block further away) you uncover way more ancient debris. You have to rebuild the walkway to protect yourself, and a bridge out to place the 2nd bed, but I found a ton more that way than just exploding a single bed. This was the technique that gnembon demonstrated in one of the snapshots.
deadloro ssj locoi
deadloro ssj locoi - 2 måneder siden
Actually, I got twice as much ancient debris as I got with the TNT technique
Ivo Vuijk
Ivo Vuijk - 2 måneder siden
Cub u r the best hermit
BIG O'l TURKEY LEGS - 2 måneder siden
i know the results of the bed are kinda bad but i prefer that method for early game
Aezra Vito
Aezra Vito - 2 måneder siden
He really said “stop it, get some help”... that made me laugh so hard😂
Lyreoz - 2 måneder siden
*gnembon would like to know your location*
Monkey D Luffy
Monkey D Luffy - 2 måneder siden
alternate title: How i became the richest hermit
Joy Stone
Joy Stone - 2 måneder siden
F in the chat for all the netherrack that was burned and blown up.
Julius joseph Sabio
Julius joseph Sabio - 2 måneder siden
Read the title
Ethan Chalifoux
Ethan Chalifoux - 2 måneder siden
I know he tested it but it could just be luck because I use beds and get like 20 ancient debris in 5 to 8 min
HL Mailt
HL Mailt - 2 måneder siden
'so. You wanna find acient debris.'
Who thought of:
'So, you got a detention.'
No? Ok. Guess I am alone then