What Happened to Fletching and Smithing Table Functionality?

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The release of Minecraft 1.15 signifies the first major update to Minecraft without Fletching and Smithing table functionality which we were promised was coming soon after 1.14 release. So today, we develop ideas about what functionality these blocks could have based on current game mechanics and needs.

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Ari - 4 måneder siden
"Pickaxe Durability"
My version is
*Pickaxe Durability*
*Time remaining - ...*
and every single second is one use of the pickaxe
You can remove the pickaxe at any time
in my opinion there should be one more window with space for e.g. when you put iron pickaxe for *one* iron bar
when diamond - *1 diamond*
Chris Jericho Deypalubos
Chris Jericho Deypalubos - 5 måneder siden
Smithing Table used to upgrade tools and weapons.
Fletching Table used to upgrade bows and arrows.
Chris Jericho Deypalubos
Chris Jericho Deypalubos - 5 måneder siden
@Autismo Gamer In the future update, Mojang will add the alloys/gems that's stronger/weaker than netherite and using smithing table to upgrade tools and weapons.
Autismo Gamer
Autismo Gamer - 5 måneder siden
No. Smithing is used to upgrade diamond tools into netherite tools.
Average Xenomorph
Average Xenomorph - 7 måneder siden
Dear god, they do now! Well, the smithing table for making netherite.
Andrew Layton
Andrew Layton - 7 måneder siden
"You like dick and balls?"
camping6464 - 8 måneder siden
Can't get any original ideas for the smithing table other than repairing?

*Netherite from the Nether update :* Allow me to introduce myself

It would rather be a good idea to have to use a smithing table for upgrading our diamond gears with the Netherite ingots instead of the crafting table. When the Nether update comes out, I will hope that the smithing and fletching tables will get their functionality...
ItsCJ24 - 5 måneder siden
How does thou learn what the future holds ahead of thy?
GMD TheOnyxGuy
GMD TheOnyxGuy - 8 måneder siden
On Bedrock it's easy to make effect arrows: just pour a potion into cauldron and then take the entire stack of arrows and right click them on the filled cauldron.
On Java it's much harder: First you need to at least arrive to the End with empty bottles, then right click dragon's magic that the dragon spreads by erupting it over the escape portal and also by shooting... end magicballs(?) to you. You'll get Bottles of Dragon Breath, which you then use to brew the "Lingering potions", which you then use literally on crafting table by putting 8 arrows around the potion... God, I wish the Bedrock way of making arrows soon got into Java, because that's just ridiculously pathetic...
Björn Nildén
Björn Nildén - 9 måneder siden
Its a knife on the top of the fletching table
Autismo Gamer
Autismo Gamer - 5 måneder siden
Angelus_Solus - 9 måneder siden
Mojang is ran by a bunch of idiots. Ow wait, it’s ran by Micro$oft. No difference I suppose. Okay....wtf. A half used pick axe costs 3 diamonds to repair? What 3rd grade dropout came up with that horseshit? I’m glad I use Tinkers. Vanilla tools and their retarded repair system are a joke. So is the suggestion of taking 20 to 25 minutes to repair a tool. F**k....that!
Autismo Gamer
Autismo Gamer - 5 måneder siden
Nobody asked you f**king snowflake.
Matīss Brants
Matīss Brants - 9 måneder siden
My idea for the smithing table - ad a sharpening stone that has like 10 durability and every 10min that a sword is left in it there's a 30% chance for sharpness go up a lvl but it takes 50 durability away.
Mike Whitaker
Mike Whitaker - 9 måneder siden
fletching table... make arrows.. obvious... but also make bows and crossbows... plus this means there is reason to add new bows and crossbows to the game.. note basic bows and arrows can still be made at normal crafting table....
smithing table... hmm well the villager does tools.. soo maybe new tools like hammers and spades such as we see in some mods... just one possibility..... plus smithy's usually worked armor and weapons too.. or other metal objects such as lanterns... just a few thoughts
IncredibleFlyinSquid - 9 måneder siden
I think I car explain why we haven't seen functionality: they'll be a part of the combat update.
AGOTI - 9 måneder siden
Id prefer if the smithing table can just add more items, like emeralds or iron, to any sword and give it a different texture and some buffs. It doesn't even have to be just swords
JOHNPAUL KUN - 9 måneder siden
it will be nice if the smithing table can let you craft like new tools and weapons like new a battle axe or different variety of armor
Ugarimpty - 9 måneder siden
My Idea : Smithing table repairs for emeralds instead of materials and Lvl.
SharkanG02 - 9 måneder siden
mojang is lazy
HurtChain - 9 måneder siden
Having the fletchers table create tipped arrows is an amazing idea. I would personally love to see archery, potions, and arrows all get fleshed out in a way.
For one, I would prefer to see the fletchers table tip arrows without having to use potions. For example, a poison arrow could crafted from a spiders eye and arrow in the fletchers table. This would also mean the cauldron tipping and crafting tipping would become obsolete.
I would also like to see a quiver as a tool to hold arrows and allow you to select the arrow you want for your bow. I don’t know how it would select or anything from a ui perspective, but I do know how frustrating I find it to carry around hundreds of arrows and trying to select the tipped type to fire.
As for bows, I want to see the middle left stick of their crafting recipe get replaced with a material like all the other tools. This way we could craft ourselves diamond bows (or gold bows for the nether update) as a way to increase our power outside of enchantments. And to distinguish the crossbow from the bow I would give the crossbow the ability to partially ignore armour and automatically have piecing on one target. Then give the piecing enchantment the ability to ignore a higher percent of armour. This would give the crossbow use as an anti armour weapon versus the more general bow which would be good at everything else.
TrueDiamant 777
TrueDiamant 777 - 9 måneder siden
"I want tipped arrow"
*beat the game multiple time*
Great now i have better arrow
TrueDiamant 777
TrueDiamant 777 - 9 måneder siden
Jeb really don't like the idea of adding more fighting things
genius bruh
genius bruh - 9 måneder siden
Well in bedrock edition that will be weird since there (as much as I remember)there is a recipe for tiped arrows so it would be kinda weird
ThE PuRpLe YuShl
ThE PuRpLe YuShl - 9 måneder siden
Cubfan says: "moyang" Literally everyone else says: "aluacba!"
Alexgaby - 9 måneder siden
He said Mojang. Mojang is swedish and in Sweden J and Y are pronounced the other way around
xSkj - 9 måneder siden
1.15 was a bugfix update, they'll probably get functionalities in 1.16
LittleBertz - 9 måneder siden
i want to have an enchantment that reduces the draw time of bows (this means quick draw enchantmen can also be used in and increase of velocity (or just the distance or speed alone) of the arrow (this can be the power enchantment since the faster the arrow gets, more damage it deals)
doobs_402 - 9 måneder siden
Instead of interacting with the blocks maybe have them work as a modifier for Observers, dispensers, anvil etc. You place Smithing table next to anvil and bam, you can repair infinitely without experience cost going up. Put Fletcher table next to dispenser with arrows increases arrow damage, speed and arrow effects.
LoekTheKing - 9 måneder siden
Maybe you can craft the upcoming target block with the fletching table!
Evan Barac
Evan Barac - 9 måneder siden
If the smithing table worked like that then you could just get 2 unbreaking picks and alternate between them.
I think Mojang have put themselves in a corner with the smithing table, because there aren’t many ways to make it different.
Servant of Chaos
Servant of Chaos - 9 måneder siden
Smithing Table could give us the ability to customize weapons like Tinker's Construct in the *upcoming* cave update
Occonner Wilderness
Occonner Wilderness - 9 måneder siden
The smithing table n fletching table will probably be updated in the combat update
ahmost 22
ahmost 22 - 9 måneder siden
Why does adding two unenchanted picks in an anvil cost xp
ahmost 22
ahmost 22 - 9 måneder siden
They should add more types of weapons with different attack speeds, giving functionality to the smithing table
ahmost 22
ahmost 22 - 9 måneder siden
1:15 that’s a knife
H Y - 9 måneder siden
I think flecthing table use is it should be placed near workbench to able to craft arrow
MagicOfDark - 9 måneder siden
My idea with the smithing table is the ability to tempered your tools/weapons. I'm imagining it would work like a beacon where you put the tempering material in with your tool and it could boost a selected aspect of that tool. On top of that maybe you'd get some color on the edge of your tool.
Categories I had in mind based somewhat on the combat snapshots:
I feel like the material to temper your tools should require that it's different from the base material, so diamond tools would need iron, gold or emerald. Iron tools can't use iron.
These stat boosts won't be insanely high and could easily be implemented in the game right now. Also only 1 stat would be boosted per tool, but can be changed using smithing table again.
Aaron George
Aaron George - 9 måneder siden
We need a block to craft fireworks
epicRedHot - 9 måneder siden
"Hey Mojang, are you ever going to give these blocks their functionality?"
_ "A good question, for another time." _
Kyle - 9 måneder siden
I find all of these new "crafting blocks" really redundant, do we really need these? Unless Mojang plans to remove the crafting tables I don't see the point.
Curator on the internet.
Curator on the internet. - 9 måneder siden
Right now, fletching table is useful for target practice, the smithing table is good for counters. Mostly decorative. Regular arrows don't need A block, if you have infinite arrows enchanted.
Mikel Pipaón Alcíbar
Mikel Pipaón Alcíbar - 9 måneder siden
The smithing table idea is not so good i think. However the fletching table is the best one. We need that dude
cubey - 9 måneder siden
They already annonce the larger block maybe they relate the crafting of it with the fletching table and the smething table could open a lot of possebelitis like new ores to craft new tools new armor and repare them
CHO Yan - 9 måneder siden
Can't you must put arrows into a couldron filled with a potion? At least, you can do that in Bedrock
Khaleel Sajili
Khaleel Sajili - 9 måneder siden
Wait... So you can only tip arrows with cauldrons filled with potions in Bedrock Edition? I thought that you could do that in Java Edition.
Kakas123455 - 9 måneder siden
But couldnt someone just have 20 smithing tables and repair all of their tools at the same time?
Liam Keough
Liam Keough - 9 måneder siden
Smithing table seems over-powered
It should still take materials
cooly1234 - 9 måneder siden
The smithing table idea here is WAY too op. As for the fletching table, It has a bow, target, feather, and a knife. None of these help with potions. You could only use it to make normal arrows.
Sean Moore
Sean Moore - 9 måneder siden
I would like to add to the smithing table idea. The table would require "fuel" in the form of the tool's material, and that "fuel" would tick down not overtime, but when the tool is repaired, aka overtime. Contradictory, I know. Now, the repair is slow, so what if there was a way to speed it up? I am thinking that dumping xp would do the trick. Or you could whack the thing like the Engie does in TF2. Though, I don't know how you would dump xp in there.
Ilay WS
Ilay WS - 9 måneder siden
I think the smithing table should allow you to remove enchants BUT only the ones you choose to, and you can transfer them to a book/another tool of the same kind, using always 3 levels
Justin Bayless
Justin Bayless - 9 måneder siden
For the smithing table, it will (very) slowly repair your currently equipped tool when within a certain distance of it.
Fat Autistic Kid
Fat Autistic Kid - 9 måneder siden
If you could use flint and steel on an arrow and then it turns into a flame arrow, then you can use that instead of using the enchantment. However, when you make a flame arrow, the flint and steel will lose durability.
Griffin Jenness
Griffin Jenness - 9 måneder siden
You have to dip it in an arrow in a caldron filled with water then a potion
Oliver Von arx
Oliver Von arx - 9 måneder siden
Imo it’s ridiculous to say xyz enchantment is “too expensive” - the game should let the player decide how much/many levels he wants to invest in an item.
Repairs are a different thing tho; i understand (somewhat) that one isn’t allowed to indefinitely repair one tool forever.
Nodsaibot - 9 måneder siden
MAYBE make it like furnace tool goes in manually or via hopper, instead of wood materials for fuel you use Iron items [outputs to hopper]
Candie punk
Candie punk - 9 måneder siden
I think the smithing table should upgrade enchants like turn a Sharpness 1 into a Sharpness 4
Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown - 9 måneder siden
What about for the smithing table to be able to take enchantments off of tools and be able to put them into different tools or books for a slight so cost. Would add an extra layer to enchanting as well as allowing players to keep some enchantments on an iron shovel for example when the finally upgrade to diamond
Tristan Mitchell
Tristan Mitchell - 9 måneder siden
I don't think the Fletching Table should be based on the Loom's interface. Instead, it should be based on the Cartography Table's interface. Two slots, one for arrows (where Paper currently goes for map expanding) and one for a Lingering Potion. The table should craft up to 16 arrows per potion, to make it slightly better than the crafting table recipe, or they should remove the crafting table recipe and keep it at 8 arrows per potion.
As to the Smithing Table, it looks like some sort of tool workbench. I imagine a similar functionality as a Stone Cutter, able to make tools using just a single resource and a stick.
VoidofNothing253 - 9 måneder siden
The smithing table would be used to craft tools and weapons, the toolsmith would use it to make the tools he sells. The tools on the block are to remove hot metals from a kiln or furnace and bash the metal into the correct shape.
Mr McGee
Mr McGee - 9 måneder siden
You sound like Jschaltt
my name is FB
my name is FB - 9 måneder siden
In minecraft bedrock it works
Asuna Ubech
Asuna Ubech - 9 måneder siden
What if weapons had IVs
OREOUz - 9 måneder siden
Smithing table do have a functionality
Jrlopez - 9 måneder siden
Cubfan: What happened to the smithing and fetching table?
Mojang: *_That is an excellent question_*
I think resources should still be required for the Smithing table, just so it isn't completely free repair. So levels aren't required, but is replaced by time. The time that it takes to repair the tool depends on the type of resource it is. Maybe for diamond it repairs 750 durability and to completely repair it would take two diamonds and 30 (or something between 20 and 40, maybe depending on the enchantments of the item) ticks per durability. For things like iron, it would be about the same: half durability per ingot, but still taking 20 (or more depending on the enchantments) ticks per durability restored.

So to recap: each resource repairs roughly half the durability of the tool, diamond repairing about 750, iron repairing 120 or 125. Each durability will take 20 ticks, unless the item is enchanted, maybe +5 ticks per enchantment type, so on a diamond pickaxe with Efficiency, Unbreaking, and Fortune or Silk Touch, that would eqate to 3 enchantment types, so it would take 35 ticks per durability repaired.
No limits by level, just time and a resource or two to repair the item. The reason it shouldn't be free to repair is just because someone could put themselves in a box and leave the item on the smithing table while they go do something else outside of minecraft while waiting for the item to repair.
Seth O'Shields
Seth O'Shields - 9 måneder siden
It might be better to charge time and materials for smithing. That way you can choose between spending time or enchantment levels. Free repairs may make that aspect of the game too easy.
obsidian cat
obsidian cat - 9 måneder siden
With repairing blocks you forgot the grindstone
sonicj Polygon
sonicj Polygon - 9 måneder siden
2:13 i believe its gonna also allow you to craft other types of arrows and bows like sharpened arrows, fire arrows, longbows, shortbows, etc.
David Culverson
David Culverson - 9 måneder siden
For the fletching table, i would use 6 slots; 4 for the arrow parts (includes string/glue slot), 2 for potion components. You are creating unique arrows not just tying a glass potion bottle to a premade arrow.
Saincx 0m9tn
Saincx 0m9tn - 9 måneder siden
i already can see the combat snapshots giving out the functionality to these blocks soon , since they look weapons related , which is obvious
Brother Liam
Brother Liam - 9 måneder siden
Why not just have something like the fernace in minecraft
Lowe Cypher
Lowe Cypher - 9 måneder siden
Hmm... How about changing the Tool recipe where wooden tools can still be made via crafting table but in order to get the next tier, you need to upgrade them via smithing table?
Similar to those tool craft mods but without the complicated smeltery mumbo jumbo going on.
Fletching table could also be able to directly make tipped arrows, but that would require 2 more slots in addition to the input.
Vatalyst - 9 måneder siden
Smithing table to OP and you can easily craft, that is not reasonable.
How I would do it, is to have it slowly take Xp from you and transfer it to your tool of choice. There in no possible way in the game at this point to use Xp that you have already collected to your tool of choice without combining something with it
Edit: Mending not included because you can’t use Xp you already collected. Also I think it should take double Xp than normal mending because that would be too OP since it’s cheep to craft.
skelleton 08
skelleton 08 - 9 måneder siden
the block says XD
Zaderos Zuman
Zaderos Zuman - 9 måneder siden
The smithing table should display durability in %
The game hides the actual durability amount a little for a reason
TareqPG3D - 9 måneder siden
Imagine if you could sell items to villagers
Isaac Evilman
Isaac Evilman - 9 måneder siden
“It takes 25 seconds which is about the time it takes a furnace to smelt one item”
It takes 10 seconds to smelt an item...
Christopher Dibbs
Christopher Dibbs - 9 måneder siden
They said it would be added once they change combat.
Kdog Dabomb
Kdog Dabomb - 9 måneder siden
Good vid but I still think your smithing table idea would take away from the value of mending
Kevin Okada
Kevin Okada - 9 måneder siden
It has to work on both editions, so the fletching table functionality you suggested wouldn't work, since it's redundant for Bedrock.
Sithdestroya - 9 måneder siden
I can't say I'm a fan of the fletching table idea, but the smithing table is really cool! It could be the only block that REQUIRES a villager! Instead of a fuel, a villager has to work it. That could also mean that the player could speed up the process for emeralds.
Great idea cub! Hopefully mojang expands upon these ideas
Noblesquire - 9 måneder siden
I would be ok with the repair idea, but I think it should be able to be sped up with an input of materials... i.e. add UP TO 3 diamonds to speed up a diamond pickaxe... Etc
Septyr Caleb
Septyr Caleb - 9 måneder siden
Alternate Smithing table idea:
So anvils are about building up your perfect item and repairing it. But what happens when you already have your perfect item? You need backups? Ah, of course!
The smithing table should allow you to copy enchantments from one item to another, using XP based on what the item's repair cost would be.
Swordbomb - 9 måneder siden
If that was the functionality for the smithing table, I would have Two separate Pickaxes and switch between them as each of them get low. I'd get to mine as much as I want at no cost as long as my pickaxe lasts a full Minecraft day or so.
sam novak
sam novak - 9 måneder siden
what if you add a material in the other slot of the smithing table that is the same type the tool that made of and it speeds up the process but you have a small chance of losing the material.
Jaymyin - 9 måneder siden
Good idea for the fletching table, but my idea for the smithing table would be making tools with special properties, like heavy, speedy, even mixed-material! For example, a diamond-gold heavy pickaxe would have the speed of a gold pickaxe, a little bit less than diamond durability, and high knockback!
FroggiesCanFly - 9 måneder siden
Smithing table = RIP mending
Brendan R
Brendan R - 9 måneder siden
.......what the hell is a spectral arrow
Fogz - 9 måneder siden
Well the fletching table functionality might come in 1.16 with the introduction of the new target block!
Fenix Meaney
Fenix Meaney - 9 måneder siden
Would the smithing table give a signal through a comparator based on how much durability the tool has?
bfbomb - 9 måneder siden
Ok but then you would have a Smithing Table farm, and Mending, repairing, etc. would be obsolete. You could just have several pickaxes and just leave them there. Either you need to stay in there, or better use the smithing table for other things (like raising the base Attack of tools)
Golden Reflection
Golden Reflection - 9 måneder siden
Another strategy for the proposed Smithing table, is double the amount of tools you have, and every time your current ones get low (which will take a while with unbreaking) you swap them for the same ones in a table array, which means you have fully repaired tools ready to go instantly, and you have a secondary set for if you die and lose your items.
zypherfox - 9 måneder siden
arnt these blocks just for villagers so u can get the professions you want to trade with
Redstoner ti
Redstoner ti - 9 måneder siden
The smithing table's functionality would be really good not really for the reason you mentioned but because players could finally use all those bows that skeletons drop
SHcinema - 9 måneder siden
Free tool repair would tend to run counter to Minecraft design. It also seems odd that the block could repair the tool itself. So, I'd add that you'd need a Tool/Weapon Smith at the table to get this functionality working. Also, you'd need to add gold nuggets in appropriate portion to 'pay' for the repair. Also, you'd have to adjust the timing by material. A wood pickaxe should repair faster than a diamond one. Say: Wood = 10 durability per second, Stone = 5 durability per second, Iron/Gold = 1 durability per second, Diamond = 1 durability per 3 seconds. This would be the same across all tools/weapons. Bows and crossbows should be excluded and have to be repaired on the Fletching table in a similar way, you'd just use the slot you described for the 'item' in your demonstration and put the gold nuggets into the secondary slot for the artisan. This way the Minecraft 'cost for repair' would stay the same. Also, anvil enchanting costs need to come down for the levels. They are more for automated players to burn levels up with but someone playing survival with low automation has to spend DAYS grinding the levels just to enchant or repair things. You get severely punished if you play low automation survival style.
Sirius - 9 måneder siden
Your idea about the smithing table is too op and make Mending useless

I think those two block will have their full functionalities with the combat update
QuantumX YT
QuantumX YT - 9 måneder siden
Sniffing table
Happy Merlin
Happy Merlin - 9 måneder siden
I think the dipped arrows should be made from flowers; like suspicious stew.
Furree - 9 måneder siden
The smithing table would be a early game mending book. Do 5 - 6 tables and picks and you can mend them while you mining before you got mending on the picks.
Kalandor - 9 måneder siden
I 'm pretty sure they didn't add functionality to them because:
1. they were added only as a decoration block/a block necessary for villager jobs to work
2. 1.15 was a bug fix/optimization update, and 1.16 will be a nether update, but they have already released combat update test snapshots, so I think they are gonna use them in that update when they release that.
Lovemaking - 9 måneder siden
You can repair 2 items for free in your inventory, it also grants 10% extra durability. It's only when you wanna repair enchanted items you have to use an anvil. And not using xp then will be to op. Repairing a good enchanted pickaxe can cost like 10-20 lvls, removing that will be kinda broken lol
Mohammad Sharaf Khan
Mohammad Sharaf Khan - 9 måneder siden
yes you are 100% right!!
Scorch Riko
Scorch Riko - 9 måneder siden
Someone make it a mod
Stephen West
Stephen West - 9 måneder siden
I like your idea for the smithing table - but I feel like the fact that if you unload the block causes the repair to stop and thus limiting how far away from it the player can go kind of breaks the concept if you need to stay in that area for 25 minutes potentially- this and it doesn't make sense that the smithing table just … works on it's own
we have villagers - perhaps when you leave a item in a smithing table for repair the smithy villager comes over and judges how much it would take to repair the item and puts a repaired version of that item for sale for emeralds for how much effort it took to repair?
samo_lego - 9 måneder siden
I still like the bedrock method of having potion in cauldron ...